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The Strangest Family The Private Lives of George III Queen Charlotte and the Hanoverians

Author : Janice Hadlow
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An intensely moving account of George III’s doomed attempt to create a happy, harmonious family, written with astonishing emotional force by a stunning new history writer.

A Kingdom of Four

Author : Lucy hall
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Their marriage was the beginning of an alliance, Southerson and Douberson together, a force of two kingdoms that no one would assail.A force beyond the walls cause havoc as they conquer all who stand in their way. Without the numbers to withstand an attack from such a deadly army an arranged marriage is put in place to unite two kingdoms. An alliance that even King Sacor and his Force known only as the Wolf's could not defeat. It was set in stone. Prince Cayden who shared a love for Alia, a woman he was forbidden to be with, would marry Princess Angelica a women addressed as broken for the simple fact her love for Mylle was different. It doesn't take long for Angelica to catch onto Cayden's feelings for Alia, so they soon form a plan to turn their marriage of two to a family of four. A plan that could jeopardise any alliance between the kingdoms especially if Prince Uri had any say in the matter. Angelica's brother detested his sisters love, which only escalated when he heard the news that Cayden kept Mylle around.With the death of Angelica's farther the throne was left to the new King Uri. The word soon traveled that Uri was forming an alliance elsewhere. Causing King Sacor to attack Cayden's kingdom leaving all four of them and Uri's new niece and nephew in danger.With no word from Uri that the alliance was still in place Cayden is left with two choices. Wait and hope for Uri's back up or prepare for battle on their own.

Family Skeletons

Author : Tonya Hoover
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Adams Family Correspondence January 1790 December 1793

Author : Adams family
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A collection of letters exchanged by members of the Adams family through three full generations and part of a fourth beginning with the courtship of John Adams and Abigail Smith and ending with the death of Abigail Brooks Adams, wife of the first Charles Francis Adams, United States minister to London during the American Civil War.

Papers Poetry Prose

Author : pierce Middle School
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Papers, Poetry & Prose offers a reminder to all of us that dealing with life as a teen can be an emotional, difficult, and challenging. It also reminds us that friendships, new experiences and growing up is an amazing experience. Sit back reflect and remember your teen years as these students share theirs. No celebrities here, just dedicated young writers exercising their voices. Papers, Poetry & Prose is a teenage perspective on life. Eighth grade students from Pierce Middle School in Waterford, Michigan open their writer's notebooks and inspire other teens to pick up their pens and write. They take on topics that are funny, sad, creative and difficult. The ideas range from tiny hurdles that are faced in daily life, to obstacles that no one should have to face. The writings include poems, memories, stories and insights. The writing presented is created through a writer's workshop format which allowed the students to choose their own topics, revise and peer edit as well as share their ideas and work along the way.

Great British Eccentrics

Author : S. D. Tucker
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An entertaining guide to the most eccentric characters from British history

Ludmila Ulitskaya and the Art of Tolerance

Author : Elizabeth Skomp
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Novelist Ludmila Ulitskaya is a best-selling and critically lauded Russian writer who champions the values of liberalism and tolerance and critiques Putin's policies. This is the first English-language book about this important writer, placing her in the shifting landscape of post-Soviet society and culture.

The Alex Crow

Author : Andrew Smith
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“Andrew Smith is the Kurt Vonnegut of YA . . . [Smith’s novels] are the freshest, richest, and weirdest books to hit the YA world in years.” —Entertainment Weekly Skillfully blending multiple story strands that transcend time and place, award-winning Grasshopper Jungle author Andrew Smith chronicles the story of Ariel, a refugee who is the sole survivor of an attack on his small village. Now living with an adoptive family in Sunday, West Virginia, Ariel's story is juxtaposed against those of a schizophrenic bomber and the diaries of a failed arctic expedition from the late nineteenth century . . . and a depressed, bionic reincarnated crow. From the Hardcover edition.

The Parliamentary Review and Family Magazine

Author :
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Atlas of the World s Strangest Animals

Author : Paula Hammond
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A survey of 50 of the more unusual animal species--from the aardvark to the seahorse--lists the strangest animals of the world by continent, providing key facts about their lifespans, diets, unusual characteristics and habitats.

The Overland Monthly

Author :
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Europa Blues

Author : Arne Dahl
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A Greek gangster arrives in Stockholm, only to be murdered in a macabre fashion at Skansen zoo, his body consumed by animals. As the Intercrime Unit – a team dedicated to solving international violent crime – investigate what brought him to Sweden, eight Eastern European women vanish from a refugee centre outside of the city while an elderly professor, the tattooed numbers on his arm hinting at his terrible past, is executed at the Jewish cemetery. Three cases, one team of detectives and an investigation that will take them across Europe and back through history as they desperately search for answers, and the identities of their killers.

Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine

Author :
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We Be Family You and I

Author : William J. Webbe Sr.
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This story is fictional. It is about a sixteen year old boy Nicholas and his long time fifteen year old girlfriend Jennifer. It is about their awakening to their sexual feelings. It is about a mythical deer, the Lord Prince of the Forest. This deer has appeared in the forest of Nicks Grandparents for more than fifty years. Hunters throughout the years have at close range shot at it but no one can hit it. Nick is living with his grandparents until his parents divorce is finalized and the battle for him is settled in court. On Nicks sixteenth birthday both his parents come in separate cars to the grandparents for his birthday celebration. He receives a 35 cal. Marlin for his first hunt. Alone in the woods on his first hunt, he dozes off. He meets face to face with the Lord Prince of the Forest. Nick does not take the shot as everyone use had done. The Lord Prince of the Forest looks at Nick motionless eye to eye and by telepathy says We be Family you and I. Nick not knowing how or why, answers the same way, And let it be that all creators that walk, run, swim, crawl or fly, be your family as you and I. This starts a series of encounters and with angry attacking animals, and because of the Lord Prince of the Forrest, Nick is able to bring these animals under his control

The Extreme Life of the Sea

Author : Stephen R. Palumbi
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A thrilling tour of the sea's most extreme species, written by one of the world's leading marine scientists The ocean teems with life that thrives under difficult situations in unusual environments. The Extreme Life of the Sea takes readers to the absolute limits of the ocean world—the fastest and deepest, the hottest and oldest creatures of the oceans. It dives into the icy Arctic and boiling hydrothermal vents—and exposes the eternal darkness of the deepest undersea trenches—to show how marine life thrives against the odds. This thrilling book brings to life the sea's most extreme species, and tells their stories as characters in the drama of the oceans. Coauthored by Stephen Palumbi, one of today’s leading marine scientists, The Extreme Life of the Sea tells the unforgettable tales of some of the most marvelous life forms on Earth, and the challenges they overcome to survive. Modern science and a fluid narrative style give every reader a deep look at the lives of these species. The Extreme Life of the Sea shows you the world’s oldest living species. It describes how flying fish strain to escape their predators, how predatory deep-sea fish use red searchlights only they can see to find and attack food, and how, at the end of her life, a mother octopus dedicates herself to raising her batch of young. This wide-ranging and highly accessible book also shows how ocean adaptations can inspire innovative commercial products—such as fan blades modeled on the flippers of humpback whales—and how future extremes created by human changes to the oceans might push some of these amazing species over the edge. An enhanced edition is also available and includes eleven videos.

Creepella von Cacklefur 1 The Thirteen Ghosts

Author : Geronimo Stilton
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This NEW Geronimo Stilton series spinoff stars spooky, silly Creepella von Cacklefur! Creepella von Cacklefur and her niece, Shivereen, visit scary Squeakspeare Mansion. There they meet Bobby Squeakspeare, a descendent of the famouse writer, William Squeakspeare. Will the spooky rooms and ghosts they find inside the mansion be friendly--or frightening?

Love Is a Family

Author : Roma Downey
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Roma Downey, star of the heartwarming television series Touched by an Angel, has a beautiful message for all families."Sometimes I wish I had sisters, or a dad who lived with me, or at least a brother or something! "said Lily. "I know, " said Mama. "Sometimes I wish that, too. But most of the time our little family feels just right to me. Love is what makes a family, and we've got plenty of that." Irrepressible young Lily loves her mother dearly. But when it's time for Family Fun Night at her school, she worries...and worries. What will the other kids think when she just brings her mother? Will they be the strangest family there? But when they arrive at Family Fun Night, Lily sees all her friends having fun with their families -- of every shape, size, and-color. She learns that there are as many ways of showing love as there are stars in the sky. In this enchanting, beautifully illustrated story, beloved actress Roma Downey shows children that family should not be defined by mother, father, and child, but by love.

Family Tree

Author : Pamela J. Norris-Mason
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Who would have imagined child and human brokering was such a lucrative business? And who would have conjured up an ingenious plan that would cause your inventory to come to you? Joan M. Sparks,Executive Director and behind the scenes child broker at the Good Samaritan Home. A carnival worker, turned lion tamer turned preacher and activist . . . It was a long road getting there but when Joan arrived, she blew up in fan fair fashion. Joan, herself orphaned and given up for adoption, decided she was going to create the family she never had no matter what it cost, or who paid. While populating her home and lining her pockets, she came across Priscilla. No one knew where Priscilla came from or who she belong to, but, Joan knew, and she had a plan for little Prissy. Preying on the emotions of a childless family, Joan turned Priscilla into to one of the most coveted products in her extensive portfolio of human stock. Although several attempts were made to have Joan Sparks charged with fraud,kidnapping and child abuse, She died having never been charged with with any offense committed against Priscilla.


Author : Karen Kingsbury
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After finding his firstborn son, John Baxter looks for a way to tell his other children, while a sensational Hollywood trial reunites Dayne Matthews and Katy Hart, but just when love has the chance to win, doubts and presumed scandals push them further apart.

The Americanization of My Family

Author : Teresa Desiderio Novel
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This book is dedicated to the memory of Ralph Novelli, a pioneer in our modern society. After his arrival in the USA with his family, he seized the opportunities for success this land offered, achieving the American dream. Under his guidance, his wife became a high school teacher, his son graduated from Purdue University, he contributed to the development of the company for which he worked, and he bought a dream home for his family on fifteen acres of land with a swimming pool. This dream was not easy to realize, as the reader will see from the various events described. Yet, with faith in the greatness of America, Ralph Novelli and his family reached their goals.