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The Will to Battle

Author : Ada Palmer
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The year is 2454. Three centuries of peace and a hard-won golden age have come to an abrupt end. The once steadfast leadership of the seven Hives is crumbling, soured by corruption and deception. Savagery and bloodlust, three-centuries suppressed, have been unleashed. The terrible truth is that centuries of peace were bought with a trickle of secret murders. The killings were mathematically planned, meticulously organised to preserve the balance – to ensure no faction could dominate. But now the secret is out, the balance has tipped, the Hives' utopian façade has slipped. Just days ago, humanity stood at the pinnacle of civilization. Now everyone – Hives and Hiveless, Utopians and sensayers, emperors and convicts, warriors and saints – is preparing for war.

The Battle of Britain

Author : Richard Overy
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The Battle of Britain tells the extraordinary story of one of the pivotal events of the Second World War - the struggle between British and German air forces in the late summer and autumn of 1940. Exposing many of the myths surrounding the conflict, the book provides answers to important questions: how close did Britain really come to invasion? What were Hitler and Churchill's motives? And what was the battle's real effect on the outcome of the war? Told with great clarity and objectivity, this is a superb introduction to a defining moment in our history. 'No individual British victory after Trafalgar was more decisive in challenging the course of a major war than was the Battle of Britain ... In his carefully argued, clearly explained and impressively documented book ... Richard Overy is at pains to dispose of the myths and expose the real history of what he does not doubt was a great British victory ... the best historical analysis in readable form which has yet appeared on this prime subject' Noble Frankland, The Times Literary Supplement

Erasmus and Luther The Battle over Free Will

Author :
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This compilation of writings from Erasmus and Luther's great debate--over free will and grace, and their respective efficacy for salvation--offers a fuller representation of the disputants' main arguments than has ever been available in a single volume in English. Included are key, corresponding selections from not only Erasmus' conciliatory A Discussion or Discourse concerning Free Will and Luther's forceful and fully argued rebuttal, but--with the battle now joined--from Erasmus' own forceful and fully argued rebuttal of Luther. Students of Reformation theology, Christian humanism, and sixteenth-century rhetoric will find here the key to a wider appreciation of one of early modern Christianity’s most illuminating and disputed controversies.

The First Battle of the Marne 1914

Author : Ian Sumner
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In 1914 the Germans launched an offensive that swept through Belgium and into France, threatening to crush French resistance in one fell swoop. However, through careful maneuvering and stubborn resistance, the French Army, aided by the BEF, blunted the assault, winning an important strategic victory that kept France in the war. This victory ensured that Germany would have to fight a two-front war, and the Western Front descended into the stalemate of trench warfare. One of the most important battles in the First World War, the First Battle of the Marne would be the last battle of maneuver to be seen on the Western Front for several years to come.

Dragon Soul Battle Sovereign

Author : Du GuQiuZui
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The young man Long Yan has lacked the martial arts soul since he was a child. In the world respected by martial arts, he is undoubtedly a waste body. Unexpectedly, he accidentally got the remnant soul of the dragon, and began the martial arts inheritance. In order to chase love and understand the mystery of Dragon Spirit's life experience, he finally set foot on the road to hegemony in the world.☆About the Author☆Dugu Qiuzui, a new online novelist, his Dragon Soul Battle Sovereign has accumulated a lot of popularity for him. The teenager portrayed in this novel has a strong and unyielding character, a quality of true to good, and is loved by everyone.

Original Battle Creek Crime King The Adam Pump Arnold s Vile Reign

Author : Blaine Pardoe & Victoria Hester
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Adam "Pump" Arnold was both feared and regaled in Victorian- era Battle Creek. He was a bootlegger and a pimp, a robber and a con artist, an arsonist and a loan shark and even an assassin. Arnold faced off with the city over illegal liquor sales and flaunted his victory with a life-size statue of the mayor dressed as a hobo. Called the "greatest criminal in the history of Battle Creek," Arnold was convicted in a captivating public trial for the murder of his own son. Join authors Blaine Pardoe and Victoria Hester as they explore the life and misdeeds of the unabashed criminal mastermind who rocked Battle Creek to its core.

The Battle of New Market Heights

Author : James S. Price
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In the predawn darkness of September 29, 1864, black Union soldiers attacked a heavily fortified position on the outskirts of the Confederate capital of Richmond. In a few hours of desperate fighting, these African American soldiers struck a blow against Robert E. Lee's vaunted Army of Northern Virginia and proved to detractors that they could fight for freedom and citizenship for themselves and their enslaved brethren. For fourteen of the black soldiers who stormed New Market Heights that day, their bravery would be awarded with the nation's highest honor the Congressional Medal of Honor. With vivid firsthand accounts and meticulous tactical detail, James S. Price brings the Battle of New Market Heights into brilliant focus with maps by master cartographer Steven Stanley.

Celestial Battle

Author : Pastor Geovaldo Barroso
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CELESTIAL BATTLE Beyond Human Sight! Author Pastor Geovaldo Barroso The war that the human eye has never seen here on earth! “And he said, I was watching for Satan, falling from heaven like a star.” (Luke 10:18) Cover: Author Translated by: Pastor Geovaldo Barroso CONTENT Presentation 04 Part I 06 Part II 15 Part III 30 Notes 42 Author 44 PRESENTATION The Bible reveals that there is a spiritual battle between those who serve God and those who serve the devil. Everyone who is a believer in Jesus Christ is involved in the spiritual battle. We must resist the adversary “For this cause be ruled by God; but make war on the Evil One and he will be put to flight before you.” (James 4:7), for we need not be afraid of him, believe it, for God is stronger than all our enemies. The Bible also reveals that our struggle is not against human beings. The real battle is against evil spiritual forces that have authority over our world. “Take up God s instruments of war, so that you may be able to keep your position against all the deceits of the Evil One. For our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against authorities and powers, against the world-rulers of this dark night, against the spirits of evil in the heavens.” (Ephesians 6:11-12) The devil wants to destroy mankind and he does not give up on when a person converts on the face of the earth. That is why it is necessary to be ready for battle. “Be serious and keep watch; the Evil One, who is against you, goes about like a lion with open mouth in search of food; do not give way to him but be strong in your faith, in the knowledge that your brothers who are in the world undergo the same troubles.” (1 Peter 5:8-9) Acknowledge and believe that you have been called to be a member of the Salvation Army, with the heavenly militia of the Almighty; and just believe it! PARTE – I Celestial Battle Virtually everyone in the land independent of their religion or nationality recognizes that there is some sort of battle taking place in the world between the forces of good and evil. It is a colossal struggle between Light and darkness, truth and error, oppression and freedom, good and evil, and finally, life and death. What is the story behind this obvious paradox? Many religions as well as the Bible teaches that beyond this three-dimensional veil of the physical world in which we live there is another spiritual world that we cannot see and in this invisible reality around us a Titanic Battle is unleashed between the (Supreme Lord and Just), against the villain crueler and evil. The big question is who are these characters and how and where did this cosmic crisis start? This is the greatest mystery of all ages and the most fascinating and true story that has ever been told. This crisis involves every person on earth, yes, and every person!

Battle for the Bar Q

Author : Will Black
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Mitch Evans is riding to his brother's small ranch after receiving a telegram saying there was trouble brewing. But Cal Morgan, a ranch hand for the Bar-Q, has been forced by his ruthless foreman, Latham Parry, to ambush Mitch before he can get to his brother's ranch, the Bar-B. Both men shoot each other - Mitch in the shoulder and Cal in the leg. So begins an unlikely friendship that will endure pain and hardship as well as love. All in the name of the Bar-Q.

The Battle For The Spirits Of Mankind

Author : V.W. Thomson
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The Battle of Waterloo Or a Faithful and Interesting History of the Unparalleled Events Connected Therewith Collected from Official Documents Third Edition Illustrated with Plans of the Battle Portraits Etc

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Trevor Hastinges or The battle of Tewkesbury by the author of Henry of Monmouth

Author : Michel
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Battle of the Bulge

Author : Ray Merriam
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The Battle of Buena Vista

Author : James Henry Carleton
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Battle for Europe

Author : Charles Spencer
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A compelling history of the bloody battle that ended Louis XIV's dream of European domination and changed the course of history "Had it not been for Blenheim, all Europe might at this day suffer under the effect of French conquests resembling those of Alexander in extent and those of the Romans in durability." —Sir Edward Creasy, The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World In 1704, the armies of the French king Louis XIV, undefeated for two generations, were poised to extend the French frontiers to the Rhine and install a French prince on the Spanish throne. But as French forces marched toward Vienna, allied armies under the command of John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, and Prince Eugène of Savoy set out to oppose them. The two forces met at Blenheim, in Bavaria, and the French were utterly defeated, ending France's dream of European domination. Based on original sources, this page-turning narrative brings the battle to life, effortlessly moving from the deliberations of kings to the travails of the common foot soldier. "Thoughtful, interesting, and well-written. . . . Spencer recovers an approach and authorial voice associated with Winston Churchill, whom indeed he quotes effectively and appropriately. . . . From the excellent scene-setting of the Prologue to the effective battle descriptions, which ably draw on the memoirs of the participants, Charles Spencer successfully combines narrative with analysis." —The Sunday Telegraph "A remarkable debut . . . not to be missed." —Evening Standard "Charles Spencer explores the decisive battle of Blenheim, the campaign that broke Louis XIV's domination of Europe and established the enduring reputation of the British redcoat . . . in this compelling, page-turning narrative . . . of a battle that changed the destiny of Europe." —Soldier

The Battle of the Books and other Short Pieces

Author : Jonathan Swift
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"The Battle of the Books, and other Short Pieces" by Jonathan Swift. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

All Gods Battle Amazing George

Author : Hilton McCabe
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Amazing George lives a life of bad and good religious choices. His conscious life seems confused. Yet, he finds powerful forces guiding him to where he is most uncomfortable. He knows he is flawed with failure, posessed by dangerous ambitions, and confusied by memory shadows. He wanders seemingly without purpose, while moving with the relentless guidance of people and events. You may see your own religious beliefs lived or distorted. Innocently these sneak into George's living, but they come as if by some design. He finds a variety of people, rejecting and accepting them carelessly. His own life plans give way to horrific events, as well as the most uplifting. Somehow, he keeps on his way without personal direction. He's clumsy, comical, tragic, and, perhaps, hope filled. He is his own person without suspecting his own destiny, until a burst of clarity renders him amazing. A patient reader will get his or her amazing reward for loyalty.

The U S Air Service in World War I The Battle of St Mihiel

Author : Maurer Maurer
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The Last Battle

Author : Cornelius Ryan
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The classic account of the final offensive against Hitler's Third Reich -- newly in print for the 50th anniversary of VE Day. The Battle for Berlin was the culminating struggle of World War II in the European theater, the last offensive against Hitler's Third Reich, which devastated one of Europe's historic capitals and brought the Nazi leviathan to its downfall. It was also one of the war's bloodiest and most pivotal moments, whose outcome would play a part in determining the complexion of international politics for decades to come. The Last Battle is the compelling account of this final battle, a story of brutal extremes, of stunning military triumph alongside the stark conditions that the civilians of Berlin experienced in the face of the Allied assault. As always, Ryan delves beneath the military and political forces that were dictating events to explore the more immediate questions of survival, where, as the author describes it, "to eat had become more important than to love, to burrow more dignified than to fight, to exist more militarily correct than to win." The Last Battle is the story of ordinary people, both soldiers and civilians, caught up in the despair, frustration, and terror of defeat. It is history at its best, a masterful illumination of the effects of war on the lives of individuals, and one of the enduring works on World War II.

The Battle Within

Author : Travis L. Klingaman
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It appeared inevitable-Steven Brouschard was going to accomplish great things. He is intelligent, handsome, and equipped with the college degree he needs to obtain everything he ever wanted. It seemed nothing could hold him back. That is . almost nothing. Having already transcribed his lifelong dreams onto a tangible source to both motivate and remind, a series of eye-opening events transpire that reveal the unfortunate truth-his life had hit a brick wall. Haunted yet by a grave tragedy at the Palace of Westminster, he is torn between a mind-altering world of delusion and deceit where fact and fiction it seems-unbelievably coexist. Now, inhibited by his own perceptions more than anything, he is faced with the daunting tasks of overcoming his worst fears and conquering his greatest enemy of all. If not resolved soon, his incapacitating dissension from truth will entirely eclipse the shocking truth itself.