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The Tim Burton Encyclopedia

Author : Samuel J. Umland
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Tim Burton has been a major director for a quarter of a century, producing both cult classics and blockbuster films including Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Ed Wood, Batman, Mars Attacks!, Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland, and Dark Shadows. An A-Z list of all things Burton, including his live action films, his animated features, his shorts, his non-film work, and the collaborators who have helped manifest his unique perspective into memorable works of cinema. The book will highlight Burton’s accomplishments as a visual artist with an uncompromised aesthetic, narrating the evolution of his creative practice from his earliest childhood drawings through his mature works.

The Stephen Sondheim Encyclopedia

Author : Rick Pender
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The Stephen Sondheim Encyclopedia is the first reference volume devoted to the works of this prolific composer and lyricist. The encyclopedia’s entries provide readers with detailed information about Sondheim’s work and key figures in his career, including his apprenticeship, his early work with Leonard Bernstein, and his work on television.

A Critical Companion to Tim Burton

Author : Adam Barkman
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Unlike anything currently available, A Critical Companion to Tim Burton is a comprehensive, up-to-date analysis of all the works of one of the world's most renowned directors and artists. Written by some of the top scholars working in fields as diverse as philosophy, film and media studies, and literature, all chapters of this book illuminate for both scholars and fans alike the entire artistic career of Burton, giving attention to both his early works and his global blockbusters.

Intersemiotic Perspectives on Emotions

Author : Susan Petrilli
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This edited volume explores emotion and its translations through the global world from a variety of different perspectives, as a personal, socio-cultural, ideological, political, and even business investment in the latest phases of globalisation. Emotions are powerful in engaging or disengaging individuals, communities, the masses, peoples and nations with distinct linguistic and cultural backgrounds for good, but especially for evil. All depends on how emotions are interpreted, that is translated in "words" or in "facts", in any case in "signs". Semiotic reflection on emotions and their interpretation/translation is thus of essential importance. An adequate understanding of emotional phenomena and their complexities calls for different views which together reveal and illustrate inconsistencies in our modern life. The contributors argue that an investigation of types of emotional translation – linguistic and non-linguistic, audio-visual, theatrical, literary, racial, legal, architectural, political, and so forth – can contribute to a better understanding of emotions and how they are exploited to engender injustice, unfairness, absurdity in contemporary life. However, emotions can also be exploited and oriented – and this is the intent of our authors – to favour the development of sustainable multicultural societies and facilitate living together. A fantastic reference for students and scholars in translation, semiotics, language and cultural studies around the world.

Contemporary Issues in Housing Design

Author : Kutay Güler
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The word ‘house’ has evolved throughout the millennia and infused itself into many languages; however, the basic reference to covering and sheltering has always been preserved. Housing in the contemporary sense refers to a relatively complex structure comprising different shapes and sizes accommodating various functionalities, evolving in accordance with cultural, social, technological, and natural progresses. A house provides more than basic protection, but is the backdrop for the daily lives of occupants, and even a reflection of an individual’s character, beliefs, and socioeconomic status. This book discusses an array of critical contemporary issues on housing design pertaining to sustainable practices, emerging technologies, heritage conservation, humanitarian efforts, fictional environments and their effects on occupants’ physical and psychological experience and well-being. As such, it will serve to develop further understanding and to enrich the perspectives of any designer and educator invested in the subject.

The Christopher Lee Film Encyclopedia

Author : Robert W. Pohle Jr.
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In a career that spanned eight decades, Christopher Lee (1922–2015) appeared in more than 200 roles for film and television. Though he is best known for his portrayal of Dracula in films of the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s—as well as his appearances in the Lord of the Rings trilogy—Lee also appeared in many other films, including The Three Musketeers, The Man with the Golden Gun, and Star Wars. The Christopher Lee Film Encyclopedia encompasses all of the films in the distinguished actor’s prolific career, from his early roles in the 1940s to his work in some of the most successful film franchises of all time. This reference highlights Lee’s iconic roles in horror cinema as well as his non-horror films over the years, including The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. The entries in this book feature: Cast and crew information Synopsis Critical evaluation Newspaper and magazine reviews DVD availability Many of the entries also feature Sir Christopher’s recollections about the production, as well as the actor’s insights about his directors and fellow costars. Appendices in this volume include discussions of Lee’s significant work on radio and television, as well as film shorts, screen tests, films in which he is mentioned, films from which he was cut, and unrealized projects. A film-by-film review of the actor’s cinematic output. The Christopher Lee Film Encyclopedia will appeal to this legend’s many devoted fans.

Totally Tubular 80s Toys

Author : Mark Bellomo
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Filled with super rad toys and bodacious memories, Totally Tubular '80s Toys is a righteous ride back in time when Madonna ruled and Spinal Tap amplifiers went to 11. You'll find everything from He-Man to Cabbage Patch Kids, Trivial Pursuit to Rubik's Cube, Transformers to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Pac-Man to Mario Bros Donkey Kong-as well as lots of fun and smiles. You'll enjoy: • A Year-by-year look at the greatest toys of the '80s • Awesome color photos featuring more than 500 fabulous toys and period shots of the people who made the decade gnarly • Lists of the top 10 TV shoes, movies, and music for each year As Keanu Reeves put it more than 30 times in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, "Whoa!"

Merriam Webster s Collegiate Encyclopedia

Author : Merriam-Webster, Inc
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A comprehensive, one-volume desk reference created in cooperation with Encyclopædia Britannica®. Features more than 25,000 informative and enlightening articles, over 1,250 photographs, and 350 maps, diagrams, and tables. Includes pronunciations.

The Films of Robin Williams

Author : Johnson Cheu
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From his first appearance as Mork from Ork on the 1970s sitcom Happy Days, Robin Williams was heralded as a singular talent. In the pre-cable television era, he was one of the few performers to successfully transition from TV to film. An Oscar-winning actor and preternaturally quick-witted comedian, Williams became a cultural icon, leaving behind a large and varied body of work when he unexpectedly took his own life in 2014. This collection of new essays brings together a range of perspectives on Williams and his oeuvre, including beloved hits like Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Morning, Vietnam, Good Will Hunting, The Fisher King, Dead Poets Society and Aladdin. Contributors explore his earlier work (Mork and Mindy, The World According to Garp) and his political and satirical films (Moscow on the Hudson, Toys). Williams's darker, less well-known fare, such as Being Human, One Hour Photo, Final Cut and Boulevard, is also covered. Williams's artistry has become woven into the fabric of our global media culture.

True Tales from Burbank

Author : Wesley H. Clark
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Home to the likes of Disney and Warner Bros., Burbank has a fascinating history beyond the glitz and glamour of its entertainment industry. Discover the true story behind the mysterious Night Riders and how the Druids came to visit. Learn about the plans to film biblical epics in town and how the Crank Conventions came to be. Delve into tales of rodeo queens, Hollywood stars, Mouseketeers and a flying lion cub. Wesley H. Clark and Michael B. McDaniel, authors of Lost Burbank and Growing Up in Burbank, take you on a surprising and whimsical tour of the people, places and events of this historic San Fernando Valley city.