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The Toxic Meritocracy of Video Games

Author : Christopher A. Paul
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An avid gamer and sharp media critic explains meritocracy's negative contribution to video game culture--and what can be done about it Video games have brought entertainment, education, and innovation to millions, but gaming also has its dark sides. From the deep-bred misogyny epitomized by GamerGate to the endemic malice of abusive player communities, gamer culture has had serious real-world repercussions, ranging from death threats to sexist industry practices and racist condemnations. In The Toxic Meritocracy of Video Games, new media critic and longtime gamer Christopher A. Paul explains how video games' focus on meritocracy empowers this negative culture. Paul first shows why meritocracy is integral to video-game design, narratives, and values. Games typically valorize skill and technique, and common video-game practices (such as leveling) build meritocratic thinking into the most basic premises. Video games are often assumed to have an even playing field, but they facilitate skill transfer from game to game, allowing certain players a built-in advantage. The Toxic Meritocracy of Video Games identifies deep-seated challenges in the culture of video games--but all is not lost. As Paul argues, similarly meritocratic institutions like professional sports and higher education have found powerful remedies to alleviate their own toxic cultures, including active recruiting and strategies that promote values such as contingency, luck, and serendipity. These can be brought to the gamer universe, Paul contends, ultimately fostering a more diverse, accepting, and self-reflective culture that is not only good for gamers but good for video games as well.

Play Like a Feminist

Author : Shira Chess
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"Play Like a Feminist discusses how play, in a general sense, and video games, more specifically, are of vital importance to feminist thinking"--

Gaming Sexism

Author : Amanda C. Cote
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Interviews with female gamers about structural sexism across the gaming landscape When the Nintendo Wii was released in 2006, it ushered forward a new era of casual gaming in which video games appealed to not just the stereotypical hardcore male gamer, but also to a much broader, more diverse audience. However, the GamerGate controversy six years later, and other similar public incidents since, laid bare the internalized misogyny and gender stereotypes in the gaming community. Today, even as women make up nearly half of all gamers, sexist assumptions about the what and how of women’s gaming are more actively enforced. In Gaming Sexism, Amanda C. Cote explores the video game industry and its players to explain this contradiction, how it affects female gamers, and what it means in terms of power and gender equality. Across in-depth interviews with women-identified gamers, Cote delves into the conflict between diversification and resistance to understand their impact on gaming, both casual and “core” alike. From video game magazines to male reactions to female opponents, she explores the shifting expectations about who gamers are, perceived changes in gaming spaces, and the experiences of female gamers amidst this gendered turmoil. While Cote reveals extensive, persistent problems in gaming spaces, she also emphasizes the power of this motivated, marginalized audience, and draws on their experiences to explore how structural inequalities in gaming spaces can be overcome. Gaming Sexism is a well-timed investigation of equality, power, and control over the future of technology.

How Pac Man Eats

Author : Noah Wardrip-Fruin
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"This book explains that the tools and concepts we use for making games are intimately connected to what games can and do mean"--

Real Games

Author : Mia Consalvo
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How we talk about games as real or not-real, and how that shapes what games are made and who is invited to play them. In videogame criticism, the worst insult might be “That's not a real game!” For example, “That's not a real game, it's on Facebook!” and “That's not a real game, it's a walking simulator!” But how do people judge what is a real game and what is not—what features establish a game's gameness? In this engaging book, Mia Consalvo and Christopher Paul examine the debates about the realness or not-realness of videogames and find that these discussions shape what games get made and who is invited to play them. Consalvo and Paul look at three main areas often viewed as determining a game's legitimacy: the game's pedigree (its developer), the content of the game itself, and the game's payment structure. They find, among other things, that even developers with a track record are viewed with suspicion if their games are on suspect platforms. They investigate game elements that are potentially troublesome for a game's gameness, including genres, visual aesthetics, platform, and perceived difficulty. And they explore payment models, particularly free-to-play—held by some to be a marker of illegitimacy. Finally, they examine the debate around such so-called walking simulators as Dear Esther and Gone Home. And finally, they consider what purpose is served by labeling certain games “real."

Society and the Internet

Author : Mark Graham
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This second edition of Society and the Internet provides key readings for students, scholars, and those interested in understanding the interactions of the Internet and society, introducing new and original contributions examining the escalating concerns around social media, disinformation, big data, and privacy. The chapters are grouped into five focused sections: The Internet in Everyday Life; Digital Rights and Human Rights; Networked Ideas, Politics,and Governance; Networked Businesses, Industries, and Economics; and Technological and Regulatory Histories and Futures. This book will be a valuable resource not only for students and researchers, but foranyone seeking a critical examination of the economic, social, and political factors shaping the Internet and its impact on society.

Free To Play

Author : Christopher A. Paul
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"Paul charts the appeal of free-to-play games and examines how they challenge dominant game industry norms"--

Navigating Space and Place

Author : Madison E. Marquer
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Videogames emerged as an object of geographical study with the discipline’s “digital turn” in the 1990s. The popularity of videogaming has surged since the 1970s and recent social scientific efforts to understand our mediation by and interactions in and through videogames has provoked, among geographers, a sense of urgency for systematic inquiry into gaming. Research on how social dynamics in the physical world are shaped by interactions on digital platforms is critical for effectively promoting social justice in videogaming, which is now regarded as a goal for some gamers. A critical geography of videogaming must recognize the political consequences of ignoring social injustices that extend beyond gaming communities but are observable within them. Competitive videogaming (and the esports component) provides a unique opportunity to examine how videogaming may facilitate socially equitable representation at a global scale, but competitive videogaming apparently tends to reproduce and deepen existing social inequalities, even if it provides a platform through which social inequalities could be challenged. This thesis focuses on the popular online game DotA 2 to study social relations between gamers in both digital and physical realms. I examine how DotA 2 fosters social dynamics in the world beyond the game, how minority groups in gaming are affected by a toxic meritocratic model of social interaction in videogaming communities, and how the study of videogames may promote new understandings of place as a key geographical concept.

The Times Index

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Indexes the Times and its supplements.