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The Strategic Survey 2015

Author : The International The International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS)
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The Strategic Surveyis the annual review of world affairs from the International Institute for Strategic Studies. It is an invaluable tool for interpreting world-wide strategic developments and the year's key events in international relations.

Strategic Survey for Israel 2015 2016

Author : Shelomoh Brom
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Priorities and Planning Strategic Survey Priorities and Planning Input from Client Groups and Canadians 2015 2016

Author :
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The Strategic Survey 2021

Author : The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS)
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Strategic Survey 2021: The Annual Assessment of Geopolitics provides objective, in-depth analysis by leading experts of the events, actors and forces driving international relations. It is the indispensable guide for policymakers, business leaders, analysts and academics who need to understand the geopolitical and geo-economic trends shaping the global agenda in 2022 and beyond. Key features · Comprehensive annual review of world affairs from the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the leading international research institute that provides objective analysis of military, geopolitical and geo-economic developments that could lead to conflict. · Covers developments in all regions as well as emerging issues and trends not yet on most radars, and analyses the major themes and forces shaping each continent. · Essays on a comprehensive range of global issues including vaccine diplomacy, digital conflict, Europe’s emerging Asia-Pacific strategies, the rise of carbon neutrality, the prospects for Iran’s nuclear programme, and the future of political Islam. · Drivers of Strategic Change for major states: Verified, comparable data on state power that provides a rich and vivid guide to forces underlying geopolitical change. · Data-rich graphics and maps that provide fresh insights into geopolitical change, and a timeline of the key events of 2020–21.

Ukraine and Beyond

Author : Janne Haaland Matlary
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This book is the first full-spectrum analysis of Russian and European norms of political action, ranging from international law, ethics, and strategy, to the specific norms for the use of force. It brings together leading scholars from these various fields, examining the differences in norm understanding between Russia and Europe. In light of the 2014 occupation and annexation of Crimea by Russia, and its subsequent covert participation in the internal affairs of Ukraine, including aggressive flying and major military exercises, Russia seems to be a classical revisionist power, intent on changing the balance of power in Europe in particular. It also reaches beyond Europe, inserting itself as the key actor in the Syrian war. The book therefore considers how we should understand Russia. It also questions whether or not the West, in particular Europe, responds adequately in this delicate and dangerous new situation. The book concludes that at present Russia acts strategically and with considerable success whereas Europe is reactive in its response.

Handbook of Transitions to Energy and Climate Security

Author : Robert E. Looney
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An original contribution to our understanding of a phenomenon that is reshaping the world, this title thoroughly discusses the transformation of the energy security policy arena brought on by two dramatic developments – the increased potential availability of energy in many parts of the world on the supply side, and on the demand side increasing concerns over the harmful effects on the environment brought on by the use of fossil fuels. An in depth discussion specifically focuses on what energy security means to different countries, and examines which of those countries appear to be managing their energy/climate transitions successfully and which are having a more difficult time adapting to the new environment. Part 1 introduces the topic, covering the main themes and provides an overview of the chapters Part 2 provides a framework for policy evaluation, considering the evolving factors affecting energy security and the energy/climate policy trilemma Parts 3 to 6 discuss energy transitions in the carbon producing countries (Saudi Arabia, Canada, Iran, Russia, Mexico), in intermediate carbon/producing/consuming countries (China, United States, UK, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa), in carbon consuming countries (Germany, Japan, South Korea, Israel, India, Spain) and finally in carbon reduction countries (France, Denmark, Switzerland) Part 7 looks at attempts at regional/international cooperation Part 8 considers the prospects for the future, examining technological breakthroughs. This title builds on the theme of unfolding energy transformations driven by, but increasingly constrained by climate/environmental considerations. It is ideal for researchers and students in the areas of environmental politics and policy, climate change, and energy and climate security, as well as for academics and professionals.

Eurasia s Maritime Rise and Global Security

Author : Geoffrey F. Gresh
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This book explores Eurasia’s growing embrace of its maritime geography from the Indian Ocean to Pacific Asia and the Arctic. In an age of climate change, the melting of the Arctic will transform Eurasia’s importance, in addition to influencing the political, economic, and military dynamics across Eurasia’s main maritime regions. These emerging shifts have already begun to alter maritime trade and investment patterns, and thus the global political economy. It also creates a rising threat to the current status quo of world order that has long been dominated by the Atlantic World. This edited volume showcases some of the world’s leading experts and examines Eurasia from a saltwater perspective, analyzing its main maritime spaces in a threefold manner—as avenue, as arena, as source—to show the significance of this geostrategic change and why it matters for the future of the world’s oceans.

The EU in Southeast Asian Security

Author : Ronja Scheler
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This book revealingly traces the ways in which third-party perceptions of an international actor affect its agency in global affairs by using the example of the European Union’s engagement in Southeast Asian non-traditional security. Utilizing an innovative analytical framework emphasising the intersubjective nature of international actorness, it provides novel insights into cooperation between the EU and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The book covers fields such as counter-terrorism, disaster management, or maritime security affairs and emphasises the role that ASEAN’s perceptions of the EU play in them. Based on rich empirical data gained from multiple interviews in Europe and Southeast Asia, the author uncovers the missing link between external perceptions of the EU and their impact on joint EU-ASEAN endeavours in non-traditional security fields. The book concludes by making some concrete recommendations to policy-makers engaged in EU external relations and reminds us that ‘the other’ and its domestic context might be even more important in thinking about international affairs than acknowledged thus far. This book is of key interest to scholars, practitioners and students of EU foreign policy, EU-ASEAN affairs, EU-Asia relations, and more broadly of EU studies, International Relations, regionalism and interregionalism as well as security studies.

Human Trafficking in Africa

Author : Alecia Dionne Hoffman
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India s Maritime Strategy

Author : Shishir Upadhyaya
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The first book by a former Indian naval intelligence officer on Sino-India relations, India’s Maritime Strategy provides a unique insight into the Indian Navy, tracing its post-independence growth and discussing its transformation and future in the 21st century. In the context of the rise of China’s maritime power in the Indian Ocean, this book provides a nuanced view of the extent and scope of India’s maritime reach and the effect of this on Sino-Indian competition. Challenging the view that by developing a favourable environment alone, India could seek to maintain its balance of power with China, it is argued that despite durable bilateral security ties with most regional states, India’s maritime aspirations to be the primary net security provider for the region are unsustainable in the long term. This book presents a comprehensive coverage of India’s bilateral maritime security engagements with all the Indian Ocean regional states, as well as the US, France, UK and Russia. As such, it will be useful to students and scholars of Indian and South Asian politics, international relations and maritime security.