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The Will To Kill

Author : James Alan Fox
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Now with SAGE Publishing, The Will to Kill: Making Sense of Senseless Murder explores extraordinary and seemingly inexplicable cases of homicide—not to sensationalize them—but to educate you about these crimes. Authored by renowned experts, the Fifth Edition places recent crimes in context by reviewing current homicide laws, introducing the latest theories that seek to explain murder, and presenting up-to-date statistical data that identify homicide patterns and trends. You will develop a foundational understanding of a variety of topics, for example, domestic and workplace homicide, cult and hate killings, murders committed by juveniles, and serial slayings. You will also examine various criminal justice responses to homicide, including the strategies and tactics employed to apprehend, prosecute, and punish killers. New to the Fifth Edition Up-to-date research and data offers you the latest statistics on homicide patterns and trends in recent years. New illustrative cases cover various forms of homicide, focusing on crimes that drew significant interest from the public and policymakers alike and provide you with unique insights into violent behavior. Updated coverage of recent controversies, legislative changes, and Supreme Court decisions includes heightened concern over mass shootings, hate-motivated homicide and terrorism; new laws, shifting policies, and Supreme Court rulings pertaining to gun rights, juvenile offenders and the death penalty; and advances in surveillance technology, computer-aided investigation, and DNA forensic testing. Early introduction of theories helps you to understand the definition of homicide/homicide laws before developing a theoretical framework to explain violence.

The Will to Kill

Author : James Alan Fox
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This best selling homicide text examines “the will to kill” from various perspectives. Written by world-renowned experts, this text presents an analysis of the nature and extent of homicide and the laws that apply to it. Included are detailed analyses of many different types of homicide, including those that involve: family, youth, serial killing, mass murder, school, hate, terror and cults. Public policy issues such as the insanity defense, the death penalty and investigative strategies are also covered.

Church People Will Kill You

Author : Padrika Gray
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Author :
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Zacheus converted or the Rich Publican s Repentance Restitution In which the Mysteries of the Doctrine of Conversion are laid open Also of Riches in their getting keeping expending and many other material points

Author : John WILSON (Preacher of God's Word in Guildford.)
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The FAA Will Kill You

Author : Ron Irwin
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The FAA allows felons to get pilot's licenses; keeps critical air traffic control facilities unprotected; encourages unsafe flight and hides deadly mistakes. If you fly you need to know,

Listening to Salsa

Author : Frances R. Aparicio
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Winner of the MLA's Katherine Singer Kovacs Prize for an outstanding book published in English in the field of Latin American and Spanish literatures and culture (1999) For Anglos, the pulsing beats of salsa, merengue, and bolero are a compelling expression of Latino/a culture, but few outsiders comprehend the music's implications in larger social terms. Frances R. Aparicio places this music in context by combining the approaches of musicology and sociology with literary, cultural, Latino, and women's studies. She offers a detailed genealogy of Afro-Caribbean music in Puerto Rico, comparing it to selected Puerto Rican literary texts, then looks both at how Latinos/as in the US have used salsa to reaffirm their cultural identities and how Anglos have eroticized and depoliticized it in their adaptations. Aparicio's detailed examination of lyrics shows how these songs articulate issues of gender, desire, and conflict, and her interviews with Latinas/os reveal how they listen to salsa and the meanings they find in it. What results is a comprehensive view "that deploys both musical and literary texts as equally significant cultural voices in exploring larger questions about the power of discourse, gender relations, intercultural desire, race, ethnicity, and class."

This Will Kill You

Author : HP Newquist
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Have you been attacked by a great white shark? Gone over Niagara Falls in a barrel? Been exposed to anthrax? No, you haven't, or you'd be dead. This Will Kill You reveals the intriguing facts behind the many ways humans bite the dust in encounters with deadly bugs, hungry predators, natural disasters, and freak occurrences. Thoroughly researched and illustrated, not to mention thoroughly hilarious, this book describes in deathly detail what happens to the body when it's struck by lightning, slimed by a dart frog, or flung from a mountaintop. No other book has ever peaked under the Grim Reaper's robe in such a straightforward and irreverent way. With a foreword by a physician at the Mayo Clinic, an afterword by a funeral director, lists of history's most notable deaths, and a unique death rating system, everything you need to know about the ways in which we go are included in these pages.

The Next One Will Kill You

Author : Neil S. Plakcy
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If Angus Green is going to make it to a second case, he’s needs to survive the first one. Angus wants more adventure than a boring accounting job, so after graduating with his master’s degree he signs up with the FBI. He’s assigned to the Miami field office, where the caseload includes smugglers, drug runners, and gangs, but he starts out stuck behind a desk, an accountant with a badge and gun. Struggling to raise money for his little brother’s college tuition, he enters a strip trivia contest at a local bar. But when he’s caught with his pants down by a couple of fellow agents, he worries that his extracurricular activities and his status as the only openly gay agent will crash his career. Instead, to his surprise, he’s added to an anti-terrorism task force and directed to find a missing informant. It’s his first real case: a desperate chase to catch a gang of criminals with their tentacles in everything from medical fraud to drugs to jewel theft. With every corner in this case—from Fort Lauderdale’s gay bars to the morgue—turning to mayhem, Angus quickly learns that the only way to face a challenge is to assume that he'll survive this one—it’s the next one that will kill him.

Prince of the Vale

Author : Kelly R. Michaels
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History It will kill you

Author : Steve Price
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History: It will kill you. Is a look back at events in my life and events in the world. This is the final book in this series. I write lyrics to release the tensions in my life and to overcome the monotony of everyday life. The lyrics are my own personal opinions and are not in any way there to influence the thinking of anyone.

He Wants His Brother s Wife and He Will Kill Him for Her

Author : Tiffani Mae
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"Didn't I tell you that these cars had to be finished and out of the shop by this morning?" screamed Dean. The entire shop cowered as he walked in and began screaming. "What are you low lives doing around here? Oh, I bet I know, are you all gawking at my wife? Anybody want to take a try at getting her? She's such a whore I bet you she'll actually let you!!" "I know why you're all distracted, look at what you're wearing today?" He grabbed Mary Jane by the arm, pulling her up out of her chair in the front of the office. Her face turned bright red. "What, Dean? What did I do?" "What did you do? What did you do? Didn't I tell you before that your shorts shall be no shorter than the top of your knees? If you bent over in these shorts, everyone in here is going to see the blood from your period, the reason why you couldn't give YOUR HUSBAND any sex last night. Go change, NOW!!" He screamed. Mary Jane, kept her head low, and went into the back of the office, to find another pair of pants. Dean was in a nastier mood than usual this morning. This usually happened when he wanted some the night before and got turned down. Mary Jane tried to explain to him that it was that time of the month, and she just wasn't in the mood, but that didn't matter. He always forced her to dress and act conservative no matter where they were, or where they were going. Even in the bedroom, he never allowed any sexy nighties even. He thought that if he allowed her to get them, she could sneak them out and wear them for someone else.

The Things I Love Will Kill Me Yet

Author : Rob Pierce
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Escape. Lust. Revenge. Rob Pierce writes with an understanding of the darkness in the hearts of people who’ve been struck and need to strike back. From gun dealers to murders to the simply self-destructive, The Things I Love Will Kill Me Yet is filled with stories of men and women whose dreams can never take them out of their realities. Praise for THE THINGS I LOVE WILL KILL ME YET: “Pierce’s style is spare and hard-hitting, and The Things I Love Will Kill Me Yet delivers a knockout.” —Sam Wiebe, author of Last of the Independents “Rob Pierce’s stories are like love letters to the damned.” —Mike Miner, author of Prodigal Sons and Hurt Hawks “Noir at its best! Like a violent biker gang, a herd of wild horned animals, or maybe a box of spiders, there’s a stockpile of thrilling peril inside these Rob Pierce short stories.” —Jack Getze, author of the Austin Carr mysteries

This Will Kill That

Author : Danielle K. Roux
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District City is full of monsters. Not the kind that appears particularly vile from the outside. The kind who murder innocent people for no apparent reason. Abandoned houses are haunted by wayward spirits. Leaders of rival Colors clash over the secrets of a brutal past. After the Plague thinned out the population, Rin Morana figured people would have stopped killing each other. No such luck. Her parents disappeared, and now she is set to take over as the new Lady Morana, head of the Green faction. To be a leader, Rin must contend with her relationship to her rival, Lady Amaya, as well as her own history of violence. A series of riddles take Amaya Verity out of her isolated room in the Blue compound and into the hidden spaces of the City. Running away from captivity, Amaya takes shelter with Rin at the old Sydis house. There she meets two young men with demons of their own to contend with and abilities to match. Alan who is hiding out from his abusive ex, and Kazuki who might be the only person in the City that remembers the events of the Plague. As they dig deeper, Amaya and Rin must decide whether to fight monsters or become them.

The Rest I Will Kill William Tillman and the Unforgettable Story of How a Free Black Man Refused to Become a Slave

Author : Brian McGinty
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A surprising work of narrative history and detection that illuminates one of the most daring—and long-forgotten—heroes of the Civil War. Independence Day, 1861. The schooner S. J. Waring sets sail from New York on a routine voyage to South America. Seventeen days later, it limps back into New York’s frenzied harbor with the ship's black steward, William Tillman, at the helm. While the story of that ill-fated voyage is one of the most harrowing tales of captivity and survival on the high seas, it has, almost unbelievably, been lost to history. Now reclaiming Tillman as the real American hero he was, historian Brian McGinty dramatically returns readers to that riotous, explosive summer of 1861, when the country was tearing apart at the seams and the Union army was in near shambles following a humiliating defeat at the First Battle of Bull Run. Desperate for good news, the North was soon riveted by reports of an incident that occurred a few hundred miles off the coast of New York, where the Waring had been overtaken by a marauding crew of Confederate privateers. While the white sailors became chummy with their Southern captors, free black man William Tillman was perfectly aware of the fate that awaited him in the ruthless, slave-filled ports south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Stealthily biding his time until a moonlit night nine days after the capture, Tillman single-handedly killed three officers of the privateer crew, then took the wheel and pointed it home. Yet, with no experience as a navigator, only one other helper, and a war-torn Atlantic seaboard to contend with, his struggle had just begun. It took five perilous days at sea—all thrillingly recounted here—before the Waring returned to New York Harbor, where the story of Tillman's shipboard courage became such a tabloid sensation that he was not only put on the bill of Barnum’s American Museum but also proclaimed to be the "first hero" of the Civil War. As McGinty evocatively shows, however, in the horrors of the war then engulfing the nation, memories of his heroism—even of his identity—were all but lost to history. As such, The Rest I Will Kill becomes a thrilling and historically significant work, as well as an extraordinary journey that recounts how a free black man was able to defy efforts to make him a slave and become an unlikely glimmer of hope for a disheartened Union army in the war-battered North.

Hope Will Kill You

Author : Mayukh
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“And the naive, gullible boy wore his big, baggy, fancy, red underwear before jumping in the car with the love of his life who looked like a Victoria Secret Model…” that is how most stories end, well, without the underwear description part. Happy endings have become a custom in almost every book on Earth and are expanding to the space stations as well. But that tyrannical cliché is not present in this book. Hope Will Kill You is an anthology of 5 different tales that set ablaze the delusional inferno of hope created by these fantastical, humbug tales all around the vast sea of literature. A book that is not perfect nor does it provide lenity and promises to destroy all your hope. For better or worse, it depends on how quickly one picks up this splendiferous read from the shelves.

This Lie Will Kill You

Author : Chelsea Pitcher
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“Will keep readers on edge from start to finish.” —Kirkus Reviews Tell the truth. Or face the consequences. Clue meets Riverdale in this page-turning thriller that exposes the lies five teens tell about a deadly night one year ago. One year ago, there was a party. At the party, someone died. Five teens each played a part and up until now, no one has told the truth. But tonight, the five survivors arrive at an isolated mansion in the hills, expecting to compete in a contest with a $50,000 grand prize. Of course…some things are too good to be true. Now, they realize they’ve been lured together by a person bent on revenge, a person who will stop at nothing to uncover what actually happened on that deadly night, one year ago. Five arrived, but not all can leave. Will the truth set them free? Or will their lies destroy them all?

Nick Storie Mysteries Time Will Kill You

Author : CD Moulton
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Debts I Will Kill You Before You Kill Me

Author : Eva Chauke
File Size : 75.40 MB
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Things do not just happen in life. For every reaction/response there is a cause. If we would engage more with God, He would give us wisdom and a broader understanding why certain things we are not happy about happen in our individual lives. Our foundations played a very important role shaping who we are today and how we react/respond to life and its challenges. Please explore this journey with me to find out why most of us suffer financial blows and how it will also affect out children and children’s children. Let us find out how we can stop the cycle of poverty and enter into God’s perfect plan of more than enough. As we learn his principles we will be able to impart the knowledge to the coming generations. Refuse to stay in debts one more day. God loves us unconditionally and His plan is to give us peace and expected end. He desires to see us prosper in all things and to see us enjoying good health even as our souls prosper.

Come on Shore and We Will Kill and Eat You All

Author : Christina Thompson
File Size : 85.47 MB
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Come On Shore and We Will Kill And Eat You All is a sensitive and vibrant portrayal of the cultural collision between Westerners and Maoris, from Abel Tasman's discovery of New Zealand in 1642 to the author's unlikely romance with a Maori man. An intimate account of two centuries of friction and fascination, this intriguing and unpredictable book weaves a path through time and around the world in a rich exploration of the past and the future that it leads to.