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Working Man s Ballet

Author : Alan Hudson
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Alan Hudson was Chelsea Football Club's home-grown boy genius. He broke into a team already fizzing with the flamboyant talent of Peter Osgood and Charlie Cooke, his mercurial skills and style imprinting themselves on football fans far and wide. The Working Man's Ballet documents Hudson's journey from a prefab in working-class Chelsea to the heights of global football via Chelsea, Stoke City, Arsenal, Seattle Sounders and England.

Intersectionality Sexuality and Psychological Therapies

Author : Roshan das Nair
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This book explores the diversity in lesbian, gay, and bisexual lives, with the aim of opening up therapists' understanding of this diversity so that they can work in an ethical, supportive and non-discriminatory way with these individuals. Offers a comprehensive look at diversity within LGB populations, including the interactions between different areas of social difference using contemporary approaches Focuses on the practitioner, illustrating concepts with vignettes and case studies for implementing practical applications Emphasizes gender balance, fully exploring both male and female perspectives on each topic Encompasses different perspectives, including critical health psychology, discursive psychology, intersectionality, critical and cultural theory, and post-colonial discourse, while remaining accessible to all

A Matter of Life and Death

Author : Jim White
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A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH takes the sayings of the great and the good – not to mention the lovers and the loathers – of the beautiful game as starting points for an informal, freewheeling and entertainingly opinionated history of football. Exploring themes as diverse as the language of football, the role of the media, the role of money, and the careers of gilded geniuses from Pele to Ronaldo and maverick managers from Clough to Mourinho, and generously sprinkled with anecdotes and fantastic photographs, A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH is the perfect present for anyone with a passion for football.

All Together Now

Author : Mike Carter
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'This important, disturbing and frequently heartbreaking book should be read by every politician in Westminster.' Adrian Tempany, Observer 'In a few weeks' time, it would be thirty-five years to the day since those men and women had walked 340 miles to try to save their communities and their culture, and thirty-five years since I had turned down Pete's invitation to join them. I called work and booked some time off. Then I bought a one-way train ticket to Liverpool.' In 1981, Mike Carter's dad, Pete, organised the People's March for Jobs, which saw 300 people walk from Liverpool to London to protest as the Thatcher government's policies devastated industrial Britain and sent unemployment skyrocketing. Just before the 2016 EU referendum, Mike set off to walk the same route in a quest to better understand his dad and his country. As he walked, Mike found many echoes of the early eighties: a working class overlooked and ignored by Westminster politicans; communities hollowed out but fiercely resistant; anger and despair co-existing with hope and determination for change. And he also found that he and Pete shared more in common than he might have thought. All Together Now? maps the intricate, overlapping path of one man's journey and that of an entire country. It is a book about belonging, about whether to stay or go, and about the need to write new stories for our communities and ourselves.

Col n Man a Come

Author : Rhonda D. Frederick
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Col-n Man a Come Mythographies of Panam Canal Migration examines the imaginable truths that inform the use of Col-n Men in literature, song, and memoir, thereby revealing analyses of the Panam Canal project that have not been examined by existing scholarship.

The Book of Football Quotations

Author : Phil Shaw
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The greatest football quotations collection ever, now in its ninth edition. This compilation includes quotes from everyone – Shakespeare to Suarez, Camus to Cantona, Busby to Beckham – who has made an apt, pithy or comical comment about football. And not just footballers and managers either – fans, pundits, groundsmen, directors and wives all get to have their say too. Every subject is covered, from tactical debates to changing lifestyles, to produce a sometimes hilarious and always thought-provoking commentary on the game. ‘My players are always the best players in the world, even if they aren’t’ - José Mourinho ‘He was a quiet man, Eric Cantona, but he was a man of few words’ - David Beckham ‘Sometimes when you aim for the stars you hit the moon’ - Ian Holloway


Author : Elliot Huntley
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As one of the most complete and compelling English midfield schemers of his generation, Tony Currie could pass the ball long or short with either foot, could dictate the pace of a game and could surge past opponents with deceptive speed and contemptuous ease. He was strong, skilful, athletic and difficult to dispossess in full flow - and he could score the kind of goals that mere mortal players could only dream of. In the 70s, TC was the footballing equivalent of PT Barnum. In a career that took in spells with Watford, Sheffield United, Leeds United, QPR and Torquay United, Currie was idolised by the supporters who flocked to see him play - and yet, like many of his era's so-called Mavericks, 17 international caps seemed scant reward for his lavish gifts. This breathtaking, inspirational, fully authorised tribute marks the first full-scale appreciation of Tony Currie's life, career and achievements.

Defying Expectations

Author : Simon Veness
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As an expansion Major League Soccer team, the Orlando City Soccer Club marked the return of professional soccer to Florida for the first time since 2001, selling out the sixty-thousand-seat Citrus Bowl for its home opener and going on to have the second‐highest home attendance for the 2015 and 2016 seasons. It was the successful culmination of a nine-year process orchestrated by the team’s owner, Phil Rawlins, who sold his successful sales consultancy company for a shot at sports ownership and a chance to tap into America’s growing interest in pro soccer. Rawlins was relentless in building a franchise from the ground up, overcoming crippling setbacks, devious politics, and near financial ruin. Underpinning his efforts was a deep commitment to re-creating the tribal passion and community spirit of his hometown team in the United Kingdom, Stoke City, for which he served as board member for fourteen years. The payoff was the Orlando City Soccer Club, an attractive new team that galvanized the region. The subsequent acquisition of international superstar Ricardo Kaká catapulted the club to celebrity status and ensured that its debut season defied expectations. Defying Expectations gives insight into the challenges faced on the road to success, challenges through which Rawlins has remained focused on the six core values that he and his wife formulated at their kitchen table years ago, continuing to foster a community institution that gives back as much as it receives.

America s Working Man

Author : David Halle
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“An unusually deep and wide-ranging study” by a sociologist who spent years listening to and living among workers at a New Jersey chemical plant (Journal of American Studies). Over a period of six years during the late 1970s, at factory and warehouse, at the tavern across the road, in their homes and union meetings, on fishing trips and social outings, David Halle talked and listened to workers of an automated chemical plant in New Jersey’s industrial heartland—white, male, and mostly Catholic. He has emerged with an unusually comprehensive and convincingly realistic picture of blue-collar life in America during this era. Throughout the book, Halle illustrates his analysis with excerpts of workers’ views on everything from strikes, class consciousness, politics, job security, and toxic chemicals to marriage, betting on horses, God, home-ownership, drinking, adultery, the Super Bowl, and life after death. Halle challenges the stereotypes of the blue-collar mentality and provides a detailed, in-depth portrait of one community of workers at a time when it was relatively affluent and secure. “Absorbing reading.”—Business Week

Sports Journalism

Author : Rob Steen
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Sports Journalism is a comprehensive guide to the purpose, principles and practice of this unique profession and is designed to be enjoyed by students of both mainstream and sports specialist journalism. Providing a clear and structured approach to learning about both the craft of sports writing and the practical skills involved in becoming successful at your job, Sports Journalism, offers a comprehensive insiders guide to the business including: key relationships in sports journalism - networking and the Sports Desk print journalism for magazines, tabloids, broadsheets and the internet live action – news, radio and television sports journalism effective research – managing and accessing sources, information, statistics practical skills for managing schedules and meeting deadlines working with sports agents and PR professionals getting the best from press conferences and interviews. Laced with revealing anecdotes from the author's own twenty-five years experience of domestic and international sport journalism, Sports Journalism: A Multimedia Primer is an invaluable student companion.

Working Mans Ballet

Author : Alan Hudson
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King of Chelsea Soccer Club's supreme team of the roaring 70's, and arguably the finest footballer London ever produced, Alan Hudson was the genius at the heart of this dream team. In a meteoric rise, he went to a European final in just months and his England debut against West Germany was without doubt the most spectacular ever. Called the finest player of his generation, he was the quintessential cockney rebel, and his career was marked by clashes with authority and the establishment. Here he tells his own remarkable story, as unorthodox and inspired as his own unique style of football. This isn't just a book about soccer or a nostalgia trip... its a story of a gifted young man growing up in one of the most exciting eras in the most glamorous world sport of them all.

The Male Dancer

Author : Ramsay Burt
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In this challenging and lively book, Burt examines the representation of masculinity in twentieth century dance. The Male Dancer has proven to be essential reading for anyone interested in dance and the cultural construction of gender.

The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Ballet

Author : Kathrina Farrugia-Kriel
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"Nearly four hundred and fifty years in, ballet still resonates-though the stages have become international, and the dancers, athletes far removed from noble amateurs. While vibrations from the form's beginnings clearly resound, much has transformed. Nowadays ballet dancers aspire to work across disciplines with choreographers who value a myriad of abilities. Dance theorists and historians make known possibilities and polemics in lieu of notating dances verbatim, and critics do the daily work of recording performance histories and interviewing artists. Ideas circulate, questions arise, and discussions about how to resist ballet's outmoded traditions take precedence. In the dance community, calls for innovation have defined palpable shifts in ballet's direction and resultantly we have arrived at a new moment in its history that is unquestionably recognized as a genre onto its own: Contemporary Ballet. An aspect of this recent discipline is that its dancemakers, more often than not, seek to reorient the viewer by celebrating what could be deemed vulnerabilities, re-construing ideals of perfection, problematizing the marginalized/mainstream dichotomy, bringing audiences closer in to observe, and letting the art become an experience rather than a distant object preciously guarded out of reach. Hence, the practice of ballet is moving to become a less-mediated and more active process in many circumstances. Performers and audiences alike are challenged, and while convention is still omnipresent, choices are being made. For some, this approach has been drawn on for decades, and for others it signifies a changing of the guard, yet however we arrive there, the conclusion is the same: Contemporary Ballet is not a style. That is to say, it is not a trend, phase, or fashionable term that will fade, rather it is a clear period in ballet's time deserved of investigation. And it is into this moment that we enter"--

Re Claiming Ballet

Author : Adesola Akinleye
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The collection of essays demonstrates that ballet is not a single White Western dance form but has been shaped by a range of other cultures. In so doing, the authors open a conversation and contribute to the discourse beyond the vantage point of mainstream to look at such issues as homosexuality and race. And to demonstrate that ballet’s denial of the first and exclusion of the second needs rethinking. This is an important contribution to dance scholarship. The contributors include professional ballet dancers and teachers, choreographers, and dance scholars in the UK, Europe and the USA to give a three dimensional overview of the field of ballet beyond the traditional mainstream. It sets out to acknowledge the alternative and parallel influences that have shaped the culture of ballet and demonstrates they are alive, kicking and have a rich history. Ballet is complex and encompasses individuals and communities, often invisiblized, but who have contributed to the diaspora of ballet in the twenty-first century. It will initiate conversations and contribute to discourses about the panorama of ballet beyond the narrow vantage point of the mainstream – White, patriarchal, Eurocentric, heterosexual constructs of gender, race and class. This book is certain to be a much-valued resource within the field of ballet studies, as well as an important contribution to dance scholarship more broadly. It has an original focus and brings together issues more commonly addressed only in journals, where issues of race are frequently discussed. The primary market will be academic. It will appeal to academics, researchers, scholars and students working and studying in dance, theatre and performance arts and cultural studies. It will also be of interest to dance professionals and practitioners. Academics and students interested in the intersection of gender, race and dance may also find it interesting.

The Royal Ballet 75 Years

Author : Zoë Anderson
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This book is a perceptive and critical account of the first 75 years of The Royal Ballet, tracing the company's growth, and its great cultural importance - an indispensable book for all lovers of ballet. In 1931, Ninette de Valois started a ballet company with just six dancers. Within twenty years, The Royal Ballet - as it became - was established as one of the world's great companies. It has produced celebrated dancers, from Margot Fonteyn to Darcey Bussell, and one of the richest repertoires in ballet. The company danced through the Blitz, won an international reputation in a single New York performance and added to the glamour of London's Swinging Sixties. It has established a distinctive English school of ballet, a pure classical style that could do justice to the 19th-century repertory and to new British classics. Leading dance critic, Zo Anderson, vividly portrays the extraordinary personalities who created the company and the dancers who made such an impact on their audiences. She looks at the bad times as well as the good, examining the controversial directorships of Norman Morrice and Ross Stretton and the criticism fired at the company as the Royal Opera House closed for redevelopment.

Ballet and Opera in the Age of Giselle

Author : Marian Smith
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Marian Smith recaptures a rich period in French musical theater when ballet and opera were intimately connected. Focusing on the age of Giselle at the Paris Opéra (from the 1830s through the 1840s), Smith offers an unprecedented look at the structural and thematic relationship between the two genres. She argues that a deeper understanding of both ballet and opera--and of nineteenth-century theater-going culture in general--may be gained by examining them within the same framework instead of following the usual practice of telling their histories separately. This handsomely illustrated book ultimately provides a new portrait of the Opéra during a period long celebrated for its box-office successes in both genres. Smith begins by showing how gestures were encoded in the musical language that composers used in ballet and in opera. She moves on to a wide range of topics, including the relationship between the gestures of the singers and the movements of the dancers, and the distinction between dance that represents dancing (entertainment staged within the story of the opera) and dance that represents action. Smith maintains that ballet-pantomime and opera continued to rely on each other well into the nineteenth century, even as they thrived independently. The "divorce" between the two arts occurred little by little, and may be traced through unlikely sources: controversies in the press about the changing nature of ballet-pantomime music, shifting ideas about originality, complaints about the ridiculousness of pantomime, and a little-known rehearsal score for Giselle. ?

San Francisco Ballet at Seventy Five

Author : Janice Ross
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Honoring the seventy-fifth anniversary of one of the world's leading ballet companies, a beautiful retrospective traces the history of the San Francisco Ballet, America's oldest company, with intimate portraits of its dancers and behind-the-scenes contributors, accompanied by a DVD capturing the innovative dance pioneers at work.

Beginning Ballet

Author : Gayle Kassing
File Size : 20.69 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Beginning Ballet and the accompanying web resource introduce students to the study of ballet as a performing art and provide instructional support in learning foundational ballet technique. Part of Human Kinetics’ Interactive Dance Series, Beginning Ballet is for students enrolled in a beginning ballet class at the college, university, or high school level. The book features more than 80 photos and concise descriptions covering basic foot and arm positions, barre exercises, and centre combinations. Beginning Ballet introduces students to the structure of a ballet class, including expectations, etiquette, and attire. Students also learn how to prepare for class, maintain proper nutrition and hydration, and avoid injury. This text outlines the unique history of ballet from its beginnings in the Renaissance to the 21st century and discusses the styles, aesthetics, artists, and significant works that have shaped ballet as a performing art. In addition, the accompanying web resource presents more than 70 instructional video clips and 50 photos to help students learn and practice beginning ballet. The web resource also includes an interactive quiz, audio clips of ballet terms with pronunciation in French, and assignments. The quiz covers vocabulary of beginning ballet, definitions, and translation to and from the French language. (The web resource is included with all new print books and some ebooks. For ebook formats that don’t provide access, the web resource is available separately.) Ballet class provides the foundation for learning the dance form, and Beginning Ballet supports that learning through visual, verbal, and interactive instructional tools. Beginning Ballet text and web resource help bring the grace, artistry, and mental and physical benefits of ballet to students. Beginning Ballet is a part of Human Kinetics’ Interactive Dance Series. The series includes resources for modern dance, ballet, and tap dance that support introductory dance technique courses taught through dance, physical education, and fine arts departments. Each student-friendly text includes a web resource offering video clips of dance instruction, assignments, and activities. The Interactive Dance Series offers students a guide to learning, performing, and viewing dance.

The Evolving Feminine Ballet Body

Author : Pirkko Markula
File Size : 30.16 MB
Format : PDF
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Dance has become increasingly visible within contemporary culture: just think of reality TV shows featuring this art form. This shift brings the ballet body into renewed focus. Historically both celebrated and critiqued for its thin, flexible, and highly feminized aesthetic, the ballet body now takes on new and complex meanings at the intersections of performance art, popular culture, and fitness. The Evolving Feminine Ballet Body provides a local perspective to enrich the broader cultural narratives of ballet through historical, socio-cultural, political, and artistic lenses, redefining what many consider to be "high art." Scholars in gender studies, folklore, popular culture, and cultural studies will be interested in this collection, as well as those involved in the dance world.Contributors: Kelsie Acton, Marianne I. Clark, Kate Z. Davies, Lindsay Eales, Pirkko Markula, Carolyn Millar, Jodie Vandekerkhove

The Joffrey Ballet

Author : Sasha Anawalt
File Size : 69.32 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This is a comprehensive history of the American dance troupe, the Joffrey Ballet, and a portrait of Robert Joffrey, the creative personality who inspired it. Written in anecdotal style, the book probes the complex relationship which exists between a culture and its artists.