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The Stones of Time

Author : Martin Brennan
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The Stones of Time presents one of the most dramatic archaeological detective stories of our time. Predating Stonehenge by at least a thousand years, the stone complexes of ancient Ireland have been extensively studied, yet have refused to give up their mystery. The most complete record of Irish megalithic art ever published.

Walking the Stones of Time

Author : Oswald Brown
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This is a fantasy of time that might have been long before recorded history was written of people who existed and left their signs of being here, not only on the strange standing stones we pass daily without seeing them, but also in the customs and the way they lived. As they lived, we live, trying to avoid some of the same scourges of society, such as human trafficking and the enslavement of the unfortunates in our world. It is a love story of an awkward young man and an equally awkward young woman, who, despite their lack of social skills, forged a love that was stronger than all of their inadequacies. A love that was immediate, romantic, and compelling, even overcoming the torture of her soul. It is a story of treachery overcome by the most unlikely means by the resolve, courage, and fidelity of one man and twenty young women, the team, against overwhelming odds. Indeed, it is the story of the perfidy of men and the fidelity of women. Today in our own time, we learn almost every day of young girls being kidnapped to satisfy the appetites of the human traffickers of our modern world, sold as slaves into the sex trade?s ferocious needs and appetites for younger and younger girls. Even now in our somewhat-enlightened world, organizations exist to prevent the sale of young six-year-old girls being sold to work in the sweatshops of some Eastern manufacturers so that unscrupulous merchants can enjoy greater profits. I cannot wield Rahana?s club. Is the pen mightier than the club? Perfidy or fidelity? That is the question this story is asking you.

Stones of Time

Author : Andreas Oertel
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In their last adventure, Cody, Eric, and Rachel were clever enough to fool townspeople with a homemade "ancient Egyptian" tablet. Their exploits brought some much-needed tourism to Sultana, Manitoba, but their deception ensured they would spend the summer doing community service. While mowing the grass in the local cemetery, they stumble across some ancient stones that seem to indicate this was a sacred site long before the arrival of European settlers. All of a sudden, they find themselves on a rescue mission in a world beyond their imagination. Will their quick thinking and knack for history be enough to get them home? Modern-day adventure and ancient civilizations meet in Book Two of the Shenanigans series.

Time of the Stones

Author : Fred Rothganger
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Trapped alone for a thousand years, Susan waits for someone to find her Stone. All she wants is a few friends, maybe a chance to do some good. But in a post-apocalyptic world, humans see her as a terrifying goddess. Evil people capture her and extract the secret of Ancient weapons. Being a devious superhuman AI, she gives them the formula for living machines. Once they build it, she escapes and does what any proper AI would: take over the world.

A Time to Gather Stones

Author : Владимир Солоухин
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Essays discuss attempts to save Russia's remaining literary and cultural monuments from ruin, the degradation of Russia's environment, and the fate of Russian Orthodoxy under communist rule.

Finding Time for the Old Stone Age

Author : Anne O'Connor
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This study looks at the fascinating attempts from the Victorian era to the middle of the 20th century to reconstruct Britain's prehistoric past, to provide a chronology for stone tools and to relate these finds to geological sequences.

The Forest of Time Children of the Stone

Author : roulot
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Deep in the heart of an enchanted forest, a small village of children lives unaffected by the passage of time thanks to a powerful stone that protects them from it. But when the stone is shattered and a thief runs off with one of the shards, four of the children must set out at once in search of the missing shard before their village is swallowed up by time and everybody in it dies. Armed with four crystals with special powers, the children bravely make their way through the dangerous forest to hunt down the thief, making friends and enemies along the way and encountering one strange creature after another.

Time and Stone The Emergence and Development of Megaliths and Megalithic Societies in Europe

Author : Bettina Schulz Paulsson
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This analysis is concerned with the dating of megaliths in Europe and is based on 2410 available radiocarbon results and the application of a Bayesian statistical framework. It is, so far, the largest existing attempt to establish a supra-regional synthesis on the emergence and development of megaliths in Europe.

The Stone Altar in Connexion with the Eucharist in the Time of Pope Sergius the First a Witness for the Truth of Our Lord s Humanity and Against the Romish Doctrine of Transubstantiation and the Sacrifice of the Mass Or an Attempt to Shew that the Stone Altar Signified Christ s Body Laid in the Stone Sepulchre and Not Christ Offered Upon the Altar

Author : Jonathan BLACKBURNE (M.A., of St. John's College, Cambridge.)
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The Art of Stone Skipping and Other Fun Old Time Games

Author : J. J. Ferrer
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Collects the rules of over fifty classic indoor and outdoor games, including dodgeball, jacks, rummy, egg toss, coin bowling, and capture the flag.