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Three Forms of Unity

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IPC Book of Subordinate Standards

Author : Editorial Committee of Synod
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The Westminster Confession of Faith, the Shorter and Larger Catechisms and the Three forms of Unity are included in the volume. Modern Texts are included with Historic texts for the WCF and WSC.

The Thousand Generation Covenant

Author : Jonathan Neil Gerstner
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This study presents the religious factor in the development of a separatistic group identity among the forebears of the Afrikaners during the Dutch colonial period of South African history. The dominant strain of Dutch Reformed covenantal thought conveyed to South Africa treated the entire community as redeemed and called to be separate. This covenantal theory and its corresponding baptism helped to shape the emerging group identity.

The Unity of Civilization

Author : Various
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Revisiting the Synod of Dordt 1618 1619

Author : Aza Goudriaan
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Proceedings of a conference held Apr. 6-7, 2006 in Dordrecht, Netherlands.

Abraham Kuyper

Author : Tjitze Kuipers
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The Kuyper bibliography is the first overview of his publications, from his first one to the 2010 editions. After some introducing paragraphs the bibliography presents items in chronological order. Each item contains bibliographical data and information on contents and context.

Perspectives on Ecological Integrity

Author : L. Westra
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Concepts of ecological integrity have recently been proposed to facilitate enhanced protection of biological and ecological resources against the threat of human activities. The promotion of ecological integrity as a basis for public policy and decision making stems from scientists and others concerned about the threats of human activities to ecosystems and species, and from philosophers attempting to derive a more suitable ethic to guide the relationships between humans and the non-human environment. Although ecological integrity has been proposed as a norm for public policy and decision making, the concept is relatively new and therefore the underlying scientific and philosophical rationales have not been fully developed. This book offers a number of perspectives to stimulate and inform future discussion on the importance and consequences of ecological integrity for science, morality and public policy. Audience: Environmental professionals, whether academic, governmental or industrial, or working in the private consultancy sector. Also suitable as an upper-level reference text.

One of a Kind

Author : Adam Sparks
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A fundamental requirement in an inclusivist understanding of the relationship between Christianity and other religions is evidence of God's salvific activity outside any knowledge of Christ. This is commonly identified in the religion of Old Testament Israel. On this basis an analogy (the Israel analogy) is drawn between the religion of the old covenant and contemporary non-Christian religions. Closely related is the parallel argument that as Christ has fulfilled the Old covenant, he can also be seen as the fulfillment of other religious traditions and their scriptures. This study outlines the use of the Israel analogy and the fulfillment model, subjecting these concepts to a biblical and theological critique revealing that the exegetical and patristic data are misconstrued in support of these concepts. Furthermore, the Israel analogy and the fulfillment model undermine the sui generis relationship between the old and new covenants and fail to respect the organic, progressive nature of salvation history. They also misconstrue the old covenant and the nature of its fulfillment in the new covenant. The Israel analogy and fulfillment model rely on a correspondence between the chronologically premessianic (Israel) and the epistemologically premessianic (other religions), and therefore consider the BC condition to continue today. In so doing, they undermine the significance of the Christ-event by failing to appreciate the decisive effect of this event on history and the nature of existence. It marks a radical turn in salvation history, a crisis point, rendering the BC period complete and fulfilled. Therefore the concept of a continuing premessianic condition or state is seriously flawed, as are the Israel analogy and fulfillment model. Thus the inclusivist paradigm reliant in large part on these defective concepts is also problematic, and proponents of this paradigm need to reconsider its basis.

The Life of the Lord Jesus Christ

Author : Johann Peter Lange
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Abraham Kuyper

Author : Jan de Bruijn
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Among historians there is little disagreement about the significance of Dutch theologian and statesman Abraham Kuyper (1837 1920), but discussions about Kuyper have centered mostly on his worldview, with little said about his context and personal life. Jan de Bruijn s beautiful pictorial biography fills a gap in offering a full-fledged portrait of this remarkable, visionary, polemical, complex character. Nearly four hundred full-color illustrations with extended explanatory captions make up the book. Readers will see political cartoons, family photos, posters, pictures of important places in Kuyper s life. Even Kuyper enthusiasts are sure to find something new here! Never before has there been a book available in English that illustrates Kuyper s life to such a great extent.

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Authority of Scripture

Author : Carlos R. Bovell
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Conservative Protestant views of Scripture have not moved much beyond the fundamentalist-modernist controversies of the early twentieth century. Today, discussions must evolve and become transparently conversant with recent scholarly developments. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Authority of Scripture provides contemporary reflections on the most pressing challenges facing inerrancy today. Whatever your current position, this volume will deepen your understanding of the authority of Scripture. TABLE OF CONTENTS and CONTRIBUTORS: Foreword by William Abraham / ix Editor's Preface by Carlos R. Bovell / xvii Historical Perspectives 1 No Creed but the Bible, No Authority Without the Church: American Evangelicals and the Errors of Inerrancy -D. G. Hart / 3 2 The Subordination of Scripture to Human Reason at Old Princeton-Paul Seely / 28 3 The Modernist-Fundamentalist Controversy, the Inerrancy of Scripture, and the Development of American Dispensationalism -Todd Mangum / 46 4 The Cost of Prestige: E. J. Carnell's Quest for Intellectual Orthodoxy-Seth Dowland / 71 5 "Inerrancy, a Paradigm in Crisis"-Carlos R. Bovell / 91 Biblical Perspectives 6 Inerrancy and Evangelical Old Testament Scholarship: Challenges and the Way Forward-J. Daniel Hays / 109 7 Theological Diversity in the Old Testament as Burden or Divine Gift? Problems and Perspectives in the Current Debate-Richard Schultz / 133 8 "But Jesus Believed That David Wrote the Psalms . . ." -Stephen Dawes / 164 9 Some Thoughts on Theological Exegesis of the Old Testament: Toward a Viable Model of Biblical Coherence and Relevance-Peter Enns / 183 10 Inerrantist Scholarship on Daniel: A Valid Historical Enterprise? -Stephen Young / 204 11 The Implications of New Testament Pseudonymy for a Doctrine of Scripture-Stanley E. Porter / 236 Theoretical Perspectives 12 Issues in Forming a Doctrine of Inspiration-Craig Allert / 259 13 How Evangelicals Became Overcommitted to the Bible and Wha Can Be Done about It-J. P. Moreland / 289 14 Biblical Authority: A Social Scientist's Perspective -Brian Malley / 303 15 Authority Redux: Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, and Theology-Christian Early / 323 16 Scripture and Prayer: Participating in God -Harriet A. Harris / 344 17 "A Certain Similarity to the Devil": Historical Criticism and Christian Faith-Gregory Dawes / 354 18 Critical Dislocation and Missional Relocation: Scripture's Evangelical Homecoming-Telford Work / 371 List of Contributors / 397

Calvin and the Federal Vision

Author : Jeong Koo Jeon
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John Calvin (1509-64) was the pinnacle of the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation in Europe. As we celebrate the five hundred-year anniversary of his birth, it is worthy to explore Calvin's covenant theology, which may be one of the best windows to understand and evaluate his theology as a whole. In recent years, the Federal Vision has been surfaced in the American conservative Reformed and evangelical circles. It has strong hermeneutical, theological, and practical attachment with Calvin. Although Calvin was a covenant theologian, he firmly maintained the evangelical distinction between law and gospel, especially in his exposition of justification by faith alone (sola fide) and salvation by grace alone (sola gratia) with a balanced emphasis of believers' covenantal obedience. Moreover, we will find out that Calvin not only applied the distinction between law and gospel to soteriology but also in the depiction of redemptive history. In Calvin, the distinction between law and gospel was foundational for the depiction of biblical vision of eschatology in the Garden of Eden before the Fall and under the Old Covenant. However, the exponents of the Federal Vision deny any validity of the distinction between law and gospel in hermeneutics, theology, and practice while they identify themselves with those of Calvin. In that sense, we may identify the Federal Vision not with the Protestant Reformation and Calvin but as consistent monocovenantalism in which they deny the distinction between law and gospel and apply that monocovenantal principle consistently to their understandings of hermeneutics, soteriology, the doctrine of double predestination, and sacramental theology.

The Trouble with Christianity

Author : Philip Voerding
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A Triple Breach in the Foundation of the Reformed Truth

Author : Herman Hoeksema
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The Preacher as Liturgical Artist

Author : Trygve David Johnson
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Trygve Johnson invites us to consider a new metaphor of identity of The Preacher as Liturgical Artist. This identity draws on a theology of communion and the doctrine of the vicarious humanity of Christ to relocate the preacher's identity in the creative and ongoing ministry of Jesus Christ. Johnson argues the metaphorical association of the preacher and artist understood within the artistic ministry of Jesus Christ frees the full range of human capacities, including the imagination to bear upon the arts of Christian proclamation. The Preacher as Liturgical Artist connects preachers to the person and work of Jesus Christ, whose own double ministry took the raw materials of the human condition and offered them back to the Father in a redemptive and imaginative fashion through the Holy Spirit. It is in the large creative ministry of Jesus Christ that preachers find their creativity freed to proclaim the gospel bodily within the context of the liturgical work of God's people.

The Canons Of Dordrecht Annotated Edition

Author : Synod of Dordrecht
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* Including an annotation about the history of the Reformed Church The Canons of Dort, or Canons of Dordrecht, formally titled The Decision of the Synod of Dort on the Five Main Points of Doctrine in Dispute in the Netherlands, is the judgment of the National Synod held in the Dutch city of Dordrecht in 1618–19. At the time, Dordrecht was often referred to in English as Dort. Today, the Canons of Dort form part of the Three Forms of Unity, one of the confessional standards of many of the Reformed churches around the world, including the Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, and North America. Their continued use as a standard still forms an unbridgable problem preventing close cooperation between the followers of Jacob Arminius, the Remonstrants, and Dutch Reformed Churches. (courtesy of

The Bible and Popular Theology Third Edition Revised and Augmented

Author : George Vance SMITH
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The Bible and Popular Theology

Author : George Vance Smith
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Time Eternity and the Trinity

Author : Eunsoo Kim
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One of the vital issues in contemporary Christian theology is the problem of a renewed understanding of God's eternity and its relation to time. This is not merely a peripheral doctrinal issue, but lies at the heart of our understanding of God and humanity, and contributes to our entire worldview. This study focuses on a long-standing debate between two competing views on God's eternity: one focused on God's absolute timelessness in classical theism, and the other on God's temporal everlastingness in contemporary panentheism. In contrast to both of these well-worn options, this book presents an alternative Trinitarian analogical understanding of God's eternity and its relation to time, especially through a critical reflection on Karl Barth's and Hans Urs von Balthasar's engagement of the issue. This analogical approach, based on the dynamic and dramatic concepts of God's being-in-relation and of the Triune God's communicative action in eternity and time, has the potential to resolve the debate between absolute timeless eternity and temporal everlasting duration.

The Unity of Content and Form in Philosophical Writing

Author : Jon Stewart
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In The Unity of Content and Form in Philosophical Writing, Jon Stewart argues that there is a close relation between content and form in philosophical writing. While this might seem obvious at first glance, it is overlooked in the current climate of Anglophone academic philosophy, which, Stewart contends, accepts only a single genre as proper for philosophical expression. Stewart demonstrates the uniformity of today's philosophical writing by contrasting it with that of the past. Taking specific texts from the history of philosophy and literature as case studies, Stewart shows how the use of genres like dialogues, plays and short stories were an entirely suitable and effective means of presenting and arguing for philosophical positions given the concrete historical and cultural contexts in which they appeared. Now, Stewart argues, the prevailing intolerance means that the same texts are dismissed as unphilosophical merely due to their form, although their content is, in fact, profoundly philosophical. The book's challenge to current conventions of philosophical is provocative and timely, and will be of great interest to students and scholars of philosophy, literature and history.