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The Hunter the Stag and the Mother of Animals

Author : Esther Jacobson-Tepfer
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"Jacobson-Tepfer explores the changing traditions of belief in pre-Bronze and Bronze Age North Asia, centering her argument on a female deity and her evolution until the early Iron Age"--Provided by publisher.

An Abecedarian of Animal Spirit Guides

Author : Mark G. Boyer
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Almost every person has owned a pet at one time or another in life or known someone who has. In all world religions, animals serve as spirit guides; there is spirituality to animal and human dialogue. Animals have the ability to help us reach wholeness if we learn their wisdom and integrate it into our lives. This abecedarian--a book whose contents are in alphabetical order--explores the spiritual growth that is possible by reflecting on the wisdom of creatures, which serve as spirit guides in all world religions and help humans experience the divine. The author explores animal spirit guides in the Bible, The Quran, The Dhammapada, The Rig Veda, The Analects of Confucius, stories from Aesop and Grimm, and much more. In these pages you can explore bears and bees, eagles and elephants, ravens and roosters, tadpoles and turtles, and many more. For each of the thirty-two entries, the author presents a text identifying the animal spirit guide, a reflective study, a question for journaling or personal meditation, and a concluding prayer. The spiritual life can be nourished in many ways; in this book it is enhanced by animal spirit guides.

The Wolf and the Stag

Author : Wayne M. Hoy
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LeAnne Hathaway will never forget the day she met the Stranger. It was a day that would change her life forever. Shortly before the chance encounter, LeAnne had a busy life and a successful career. She was known for her love of music and she had many friends. She played piano as part of the worship team at her local church. She was happy, idealistic, and loved by all who knew her. So when she suddenly disappeared without a trace with a virtual stranger a self-proclaimed prophet of God the shockwaves it sent were deeply felt by the people who knew her best, and the many others both in her community and across the country who held vigils and continually prayed for her safe return. For three long months, LeAnne journeyed with the stranger, having no contact with her husband or family. Believing she had heard the voice of God urge her to embark on a new life, she began to shed her own beliefs and replace them with the teachings of a man who claimed to be the Son of God. But somewhere, deep in her soul was a longing for the life she once knew, and a desperate yearning to reconcile with the family and friends she had left behind. When at last she had to choose between continuing to chase after God or face that she had been deceived, her darkest moment gave way to an incredible healing miracle and long-awaited journey home.

A Wolf to Remember

Author : Kali Brazier-Tompkins
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Aesop s Fables a new translation

Author : Jones Vernon
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History of the Graeco Latin Fable

Author : Francisco Rodríguez Adrados
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This is the second of three volumes covering the long history of the fable from Sumer to the present day. Historical evidence reaching as far back as Antiquity, supports the study of more than 500 works considered to be fables.

Hereditary Witchcraft

Author : Raven Grimassi
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Discover the real sources of many of the traditions, beliefs, and techniques of modern Witchcraft! And what author Raven Grimassi reveals in Hereditary Witchcraft is the documented ancient roots of the Old Religion. One-by-one, Grimassi goes through the tenets of Witchcraft and shows their ancient sources. The association of the pentagram with Witchcraft goes back at least 2,500 years. The idea of the four elements goes back to a philosopher named Empedocles of Sicily in around 475 B.C.E. The practice of many covens today of having a Priestess, Priest, and Maiden can be traced back over 2,000 years to ancient Pompeii. This book is filled with history, myth, and folklore. But it is also filled with rituals and techniques that you can do. On these pages you will learn how to prepare and banish a magic circle. You'll learn rituals you can do by yourself, including those for the Solstices, Diana's Day, and Cornucopia. With this information you can become a follower of the Old Ways! Of course, one of the most famous aspects of Witchcraft is magick. Grimassi doesn't disappoint here, either. You'll learn runic magick and divination; you'll learn about doing magick with the Moon and stars; you'll learn secret symbols and the powers of herbs. If you are a Witch - or you're thinking about becoming a Witch - this is one of the most important books you could possibly have. You'll find the documentation to support the antiquity of your beliefs and the way Witchcraft is practiced today. This book is both a guide for everyday life and a resource to discover Wiccan origins. If you don't have a copy of this book, get one today. You'll use it for the rest of your life.

I Hate To See That Evening Sun Go Down

Author : William Gay
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William Gay firmly established himself as "the big new name to include in the storied annals of Southern Lit" (Esquire) with his debut novel, The Long Home, and his critically acclaimed follow-up, Provinces of Night. Like Faulkner's Mississippi and Cormac McCarthy's American West, Gay's Tennessee is redolent of broken, colorful souls hard at work charting the pathos of their interior lives. His debut collection, I Hate to See That Evening Sun Go Down, brings together what Gay's dedicated readers are eager for and what new readers will find the perfect introduction to his world: thirteen stories that are mined from this same fertile soil teeming with the grizzled, everyday folk that Gay is famous for bringing to life. In these pages readers meet old man Meecham, who escapes from his new nursing home only to find his son has rented their homestead to "white trash"; Quincy Nell Qualls, who not only falls in love with the town lothario but, pregnant, is faced with an inescapable end when he abandons her; Finis and Doneita Beasley, whose forty-year marriage is broken up by a dead dog; Bobby Pettijohn, who is awakened in the middle of the night by the noise and lights of a search party looking for clues after a body is discovered in his backwoods. William Gay expertly sets these conflicted people who make bad choices in life and love against lush back-country scenery, and somehow manages to defy moral logic as we grow to love his characters for the weight of their human errors. Diverse as these tales are, what connects them is the powerful voice of a born storyteller.

Animals and Their Children in Victorian Culture

Author : Brenda Ayres
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Whether a secularized morality, biblical worldview, or unstated set of mores, the Victorian period can and always will be distinguished from those before and after for its pervasive sense of the "proper way" of thinking, speaking, doing, and acting. Animals in literature taught Victorian children how to be behave. If you are a postmodern posthumanist, you might argue, "But the animals in literature did not write their own accounts." Animal characters may be the creations of writers’ imagination, but animals did and do exist in their own right, as did and do humans. The original essays in Animals and Their Children in Victorian explore the representation of animals in children’s literature by resisting an anthropomorphized perception of them. Instead of focusing on the domestication of animals, this book analyzes how animals in literature "civilize" children, teaching them how to get along with fellow creatures—both human and nonhuman.

The Sportsman

Author :
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