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The Teacher Monologues

Author : Mindy R. Carter
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This book examines the experiences of four Conservatory style trained actors, who go onto complete teacher education programs. In keeping with a/r/tography this research uses social science methods and creative methods of data collection. Interviews and reflective writing about the participant’s educational and experiential backgrounds are complimented by the writing of monologues. Themes from the data collected during interviews, reflective writing and monologues led to the understandings that: there is a connection between developing consciousness and having a noetic experience; actor-teachers want to talk about their noetic experiences; residue is an a/r/tographic rendering used to describe the way that having an illuminating experience in theatre school affected the participants; and an immanent curriculum can be understood by theatrical engagement. In addition to exploring the interview data and monologues, time is spent understanding the works of Antonin Artaud, a prolific theatre artist and a/r/tography, a method of arts-based research. This theoretical and a/r/tographical investigation leads to the creation of Interludes. These Interludes, theorized as rhizomatic curricular offshoots, allow for multiple entry points into these new understandings and provide an example of how to bring together artful inquiry into an academic arena. AWARDS: 2013 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Arts Based Educational Research (ABER) Dissertation Honorable Mention 2013 Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CATE) Canadian Association of Teacher Education (CATE) PhD Dissertation Award of Distinction Link to Info: Dr. Mindy R. Carter is an Assistant Professor at McGill University in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education. She has taught a range of education courses specializing in arts education and curriculum theory. Her research focuses on a/r/tography, teacher identity, teacher education, arts based educational research and curriculum. Her publications have addressed knowledge mobilization, democracy and arts education, the impact of autobiographical and a/r/tographical dispositions on teacher candidates and the impact of creating art on teacher’s pedagogical development and identity. She is actively involved in local and international arts education organizations.

The Gutfeld Monologues

Author : Greg Gutfeld
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The New York Times bestselling collection from FOX News star Greg Gutfeld features his best and pithiest monologues on the current state of the world, covering everything from pop culture to politics, annotated for the modern day with all new content. “Wherever I go, I am hit repeatedly by the same question: where can I read your monologues? It should be easy to find these little nuggets of knowledge.” Well, now it is. In the past few years, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld has covered everything from crazed academics, to unhinged celebrities, to the wildest election in recent history on his shows The Five and The Greg Gutfeld Show. In The Gutfeld Monologues, he brings together his best and favorite monologues in this funny, unconventional collection for new and longtime fans alike. Scored through with marginal edits, scratch-outs, 20/20 hindsight, and up-to-the-minute commentary on what he got wrong, this book isn’t your typical anthology collection. With his signature humor, wit, and insight, Greg explains it all in this memorable collection about some of our country’s most crucial—and not so crucial—modern moments.

Humanities Curriculum

Author :
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Shakespeare and Young Adult Literature

Author : Victor Malo-Juvera
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This is the first book that offers educators suggested approaches for teaching young adult literature in tandem with the most commonly taught works of Shakespeare.

The Canadian Teacher

Author : Gideon E. Henderson
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Foreign Language Teaching from the Point of View of Certain Student Activities

Author : Eie Ericsson
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Rote Learning Comprehension and Participation by the Learners in Zairian Classrooms

Author : Mirjami Koivukari
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The Role of the Classroom Teacher in Increasing the Effectiveness of Televised Instruction

Author : Meredith Ann Church
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New Jokes and Monologues by the Best Jokers Stage Conundrums No 4

Author :
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The Analysis of Classroom Discourse

Author : Mary Jane McCue Aschner
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Notes on the Teaching of French

Author : Frederick Caesar de Sumichrast
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The Best Men s Stage Monologues of 1994

Author : Jocelyn Beard
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Gathers fifty-one selections from plays suitable for use as audition monologues

The Best Men s Stage Monologues of 2003

Author : D. L. Lepidus
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Includes a wide variety of characters of various ages with many for younger performers under forty.

Jim Rickey s Monologues

Author : Christian Dane Hagerty
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More Monologues for Teenagers

Author : Roger Karshner
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These original monologues are of ideal duration, embrace contemporary subjects, have definite points of view, are written in today's speech, and have beginnings, middles and ends. And they are not over-worked war horses. They are fresh slices of modern life that focus maximum attention on you. They are formatted with readable spacing and printed on eye-easy paper. Every consideration has been taken to make the book easy on the actor and a readily useable effective tool.

Dissertation Abstracts International

Author :
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New Monologues for Women by Women

Author : Tori Haring-Smith
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Editors Tori Haring-Smith and Liz Engelman present fifty-nine previously unpublished monologues written by some of the most inspiring and exciting women now emerging onto the international stage

Methods of Teaching Modern Languages

Author : A. M. Elliott
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Peppy Monologues

Author : Mary Moncure Parker
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Towards a Rhetoric of Teaching

Author : Mary Margaret Juzwik
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