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The Unapologetically Wealthy Woman

Author : Olivia Jaras
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The Unapologetically Wealthy Woman is THE money mindset book for women desperately looking to master the game of wealth accumulation. In this empowering, entertaining, and powerfully written book, you'll find sage advice on how to: - Discover and let go of your deepest self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that are preventing you from getting the money you want.- Drop the crippling anxiety that plagues most women and begin creating a new financial reality for yourself TODAY.- Make more money than you've ever made before.The Unapologetically Wealthy Woman will demystify the truth about women, money, and how you can take back control of your financial reality. By the time you are done with this book, you'll know how to crack the code of financial liberation and abundance for yourself and all other women in your life.

Women of the Midan

Author : Sherine Hafez
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An exploration of gender, the Arab Spring, and women’s experiences of revolution, including firsthand accounts. In Women of the Midan, Sherine Hafez demonstrates how women were a central part of revolutionary process of the Arab Spring. Women not only protested in the streets of Cairo, they demanded democracy, social justice, and renegotiation of a variety of sociocultural structures. Women’s resistance to state control, Islamism, neoliberal market changes, the military establishment, and patriarchal systems forged new paths of dissent and transformation. Through firsthand accounts of women who participated in the revolution, Hafez illustrates how the gendered body signifies collective action and the revolutionary narrative. Using the concept of rememory, Hafez shows how the body is inseparably linked to the trauma of the revolutionary struggle. While delving into the complex weave of public space, government control, masculinity, and religious and cultural norms, Hafez sheds light on women’s relationship to the state in the Arab world today and how the state, in turn, shapes individuals and marks gendered bodies.

Women s Fiction 1945 2005

Author : Deborah Philips
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Organised around each decade of the post war period, this book analyses novels written by and for women from 1945 to the present. Each chapter identifies a specific genre in popular fiction for women which marked that period and provides case studies focusing on writers and texts which enjoyed a wide readership. Despite their popularity, these novels remain largely outside the 'canon' of women's writing, and are often unacknowledged by feminist literary criticism. However, these texts clearly touched a nerve with a largely female readership, and so offer a means of charting the changes in ideals of femininity, and in the tensions and contradictions in gender identities in the post-war period. Their analysis offers new insights into the shifting demands, aspirations and expectations of what a woman could and should be over the last half century. Through her analysis of women's writing and reading, Philips sets out to challenge the distinction between 'popular' and 'literary' fiction, arguing that neat categories such as 'popular', 'middle brow' and 'serious fiction' need more careful definition.

Figuring Faith and Female Power in the Art of Rubens

Author : J. Vanessa Lyon
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This book argues that the Baroque painter, propagandist, and diplomat, Peter Paul Rubens, was not only aware of rapidly shifting religious and cultural attitudes toward women, but actively engaged in shaping them. Today, Rubens's paintings continue to be used-and abused-to prescribe and proscribe certain forms of femininity. Repositioning some of the artist's best-known works within seventeenth-century Catholic theology and female court culture provides a feminist corrective to a body of art historical scholarship in which studies of gender and religion are often mutually exclusive. Moving chronologically through Rubens's lengthy career, the author shows that, in relation to the powerful women in his life, Rubens figured the female form as a transhistorical carrier of meaning whose devotional and rhetorical efficacy was heightened rather than diminished by notions of female difference and particularity.

New Perspectives on Detective Fiction

Author : Casey Cothran
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This collection establishes new perspectives on the idea of mystery, as it is enacted and encoded in the genre of detective fiction. Essays reclaim detective fiction as an object of critical inquiry, examining the ways it shapes issues of social destabilization, moral ambiguity, reader complicity, intertextuality, and metafiction. Breaking new ground by moving beyond the critical preoccupation with classification of historical types and generic determinants, contributors examine the effect of mystery on literary forms and on readers, who experience the provocative, complex process of coming to grips with the unknown and the unknowable. This volume opens up discussion on publically acclaimed, modern works of mystery and on classic pieces, addressing a variety of forms including novels, plays, graphic novels, television series, films, and ipad games. Re-examining the interpretive potential of a genre that seems easily defined yet has endless permutations, the book closely analyzes the cultural function of mystery, the way it intervenes in social and political problems, as well as the literary properties that give the genre its particular shape. The volume treats various texts as meaningful subjects for critical analysis and sheds new light on the interpretive potential for a genre that creates as much ambiguity as it does clarity. Scholars of mystery and detective fiction, crime fiction, genre studies, and cultural studies will find this volume invaluable.

The Apocrypha

Author : Gale A. Yee
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This concise commentary on the Apocrypha, excerpted from the Fortress Commentary on the Bible: The Old Testament and Apocrypha, engages readers in the work of biblical interpretation. Contributors from a rich diversity of perspectives connect historical-critical analysis with sensitivity to current theological, cultural, and interpretive issues. Introductory articles describe the challenges of reading the Old Testament in ancient and contemporary contexts, relating the biblical theme of “the people of God” to our complex, multicultural world, and reading the Old Testament as Christian Scripture, followed by an “Introduction to the Apocrypha.” Each chapter (Tobit through 4 Maccabees) includes an introduction and commentary on the text through the lenses of three critical questions: The Text in Its Ancient Context. What did the text probably mean in its original historical and cultural context? The Text in the Interpretive Tradition. How have centuries of reading and interpreting shaped our understanding of the text? The Text in Contemporary Discussion. What are the unique challenges and interpretive questions that arise for readers and hearers of the text today? The Apocrypha introduces fresh perspectives and draws students, as well as preachers and interested readers, into the challenging work of interpretation.

Fortress Press Commentary on the Bible

Author : Gale A. Yee
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The Fortress Commentary on the Old Testament and Apocrypha presents a balanced synthesis of current scholarship, enabling readers to interpret Scripture for a complex and pluralistic world. The contributors bring a rich diversity of perspectives to the task of connecting solid historical critical analysis of the Scripture with sensitivity to theological, cultural, and interpretive issues. The volume includes introductory articles, section introductions, and individual book articles that explore key sense units through three lenses: • The Text in Its Ancient Context • The Text in the Interpretive Tradition • The Text in Contemporary Discussion

Airborne Dreams

Author : Christine Reiko Yano
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An account of Pan Am s Nisei stewardess program (1955&–1972), through which the airline hired Japanese American (and later other Asian and Asian American) stewardesses, ostensibly for their Asian-language skills.

Fight Like a Girl Second Edition

Author : Megan Seely
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A blueprint for the next generation of feminist activists Fight Like a Girl offers a vision of the past, present, and future of feminism. With an eye toward what it takes to create actual change and a deep understanding of women’s history and the key issues facing girls and young women today, Megan Seely offers a pragmatic introduction to feminism. Written in an upbeat and personal style, Fight Like a Girl offers an overview of feminism, including historical roots, myths and meanings, triumphs and shortcomings. Sharing personal stories from her own experience as a young activist, as a mother, and as a teacher, Seely offers a practical guide to getting involved, taking action, and waging successful events and campaigns. The second edition addresses more themes and topics than before, including gender and sexuality, self-esteem, reproductive health, sexual violence, body image and acceptance, motherhood and family, and intersections of identities, such as race, gender, class, and sexualities. Fight Like a Girl is an invaluable introduction to both feminism and activism, defining the core tenets of feminism, the key challenges both within and outside the feminist movement, and the steps we can take to create a more socially just world.

Fortress Commentary on the Bible

Author : Matthew J. M. Coomber
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The Fortress Commentary on the Bible: The Old Testament and Apocrypha and Fortress Commentary on the Bible: The New Testament present a balanced synthesis of current scholarship on the Bible, enabling readers to interpret Scripture for a complex and pluralistic world. Introductory articles in each volume discuss the dramatic challenges that have shaped contemporary interpretation of the Bible. Commentary articles set each book of the Old and New Testaments and the Apocrypha in its historical and cultural context, discuss the themes in each book that have proven most important for the Christian interpretive tradition, and introduce the most pressing questions facing the responsible use of the Bible today. The writers are renowned authorities in the historical interpretation of the Old and New Testaments, sensitive to theological and cultural issues arising in our encounter with the text, richly diverse in social locations and vantage points, representing a broad array of theological commitment—Protestants, Catholics, Jews, and others, and alive to the ethical consequences of interpretation today. A team of six scholar editors and seventy contributors provide clear and concise commentary on key sense units in each book of the Old Testament, Apocrypha, and New Testament. Each unit is explored through the lenses of three levels of commentary based on these critical questions. The result is a commentary that is comprehensive and useful for gaining insights on the texts for preaching, teaching, and research. In addition to the commentary essays on each book, the volumes also contain major essays that introduce each section of Scripture and explore critical questions as well as up-to-date and comprehensive bibliographies for each book and essay.

Jefferson s Daughters

Author : Catherine Kerrison
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The remarkable untold story of Thomas Jefferson’s three daughters—two white and free, one black and enslaved—and the divergent paths they forged in a newly independent America FINALIST FOR THE GEORGE WASHINGTON PRIZE • “Beautifully written . . . To a nuanced study of Jefferson’s two white daughters, Martha and Maria, [Kerrison] innovatively adds a discussion of his only enslaved daughter, Harriet Hemings.”—The New York Times Book Review Thomas Jefferson had three daughters: Martha and Maria by his wife, Martha Wayles Jefferson, and Harriet by his slave Sally Hemings. Although the three women shared a father, the similarities end there. Martha and Maria received a fine convent school education while they lived with their father during his diplomatic posting in Paris. Once they returned home, however, the sisters found their options limited by the laws and customs of early America. Harriet Hemings followed a different path. She escaped slavery—apparently with the assistance of Jefferson himself. Leaving Monticello behind, she boarded a coach and set off for a decidedly uncertain future. For this groundbreaking triple biography, history scholar Catherine Kerrison has uncovered never-before-published documents written by the Jefferson sisters, as well as letters written by members of the Jefferson and Hemings families. The richly interwoven stories of these strong women and their fight to shape their own destinies shed new light on issues of race and gender that are still relevant today—and on the legacy of one of our most controversial Founding Fathers. Praise for Jefferson’s Daughters “A fascinating glimpse of where we have been as a nation . . . Catherine Kerrison tells us the stories of three of Thomas Jefferson’s children, who, due to their gender and race, lived lives whose most intimate details are lost to time.”—USA Today “A valuable addition to the history of Revolutionary-era America.”—The Boston Globe “A thought-provoking nonfiction narrative that reads like a novel.”—BookPage

The Chocolate Cobweb

Author : Charlotte Armstrong
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A young artist is searching for the truth about her past - but does she really want to know...? With an introduction by A J Finn, bestselling author of THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW Superb classic crime from 'the mistress of day-lit terror!' NEW YORK TIMES 'Psychologically rich, intricately plotted and full of dark surprises' Megan Abbott When Amanda Garth was born, a nearly-disastrous mix-up caused the hospital to briefly hand her over to the prestigious Garrison family instead of to her birth parents. The error was quickly fixed, Amanda was never told, and the secret was forgotten for twenty-three years ... until her aunt thoughtlessly revealed it in casual conversation. But what if the real accident was Amanda being returned to the wrong parents? After all, she seems much more like the painter Tobias Garrison. Amanda is determined to discover the truth within her aunt's bizarre anecdote, but soon is trapped in a web of lies, suspicions and deadly secrets ...

Women s Fiction

Author : Deborah Philips
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Now in its second edition and with new chapters covering such texts as Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love and 'yummy mummy' novels such as Allison Pearson's I Don't Know How She Does It, this is a wide-ranging survey of popular women's fiction from 1945 to the present. Examining key trends in popular writing for women in each decade, Women's Fiction offers case study readings of major British and American writers. Through these readings, the book explores how popular texts often neglected by feminist literary criticism have charted the shifting demands, aspirations and expectations of women in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Feminist Judgments Rewritten Tax Opinions

Author : Bridget J. Crawford
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Feminist scholars rewrite major tax decisions in order to illustrate the key role of viewpoint in statutory interpretation.

The Sirens of Wartime Radio and How the American Print Media Presented Them

Author : Scott A. Morton
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The Sirens of Wartime Radio and How the American Print Media Presented Them: The Stories, the Intrigue, and the Evolving Coverage of Their Legacies analyzes press coverage from the American print media that helped construct popular images of Tokyo Rose, Axis Sally, Seoul City Sue, and Hanoi Hannah. Coverage of these “radio sirens” essentially constructed and defined these women’s legacies for an American audience. Scott A. Morton examines newspaper and magazine coverage from the periods of each broadcaster, and in doing so, analyzes four primary research inquires. Morton discusses how American newspapers and magazines portrayed each woman to American readers, how the American mass media’s portrayal of them evolved overtime from the mid-1940s through the present, the ways in which the American mass media responded to these five female propagandists—either directly or indirectly—through print, radio, and visual media, and how the legacy of each woman has been kept alive in popular culture in the decades since their last broadcasts. Morton argues that for the most part, coverage of the sirens was borne out of fascination and aversion, fascination stemming from the novelty of women acting as high-profile agents of enemy propaganda organizations and aversion stemming from the potential power they had over U.S. servicemen and the fact that they were viewed as traitors to the U.S. Scholars of media studies, history, and international relations will find this book particularly useful.

Aesthetic Apprehensions

Author : Lene M. Johannessen
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Aesthetic Apprehensions: Silences and Absences in False Familiarities is a scholarly conversation about encounters between habitual customs of reading and seeing and their ruptures and ossifications. In closely connected discourses, the thirteen essays collected here set out to carefully probe the ways our aesthetic immersions are obfuscated by deep-seated epistemological and ideological apprehensions by focusing on how the tropology carried by silence, absence, and false familarity crystallize to define the gaps that open up. As they figure in the subtitle of this volume, the tropes may seem straightforward enough, but a closer examination of their function in relation to social, cultural, and political assumptions and gestalts reveal troubling oversights. Aesthetic Apprehensions comes to name the attempt at capturing the outlier meanings residing in habituated receptions as well as the uneasy relations that result from aesthetic practices already in place, emphasizing the kinds of thresholds of sense and sensation which occasion rupture and creativity. Such, after all, is the promise of the threshold, of the liminal: to encourage our leap into otherness, for then to find ourselves and our sensing again, and anew in novel comprehensions.

Unapologetically Enough Reshaping Success Self Love

Author : Carrie Severson
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What does it mean to be "enough"?For years, entrepreneur and writer Carrie Severson struggled with her own "enoughness." Like so many women, she constantly questioned if she was thin enough, wealthy enough, young enough, or fertile enough. But instead of finding answers, she ended up battling professional and personal burnout, self-love, and her status as a middle-aged woman without her own children. And it forced her to make a change.Shining the light of love on both the good and the bad of that process, Severson shares her soul quest and how she learned to navigate her own enoughness. With honesty, tenderness, and vulnerability, she taps into a powerful shared reality, illuminating the experiences so many women go through as they, too, struggle to define success and self-love. Unapologetically Enough is a raw, relatable story of what happens when one woman stops questioning everything about herself and her life and starts questioning what her life could be like if she accepted herself as enough. Complete with exercises to help readers redefine their own thoughts about success and self-love, this memoir was written to inspire and support women on their own journeys of self-discovery. It's time to stop questioning your enoughness and start realizing what you can accomplish when you take hold of the reins of your own life!

What Would Jesus Read

Author : Erin A. Smith
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Since the late nineteenth century, religiously themed books in America have been commercially popular yet scorned by critics. Working at the intersection of literary history, lived religion, and consumer culture, Erin A. Smith considers the largely unexplored world of popular religious books, examining the apparent tension between economic and religious imperatives for authors, publishers, and readers. Smith argues that this literature served as a form of extra-ecclesiastical ministry and credits the popularity and longevity of religious books to their day-to-day usefulness rather than their theological correctness or aesthetic quality. Drawing on publishers' records, letters by readers to authors, promotional materials, and interviews with contemporary religious-reading groups, Smith offers a comprehensive study that finds surprising overlap across the religious spectrum--Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish, liberal and conservative. Smith tells the story of how authors, publishers, and readers reconciled these books' dual function as best-selling consumer goods and spiritually edifying literature. What Would Jesus Read? will be of interest to literary and cultural historians, students in the field of print culture, and scholars of religious studies.

The Wellbeing of Women in Entrepreneurship

Author : Maria-Teresa Lepeley
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Women accomplish nearly two-thirds of total work around the world (including household duties), comprise one-third of the formal labor force, but women receive one-tenth of the world's income and own only one-hundredth of the world’s property. Entrepreneurship is a vehicle for advancing the lives of women around the world. This book brings together 49 distinguished entrepreneurship scholars to provide a unique global vision of the wellbeing of women entrepreneurs necessary for fostering sustainable development and inclusive societies. Although gender inequality is an important issue, solutions leading to gender parity are far from reaching ideal levels in the formal workplace and globally. Meanwhile the number of women involved in entrepreneurship is growing exponentially because there are more opportunities for women to own a business and be their own boss. This offers women the most desirable and flexible working conditions that better align with women’s lifestyles and multiple family responsibilities. However, entrepreneurial activities are demanding and complex; compared to men, women face special challenges that deserve close attention. This book presents research and programs to effectively support women entrepreneurs in reaching levels of wellbeing required to ensure business sustainability and personal prosperity. Offering a diversity perspectives from around the globe, The Wellbeing of Women in Entrepreneurship is of great interest to academics and practitioners working in teaching and research in disciplines including business management, entrepreneurship, oganizational change, human centered management, human resources, sustainable development, and women’s studies.

The Audacity To Be Queen

Author : Gina DeVee
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"Gina DeVee is a master at articulating what it means to be an empowered woman." Jen Sincero, #1 New York Times bestselling author of You Are a Badass and You Are a Badass at Making Money YOUR EPIC LIFE STARTS HERE. In every woman lives a Queen who is confident, poised and clear on her calling. She is bold and unapologetic. Drawing from her spiritual connection and feminine nature, she accesses the power to manifest her desires and fulfill her purpose. The era of invisible women is over. Your time to be Queen has arrived. In The Audacity to be Queen, women's empowerment and success coach Gina DeVee invites modern day women to embrace the endless possibilities that are rightfully ours. Permission granted to take ourselves off the back-burner financially, romantically, physically, and socially--and step into our greatness. The days of dismissing ourselves and our desires end here. No longer must we pretend to be anything other than brilliant, capable and fabulous. The world needs women like us to own our power, raise our standards and contribute our talents like never before. When a woman chooses to be a Queen everyone benefits. With spectacular flair, beautiful pearls of wisdom, life-changing stories of unexpected triumph, The Audacity to Be Queen takes you on a journey to empower the Queen within. Gina DeVee shares the steps, exercises, meditations, prayers, and journal prompts to release all forms of self-doubt and self-sabotage so you can discover the best version of you. Only from the position of Queen can you fulfill your calling, and in this pivotal moment, time is of the essence. The age of Queen is now.