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The Virginity of Famous Men

Author : Christine Sneed
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The Virginity of Famous Men, award-winning story writer Christine Sneed's deeply perceptive collection on the human condition, features protagonists attempting to make peace with the paths they have taken thus far. In “The Prettiest Girls," a location scout for a Hollywood film studio falls in love with a young Mexican woman who is more in love with the idea of stardom than with this older American man who takes her with him back to California. “Clear Conscience" focuses on the themes of family loyalty, divorce, motherhood, and whether “doing the right thing" is, in fact, always the right thing to do. In “Beach Vacation," a mother realizes that her popular and coddled teenaged son has become someone she has difficulty relating to, let alone loving with the same maternal fervor that once was second nature to her. The title story, “The Virginity of Famous Men," explores family and fortune. Long intrigued by love and loneliness, Sneed leads readers through emotional landscapes both familiar and uncharted. These probing stories are explorations of the compassionate and passionate impulses that are inherent in--and often the source of--both abiding joy and serious distress in every human life.

Paris He Said

Author : Christine Sneed
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Jayne Marks is questioning the choices she has made in the years since college and is struggling to pay her bills in Manhattan when she is given the opportunity to move to Paris with her wealthy lover and benefactor, Laurent Moller, who owns and operates two art galleries, one in New York, the other in Paris. He offers her the time and financial support she needs to begin her career as a painter and also challenges her to see who and what she will become if she meets her artistic potential. Laurent, however, seems to have other women in his life and Jayne, too, has an ex-boyfriend, much closer to her own age, whom she still has feelings for. Bringing Paris gloriously to life, Paris, He Said is a novel about desire, beauty, and its appreciation, and of finding yourself presented with the things you believe you've always wanted, only to wonder where true happiness lies.

Cream City Review

Author :
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The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Women s Writing

Author : Wallace David
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This Companion examines the lives of medieval women by focusing on the texts that emerged from and shaped their experience.

Wounded Africa

Author : Genevieve Tiony
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The Works of William Shakespeare in Reduced Facsimile from the Famous Folio Edition of 1623

Author : William Shakespeare
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The whole works as yet recovered of Robert Leighton ed with illustr notes by W West

Author : Robert Leighton (abp. of Glasgow.)
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The Englishman s Hebrew and Chaldee Concordance of the Old Testament

Author : George V. Wigram
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General Biographical Dictionary Comprising a Summary Account of the Most Distinguished Persons of All Ages Nations and Professions Including More Than One Thousand Articles of American Biography

Author : John Lauris Blake
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The Works of Aristotle the famous Philosopher containing his complete Master Piece Displaying the Secrets of Nature in the Generation of Man to which are added the Family Physician and the Experienced Midwife aloe his Book of Problems

Author : Aristoteles
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The Education of a Christian Woman

Author : Juan Luis Vives
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"From meetings and conversation with men, love affairs arise. In the midst of pleasures, banquets, dances, laughter, and self-indulgence, Venus and her son Cupid reign supreme. . . . Poor young girl, if you emerge from these encounters a captive prey! How much better it would have been to remain at home or to have broken a leg of the body rather than of the mind!" So wrote the sixteenth-century Spanish humanist Juan Luis Vives in a famous work dedicated to Henry VIII's daughter, Princess Mary, but intended for a wider audience interested in the education of women. Praised by Erasmus and Thomas More, Vives advocated education for all women, regardless of social class and ability. From childhood through adolescence to marriage and widowhood, this manual offers practical advice as well as philosophical meditation and was recognized soon after publication in 1524 as the most authoritative pronouncement on the universal education of women. Arguing that women were intellectually equal if not superior to men, Vives stressed intellectual companionship in marriage over procreation, and moved beyond the private sphere to show how women's progress was essential for the good of society and state.

The Works of Aristotle the Famous Philosopher A New and Improved Edition

Author : Aristotle
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The Tale of Man of Lawe

Author : Geoffrey Chaucer
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Encyclopedia of Monasticism

Author : William M. Johnston
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First published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Virginity Lost

Author : Laura Carpenter
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Includes information on abstinence, abstinence focused sex education, African Americans, Asian Americans, birth control, born again virginity, chastity, coming out, conservative Christians, definitions of virginity loss, double standard, Latinos, Latinas, oral sex, race, ethnicity, rape, religion, secondary virginity, stigma, technical virginity, etc.

Man Myth Magic

Author : Richard Cavendish
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The Fathers of the Desert

Author : Henry Ruffner
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The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Author : abbé Orsini (Mathieu)
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Famous Men of Vietnam

Author : Doan-Bich
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Mythology For Dummies

Author : Christopher W. Blackwell
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