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The Memory Stones

Author : Lewis Pennington
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The Memory Stones is the tale of Mase Winslow the troubled heir to a Civil War-era plantation who must traverse time on a supernatural odyssey of redemption to save himself, the love of his life, and his future generations. When Mase, is forced to almost killing his best friend, a slave named Spoon, for the alleged rape of his sister, he unconsciously brings about the demise of his beloved plantation. As guilt and remorse overtake him, he seeks atonement through death on the battlefield. With the help of an ordinary-looking stone given to him by Spoon’s mother, he is transported through time. When he realizes he can redeem himself by altering his actions, he suddenly has hope. The reality-bending journey that ensues takes him to present-day New York City and then back to Civil War–era South Carolina, requiring him to navigate a myriad of desperate challenges. With more than a century of guilt weighing him down, he battles himself, Yankee troops, nature’s elements, and a nemesis that follows him through time. Set against an ominous ticking clock counting toward a deadly showdown that could cost him the love of his life, all odds are stacked against him. Overview: It’s a thriller with heart that mixes genre elements of Thrillers - Historical Fiction - SciFi – Supernatural. Readers looking for a story with weight (and strong message) who appreciate unique plot twists should enjoy it.

Even the Stones Cry Out

Author : Juliann Smith
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All over the place we find them - references to the "digital nature of DNA." Or how the universe itself is digital, a "quantum computer," all about information processing. What does it all portend for the nature of the universe, of reality? Computers and modern technology have given us the ability to see that technology found in the things of the natural world far exceed what mankind is capable of making. Yet it is all attributed to the powers of random nothingness, or forces of neo-Darwinian evolution. But put the findings of Quantum Science with those from the Biological Sciences, and add the prophetic timeline depicted by the Bible and an amazing picture takes shape. Juliann Shannon takes you on an unprecedented tour, which arrives at some shocking conclusions. Contrary to what many voices in the science world are saying, the evidence of intelligence, design and programming, is all over the place - inescapable. This book is a wake up call to Christians and non-believers alike.

Rolling Stones Some Girls

Author : Cyrus R.K. Patell
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Who Are the Rolling Stones

Author : Dana Meachen Rau
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Follow the bad boys of rock and roll from their beginnings in London to their unparalleled success around the world. Starting out over fifty years ago, the Rolling Stones took the music of the blues and blended it into rock and roll to create their own unique sound. Decades later, they are still hard at work, recording and playing live to massive crowds of adoring fans. Who Are the Rolling Stones? captures the excitement of the Stones on their journey to become the greatest rock-and-roll band in the world.

The Stones of Venice

Author : John Ruskin
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Reproduction of the original: The Stones of Venice by John Ruskin

Sculptured Stones of Scotland

Author : John Stuart
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The Stones of Venice Complete

Author : John Ruskin
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Since the first dominion of men was asserted over the ocean, three thrones, of mark beyond all others, have been set upon its sands: the thrones of Tyre, Venice, and England. Of the First of these great powers only the memory remains; of the Second, the ruin; the Third, which inherits their greatness, if it forget their example, may be led through prouder eminence to less pitied destruction. The exaltation, the sin, and the punishment of Tyre have been recorded for us, in perhaps the most touching words ever uttered by the Prophets of Israel against the cities of the stranger. But we read them as a lovely song; and close our ears to the sternness of their warning: for the very depth of the Fall of Tyre has blinded us to its reality, and we forget, as we watch the bleaching of the rocks between the sunshine and the sea, that they were once "as in Eden, the garden of God." Her successor, like her in perfection of beauty, though less in endurance of dominion, is still left for our beholding in the final period of her decline: a ghost upon the sands of the sea, so weak—so quiet,—so bereft of all but her loveliness, that we might well doubt, as we watched her faint reflection in the mirage of the lagoon, which was the City, and which the Shadow.

The Stones of Time

Author : Martin Brennan
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The Stones of Time presents one of the most dramatic archaeological detective stories of our time. Predating Stonehenge by at least a thousand years, the stone complexes of ancient Ireland have been extensively studied, yet have refused to give up their mystery. The most complete record of Irish megalithic art ever published.

Game of Stones

Author : David Maughan Brown
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Cameron Beaumont’s phone still rings to wake him at 3am even in Sheffield 20 years after he had to escape from South Africa during the violent death throes of apartheid. Now it can’t be the Special Branch on the other end of the line; but the silence provides no clues. Who is following him this time, and who is trying to frame him? He has made too many enemies to know. Could it be the police again, hoping to stop him writing about Hillsborough? Does it have anything to do with what happened when he went back to South Africa to try to continue the struggle against apartheid? Can he decipher the trail of clues laid for him via references to the game of Go? This is a story of loss, betrayal and revenge that builds to a violent climax and an unlikely reconciliation.

Pre historic Times

Author : Sir John Lubbock
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