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The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures

Author : Henri Lipmanowicz
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Smart leaders know that they would greatly increase productivity and innovation if only they could get everyone fully engaged. So do professors, facilitators and all changemakers. The challenge is how. Liberating Structures are novel, practical and no-nonsense methods to help you accomplish this goal with groups of any size. Prepare to be surprised by how simple and easy they are for anyone to use. This book shows you how with detailed descriptions for putting them into practice plus tips on how to get started and traps to avoid. It takes the design and facilitation methods experts use and puts them within reach of anyone in any organization or initiative, from the frontline to the C-suite. Part One: The Hidden Structure of Engagement will ground you with the conceptual framework and vocabulary of Liberating Structures. It contrasts Liberating Structures with conventional methods and shows the benefits of using them to transform the way people collaborate, learn, and discover solutions together. Part Two: Getting Started and Beyond offers guidelines for experimenting in a wide range of applications from small group interactions to system-wide initiatives: meetings, projects, problem solving, change initiatives, product launches, strategy development, etc. Part Three: Stories from the Field illustrates the endless possibilities Liberating Structures offer with stories from users around the world, in all types of organizations -- from healthcare to academic to military to global business enterprises, from judicial and legislative environments to R&D. Part Four: The Field Guide for Including, Engaging, and Unleashing Everyone describes how to use each of the 33 Liberating Structures with step-by-step explanations of what to do and what to expect. Discover today what Liberating Structures can do for you, without expensive investments, complicated training, or difficult restructuring. Liberate everyone's contributions -- all it takes is the determination to experiment.

All You Have to Do Is Ask

Author : Wayne Baker
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A set of tools for mastering the one skill standing between us and success: the ability to ask for the things we need to succeed. Imagine you’re on a deadline for a big project, and feeling overwhelmed. Or you're looking for a job, but can't seem to get your foot in the door. Or you're dying for tickets to a sold out concert, and all your leads have gone cold. What do these problems have in common? They can all be solved simply by reaching out to a colleague, friend, or wider network and making an ask. Studies show that asking for help makes us better and less frustrated at our jobs. It helps us find new opportunities and new talent. It unlocks new ideas and solutions, and enhances team performance. And it helps us get the things we need outside the workplace as well. And yet, we rarely give ourselves permission to ask. Luckily, the research shows that asking—and getting—what we need is much easier than we tend to think. Here, Wayne Baker shares a set of strategies—used at companies like Google, GM, and IDEO—that individuals, teams, and leaders can use to make asking for help a personal and organizational habit, including: • A quiz to identify your asking-giving style • SMART criteria for who, when, and how to ask • “Plug-and-play ” routines that make requests a standard component of meetings • Mini-games that incentivize asking within teams • The Reciprocity Ring, a guided activity that allows people to tap into the giving power of a network Picking up where the bestselling book Give and Take left off, All You Have to Do Is Ask shows us how to ignite the cycle of giving and receiving by asking for the things we need. Advance praise for All You Have to Do Is Ask “Asking for help and support has been a key to my success. Wayne Baker expertly shares how everyone can do it.”—Shellye Archambeau, former CEO, MetricStream, and board director, Verizon and Nordstrom “Wayne Baker shares the formula for driving personal, organizational, and social change by tapping the power of our teams and networks for help. This insightful book is a must-read for anyone seeking practical and proven solutions to make our workplaces and world a better place.”—Noel Tichy, professor, University of Michigan, and author of Judgment and Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will

Red Teaming

Author : Bryce G. Hoffman
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THE GAME-CHANGING APPROACH TO STRATEGY AND PLANNING THAT WILL KEEP YOUR BUSINESS AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION 'American Icon was one of the most significant business books ever written and Red Teaming is further proof that Bryce Hoffman is one of the great business writers and thinkers of our time. This is a book that every business and team needs to read NOW! - Jon Gordon, bestselling author of The Energy Bus and You Win in the Locker Room First 'Another home run for Bryce Hoffman. Red teaming methods can correct overconfidence and impulsive decision making - just what we need today' - Gary Klein, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, MacroCognition LLC, and author of Sources of Power 'Red Teaming provides the specific tools and a reliable process to continuously improve your management system and business plan to adapt and thrive in our rapidly changing world' - Alan Mulally, Retired President and CEO of The Ford Motor Company and Boeing Commercial Airplanes Developed by the military and intelligence agencies, red teaming is a revolutionary way to stress-test strategies, flush out unseen threats and missed opportunities and execute more successfully in an increasingly uncertain world. Red teaming can help any company plan better, anticipate emerging threats and avoid potentially disastrous mistakes - from mistimed product launches to ill-conceived acquisitions. Drawing on the latest research in cognitive psychology, red teaming is specifically designed to overcome the mental blind spots and biases companies and individuals fall victim to when making big decisions or trying to solve complex problems. Red teaming makes critical and contrarian thinking part of the planning process, forcing companies to take a hard look their assumptions, examine the ways in which plans could fail, and carefully consider alternative explanations and perspectives. It enables organizations to make smarter choices and turn disruptive events into opportunities. Many of these same approaches have been organically incorporated into the decision-making processes of today's most sucecssful companies, from Amazon and Google to Ford and Toyota. As the first civilian to graduate from the US Army's elite red team leaders course, Bryce Hoffman is uniquely placed to reveal a clear set of tools and techniques that will enable every company, department, team and organization to adopt this game-changing method into their business too. By embracing red teaming, managers, leaders and aspiring leaders in companies of every size and in every industry will be able to plan better, compete more effectively, innovate more proactively, and make their businesses one of the disruptors in the marketplace, rather than one of the disrupted. Don't get left behind.

The power of balance

Author : William R. Torbert
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Presenting a new theory of power, a new practice of management and a new theory of social science, this volume contradicts the following received wisdoms: that `all power corrupts'; that all organizational structure constrains; and that social science is `purer' the more it is divorced from action. Torbert presents a conceptualization of power that generates productivity, justice and inquiry; develops a theory of `liberating structure' through which organizations can generate continual quality improvement; and introduces a new paradigm of engaged social science - `action inquiry'.

Participatory Democracy

Author : Dimitrios I. Roussopoulos
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A way of looking at politics from which a stronger democratic practice might emerge.

The Power of Positive Deviance

Author : Richard Pascale
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Think of the toughest problems in your organization or community. What if they'd already been solved and you didn't even know it? In The Power of Positive Deviance, the authors present a counterintuitive new approach to problem-solving. Their advice? Leverage positive deviants--the few individuals in a group who find unique ways to look at, and overcome, seemingly insoluble difficulties. By seeing solutions where others don't, positive deviants spread and sustain needed change. With vivid, firsthand stories of how positive deviance has alleviated some of the world's toughest problems (malnutrition in Vietnam, staph infections in hospitals), the authors illuminate its core practices, including: · Mobilizing communities to discover "invisible" solutions in their midst · Using innovative designs to "act" your way into a new way of thinking instead of thinking your way into a new way of acting · Confounding the organizational "immune response" seeking to sustain the status quo Inspiring and insightful, The Power of Positive Deviance unveils a potent new way to tackle the thorniest challenges in your own company and community.

Information Service

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Social Structure and Political Theory

Author : William E. Connolly
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The Christian

Author :
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Searching the Scriptures A feminist introduction

Author : Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza
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This long-awaited critical feminist introduction to Scripture underlines the political character of biblical interpretation. Yet it does not adopt the conceptual and methodological approach of The Woman's Bible, seeking rather to be inclusive, ecumenical, and multicultural.

The Case for Participatory Democracy

Author : C. George Benello
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Solar Energy Conversion

Author : Gertz I. Likhtenshtein
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Finally filling a gap in the literature for a text that also adopts the chemist's view of this hot topic, Professor Likhtenshtein, an experienced author and internationally renowned scientist, considers different physical and engineering aspects in solar energy conversion. From theory to real-life systems, he shows exactly which chemical reactions take place when converting light energy, providing an overview of the chemical perspective from fundamentals to molecular harvesting systems and solar cells. This essential guide will thus help researchers in academia and industry better understand solar energy conversion, and so ultimately help this promising, multibillion dollar fi eld to expand. From the contents: * Electron Transfer Theories * Principle Stages of Photosynthetic Light Energy Conversion * Photochemical Systems of Light Energy Conversion * Redox Processes on Surface of Semiconductors and Metals * Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells * Photocatalytic Reduction and Oxidation of Water

Come Home America

Author : William Greider
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Asserts that America is straying from its democratic ideals and faltering in a rapidly globalized world community, and challenges policies that are based on a priority of making America "number one" in the world while examining the economic and politicalforces that have brought about contemporary problems.

Labor in the World Social Structure

Author : Immanuel Maurice Wallerstein
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A major breakthrough. Not only is this volume a collaboration between Soviet and American scholars, it is a first attempt at empirical verification of abstract concepts of labour that have been in use for some time. The essays focus on three key themes: the differences in the role of workers in core and peripheral countries; the relationship between nationalism and working class movements; and the increasing qualification of workers and the 'deskilling' of work. Fascinating differences in approach and conclusions between American and Soviet researchers are revealed.

Social Theory

Author : Daniel W. Rossides
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Social Theory: Its Origins, History, and Contemporary Relevance analyzes the tradition of social theory in terms of its origins and changes in kind of societies. Rossides provides a full discussion of the sociohistorical environments that generated Western social theory with a focus on the contemporary modern world. While employing a sociology of knowledge approach that identifies theories as aristocratic versus democratic, liberal versus socialist and also liberal feminist versus radical feminist; it attempts to construct a scientific, unified social theory in the West. Additionally, it also features African American theory, American culture studies, political and legal philosophy, and environmental theory.


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United Church Herald

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The Abide Guide

Author : Oliver Benjamin
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THE DUDE ABIDES... AND YOU CAN TOO! When you seek salvation from this stressed out, uptight world, there’s only one man to go to for guidance—the Dude. At once helpful, funny and profound (like The Big Lebowski itself), this survival guide from the founders of the Church of the Latter-Day Dude and their top disciples shows how to be as Dude-like as the Dude (well, almost): •Secrets of sacred Dudeist practices •The Seven Spiritual Laws of Taking it Easy •Great Dudes who changed the world (without really trying) •New feminist philosophy for special ladies •The Way of the Dude applied to politics, ethics and finances •A 12-step program for personal dudevolution •The science of really tying your room together All this and a lot more what-have-you. So the next time life throws you a gutterball, just pick up this book and ask, “What Would the Dude Do?” It’s your answer for everything.

Violence and Hope in a U S Mexico Border Town

Author : Jody Glittenberg
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A timely and data-driven monograph enriched by the authentic voice of its Mexican American subjects, Violence and Hope reveals sociopolitical strife and power between the borders of two nations. It is a potent story of inequality of opportunity, immigration, drug and human trafficking, gangs, prostitution, poverty, crime, and family violence in Esperanza, a U.S. town 45 miles from Mexico. Glittenberg tells how members of a community in need of transformation, riddled with drive-by shootings and competing gangs, become enraged by a violent event and mobilize to confront the wide-reaching issues they face. Esperanzans, in their growing awareness that violence comes not only from the outside but also the inside, seek financial resources and courage to escape from their cultural pattern of silence, complicity, and complacency.

Contemporary Literary Criticism

Author : Tom Burns
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Covers authors who are currently active or who died after December 31, 1959. Profiles novelists, poets, playwrights and other creative and nonfiction writers by providing criticism taken from books, magazines, literary reviews, newspapers and scholarly journals.