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The Transformation of Peace

Author : O. Richmond
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This book examines the transformation of the discourse and praxis of peace, from its early beginnings in the literature on war and power, to the development of intellectual and theoretical discourses of peace, contrasting this with the development of practical approaches to peace, and examining the intellectual and policy evolution regarding peace.

The Transformation of the World of War and Peace Support Operations

Author : David Kellen
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This work examines the revolutions in military affairs and the transformation of Peace Support Operations (PSOs) over the past two decades.

The People and Their Peace

Author : Laura F. Edwards
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In the half-century following the Revolutionary War, the logic of inequality underwent a profound transformation within the southern legal system. Drawing on extensive archival research in North and South Carolina, Laura F. Edwards illuminates those changes by revealing the importance of localized legal practice. Edwards shows that following the Revolution, the intensely local legal system favored maintaining the "peace," a concept intended to protect the social order and its patriarchal hierarchies. Ordinary people, rather than legal professionals and political leaders, were central to its workings. Those without rights--even slaves--had influence within the system because of their positions of subordination, not in spite of them. By the 1830s, however, state leaders had secured support for a more centralized system that excluded people who were not specifically granted individual rights, including women, African Americans, and the poor. Edwards concludes that the emphasis on rights affirmed and restructured existing patriarchal inequalities, giving them new life within state law with implications that affected all Americans. Placing slaves, free blacks, and white women at the center of the story, The People and Their Peace recasts traditional narratives of legal and political change and sheds light on key issues in U.S. history, including the persistence of inequality--particularly slavery--in the face of expanding democracy.

Conflict Transformation and the Palestinians

Author : Alpaslan Ozerdem
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This book explores the challenges of transforming the violent conflict between the State of Israel and the Palestinians into just peace. There are many challenges involved in the bottom-up transformation of the violent structures that sustain the State of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory. This book examines these structures as it assesses the actors and strategies that are contributing to the termination of cycles of violence and oppression. Consisting of contributions from both peace practitioners and academics who have conducted research within Israel and the occupied territory, the volume utilises a multidisciplinary perspective to examine promising strategies for conflict transformation in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory. Moreover, it spells out the types of nonviolent strategy that are being used to expose and undermine occupation structures, and surveys the manner in which a variety of key actors are working towards the transformation of the ongoing conflict. As a whole, the volume presents a proposal for the transformation of the conflict between Palestinians and the State of Israel that embraces the constructive potential of conflict, engages with power asymmetry, and pushes for justice and accountability. This book will be of much interest to students of conflict resolution, peace studies, Middle Eastern studies, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and IR in general.

A Post liberal Peace

Author : Oliver P. Richmond
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This book examines how the liberal peace experiment of the post-Cold War environment has failed to connect with its target populations, which have instead set about transforming it according to their own local requirements. Liberal peacebuilding has caused a range of unintended consequences. These emerge from the liberal peaceâe(tm)s internal contradictions, from its claim to offer a universal normative and epistemological basis for peace, and to offer a technology and process which can be applied to achieve it. When viewed from a range of contextual and local perspectives, these top-down and distant processes often appear to represent power rather than humanitarianism or emancipation. Yet, the liberal peace also offers a civil peace and emancipation. These tensions enable a range of hitherto little understood local and contextual peacebuilding agencies to emerge, which renegotiate both the local context and the liberal peace framework, leading to a local-liberal hybrid form of peace. This might be called a post-liberal peace. Such processes are examined in this book in a range of different cases of peacebuilding and statebuilding since the end of the Cold War. This book will be of interest to students of peacebuilding, peacekeeping, peace and conflict studies, international organisations and IR/Security Studies.

The Peacebuilding Elements of the Belfast Agreement and the Transformation of the Northern Ireland Conflict

Author : Cornelia Albert
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The aim of this book is to analyse whether the implementation of the peacebuilding elements of the Belfast Agreement contributed to the transformation of the protracted Northern Ireland Conflict. Therefore, this book deals with the following sections of the Agreement: Rights, Safeguards and Equality of Opportunity, Decommissioning, Security, Policing and Justice, and Prisoners. The author comes to the conclusion that the majority of the peacebuilding elements contributed to the transformation of the Northern Ireland Conflict. The results of the study were obtained in conducting interviews, in consulting surveys, and in studying reports and other relevant literature on the recent developments in Northern Ireland.

On Human Potential

Author : Paula Ditzel Facci
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Peace, conflict transformation, and dance are the core topics of this book. It deals with peace and conflict in a different perspective: peace here is understood as plural and incomplete - as a practice, a process of discovery, and an action which begins within every human being. Conflicts, following this idea, are creative possibilities to put this peace in practice. The book deals with how dance - through creativity, connectivity, and responsibility; as well as through the connections between education, communication, and international solidarity movements - can foster this practice of peace on individual and society levels, presenting dance as a tool to foster human potential for peace and conflict transformation. (Series: Masters of Peace - Vol. 3)

Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding

Author : Bruce W. Dayton
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This book seeks to examine the causes of escalation and de-escalation in intrastate conflicts. Specifically, the volume seeks to map the processes and dynamics that lead groups challenging existing power structures to engage in violent struggle; the processes and dynamics that contribute to the de-escalation of violent struggle and the participation of challengers in peaceful political activities; and the processes and dynamics that sustain and nurture this transformation. By integrating the latest ideas with richly presented case studies, this volume fills a gap in our understanding of the forces that lead to moderation and constructive engagement in the context of violent, intrastate conflicts. This volume will be of great interest to students of conflict management, peace studies, conflict resolution, ethnic conflict and security studies in general.

Peace Leadership

Author : Prof Ebben Van Zyl
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In our progressively changing environment, it is of crucial importance to deepen our understanding of peace between people and how leadership can enhance that by "leading for peace." This book proposes a useful framework for all leaders (including business, political leaders and peace developers) on how to attain peace between people.

Peacebuilding and Spatial Transformation

Author : Annika Bjorkdahl
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This book investigates peacebuilding in post-conflict scenarios by analysing the link between peace, space and place. By focusing on the case studies of Cyprus, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Northern Ireland and South Africa, the book provides a spatial reading of agency in peacebuilding contexts. It conceptualises peacebuilding agency in post-conflict landscapes as situated between place (material locality) and space (the imaginary counterpart of place), analysing the ways in which peacebuilding agency can be read as a spatial practice. Investigating a number of post-conflict cases, this book outlines infrastructures of power and agency as they are manifested in spatial practice. It demonstrates how spatial agency can take the form of conflict and exclusion on the one hand, but also of transformation towards peace over time on the other hand. Against this background, the book argues that agency drives place-making and space-making processes. Therefore, transformative processes in post-conflict societies can be understood as materialising through the active use and transformation of space and place. This book will be of interest to students of peacebuilding, peace and conflict studies, human geography and IR in general.

Post Liberal Peace Transitions

Author : Oliver P. Richmond
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Why is it that states emerging from intervention, peacebuilding and statebuilding over the last 25 years appear to be 'failed by design'? This study explores the interplay of local peace agency with the (neo)liberal peacebuilding project. And it looks at how far can local 'peace formation' dynamics can go to counteract the forces of violence and play a role in rebuilding the state, consolidate peace processes and induce a more progressive form of politics. By looking at local agency related to peace formation, Oliver Richmond and Sandra Pogodda find answers to the pressing question of how large-scale peacebuilding or statebuilding may be significantly improved and made more representative of the lives, needs, rights, and ambitions of its subjects.

The Rise and Fall of Peace on Earth

Author : Michael Mandelbaum
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In The Rise and Fall of Peace on Earth, Michael Mandelbaum examines the peaceful quarter century after the end of the Cold War. He describes how the period came about and why it ended, arguing that individual countries overturned peaceful, political, and military arrangements in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, thereby affecting the rest of the world. He also probes prospects for the revival of peace in the future and stresses the importance of democracy and civil liberties across borders.

A Just Peace Through Transformation

Author : International Peace Association. General Conference
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Rethinking Peace Mediation

Author : Catherine Turner
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Written by international practitioners and scholars, this pioneering work offers insights into the peace mediation practice and explains how multifaceted assistance has become an indispensable part of it. With its policy focus and real-world examples, this is a go-to resource for researchers and advisers involved in peace processes.

The Second International Peace Conference Held at The Hague from June 15 to October 18 1907

Author : United States. Delegation to the International Peace Conference. 2d, The Hague, 1907
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Marketing Peace for Social Transformation and Global Prosperity

Author : Nedelea, Alexandru-Mircea
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War and conflict continually plague many nations around the world and have led to mass causalities, a shortage of resources, and political turmoil. To eradicate this ongoing issue, individuals, companies, and governments need to establish a fundamental change in the distribution of the world’s assets, resources, and ideals. Marketing Peace for Social Transformation and Global Prosperity is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on the development of programs and campaigns destined to impose and sustain ideas that lead to conflict resolution. Through analyzing and proposing various peace marketing campaigns, it showcases how individuals and corporations can employ various tactics to enhance and achieve political, social, and individual peace and promote the sustainability of resources and education. Highlighting topics such as civic engagement, conflict management, and symbolism, this book is ideally designed for policymakers, business leaders, professionals, theorists, researchers, and students.

Weaving Peace

Author : Samuel Kale Ewusi
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Weaving Peace: Essays on Peace, Governance and Conflict Transformation in the Great Lakes Region of Africa provides a unique and interdisciplinary perspective on issues of peace, governance, and conflict transformation by academics and practitioners from eight partner institutions of the United Nations Mandated-University for Peace in the Great Lakes region of Africa. It is an essential tool for scholars and policymakers seeking contextual clarity behind the headlines about the nature and extent of conflicts in the region and how to go about transforming the region. It provides a rather nuanced perspective of the complexity of the peace/conflict dynamics of the region and underscores the inescapable truth of the need for a more indigenous and context-based approach to understanding the Great Lakes region of Africa.

The Transformation of Israeli Peace Activism Since the Second Intifada

Author : Leonie Fleischmann
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The Transformation of Violent Intercommunal Conflict

Author : Dr Stephen Ryan
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In recent years there has been a remarkable growth of interest in the concept of conflict transformation and the closely related strategy of grass-roots peace building. Yet there exists no general critical analysis of the concept of conflict transformation in the context of violent inter-communal conflict and the different approaches that can be included in response to this category of dispute. This study offers a comprehensive survey and critical overview of this emerging area. Examining the reasons for the growing interest in the concept of conflict transformation in situations of ethnic conflict, the book explores the different dimensions of transformation. It draws on examples of strategies from a number of situations of 'ethnic conflict', including Northern Ireland, Israel/Palestine, Bosnia, Kosovo, Cyprus, Spain, Sri Lanka and the former Soviet Union , to identify and assess key issues and problems that have emerged, and ultimately to propose a stronger emphasis on the promotion of inter-subjective understanding.

International Journal of Peace Studies

Author :
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