The Vegetation of Georgia (South Caucasus)


Author: George Nakhutsrishvili

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3642299156

Category: Science

Page: 236

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The book describes richness and diversity of Georgia’s vegetation. Contrasting ecosystems coexist on the relatively small territory of the country and include semi-deserts in East Georgia, Colchic forests with almost sub-tropical climate in West Georgia and subnival plant communities in high mountains. West Georgia lacks xerophilous vegetation zone and mesophilous forest vegetation spreads from the sea level to subalpine zone. The Colchic refugium (West Georgia) ensured survival of the Tertiary’s mesophilous forest flora. Vertical profile of the vegetation is more complex in East Georgia with semi-desert, steppe and arid open forest zone. In South Georgia the montane zone represented by montane steppe is devoid of forests

Warm-Temperate Deciduous Forests around the Northern Hemisphere


Author: Elgene O. Box,Kazue Fujiwara

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319012614

Category: Science

Page: 292

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Warm-temperate deciduous forests are "southern", mainly oak-dominated deciduous forests, as found over the warmer southern parts of the temperate deciduous forest regions of East Asia, Europe and eastern North America. Climatic analysis has shown that these forests extend from typical temperate climates to well into the warm-temperate zone, in areas where winters are a bit too cold for the ‘zonal’ evergreen broad-leaved forests normally expected in that climatic zone. This book is the first to recognize and describe these southern deciduous forests as an alternative to the evergreen forests of the warm-temperate zone. This warm-temperate zone will become more important under global warming, since it represents the contested transition between deciduous and evergreen forests and between tropical and temperate floristic elements. This book is dedicated to the memory of Tatsuō Kira, the imaginative Japanese ecologist who first noticed and described this general zonation exception and who proposed the name warm-temperate deciduous forest.

Index Herbariorum

A Guide to the Location and Contents of the World's Public Herbaria : Pt. 1, The Herbaria of the World


Author: Frans Antonie Stafleu,Patricia K. Holmgren,Wil Keuken

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Vorontsov's who's who in biodiversity sciences

in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan


Author: Institut biologii razvitii︠a︡ im. N.K. Kolʹt︠s︡ova,C.A.B. International

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