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The Tyranny of Big Tech

Author : Josh Hawley
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The reign of Big Tech is here, and Americans’ First Amendment rights hang by a keystroke. Amassing unimaginable amounts of personal data, giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple—once symbols of American ingenuity and freedom—have become a techno-oligarchy with overwhelming economic and political power. Decades of unchecked data collection have given Big Tech more targeted control over Americans’ daily lives than any company or government in the world. In The Tyranny of Big Tech, Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri argues that these mega-corporations—controlled by the robber barons of the modern era—are the gravest threat to American liberty in decades. To reverse course, Hawley argues, we must correct progressives’ mistakes of the past. That means recovering the link between liberty and democratic participation, building an economy that makes the working class strong, independent, and beholden to no one, and curbing the influence of corporate and political elites. Big Tech and its allies do not deal gently with those who cross them, and Senator Hawley proudly bears his own battle scars. But hubris is dangerous. The time is ripe to overcome the tyranny of Big Tech by reshaping the business and legal landscape of the digital world.

Summary of Josh Hawley s The Tyranny of Big Tech

Author : Milkyway Media
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Buy now to get the key takeaways from Josh Hawley's The Tyranny of Big Tech. Sample Key Takeaways: 1) Big Tech is managed by thieves who drain prosperity and power from society by creating an oligarchy. Consumers’ personal data are extracted, tracked, and fed into a vast data machine to produce algorithms that manipulate users with advertisements tailored for them. This produces an online-addicted economy, with a never-ending cycle. 2) Corporate liberalism is taking over public philosophy, becoming accepted by the establishment of both major parties. This has made it more difficult to prove that concentrated power is detrimental, whether in government or private corporations. Liberty is threatened by the rise of monopolies and decline of an independent working class.

Big Tech and Democracy

Author : Lisa Idzikowski
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Like other large global corporations, the technology sector known as “Big Tech” possesses the money and power to disproportionately influence society. But so far, many of these companies have escaped scrutiny and regulation while enjoying the benefits of a relatively new—and not always understood—medium. Should social media companies be considered publishers, being held accountable for spreading misinformation? Does technology increase extremism and other harmful behaviors? Is it too late to change? The viewpoints in this volume explore the fascinating debate surrounding what responsibility Big Tech should take when it comes to upholding democratic principles.

The Silencing of the Lambs

Author : Michael L. Brown
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"Conservative Christians in the United States today are feeling the fire thrown at them by liberal influencers who are pressuring Americans to pick up a left-wing agenda and abandon biblical values. Now is not the time for the church to stay quiet on the issues that will determine America's future. This is the moment for the church to reject the left's muzzle and turn the tide for this nation"--Dust jacket flap.


Author : To Be Confirmed Simon & Schuster
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This is a Simon & Schuster book. Simon & Schuster has a book for every reader.

Major Principles of Media Law 2023

Author : Genelle Belmas
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Offering the most up-to-date coverage available, MAJOR PRINCIPLES OF MEDIA LAW, 2023, delivers a comprehensive summary of media law that is current through the end of the Supreme Court's 2020-2021 term and includes the most recent additions, developments and changes in communication law. Extremely reader friendly, the book includes chapter objectives, essential questions for study and Focus On sidebars that explore key legal issues in depth. End-of-chapter What should I know about my state? features highlight key issues from your own home state, while detailed in-margin definitions of key terms offer easy-to-understand explanations of even the most complex topics. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Selfie Democracy

Author : Elizabeth Losh
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How politicians’ digital strategies appeal to the same fantasies of digital connection, access, and participation peddled by Silicon Valley. Smartphones and other digital devices seem to give us a direct line to politicians. But is interacting with presidential tweets really a manifestation of digital democracy? In Selfie Democracy, Elizabeth Losh examines the unintended consequences of politicians’ digital strategies, from the Obama campaign’s pioneering construction of an online community to Trump’s Twitter dominance. She finds that politicians who use digital media appeal to the same fantasies of digital connection, access, and participation peddled by Silicon Valley. Meanwhile, smartphones and social media don’t enable participatory democracy so much as they incentivize citizens to perform attention-getting acts of political expression. Losh explores presidential rhetoric casting digital media as tools of democracy, describes the conflation of gender and technology that contributed to Hillary Clinton’s defeat in 2016, chronicles the Biden campaign’s early digital stumbles in 2020, and recounts the TikTok campaign that may have spoiled a Trump rally. She shows that although Obama and Trump may seem diametrically opposed in both style and substance, they both used mobile digital media in ways that reshaped the presidency and promised a new kind of digital democracy. Obama used data and digital media to connect to citizens without intermediaries; Trump followed this strategy to its most extreme conclusion. What were the January 6 insurrectionists doing, as they livestreamed themselves and their cohorts attacking the Capitol, but practicing their own brand of selfie democracy?

The Coming Tyranny

Author : David A. Herrera
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The Coming Tyranny: How Socialism Will Lead to Civil War in America is a step-by-step prediction of how socialism in America will develop by nefarious and corrupt Democrats whose concerns are not the interests and well-being of the American people, but are concerns about redistributing wealth, attaining power, control, and enriching themselves. After the 2020 suspected fraudulent election, Democrats practically control the Federal government. Their Utopian socialist dream consists of taking substantial wealth from the rich through oppressive taxes and redistributing this wealth for government assistance to illegal migrants, for black reparations, to bail out poorly managed Democrat states disguised as COVID-19 relief, for infrastructure, for green energy, for government-run healthcare, for COVID-19 vaccines, to support the UN, the Paris Peace Accord climate deal, the World Health Organization, and for Palestinian aid. The Chinese-born COVID-19 pandemic has enabled the worse election fraud in US history to occur, in a concerted effort to steal the 2020 election by election computer fraud, ballot counters, state elected officials in key states, mail carriers, and election officials. Incredulously, key state supreme courts and the US Supreme Court, all refused to listen to any evidence or witnesses available in the worst election fraud in US history. Examples of Democrat socialist presidential candidates and their leftist views are presented to show how far left socialists want to take America. Examples are given as to how corrupt leaders, such as Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden, not only tried to rig the 2016 election, but sought to influence the election of Benjamin Netanyahu, forced Pope Benedict to resign and be replaced by a liberal Pope, and how the Obama Administration and others, were involved with the Vatican and Pope Francis to try to align abortion and homosexuality morality in Catholic doctrine with leftist political morality to be gaslighted as acceptable moral behavior in the US by Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine in preparation for the 2016 election. The Biden Administration signed a slew of executive orders and tax policies that mandated culture change and triggered oppression of Americans. Step-by-step predictions are made how Democrats will change election laws so that they will always remain in power. Socialist policies are predicted to cause economic chaos, failure, and instability. Many Americans will lose their jobs and suffer. Crime, poverty, and homelessness will increase. Police departments and the military will be politicized to support and enforce tyrannical laws passed by the socialist Federal US government to deprive Americans of their freedoms. Conservatives will react, as tyranny and oppression intensify. A secession of states will likely occur, leading to a 2nd American Civil War. Unfortunately, the war will not fare well for freedom-loving Americans for reasons stated. Only a miracle from God can save the USA. Leftist policies and reconstruction efforts will further weaken the US. As Muslim immigrants grow exponentially in the US and Muslim population centers in states increase over time, this book predicts that a 3rd Civil War will occur between Muslims and non-Muslims. In the end, the old US will become divided into Muslim and non-Muslim countries, never to return to the greatest country on earth that it was.

Big Tech Tyrants

Author : Floyd Brown
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They are driven without respect for the lives they are changing… “Boy Kings,” or Big Tech Tyrants, are considered the most powerful individuals in the world. They’re the autocratic aristocrats who run the tech giants in Silicon Valley, and if the labels are accurate, they suggest these social platform operators have gained a non-elected (or, should we say, a self-elected) authoritarian power. They wield it with more effectiveness and precision than any sitting government or military strategist. Big Tech Tyrants boast riches beyond emperors of old but act like juveniles who don’t want to grow up. They are modern-day robber barons. Big Tech Tyrants don’t know the meaning of privacy, when it comes to you. They try to make you believe they will give their products away for free as a service to society, when really, they are vacuuming your personal data. They use this data to discover your deepest secrets. Are you or your partner trying to get pregnant? Are you underwater financially? Are you having an extramarital affair? Do you have a tidy nest egg? Are you a Trump supporter? Are you a Bernie Sanders follower? Are you a Scientologist, Mormon, Christian, or Buddhist? Your personal data is extremely valuable to them—and they use it—and abuse. These tyrants knowingly addict users to make more money. Not only that, they also consider themselves the most enlightened the world has ever seen—so they know what’s best for you to see—from the news and information you read to the political candidates they think you should vote for. They censor news and only let you see what they want you to see. This is an eye-opening must read for anyone living in the twenty-first century!

Media Law and Ethics

Author : Roy L. Moore
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This comprehensive textbook provides a thoughtful introduction to both the legal and ethical considerations relevant to students pursuing careers in communication and media. The fully revised, sixth edition continues to integrate fundamental legal and ethical principles with cases and examples from both landmark moments and recent history. It expands upon the previous edition's exploration of international and non-U.S. law, introduces a new chapter on digital and social media, and incorporates discussion of new technologies and media throughout its coverage of core topics such as privacy, intellectual property, defamation and commercial speech. Coverage of recent court cases and congressional hearings brings readers up to date on the evolving discussion surrounding Facebook, Twitter and today’s other major online players. This hybrid textbook is ideal for undergraduate and graduate courses in media and communication that combine law and ethics. Online resources including chapter PowerPoint slides, study guides and sample teaching materials are available at