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Wide Window Or Disappearance

Author : Lemony Snicket
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Catastrophes and misfortune continue to plague the Baudelaire orphans after they are sent to live with fearful Aunt Josephine, who offers little protection against Count Olaf's treachery.

A Disappearance in Drury Lane

Author : Ashley Gardner
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Book 8 in the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries 1818: As Captain Gabriel Lacey prepares for his upcoming wedding, his former neighbor, Marianne Simmons, asks for his help to find an actress friend who’s gone missing. Lacey agrees to help look for the actress, little realizing that the search will pit him against men who think nothing of abduction, assault, or sending incendiary devices to the innocent. At the same time, Lacey’s personal life is changing, and his time for investigation is frequently and frustratingly interrupted. He is also commanded by a new Bow Street Runner to assist in bringing down James Denis, a criminal with whom Lacey now has complicated ties. Lacey must help or else risk hanging alongside Denis. The search for the actress takes Lacey from elegant assembly rooms to the backstage of the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane, where he finds darkness in all corners. Lacey’s life and honor are constantly challenged as he tries to settle into his new life, until he realizes he can follow no code but his own.

New Technologies Development and Application IV

Author : Isak Karabegović
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This book features papers focusing on the implementation of new and future technologies, which were presented at the International Conference on New Technologies, Development, and Application, held at the Academy of Science and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo on June 24–26, 2021. It covers a wide range of future technologies and technical disciplines, including complex systems such as Industry 4.0; patents in industry 4.0; robotics; mechatronics systems; automation; manufacturing; cyber-physical and autonomous systems; sensors; networks; control, energy, renewable energy sources; automotive and biological systems; vehicular networking and connected vehicles; effectiveness and logistics systems; smart grids; nonlinear systems; power, social and economic systems; education; and IoT. The book New Technologies, Development and Application III is oriented toward Fourth Industrial Revolution “Industry 4.0, ”implementation which improves many aspects of human life in all segments and leads to changes in business paradigms and production models. Further, new business methods are emerging and transforming production systems, transport, delivery, and consumption, which need to be monitored and implemented by every company involved in the global market.

A Series of Unfortunate Events Box Orphans Murder Disappearance

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The three truly terrible first books in Lemony Snickets upsetting series are packaged together in this ill-suited box set of paperbacks. Contains The Bad Beginning, The Reptile Room, and The Wide Window. Illustrations.

STARSTRUCK The Disappearance of Becca

Author : R T Green
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Some people will tell you they have fairies at the bottom of their garden… Mia and Becca have little aliens at the bottom of theirs! The Starstruck series tells the story of Mia, Becca, and the six little people who change their lives. It’s a contemporary fairytale with a kick, something a little different, and very much for adults only! Check out the full Starstruck story at Episode 2: The Disappearance of Becca – Mia Haines perfectly-planned, perfectly-predictable life is now a thing of the past. If being reunited with the woman she’d always loved but never realized wasn’t unexpected enough, discovering six little people who’d lived secretly in her house longer than she had was a double-header of a shock to the system. So at the conclusion of Episode One, she’d smiled ironically to herself and mentally torn the Haines Ten Year Plan into minute pieces. But for now at least, life is settling into a surreal kind of normality. Becca’s demons are fading away, and plans for the foreseeable future are being made. It’s not going to last. Three days before Christmas, a demon of a completely different kind rears her beautiful, dangerous head. And when Becca disappears, the Voyagers are all too aware they’re the ones responsible. A heartbreaking decision has to be made, but even that may not be enough to save her life... * Starstruck does contain scenes of a sexual nature.

Freaked out Horror

Author : Tom Raimbault
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Journey into a world of horror beyond your wildest expectations: a large collection of 24 short stories by author, Tom Raimbault; a writer who delights in pushing the boundaries of macabre and horror. Witness the terror of being buried alive, a haunted pocket watch that torments its new owner, a disturbing mansion filled with grotesque paintings of clowns, a dark presence that resides in the furnace room, a family home that is suddenly under siege by a frightening stranger, and much more! Each story is a disturbing portrait that is guaranteed to cause nightmares of your own! A public gallery is now open for your reading pleasure; a world of the strange, the macabre and the bizarre! *********************************************** Review by Hayley Sale of My Love of Reading on May 9, 2011: "This book is fantastic, With 25 Stories I just found it great, I cannot wait until I can get a paperback copy as this is the type of book that you can read over and over again! And is handy to carry with you at all times as you will want to pick it up as often as you can!! I spent hours sat reading story after story and then snuck stories in between doing jobs!! I just love Tom's unique writing style and the Preface at the beginning of the book is almost like a story in itself. Tom has an incredible imagination and the way he conveys it to paper is just truely captivating. I could spend hours waffling on about each story but I feel that I would spoil too much for you - the reader. And I can't pick a favourite story either as it too close to call, Fear of Needles however had me gripped and I had to read it all in one go!! The stories in this book really get your mind going and no matter what your age make you want to ensure your feet are tucked inside your duvet and think about what it is that goes bump in the night!!! I must say that I'm very upset at not being one of those lucky co-workers that received emails baring the words 'Hello All'" ************************************************ Review by Kipp Poe Speicher on April 2, 2010: A unique Voice that needs to be heard! This book is an amazing read filled with stories that will have you fearing the unknown and the dark once more. Wrote in a voice that reminds me of the great lush movies of Vincent Price based on the works like Poe. Some of the short stories even intertwine with each other

Co operative Review

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Finding Suraya

Author : Jeff Brown
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When Mike Bennett, an Atlanta-based private detective receives an early morning call from the son of his best friend, a single mother living in East Texas, telling him that she has disappeared, he drops everything and begins the search. He follows a cold lead while taking care of her two teenaged sons and soon discovers the truth, but it is more than he ever imagined, much more. It will alter the course of the world forever.

Foundations of Synergetics II

Author : Alexander S. Mikhailov
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The second edition of this volume has been extensively revised. A different version of Chap. 7, reflecting recent significant progress in understanding of spatiotempo ral chaos, is now provided. Much new material has been included in the sections dealing with intermittency in birth-death models and noise-induced phase transi tions. A new section on control of chaotic behavior has been added to Chap. 6. The subtitle of the volume has been changed to better reflect its contents. We acknowledge stimulating discussions with H. Haken and E. Scholl and are grateful to our colleagues M. Bar, D. Battogtokh, M. Eiswirth, M. Hildebrand, K. Krischer, and V. Tereshko for their comments and assistance. We thank M. Lubke for her help in producing new figures for this volume. Berlin and Moscow A. s. Mikhailov April 1996 A. Yu. Loskutov Preface to the First Edition This textbook is based on a lecture course in synergetics given at the University of Moscow. In this second of two volumes, we discuss the emergence and properties of complex chaotic patterns in distributed active systems. Such patterns can be produced autonomously by a system, or can result from selective amplification of fluctuations caused by external weak noise.

The Argosy

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