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The thought fox

Author : Ted Hughes
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All the richness of the wild is seen through the poet's eye. Here are poems from Hawk in the Rain, Wodwo, Wolfwatching, Lupercal and River as well as from Adam and the Sacred Nine, their juxtaposition highlighting the variety of the natural world and of Hughes's poetry about it.

Bartlett s Familiar Quotations

Author : John Bartlett
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More than 150 years after its original publication, Bartlett's Familiar Quotations has been completely revised and updated for its eighteenth edition. Bartlett's showcases a sweeping survey of world history, from the times of ancient Egyptians to present day. New authors include Warren Buffett, the Dalai Lama, Bill Gates, David Foster Wallace, Emily Post, Steve Jobs, Jimi Hendrix, Paul Krugman, Hunter S. Thompson, Jon Stewart, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Barack Obama, Che Guevara, Randy Pausch, Desmond Tutu, Julia Child, Fran Leibowitz, Harper Lee, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Patti Smith, William F. Buckley, and Robert F. Kennedy. In the classic Bartlett's tradition, the book offers readers and scholars alike a vast, stunning representation of those words that have influenced and molded our language and culture.

Ted Hughes

Author : Neil Roberts
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A brilliant new study of perhaps the finest English poet of the 20th Century, by a distinguished critic and scholar. This book open with a section on Hughes’s life, including an authoritative treatment of the relationship with Sylvia Plath and the effect of her suicide on his poetry and reputation, followed by a review of Hughes’s artistic strategies, his poetic language, and influences on his work, including his openness to mythology and the poets of Eastern Europe. The body of the book offers an approach to reading New Selected Poems (1995), taking in turn each of the remarkable and remarkably varied works from which the poems were selected—The Hawk in the Rain, Lupercal, Wodwo, Crow, Cave Birds, Season Songs, Gaudete, Remains of Elmet, Moortown Diary, River and Wolfwatching. It concludes with a review of Hughes’s reception, and a six-page bibliography.

The Indian Journal of English Studies

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Scribner s Magazine

Author : Edward Livermore Burlingame
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Ted Hughes and Trauma

Author : Danny O'Connor
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This book is a radical re-appraisal of the poetry of Ted Hughes, placing him in the context of continental theorists such as Jacques Lacan, Jacques Derrida and Slavoj Zizek to address the traumas of his work. As an undergraduate, Hughes was visited in his sleep by a burnt fox/man who left a bloody handprint on his essay, warning him of the dangers of literary criticism. Hereafter, criticism became ‘burning the foxes’. This book offers a defence of literary criticism, drawing Hughes’ poetry and prose into the network of theoretical work he dismissed as ‘the tyrant’s whisper’ by demonstrating a shared concern with trauma. Covering a wide range of Hughes’ work, it explores the various traumas that define his writing. Whether it is comparing his idea of man as split from nature with that of Jacques Lacan, considering his challenging relationship with language in light of Roland Barthes and Jacques Derrida, seeing him in the art gallery and at the movies with Gilles Deleuze, or considering his troubled relationship with femininity in regard to Teresa Brennan and Slavoj Žižek, Burning the Foxes offers a fresh look at a familiar poet.

Friends Intelligencer and Journal

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Author : Philip Reeve
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In a world of drones and androids Zen Starling is a human thief, but mostly he just likes to ride the Interstellar Express, the sentient trains that travel through the K gates from planet to planet, something only the Guardians understand--but now the mysterious Raven wants him to steal the Pyxis, an object that could either open up a new gate, challenging the Guardians, or put the entire gate system, and the universe itself in danger.

Bulletin of the Department of English

Author : University of Calcutta. Department of English
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Ted Hughes Class and Violence

Author : Paul Bentley
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Ted Hughes is widely regarded as a major figure in twentieth-century poetry, but the impact of Hughes's class background on his work has received little attention. This is the first full length study to take the measure of the importance of class in Hughes. It presents a radically new version of Hughes that challenges the image of Hughes as primarily a nature poet, as well as the image of the Tory Laureate. The controversy over 'natural' violence in Hughes's early poems, Hughes's relationship with Seamus Heaney, the Laureateship, and Hughes's revisiting of his relationship with Sylvia Plath in Birthday Letters (1998), are reconsidered in terms of Hughes's class background. Drawing on the thinking of cultural theorists such as Slavoj Žižek, Terry Eagleton, and Julia Kristeva, the book presents new political readings of familiar Hughes poems, alongside consideration of posthumously collected poems and letters, to reveal a surprising picture of a profoundly class-conscious poet.

The Old Dominion

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History of the Life and Times of Edmund Burke

Author : Thomas Macknight
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Gunn Hughes

Author : Alan Norman Bold
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The Complete Writings of Lord Macaulay History of England

Author : Thomas Babington Macaulay Baron Macaulay
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The Complete Works of Thomas Babington Macaulay History of England

Author : Thomas Babington Macaulay Baron Macaulay
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Exploring the Thought of Rabbi Joseph B Soloveitchik

Author : Marc Angel
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His contributions have inspired his many students and others to revisit his writings and lectures in order to better fathom his work. This collection of essays provides a panoramic view of the many vital subjects on which he held forth, and thus is a superb introduction to the work of this remarkable figure.

The Naval History of the Civil War

Author : David Dixon Porter
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Complete with illustrations of ships and generals, this volume details the naval campaigns and battles of the American Civil War, including the "Trent Affair," attacks on Vicksburg and capture of Arkansas Post.

Dictionary of Doctrinal and Historical Theology

Author : John Henry Blunt
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Journal of the Reign of King George II from the Year 1771 to 1783

Author : Horace Walpole
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Ireland s Others

Author : Elizabeth Cullingford
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Ireland's Others is a collection of essays by noted literary and cultural critic Elizabeth Butler Cullingford. In this volume, Cullingford assesses attempts by Irish writers to reverse hostile colonial stereotypes by creating analogies between their situations and those of other oppressed people. She analyzes the political costs and benefits of these analogies, and considers the plight of "others" within Ireland, including women, gays, travelers, and abused children. Cullingford illuminates the connection between gender, sexuality, and national identity by comparing modern Irish literature with contemporary Irish and American popular culture. Exploring the work of Boucicault, Shaw, Friel, Jordan, McGuinness, and others, she considers the impact of globalization on Irish culture.