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The Weight of Love

Author : Hilary Fannin
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'This is heartache for grown ups. The Weight of Love pulls you in and does not let go' ANNE ENRIGHT 'Beautiful and painful, exquisitely written, shot through with nostalgia for our earlier selves' MARIAN KEYES London, 1996. Robin and Ruth meet in the staff room of an East London school. Robin, desperate for a real connection, instantly falls in love. Ruth, recently bereaved and fragile, is tentative. When Robin introduces Ruth to his childhood friend, Joseph, a tortured and talented artist, their attraction is instant. Powerless, Robin watches on as the girl he loves and his best friend begin a passionate and turbulent affair. Dublin 2017. Robin and Ruth are married and have a son, Sid, who is about to emigrate to Berlin. Theirs is a marriage haunted by the ghost of Joseph and as the distance between them grows, Robin makes a choice that could have potentially devastating consequences. The Weight of Love is a beautiful exploration of how we manage life when the notes and beats of our existence, so carefully arranged, begin to slip off the stave. An intimate and moving account of the intricacies of marriage and the myriad ways in which we can love and be loved. 'Delicate, powerful, hypnotic' DONAL RYAN 'Fannin's novel is already likely to be a serious contender for one of the books of the year' SUNDAY TIMES

The Weight of Your Words

Author : Joseph M. Stowell
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Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me? This lie has been taught to children for years. We claim it strengthens them. Allows them to let the harsh words of other children roll off their backs. But the truth is that words have power. Power to encourage. Power to heal. But also power to intimidate, power to scourge, and power to wound.How are you using the power of words? What we say has both spiritual and physical implications. Revelation 21:8 tells us that liars have their place in the Lake of Fire. And we all have seen the devastation wreaked by rumors on innocent reputations. Yet with the same intensity, kind words can soothe a broken spirit and restore shattered relationships. Your words also say a lot about you. Jesus said, 'For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks' (Matthew 12:34). If our hearts are not in tune with God, neither will be our words. In The Weight of Your Words, Joseph Stowell shares the truth about the tongue straight from the Bible, God's Word to His people. He challenges us to not allow our mouths to be controlled by our anger or our circumstances, but rather, to be controlled by the Holy Spirit and His work in our lives. Take inventory of your words and your heart attitude with Joseph Stowell in The Weight of Your Words.

The Weight of a Suggestion

Author : Steven G. Deaton
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From the Heart of a Down Chick by Sasha Bonay is riveting and captures the essence of a young woman's trials and tribulations. Based in the heart of the five boroughs of N.Y.C, this book hits close to home. It is a poetry anthology that actually reads like a novel! She takes you through her life and the lives of many close to her. Everyone knows or have heard of someone going through these same issues. If you've ever asked yourself, "Why doesn't she leave?", "I wonder what she's thinking.", or "What's going on with her?" Sasha Bonay tells you and doesn't cover up the ugly truths. Her battle and war scars show through every line. Many men and women will be able to relate to the growing pains of love, life and loss. The levels of realism in "From the Heart..." are way beyond this 24 year old. This is one book you won't want to put down!

The Weight of Images

Author : Katariina Kyrölä
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The Weight of Images explores the ways in which media images can train their viewers’ bodies. Proposing a shift away from an understanding of spectatorship as being constituted by acts of the mind, this book favours a theorization of relations between bodies and images as visceral, affective engagements that shape our body image - with close attention to one particularly charged bodily characteristic in contemporary western culture: fat. The first mapping of the ways in which fat, gendered bodies are represented across a variety of media forms and genres, from reality television to Hollywood movies, from TV sitcoms to documentaries, from print magazine and news media to online pornography, The Weight of Images contends that media images of fat bodies are never only about fat; rather, they are about our relation to corporeal vulnerability overall. A ground-breaking volume, engaging with a rich variety of media and cultural texts, whilst examining the possibilities of critical auto-ethnography to unravel how body images take shape affectively between bodies and images, this book will appeal to scholars and students of sociology, media, cultural and gender studies, with interests in embodiment and affect.

The Weight of My Armor

Author : Ivy Kleinbart
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The essays and poems in The Weight of My Armor represent the work of twenty-three members of the Syracuse Veterans’ Writing Group, which meets monthly on the Syracuse University campus. Since 2010, the group has served as an intergenerational community where veterans and military family members write about their lives in and beyond the military. The Weight of My Armor offers creative nonfiction and poetry that spans a range of military experiences, including overseas deployments and combat, military acculturation and training, adventure and camaraderie, shock and loss, and endurance and survival. This collection also addresses aspects of the military experience that receive less public attention such as gender oppression and military sexual trauma, the long-term physical and psychological costs of warfare, the complex challenges of familial and social reintegration, and the experience of growing up in a military family. In honest and courageous voices, these writers bear witness to events and circumstances that were largely beyond their control. They also reflect on their service, representing it with the accuracy and specificity unique to first person narratives. Taken together, these pieces encourage dialogue about the personal, social, and economic costs of our nation’s wars, both past and present.

The Weight is Over

Author : Syleena Johnson
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Syleena Johnson’s highly anticipated self-help book, The Weight is Over, shares her compelling and painful journey toward self-love and discovery, while chronicling her battles with body image birthed in adolescence and carried throughout her music career. Honest, heart-warming and human, The Weight Is Over shares Syleena’s pain and progression providing tactful ways to identify and eliminate stressors to sustain optimal mental, emotional and physical health. A love letter to life’s lessons, The Weight is Over shines a spotlight on the complexities of love and how self-worth defines how we emotionally invest in ourselves and others. An ode to obstacles faced and conquered, this self-help book sets an indelible tone for reflection, resurgence and redemption.

Augustine s City of God

Author : Gerard O'Daly
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The City of God is the most influential of Augustine's works, which played a decisive role in the formation of the Christian West. This book is the first comprehensive modern guide to it in any language. The City of God's scope embodies cosmology, psychology, political thought, anti-pagan polemic, Christian apologetic, theory of history, biblical interpretation, and apocalyptic themes. This book is, therefore, at once about a single masterpiece and at the same time surveys Augustine's developing views through the whole range of his thought. The book is written in the form of a detailed running commentary on each part of the work. Further chapters elucidate the early fifth-century political, social, historical, and literary background, the work's sources, and its place in Augustine's writings.The book should prove of value to Augustine's wide readership among students of late antiquity, theologians, philosophers, medievalists, Renaissance scholars, and historians of art and iconography.

Cyber Influence and Cognitive Threats

Author : Vladlena Benson
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In the wake of fresh allegations that personal data of Facebook users have been illegally used to influence the outcome of the US general election and the Brexit vote, the debate over manipulation of social Big Data continues to gain more momentum. Cyber Influence and Cognitive Threats addresses various emerging challenges in response to cybersecurity, examining cognitive applications in decision-making, behaviour and basic human interaction. The book examines the role of psychology in cybersecurity by addressing each factor involved in the process: hackers, targets, cybersecurity practitioners, and the wider social context in which these groups operate. Cyber Influence and Cognitive Threats covers a variety of topics including information systems, psychology, sociology, human resources, leadership, strategy, innovation, law, finance and others. Explains psychological factors inherent in machine learning and artificial intelligence Explores attitudes towards data and privacy through the phenomena of digital hoarding and protection motivation theory Discusses the role of social and communal factors in cybersecurity behaviour and attitudes Investigates the factors that determine the spread and impact of information and disinformation

He Spoke of Love

Author : Biharilal
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The seven hundred poems of the Hindi poet Biharilal’s Satsai weave amorous narratives of the god Krishna and the goddess Radha with archetypal hero and heroine motifs that bridge divine and worldly love. He Spoke of Love brims with romantic rivalries, clandestine trysts, and the bittersweet sorrow of separated lovers. This new translation presents four hundred couplets from the enduring seventeenth-century classic, showcasing the poet’s ingenuity and virtuosity.

The Complete Concordance to Shakspeare

Author : Mary Cowden- Clarke
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