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The Way We Write

Author : Barbara Baker
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This book is a unique collection of interviews with award-winning writers. Each writer discusses their process: why they write, whom they write for, where and how often they write, recurring themes, problems and achievements. The interviews are intimate, honest, informative and often humorous. Together they offer a fascinating insight into the experience and hard work behind successful writers. This engaging collection is sure to appeal to anyone who loves reading or has ever wanted to be a writer.

The Way We Write Now

Author : Sharon Oard Warner
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A collection of stories on aids. They range from Richard Selzner's Imagine a Woman, which is on the loneliness of dying from aids, to In the Gloaming, in which an aids victim is looked after by his mother.

Re mapping Narrative

Author : Gian S. Pagnucci
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This volume is an exploration of the future of narrative discourse. The authors have identified six potential paths, drawing patterns of narrative and visual, pedagogy and possibility. The volume begins with Tales of the Digital Self. By telling stories we define ourselves. This struggle to understand who and what we are is even more amplified on the Web where identity is almost liquid. The authors in the second section picture how stories will be told in the future. In Pixels of Heroes and Heroines, we reconnect the future of narrative discourse to its literary roots. Although it is important to consider the forms narratives will take in the future, it is equally important to consider how these stories will be taught. This is the issue authors take up in Stories from Wired Desktops. Chapters move into the realm of the political in Views of Techno-Identity and Virtual Spaces. The volume concludes with the chapters in Critical Reflections on Project UNLOC.

The Way We re Working Isn t Working

Author : Tony Schwartz
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This is the paperback edition of 'The Way We're Working Isn't Working'. Through his years of intensive work consulting to companies including Procter & Gamble, Sony, Toyota, Microsoft, Ford and Ernst & Young, with his firm The Energy Project, Schwartz has developed a powerful program for changing the way we are working that greatly boosts our engagement and our satisfication with our work and increases our performance. In this book he marshalls a wide range of powerful evidence from business research and psychology that shows that the current model of work is not only not optimal, it is specfically counter-productive because it saps us of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy. In order for us to perform at our best, we must make a set of key changes in our work lives -- and in order to develop the full potential of their work force, our managers and companies must institute changes that will provide us with the regular physical renewal, emotional reward, mental focus and stimulation; and sense of purpose and significance that we need.

The Way We Were

Author : George Forss
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I was not a young man when I started photographing New York City. I started photographing NYC around 1974. I was 32 years old. I got the idea of making scenes of New York City and selling my pictures in the city streets after the invention of resin coated printing paper. With this paper I could make a print and then simply hang it up on clothes pins to dry and put my print in ready-made mat boards with the inset already cut out. I had a plan. I had a job as a messenger delivering packages all around New York. This gave me the means to go around the city looking for interesting subjects to photograph while I was delivering packages. I figured a time would come, once I had taken a certain amount of photos, when I would feel good about leaving my messenger job.

How the Body Shapes the Way We Think

Author : Rolf Pfeifer
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An exploration of embodied intelligence and its implications points toward a theory of intelligence in general; with case studies of intelligent systems in ubiquitous computing, business and management, human memory, and robotics. How could the body influence our thinking when it seems obvious that the brain controls the body? In How the Body Shapes the Way We Think, Rolf Pfeifer and Josh Bongard demonstrate that thought is not independent of the body but is tightly constrained, and at the same time enabled, by it. They argue that the kinds of thoughts we are capable of have their foundation in our embodiment—in our morphology and the material properties of our bodies. This crucial notion of embodiment underlies fundamental changes in the field of artificial intelligence over the past two decades, and Pfeifer and Bongard use the basic methodology of artificial intelligence—"understanding by building"—to describe their insights. If we understand how to design and build intelligent systems, they reason, we will better understand intelligence in general. In accessible, nontechnical language, and using many examples, they introduce the basic concepts by building on recent developments in robotics, biology, neuroscience, and psychology to outline a possible theory of intelligence. They illustrate applications of such a theory in ubiquitous computing, business and management, and the psychology of human memory. Embodied intelligence, as described by Pfeifer and Bongard, has important implications for our understanding of both natural and artificial intelligence.

How We Write

Author : Mike Sharples
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How We Write is an accessible guide to the entire writing process, from forming ideas to formatting text. Combining new explanations of creativity with insights into writing as design, it offers a full account of the mental, physical and social aspects of writing. How We Write explores: how children learn to write the importance of reflective thinking processes of planning, composing and revising visual design of text cultural influences on writing global hypertext and the future of collaborative and on-line writing. By referring to a wealth of examples from writers such as Umberto Eco, Terry Pratchett and Ian Fleming, How We Write ultimately teaches us how to control and extend our own writing abilities. How We Write will be of value to students and teachers of language and psychology, professional and aspiring writers, and anyone interested in this familiar yet complex activity.

Every Day I Write the Book

Author : Amitava Kumar
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Amitava Kumar's Every Day I Write the Book is for academic writers what Annie Dillard's The Writing Life and Stephen King's On Writing are for creative writers. Alongside Kumar's interviews with an array of scholars whose distinct writing offers inspiring examples for students and academics alike, the book's pages are full of practical advice about everything from how to write criticism to making use of a kitchen timer. Communication, engagement, honesty: these are the aims and sources of good writing. Storytelling, attention to organization, solid work habits: these are its tools. Kumar's own voice is present in his essays about the writing process and in his perceptive and witty observations on the academic world. A writing manual as well as a manifesto, Every Day I Write the Book will interest and guide aspiring writers everywhere.

My Family Poems Poetry from the Heart The Way We Were

Author : Anna Huffman
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Writings by a Western North Carolina family showing their inner feelings and thoughts about life in general.

The Way We Were

Author : Margaret Deefholts
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The Way I See It

Author : Joseph K. Chan
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Joseph Chan was born with two rather restrictive birth defects. One of them is a genetic eye disease known as retinitis pigmentosa (RP), which is progressive with age. The other is paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesia (PKD), an involuntary muscular spasm brought on by other sudden movements such as standing up from a sitting position; a condition that actually lessened after age forty. In The Way I See It, Mr. Chan talks candidly about the challenges of growing up with these two birth defects. Despite facing the fear and frustration of falling behind in school as a little child, and stigma for being different, this is a story of love, faith, and personal triumph over fate. The Way I See It is Joseph Chan's spiritual journey to discover his life's purpose and to share the hope and inspiration that he has found with those who might also benefit from it.

Storytelling for Grantseekers

Author : Cheryl A. Clarke
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Grantwriters often have little or no training in the practical task of grantseeking. Many feel intimidated by the act of writing, and some don't enjoy writing. In Storytelling for Grantseekers, Second Edition, Cheryl Clarke presents an organic approach to grantseeking, one that views the process through the lens of the pleasures and rewards of crafting a good story. Grantseekers who approach the process as one in which they are connecting with an audience (grantmakers) and writing a narrative (complete with settings, characters, antagonists and resolutions) find greater success with funders. The writing process becomes a rewarding way to tell the organization's tale, rather than a chore, and their passion and creativity lead to winning proposals. This book walks readers through all the main phases of the proposal, highlighting the creative elements that link components to each other and unify the entire proposal. The book contains resources on crafting an effective synopsis, overcoming grantwriter's block, packaging the story, and the best ways to approach the "short stories" (inquiry and cover letters) that support the larger proposal. Clarke also stresses the need to see proposal-writing as part of a larger grantseeking effort, one that emphasizes preparation, working with the entire development staff, and maintaining good relations with funders. In Storytelling for Grantseekers, new and experienced grantseekers alike will discover how to write and support successful proposals with humor and passion. New edition features: Overall updates as well as both refreshed and new examples Workshop exercises for using the storytelling approach New chapters on the application of the storytelling method to other fundraising communications like appeal letters and case statements, as well as the importance of site visits Example of a full narrative proposal

Why Things Are the Way They Are

Author : B. S. Chandrasekhar
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Popular physics book on why materials behave the way they do.

Beckett Waiting for Godot

Author : David Bradby
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Explores the impact of Waiting for Godot on the theatre and its many interpretations.

Write Starts

Author : Hal Zina Bennett
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Even dedicated and experienced writers need what author and writing coach Hal Zina Bennett provides: a fresh, fun, surefire place to start. In this handy resource, practiced and aspiring writers alike will find inspiration and initiative in the form of prompts for brief writing exercises, story prompts that set forth dramatic arcs for more lengthy works, readings with exercises that reflect on the art and craft of writing, and quotes from famous authors on the inner processes of successful work. Write Starts facilitates creativity like the perfect seat at a favorite café or a peaceful room of one’s own. What’s more, it puts you in the congenial company of a wise and expert coach.

A Student s Guide to the Study Practice and Tools of Modern Mathematics

Author : Donald Bindner
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A Student’s Guide to the Study, Practice, and Tools of Modern Mathematics provides an accessible introduction to the world of mathematics. It offers tips on how to study and write mathematics as well as how to use various mathematical tools, from LaTeX and Beamer to Mathematica® and MapleTM to MATLAB® and R. Along with a color insert, the text includes exercises and challenges to stimulate creativity and improve problem solving abilities. The first section of the book covers issues pertaining to studying mathematics. The authors explain how to write mathematical proofs and papers, how to perform mathematical research, and how to give mathematical presentations. The second section focuses on the use of mathematical tools for mathematical typesetting, generating data, finding patterns, and much more. The text describes how to compose a LaTeX file, give a presentation using Beamer, create mathematical diagrams, use computer algebra systems, and display ideas on a web page. The authors cover both popular commercial software programs and free and open source software, such as Linux and R. Showing how to use technology to understand mathematics, this guide supports students on their way to becoming professional mathematicians. For beginning mathematics students, it helps them study for tests and write papers. As time progresses, the book aids them in performing advanced activities, such as computer programming, typesetting, and research.

How to Write a Book in 90 Days God s Way

Author : Henry Abraham
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Abraham provides wonderful encouragement and terrific inspiration for the Christian writer, emphasizing dependence on God to produce an inspirational work that will please Him and spiritually fulfill the reader.

The Way We Talk Now

Author : Geoffrey Nunberg
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An entertaining assortment of NPR broadcasts and articles by a noted linguist explores the mysteries of modern-day culture as revealed by the words, phrases, metaphors, and grammar used. Simultaneous.

The Write Voice

Author : Lisa Donohue
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A comprehensive approach to teaching writing, organized around 7 strategies to help students seek and recognize inspiration: sensory statements; wordsmithing; emotional cues; character development; perspectives; personality; and style. Explore ways to use rich, engaging prompts to help students develop a strong writing voice, and discover a series of prompts that can help even the most mechanical writer to begin writing with pizzazz!

The Way We See It

Author : James Pittman
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The Way We See It is an informal collection of unbiased and unedited writings, poetry and rhyme from promising young writers who grasp the inner thoughts of life as they see it happening. The authors reveal the bare essence of what would be described by true poets as free verse or even urban culture rap by some. Emerging from the high rise buildings on Schroeder Street and the Third Avenue apartments of Mount Vernon N.Y., "H'mm, looking at us down in their ghettoes " to the deep South of Bay St. Louis "Ehry Sunday we went to church," each writer is capturing what he or she believes to be a glimpse of realism in prose and verse to be heard like the ringing of gospel music through a southern Baptist church.Covering a variety of topics such as familial relationships, friendship and love, the poems and rhymes collected in The Way We See It would make this anthology a magnificent gift as reading material to ponder. While dwelling on the current events and historical documentation, the writers' points of views explores the inner city lifestyles thus making statements that imprisons the readers and then suddenly releasing themwe all see and the way that we see it."If you still don't know where this love comes from, it's a little place called Hip-Hop."