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The Unexpected Dimension

Author : Algis Budrys
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Seven classic excursions into the fantastic imagination of one of post-war America's greatest science fiction writers. This collection showcases the humanity, imagination and variety of Budrys' writing and plotting.

Unexpected Dimension

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New York City

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The Simple Beauty of the Unexpected

Author : Marcelo Gleiser
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Marcelo Gleiser has had a passion for science and fishing since he was a boy growing up on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Now a world-famous theoretical physicist with hundreds of scientific articles and several books of popular science to his credit, he felt it was time to connect with nature in less theoretical ways. After seeing a fly-fishing class on the Dartmouth College green, he decided to learn to fly-fish, a hobby, he says, that teaches humility. In The Simple Beauty of the Unexpected, Gleiser travels the world to scientific conferences, fishing wherever he goes. At each stop, he ponders how in the myriad ways physics informs the act of fishing; how, in its turn, fishing serves as a lens into nature's inner workings; and how science engages with questions of meaning and spirituality, inspiring a sense of mystery and awe of the not yet known. Personal and engaging, The Simple Beauty of the Unexpected is a scientist's tribute to nature, an affirmation of humanity's deep connection with and debt to Earth, and an exploration of the meaning of existence, from atom to trout to cosmos.

The Unexpected Hanging and Other Mathematical Diversions

Author : Martin Gardner
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Martin Gardner's Mathematical Games columns in Scientific American inspired and entertained several generations of mathematicians and scientists. Gardner in his crystal-clear prose illuminated corners of mathematics, especially recreational mathematics, that most people had no idea existed. His playful spirit and inquisitive nature invite the reader into an exploration of beautiful mathematical ideas along with him. These columns were both a revelation and a gift when he wrote them; no one--before Gardner--had written about mathematics like this. They continue to be a marvel. This volume, first published in 1969, contains columns published in the magazine from 1961-1963. This is the 1991 edition and it contains an afterword and extended bibliography added by Gardner at that time.

Searching for the Unexpected at LHC and the Status of Our Knowledge

Author : Antonino Zichichi
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Searching For the Unexpected At LHC and the Status of Our Knowledge: Proceedings of the International School of Subnuclear Physics 2011

The Plan Arrival of the Unexpected

Author : Frank Koelsch
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What if everything we?ve been told about aliens is wrong? What if we discovered the truth and it's nothing like what we?ve been told? Only one knows the truth, an alien that's not supposed to be here. And he?ll do anything to keep it from us. Desperate to escape, he's called for help. Will he make it or be forced to divulge the secrets of The Plan.

Discontinuous Innovation

Author : Peter Augsdörfer
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This book is based on the findings, issues and questions related to an ongoing decade-old research project named the Innovation Lab ( The research project focuses on discontinuous innovation in more than thirteen countries, most of which are European, and provides useful insights into its different challenges. It also raises several questions related to the subject, some of which are: how do firms pick up weak signals on emerging — and possibly radically different — innovation? What should firms do when these weak signals hit their “mainstream” process? What are the criteria for allocating resources to a strategic innovation project? What actions should firms take to avoid being left out by the “corporate immune system”? How should firms organize projects that often break existing rules and require new rules to be created? This book attempts to provide answers to the above mentioned questions by gathering information from the research project and also from firms that have tried exploring various ideas, models and insights to tackle discontinuous innovation. Written in a simple and accessible manner, this book will be of interest to both practitioners and academics alike.

The Fifth Dimension

Author : Michael Cole
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The significant increase in the number of working mothers over the last twenty years has led to widespread worries about the plight of "latchkey kids," who return from school each day to empty homes. Concerned that unsupervised children might be at greater risk of delinquency, schools and communities across the nation began providing after-school activities. But many of these programs were hastily devised with little understanding of what constitutes a quality program that meets children's developmental needs. The Fifth Dimension explores and evaluates one of the country's most successful and innovative after-school programs, providing insightful and practical lessons about what works and doesn't work after-school. The Fifth Dimension program was established in the 1980s as a partnership between community centers and local colleges to establish an educational after-school program. With an emphasis on diversity and computer technology, the program incorporates the latest theories about child development and gives college students the opportunity to apply their textbook understanding of child development to real learning environments. The Fifth Dimension explores the design, implementation, and evaluation of this thriving program. The authors attribute the success of the Fifth Dimension to several factors. First, the program offers a balance of intellectually enriching exercises with development enhancing games. Second, by engaging undergraduates as active participants in both learning and social activities, the program gives local community organizations a large infusion of high-quality help for their educational efforts. Third, by rewarding children for their achievements and good behavior with greater flexibility in choosing their own schedules, the Fifth Dimension acts as a powerful, enduring motivator. The Fifth Dimension program serves as a model for what an enriching after-school program can be. The product of years of innovation and careful assessment, The Fifth Dimension is a valuable resource for all who are interested in developing successful community-based learning programs.

Mass Dimension One Fermions

Author : Dharam Ahluwalia
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In 2005, Dharam Ahluwalia and Daniel Grumiller reported an unexpected theoretical discovery of mass dimension one fermions. These are an entirely new class of spin one half particles, and because of their mass dimensionality mismatch with the standard model fermions they are a first-principle dark matter candidate. Written by one of the physicists involved in the discovery, this is the first book to outline the discovery of mass dimension one fermions. Using a foundation of Lorentz algebra it provides a detailed construction of the eigenspinors of the charge conjugation operator (Elko) and their properties. The theory of dual spaces is then covered, before mass dimension one fermions are discussed in detail. With mass dimension one fermions having applications to cosmology and high energy physics, this book is essential for graduate students and researchers in quantum field theory, mathematical physics, and particle theory.

Mathematics and the Unexpected

Author : Ivar Ekeland
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"Not the least unexpected thing about Mathematics and the Unexpected is that a real mathematician should write not just a literate work, but a literary one."—Ian Stewart, New Scientist "In this brief, elegant treatise, assessable to anyone who likes to think, Ivar Ekelund explains some philosophical implications of recent mathematics. He examines randomness, the geometry involved in making predictions, and why general trends are easy to project (it will snow in January) but particulars are practically impossible (it will snow from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on the 21st)."—Village Voice

The Christian Science Journal

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The Development Dimension Fostering Development in a Global Economy A Whole of Government Perspective

Author : OECD
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What does policy coherence for development mean? Increasing global integration through trade, capital and labour mobility brings increasing mutual responsibilities and mutual policy repercussions. These realities call for greater coherence between ...

The 6th Dimension

Author : Ken Sullivan (High school teacher)
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The Future of Society

Author : Marc Van Der Erve
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Van der Erve reexamines the doctrines that helped society advance but, at the same time, shielded it from a remarkable realm of human interpretation. Rather than challenge these doctrines, van der Erve unveils a meta-view, a liberating perspective of human thinking and acting.

The Fifth Dimension

Author : Ramma Kher
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The protagonist, Meera, emigrates from India to Canada as a newlywed. Unfortunately, her husband dies within a few months. Her dear friend, Jane, commits suicide soon after. To fulfill her last wishes, Meera adopts her illegitimate son, Rishi. Janes ruthless and wicked mother, Helena, has Rishi in an immoral and convoluted web of deceit. Rishi grows into a conflicted adolescent partly because of racism he experiences at school and partly due to Helenas indoctrination against his mother. Rishi leaves Meera in spite of the sacrifices she made for him, refusing a marriage proposal twice. The protagonist is a highly moral and compassionate human who refuses to compromise her essence. Constantly striving to preserve some semblance of beauty and truth in her turbulent life, Meeras story is about sacrifice, struggle and survival, decrepitude and triumph, and pain and transcendence by the Spirit, the fifth dimension.

The Fourth Dimension

Author : Rudy von Bitter Rucker
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A detailed description of what the fourth dimension would be like.

The Moral Dimensions of Intellectual Property Rights

Author : Steven Ang
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In a globalized world with globalizing IPRs where culturally assumed norms must be re-examined, this work has an urgent and important contribution to make. Taking the main features of internationally mandated IPRs as a starting point it explores the mo

The Fourth Dimension of Warfare Intelligence subversion resistance by S G F Brandon and others

Author : Samuel George Frederick Brandon
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Understanding Infinity

Author : Anthony Gardiner
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Conceived by the author as an introduction to "why the calculus works," this volume offers a 4-part treatment: an overview; a detailed examination of the infinite processes arising in the realm of numbers; an exploration of the extent to which familiar geometric notions depend on infinite processes; and the evolution of the concept of functions. 1982 edition.