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The Underground Church

Author : Eugene Bach
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The Chinese house church is one of the most misunderstood and controversial subjects in Christian world missions today. Questions about it abound, such as… How did it start? How does it work? How is it led? Why does it continue to experience revival? Is it necessary, now that China has extended religious freedoms? Much of the confusion is caused by the Chinese government, which deceives journalists and foreign missionaries with promises of religious freedom that are never kept. The truth is, the house churches of China are growing at a phenomenal rate. Never in the history of the world have so many people in such a short time left one belief system for another without a hostile revolution. Lives in China are being transformed daily by the gospel of Jesus Christ and the display of His miraculous power. The Underground Church demystifies the Chinese house church movement, with real-life examples and personal testimonies from Chinese Christians. The movement’s unique characteristics—both good and bad—are addressed, as well as how they have led to the church’s astonishing growth. Read and be amazed at what God is doing in China!

The Underground Church

Author : Robin Meyers
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The Underground Church proposes that the faithful recapture the spirit of the early church with its emphasis on what Christians do rather than what they believe. Prominent progressive writer, speaker, and minister Robin Meyers proposes that the best way to recapture the spirit of the early Christian church is to recognize that Jesus-following was and must be again subversive in the best sense of the word because the gospel taken seriously turns the world upside down. No matter how the church may organize itself or worship, the defining characteristic of the church of the future will be its Jesus-inspired countercultural witness. Meyers debunks commonly held beliefs about the early church and offers a vision for the future rooted in the past. He proposes that the church of the future must leave doctrinal tribalism behind and seek a unity of mission instead. Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu says of this volume: "Robin Meyers has spoken truth to power, and the church he loves will never be the same."

Underground Church

Author : Brian Sanders
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What If the Church Truly Empowered People to Engage in God's Mission? Something extraordinary has been happening in Tampa, Florida. A new expression of the church has been quietly growing. It's something of an experiment, but over the last ten years the church has been validating its ideas with sustained and growing results. At The Underground, being the church is not focused around a weekly gathering or church programs. It's about empowering individuals to respond to God's call to ministry and mission, especially to the poor and disadvantaged in our midst. While many churches talk about discerning calling and engaging in mission, very few are structured to make this their ministry focus. Underground Church is a new vision for the church rooted in its biblical mission to share the love of God and serve the poor. Sanders explores how to make structural changes, how to think about leadership, how to fund ministries, and how to truly engage people in God's mission. Filled with creative insights, he explains what it means to center the mission of the church around the callings of individuals to outward ministry - whether that involves leading Bible studies in the workplace, feeding the homeless, or working to free women and children from sex trafficking. This book will both tell the inspiring story of a church that is rethinking what church looks like while also outlining and uncovering the principles that transfer for every church and Christian community that hopes for more. It's the true story of a 10-year experiment that unpacks the possibilities of a church structured and streamlined for mission. X

From the Underground Church to Freedom

Author : Tomáš Halík
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International best-selling author and theologian Tomáš Halík shares for the first time the dramatic story of his life as a secretly ordained priest in Communist Czechoslovakia. Inspired by Augustine's candid presentation of his own life, Halík writes about his spiritual journey within a framework of philosophical theology; his work has been compared to that of C. S. Lewis, Thomas Merton, and Henri Nouwen. Born in Prague in 1948, Halík spent his childhood under Stalinism. He describes his conversion to Christianity during the time of communist persecution of the church, his secret study of theology, and secret priesthood ordination in East Germany (even his mother was not allowed to know that her son was a priest). Halík speaks candidly of his doubts and crises of faith as well as of his conflicts within the church. He worked as a psychotherapist for over a decade and, at the same time, was active in the underground church and in the dissident movement with the legendary Cardinal Tomášek and Václav Havel, who proposed Halík as his successor to the Czech presidency. Since the fall of the regime, Halík has served as general secretary to the Czech Conference of Bishops and was an advisor to John Paul II and Václav Havel. Woven throughout Halík’s story is the turbulent history of the church and society in the heart of Europe: the 1968 Prague Spring, the occupation of Czechoslovakia, the self-immolation of his classmate Jan Palach, the “flying university,” the 1989 Velvet Revolution, and the difficult transition from totalitarian communist regime to democracy. Thomas Halík was a direct witness to many of these events, and he provides valuable testimony about the backdrop of political events and personal memories of the key figures of that time. This volume is a must-read for anyone interested in Halík and the church as it was behind the Iron Curtain, as well as in where the church as a whole is headed today.

Preparing for the Underground Church

Author : Richard Wurmbrand
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This Suffering is My Joy

Author : David Emil Mungello
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"This book studies the Chinese Catholic church in a time of persecution, focusing in particular on the role of Chinese clergy and lay leaders in maintaining communities of clandestine Catholics. D. E. Mungello portrays a world in flux, where the certainties of the past were beginning to give way to new insights"--

Beyond Revolution

Author : Thomas C. Oden
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The Underground Church

Author : Kathleen Kautzer
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Drawing on theories of religious movements and nonviolent resistance strategies, this book analyzes the Reform Movement of liberal American Catholics who for over four decades have sustained a movement to expand on the reforms and visions of Vatican II. In the face of backlash from church officials, reformers have moved in a sectarian direction.

The Underground Church in America

Author : Joseph Rafchiek
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A Bible Study series with Biblical application about planting churches in America and around the world.

I See an Underground Church

Author : Rod Parsley
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Student Underground

Author : Youth Specialties Staff
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What if your youth group were being hunted by something far more insidious than the other side in Capture the Flag?No, your students aren’t being stalked. But millions of Christians around the world suffer political repression, discrimination, imprisonment, harassment, family division, rape, and torture because of their faith. Children of believers are sold into slavery for the cost of a CD. Every 3 ½ minutes a Christian dies for the faith. In fact, during your hour-long youth group meeting, 17 Christians will be martyred somewhere in the world.Student Underground gently but inexorably forces open students’ eyes to the anguishing, world-wide persecution of Christians—and how teenagers can start praying for, communicating with, and reaching out toward victims. Use these 4 sessions (along with the companion 60-minute, award-winning film Behind the Sun) as a high-impact retreat, a lock-in event, or a month of weekly meetings.Student Underground shows why to care. And how to help.Here’s a clear, thorough, and convenient curriculum for leaders, including a plethora of quotable facts about how, why, and where Christians are suffering. Not to mention concrete and realistic plans for student action. Plus where to find a complete underground church service on—a simulation of what going to church is like for Christians in restricted countries.

Bold as a Lamb

Author : Ken Anderson
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You cannot understand China without meeting heroes like Samuel Lamb! In an age when secularism and materialism numb the human spirit, China's amazing Christians demonstrate the power of living faith. In 1950 China's Christians numbered about a million. Today, estimates range between 30 and 70 million! How did this body of believers grow so rapidly under atheism and materialism? Bold as a Lamb is the true story of Pastor Samuel Lamb. Imprisoned for more than twenty years for preaching the Gospel, he became the beloved secret pastor to hundreds of fellow inmates. After his release in 1978, he built a phenomenal "house church" congregation of more than a thousand. Soon, however, he became the special target of those determined to destroy the mushrooming house church movement in China. His church was closed and his ministry tools were confiscated. Yet this man remains undaunted, standing boldly -- and with spiritual grace, against fierce opposition. This is the fascinating, eye-opening account of one of China's best-known pastors, his dauntless congregation, and how they found joy and optimism in the face of relentless persecution.

The Underground Church

Author : Al & Tasha Deschambault
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The Underground Church is an intense role playing game (RPG) set to equip the church for the last days in a way that is fun but comes with serious challenges that players must overcome. The Underground Church RPG can be played in or outdoors with groups of all ages! The Underground Church is part of a series of RPGs that can be played as a set or individually to meet the needs of the church or family unit. This ultimate Training & Equipping role playing game is great for playing with families, youth groups or an entire church body! DIRECTIVE: The purpose of the game is to teach the body how to become one unified bride in the face of great adversity & betrayal, and ultimately love their enemies into the Kingdom of God before time runs out! GOAL: Successfully gather the entire underground church in one location before time runs out!

The Catholic Church in Modern China

Author : Edmond Tang
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In spite of difficulties posed by a hostile socialist government, the Catholic Church in China has shown remarkable perseverance and growth since the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1979. The essays contained in The Catholic Church in Modern China inform readers of the major issues facing the Catholic Church in China today. Their insights should be welcomed by everyone from the Catholic layperson contemplating a trip to China to scholars and specialists in China and religious studies.

Notes from the Underground

Author : Donald Cozzens
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A celebrated priest uncovers the spiritual riches beneath a church covered in scandal and doubt. At a time when many Catholics are questioning their church, Donald Cozzens sheds light on the widespread "underground church that cherishes the vision of a renewed and reformed church preached by Pope John XXIII, a church open to the currents of grace flowing through cathedrals and marketplaces, chanceries and ghettos, through women and men, through people of good will." Writing in a fresh way about faith, prayer, communion, and church, Cozzens calls this new underground church "a pilgrim people that believes that the Holy Spirit is loose in the world and whose rumors of wisdom might be found in any of God's people as well as in their ordained leaders. I'm hardly alone in the underground church. I take comfort in that." Cozzens describes and inspires a church "that wants to be simply adult a church not of children or adolescents hesitant to think and reflect on the lessons of human experience and their effort to live the gospel. A church closer to the spirit of Yves Congar and Teilhard de Chardin, to Dorothy Day and Mother Teresa, a church in step with the spirit of the gospel."

Hearts of Fire

Author : Voice of the Martyr
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"Eight women from eight very different backgrounds, yet the struggles they each faced rang with eerie similarity. From Pakistan, India, Romania, the former Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, Nepal, and Indonesia, these women shared similar experiences of hardship and persecution--all for their faith in Christ--yet they have emerged from adversity as leaders and heroines."--Publisher's website.

Chinese Catholic Church in Conflict

Author : Beatrice Leung
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This is a sociological and historical analysis of the conflict between the state and the Catholic Church in China between 1949 and 2001 during half of a century of the socialist regime. The relationship began with conflict, followed by accomodation and finally a cooperative spirit had developed for a complex web of political and diplomatic reasons. Never in the past the Catholic Church has shown a rigorous growth under the encouragement of the Communist Party to shape the Church in the image of a indigenous and local church and to minimize the influence of the Vatican. There remains a persistent struggle between the underground church, those who remain loyal to early missionaries and to the Holy See, and the official national church controlled by the Party/State. The authors argue that there is hope that the conflict will eventually disappear as the new leadership in Beijing may one day restore a diplomatic relationship with the Vatican.

Women of the Catacombs

Author :
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The memoirs presented in Women of the Catacombs offer a rare close-up account of the underground Orthodox community and its priests during some of the most difficult years in Russian history. The catacomb church in the Soviet Union came into existence in the 1920s and played a significant part in Russian national life for nearly fifty years. Adherents to the Orthodox faith often referred to the catacomb church as the "light shining in the dark." Women of the Catacombs provides a first-hand portrait of lived religion in its social, familial, and cultural setting during this tragic period. Until now, scholars have had only brief, scattered fragments of information about Russia's illegal church organization that claimed to protect the purity of the Orthodox tradition. Vera Iakovlevna Vasilevskaia and Elena Semenovna Men, who joined the church as young women, offer evidence on how Russian Orthodoxy remained a viable, alternative presence in Soviet society, when all political, educational, and cultural institutions attempted to indoctrinate Soviet citizens with an atheistic perspective. Wallace L. Daniel's translation not only sheds light on Russia's religious and political history, but also shows how two educated women maintained their personal integrity in times when prevailing political and social headwinds moved in an opposite direction.

Hearts of Fire

Author : The Voice Martyrs
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Eight women from eight very different backgrounds. Yet the struggles they each faced rang with eerie similarity. These courageous women from across the globe-Pakistan, India, Romania, Former Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, Nepal, Indonesia-shared similar experiences of hardship, subjugation, and persecution, all because of their faith in Christ. Yet all of these women have emerged from adversity as leaders and heroines. The eight modern-day pilgrims featured in Hearts of Fire are the hidden jewels in the church universal. They are worthy role models of faith and passion, and women of every age will gain new strength and hope for their own times of crisis and trial as they read these inspiring stories. Each story concludes with thoughtful self-reflection questions for the reader.

Das Lied von Bernadette

Author : Franz Werfel
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