The Total Kettlebell Workout

Trade Secrets of a Personal Trainer


Author: Steve Barrett

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1408193736

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: N.A

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The ultimate 'one stop' guide to training with kettlebells. Practical and easily accessible, The Total Kettlebell Training Workout is perfect for the fitness enthusiast or fitness professional who wants to lightly improve their knowledge and heavily improve the range of exercises they can use in their training. Tried and tested exercises are accompanied by clear photos and illustrations presented in a modern and logical way. The Total Kettlebell Workout is brimming with ideas for using this piece of fitness equipment not just in the gym, but at home too. Packed with clear and easy to use exercises, this how-to reference book also provides adaptations of basic and advanced exercises making it ideal for anyone who wants to get the most out of their fitness gear. - Each exercise idea is organised by fitness level and includes follow-up and extension ideas. - Written in a jargon-free and concise style, this book is light on the science and background, heavy on practicality.

Body Sculpting with Kettlebells for Women

Over 50 Total Body Exercises


Author: Lorna Kleidman,Joni Hyde

Publisher: Hatherleigh Press

ISBN: 9781578263073

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 202

View: 2007

This comprehensive guide to using the unique muscle-building tool explains the difference between kettlebells and dumbbells, why and how their shape provides a superior workout, and offers training options and instructions for people at all fitness levels. Original.

Kettlebell Training


Author: Steve Cotter

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 1492583537

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 224

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Kettlebells have been around for centuries, but it’s only in recent years that the all-in-one handheld gym has taken the fitness world by storm. In 2011 alone, nearly 47 million Americans used some form of hand weights, and the popularity of kettlebells continues to rise thanks to the way they help improve strength, endurance, coordination, and balance. Few people are more knowledgeable about the benefits of kettlebell use than Steve Cotter. A leading kettlebell expert, martial artist, and certified strength and conditioning specialist, Cotter has trained professional football teams, Navy SEALs, and the United States Marine Corps. After providing instruction on kettlebell training to fitness, strength, and conditioning professionals in more than 40 countries, he shares his expertise in this authoritative resource featuring over XX exercises. Offering extensive coverage on getting started with kettlebells—including setting goals, assessing fitness, and using safe technique—this easy-to-use, instantly accessible guide features step-by-step instructions for each exercise along with photo sequences depicting key movements. Kettlebell Training also boasts detailed information on strengthening and toning muscles in specific body regions, creating customized programs for general conditioning, and training for specific sports such as football, soccer, tennis, golf, and mixed martial arts. Considered among the ultimate training tools for fat loss, kettlebells deliver an effective, inexpensive, and fun workout. Kettlebell Training is the no-nonsense guide that athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and strength and conditioning specialists have been waiting for.

Kettlebell Training Fundamentals

Achieve Pain-Free Kettlebell Training and Build a Strong Foundation to Become a Professional Kettlebell Trainer or Enthusiast


Author: Taco Fleur

Publisher: Taco Fleur

ISBN: 1549556207

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 149

View: 3696

What Will I Learn? - Use kettlebells safely and effectively for your own training, or that of others - Execute the four important movements in kettlebell training: swing, press, clean, and row - Understand all kettlebell grips that will bring your training to the next level - Learn the important things that are usually overlooked or rushed through - See a whole new world, not just white or black, learn that if it's safe, meet goals, it's good Contains hundreds of detailed photos, links to videos, and step by step instructions. Everything you need to learn kettlebell training, or how to teach others. Reviews: "An extremely good read. Recommended. A kettlebell Great addition to any library users. I personally Have Gained more knowledge That will assist me with my journey using kettlebells as an enthusiast and an instructor. " Bryan Trish (Kettlebell instructor and personal trainer) "A great book for anyone wanting to integrate kettlebells into their workouts Taco covers a lot of information which will help you maximize your training. Links to videos are added bonus and assist with the technical aspects of kettlebell training." Links to videos are added bonus and assist with the technical aspects of kettlebell training. " Mark Godwin (Director, Fit Biz UK)

Kettlebell Circuit Training

Hardcore Kettlebell Workouts


Author: James McHale

Publisher: Price World Publishing

ISBN: 1619842270

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: N.A

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"Kettlebell Circuit Training" is the essential guide to training with kettlebells, whether you're a beginner, an expert or somewhere in between. This book contains six action packed circuits and over 30 different kettlebell exercises, designed to target all areas of the body. Each exercise is expertly demonstrated with photographs and detailed instructions. The kettlebell is a very simple and yet incredibly effective piece of gym equipment. Loved by athletes, non-athletes and personal trainers alike, these exercises are proven to not only build strength, but also endurance. Compared to conventional gym machines and bench exercises, kettlebells make you work harder for each rep, thus effectively targeting core muscles for the ultimate workout! The exercises and circuits included in "Kettlebell Circuit Training" can be customized to suit people of all levels and abilities and can be easily incorporated into your established workouts or even used to create totally new workouts from scratch! This is the only book you will ever need to show you how to use kettlebells safely and efficiently. Whether used as part of a varied workout routine or on its own, "Kettlebell Circuit Training" is guaranteed to deliver the exercise goals you want to achieve.

The Complete Guide to Kettlebell Training


Author: Aaron Wisewell

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1300611332

Category: Sports & Recreation

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This book is designed to build strength and stamina without adding the unnecessary bulk of conventional bodybuilding programs. you can with a fixed weight in the events of the clean and jerk (two kettlebells), the single snatch, and the single push-press. It is a very popular sport in Eastern Europe and has been growing in the United States as well. Kettlebells, also called ring weights, come in many shapes and sizes. From cylinders to square blocks, the most common design resembles a cannonball with a handle on one side. This design has many advantages over the others, including the absence of sharp edges as well as an easier fit to the user’s body. These implements differ from dumbbells because the weight is distributed to one end rather than being even. This makes them ideal for performing ballistic, whole-body exercises such as cleans, snatches, and their variations.

Master Kettlebell Grips

Instantly take your kettlebell training to the next level


Author: Taco Fleur

Publisher: Cavemantraining


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 59

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This book contains the most basic and fundamental information for kettlebell training, grip! Many years ago I decided to dedicate a book on grips, after seeing many people fumble with kettlebell grips during transitions and exercises. Knowing how to grip/hold your kettlebell is extremely important for efficiency and safety. Why should you learn about grips? It is important to know and understand kettlebell grips for efficiency and being able to work the muscles intended for the exercise in question. Employing an incorrect grip can mean pain; being uncomfortable; cause for injury; exhausting grip, forearm, biceps or shoulder muscles and losing focus on the muscles targeted with a specific exercise. Why use different grips? If you're asking this question, then you're asking the right question because knowing a lot of grips is cool, but knowing why you would change grip or use one over the other is even cooler and the part you should really understand. During kettlebell training, you employ different grips to make certain exercises more efficient, but you also change grips to increase difficulty and challenge other muscle groups. Sometimes when your training gets stale you might even employ a different grip to please the mind. While knowing kettlebell grips and when to employ them is important and one of the kettlebell fundamentals, the second most important thing you should start looking into is racking a kettlebell. It might seem insignificant, but a lot hinges on how you rack your kettlebell, in fact, some people give up on kettlebell training because they can't get comfortable in the racking position or can't find the proper position for the bell to rest. This book contains over 25 kettlebell training grips and comes paired with a photo for each and everyone. This is it, this is what you'll be building the rest of your kettlebell journey upon, without this information you'll be fumbling around with the kettlebell and even after years of training still look like you just started.

The Russian Kettlebell Challenge

Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades


Author: Pavel Tsatsouline

Publisher: Dragon Door Publications, Inc

ISBN: 9780938045328

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 153

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Both the Soviet Special Forces and numerous world-champion Soviet Olympic athletes used the ancient Russian Kettlebell as their secret weapon for extreme fitness. Thanks to the kettlebell's astonishing ability to turbo charge physical performance, these Soviet supermen creamed their opponents time-and-time-again, with inhuman displays of raw power and explosive strength. Now, former Spetznaz trainer, international fitness author and nationally ranked kettlebell lifter, Pavel Tsatsouline, delivers this secret Soviet weapon into your hands.

Kettlebell Training for Athletes: Develop Explosive Power and Strength for Martial Arts, Football, Basketball, and Other Sports, pb


Author: David Bellomo

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071637095

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 224

View: 3131

Improve performance in any sport with Russia’s most guarded training secret For elite sports training, nothing compares to the impact that kettlebells have on the entire body, and author and trainer Dave Bellomo now brings the power and benefit of these Russian-inspired weights to any athlete. Working the entire body at different angles, this popular training program provides you with rapid gains in strength, speed, and endurance—all requirements for proficiency in any sport. This powerhouse program also gives you customization tools for setting personal goals and tailored eight-week workouts to answer the needs of your specific sport. Kettlebell Power Training for Athletes: Presents more than eighty illustrated exercises for quicker learning on how to train with the weights Helps you gradually build a training foundation for a healthier lifestyle Includes sport- and goal-specific programs so you can go directly to that section of the book for your needs Features photographs from award-winning photographer Bruce Curtis Whether you are training for the gridiron, the Octagon, or the Pentagon, these simple tools will help you produce the most extraordinary results you have ever seen. Author Profile Dave Bellomo (Williamsport, PA) holds a graduate degree in Exercise Science, specializing in sports performance and injury prevention and an undergraduate degree in Health Science. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), a Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), and a Certified Speed Coach, Dave has over 20 years of experience in the fitness management field and continues to consult with groups and individuals.