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The Summer We Got Free

Author : Mia McKenzie
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At one time a wild young girl and a brilliant artist, Ava Delaney changes dramatically after a violent event that rocks her entire family. Once loved and respected in their community and in their church, they are ostracized by their neighbors, led by their church leader, and a seventeen-year feud between the Delaneys and the church ensues. Ava and her family are displaced from the community even as they continue to live within it, trapped inside their creaky, shadowy old house. When a mysterious woman arrives unexpectedly for a visit, her presence stirs up the past and ghosts and other restless things begin to emerge. And something is reignited in Ava: the indifferent woman she has become begins to give way to the wild girl, and the passionate artist, she used to be. But not without a struggle that threatens her well-being and, ultimately, her life. Winner of the 2013 Lambda Literary Award for Debut Fiction.

The Summer We Got Saved

Author : Pat Cunningham Devoto
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- Pat Cunningham Devoto's most recent novel, Out of the Night That Covers Me (0-446-52751-3, Warner hard-cover, 1/01), has over 60,000 copies in combined print and was highly praised in the New York Times Book Review and Washington Post Book World, among other publications. - My Last Days as Roy Rogers (0-446-52388-7, Warner hardcover, 1/99). Devoto's notable debut, received widespread praise in the Denver Post, Cleveland Plain Dealer, and Kirkus Reviews, among other publications. - Born and raised in North Alabama, Pat Cunningham Devoto taps into her personal experiences and memories of growing up in the changing South to infuse The Summer We Got Saved with astonishing honesty and poignancy.

First Crossing of the Polar Sea

Author : Roald Amundsen
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Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

Transgender Activists and Celebrities

Author : The New York Times Editorial Staff
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As the fight for transgender rights has grown and made incredible strides, so too has a new generation of activists and celebrities stepped forward into the spotlight to promote awareness, sensitivity, and respect for their community. The articles in this book share the stories of dozens of the figures who have been key in the evolving push for greater trans visibility and acceptance. Featuring the lives and words of such prominent figures as Laverne Cox, Jennifer Finley Boylan, and Caitlyn Jenner, these pieces highlight the ways in which prominent individuals living incredibly public lives are changing the conversation around the transgender community and the rights and respect its members deserve.

Skye Falling

Author : Mia McKenzie
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GOOD MORNING AMERICA BUZZ PICK • A woman who’s used to going solo discovers that there’s one relationship she can’t run away from in this “hilarious, electric” (The New York Times) novel, a probing examination of the complexities of family, queerness, race, and community LAMBDA LITERARY AWARD WINNER• ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR: The Boston Globe, Autostraddle, Shondaland • “A new kind of love story, the best kind.”—Ashley C. Ford, New York Times bestselling author of Somebody’s Daughter When she was twenty-six and broke, Skye didn’t think twice before selling her eggs and happily pocketing the cash. Now approaching forty, Skye still moves through life entirely—and unrepentantly—on her own terms, living out of a suitcase and avoiding all manner of serious relationships. Maybe her junior high classmates weren’t wrong when they voted her “Most Likely to Be Single” instead of “Most Ride-or-Die Homie,” but at least she’s always been free to do as she pleases. Then a twelve-year-old girl tracks Skye down during one of her brief visits to her hometown of Philadelphia and informs Skye that she’s “her egg.” Skye’s life is thrown into sharp relief and she decides that it might be time to actually try to have a meaningful relationship with another human being. Spoiler alert: It’s not easy. Things get even more complicated when Skye realizes that the woman she tried and failed to pick up the other day is the girl’s aunt, and now it’s awkward. All the while, her brother is trying to get in touch, her mother is being bewilderingly kind, and the West Philly pool halls and hoagie shops of her youth have been replaced by hipster cafés. With its endearingly prickly narrator and a cast of characters willing to both challenge her and catch her when she falls, this novel is a clever, moving portrait of a woman and the relationships she thought she could live without.

Vignettes Of A Wonderful Life

Author : Ralph Palmer
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Vignettes of a Wonderful Life is a true love story of the fascinating and exciting lifetimes of two Christians in love with each other and with God. It provides brief and often funny glimpses of the Palmers’ lives from adventures as children in the 1920s—involving rattlesnakes, bears, and pumas—to our present space age. It includes their romance and marriage, plus wryly humorous and profoundly difficult times during the Great Depression, military service in World War II, and mission work among Native Americans and Chinese immigrants, as well as time spent as overseas missionaries on the island of Jamaica and in Japan. Their stories include service as educators, speakers, pastoral ministers, executives in higher education, in regional work, and in the Disciples Mission Board.

A Lifetime of Memories

Author : Tillie Fields
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This book is compiled of a collection of stories that I wrote during the course of my lifetime. Once in awhile I would try my hand at poetry. These poems are towards the end of the book. I wish to share these stories and poems with you, the reader, so you can learn how I lived my life.

The Melghat Trail

Author : Prakash Thosre
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Gripping encounters with wildlife is the heart and soul of the book. Such thrilling situations include a dozen wild boars congregating just a few feet away from the author, a leopard crouching at hand-shaking distance under his machaan, a leopard killing a bullock very near the author’s bed, a loner gaur about to stamp on him while he was sleeping out, a visit to a tiger’s den, following a tiger on foot, a ferocious charge by a sloth bear, the ruthless whistling hunters on a kill, and so on. The frustration of not sighting the Melghat tiger for one and half years after joining as the field director, Melghat Tiger Project, followed by the joy of sighting the elusive Melghat tiger, are described in the stories. During his journey through Melghat, the author met a variety of his unsung heroes, for whom sufficient space is given. There are funny situations judiciously sprinkled across too—a man on the upper branch, a tiger on the middle branch, and wild dogs surrounding the tree; a nightjar landing on the body of a VIP, tipsy animals and bears. It’s a comprehensive treat.

Suburban High

Author : Talen Williams
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Suburban High Book Two: Crossroads By: Talen Williams With a little help from this friends, both past and present, fourteen-year-old William Moon was able to overcome the nightmares of this past. Now he is committed to living his life as he promised the spirit of his childhood friend, April, he would. But Will isn’t the only one with unpleasant memories of the past. His friend, Nathan Stone, must confront the person who took his first love away. And Ashley Baker’s former-best-friend-turned-bitter-nemesis makes a surprising return. As Will continues to adapt to both life in the suburbs and in high school, he’s presented with choices that will either help him fulfill the promises he made to his friends, both old and new, or will cost him everything he’s accomplished so far.


Author : James Henry Harris
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This book is about a Black man's experience of reading Mark Twain's classic Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for the first time while in graduate school. The story captures the author's emotional struggle with Twain's use of the racial epithet more than two hundred times in the text. Author James Henry Harris reports being relieved to come to the end of the semester of "encountering Twain's use of [the forbidden word] every week. . . . I was teetering on the brink of falling apart. . . . For the first time the class seemed to understand my painful struggle, and my plight as a Black man in class was a metaphor, a symbol of the past, present, and postmodern condition of American society." This is a courageous memoir that wrestles with the historic stain of racism and the ongoing impact of racist language in postmodern society. The book is about Harris's flashbacks, conversations, and dilemmas spawned by use of the epithet in a classroom setting where the author was the only Black person. His diary-like reflections reveal his skill as a keen reader of culture and literature. In these pages, Harris challenges his instructor and classmates and inspires readers to redress the long history of American racism and white supremacy bound up with the N-word. He reflects on how current Black artists and others use the word in a different way with the intention of empowering or claiming the term. But Harris is not convinced that even this usage does not further feed the word's racist roots. Healing racial division begins with understanding the deep impact our words can have to tear down or to heal. This book invites the reader into this important conversation.