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The Statues that Walked

Author : Terry Hunt
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The monumental statues of Easter Island, both so magisterial and so forlorn, gazing out in their imposing rows over the island’s barren landscape, have been the source of great mystery ever since the island was first discovered by Europeans on Easter Sunday 1722. How could the ancient people who inhabited this tiny speck of land, the most remote in the vast expanse of the Pacific islands, have built such monumental works? No such astonishing numbers of massive statues are found anywhere else in the Pacific. How could the islanders possibly have moved so many multi-ton monoliths from the quarry inland, where they were carved, to their posts along the coastline? And most intriguing and vexing of all, if the island once boasted a culture developed and sophisticated enough to have produced such marvelous edifices, what happened to that culture? Why was the island the Europeans encountered a sparsely populated wasteland? The prevailing accounts of the island’s history tell a story of self-inflicted devastation: a glaring case of eco-suicide. The island was dominated by a powerful chiefdom that promulgated a cult of statue making, exercising a ruthless hold on the island’s people and rapaciously destroying the environment, cutting down a lush palm forest that once blanketed the island in order to construct contraptions for moving more and more statues, which grew larger and larger. As the population swelled in order to sustain the statue cult, growing well beyond the island’s agricultural capacity, a vicious cycle of warfare broke out between opposing groups, and the culture ultimately suffered a dramatic collapse. When Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo began carrying out archaeological studies on the island in 2001, they fully expected to find evidence supporting these accounts. Instead, revelation after revelation uncovered a very different truth. In this lively and fascinating account of Hunt and Lipo’s definitive solution to the mystery of what really happened on the island, they introduce the striking series of archaeological discoveries they made, and the path-breaking findings of others, which led them to compelling new answers to the most perplexing questions about the history of the island. Far from irresponsible environmental destroyers, they show, the Easter Islanders were remarkably inventive environmental stewards, devising ingenious methods to enhance the island’s agricultural capacity. They did not devastate the palm forest, and the culture did not descend into brutal violence. Perhaps most surprising of all, the making and moving of their enormous statutes did not require a bloated population or tax their precious resources; their statue building was actually integral to their ability to achieve a delicate balance of sustainability. The Easter Islanders, it turns out, offer us an impressive record of masterful environmental management rich with lessons for confronting the daunting environmental challenges of our own time. Shattering the conventional wisdom, Hunt and Lipo’s ironclad case for a radically different understanding of the story of this most mysterious place is scientific discovery at its very best.

The Statues that Walked

Author : Terry L. Hunt
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The monumental statues of Easter Island, gazing out in their imposing rows over the island's barren landscape, have been a great mystery ever since the island was first discovered by Europeans. How could the ancient people who inhabited this tiny speck of land, the most remote in the vast expanse of the Pacific, have built such monumental works, and moved them from the quarry where they were carved to the coast? And if the island once boasted a culture sophisticated enough to have produced such marvelous edifices, what happened to that culture? The prevailing accounts of the island's history tell a story of self-inflicted devastation: a glaring case of eco-suicide. But when Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo began carrying out archaeological studies on the island in 2001, they uncovered a very different truth: they show that the Easter Islanders were remarkably inventive environmental stewards, rich with lessons for confronting the daunting environmental challenges of our own time.--From publisher description.

That s Weird

Author : Kendall F. Haven
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Readers can explore 16 of science's toughest mysteries through stories, activities, and examination of what scientists are doing to try to solve them.

Paradise Past

Author : Robert W. Kirk
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"In the 400 years from Magellan's entrance into Pacific waters to 1920, the lives of the people of the South Pacific were transformed. Pacific people died from exotic diseases from Europe and America. The coming of westerners, as this book points out, was not entirely negative, as head-hunting, cannibalism, chronic warfare, human sacrifice, and other practices were diminished"--Provided by publisher.

Why Did the Chicken Cross the World

Author : Andrew Lawler
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Veteran journalist Andrew Lawler delivers a “fascinating and delightful…globetrotting tour” (Wall Street Journal) with the animal that has been most crucial to the spread of civilization—the chicken. In a masterful combination of historical sleuthing and journalistic adventure, veteran reporter Andrew Lawler “opens a window on civilization, evolution, capitalism, and ethics” (New York) with a fascinating account of the most successful of all cross-species relationships—the partnership between human and chicken. This “splendid book full of obsessive travel and research in history” (Kirkus Reviews) explores how people through the ages embraced the chicken as a messenger of the gods, an all-purpose medicine, an emblem of resurrection, a powerful sex symbol, a gambling aid, a handy research tool, an inspiration for bravery, the epitome of evil, and, of course, the star of the world’s most famous joke. Queen Victoria was obsessed with the chicken. Socrates’s last words embraced it. Charles Darwin and Louis Pasteur used it for scientific breakthroughs. Religious leaders of all stripes have praised it. Now neuroscientists are uncovering signs of a deep intelligence that offers insights into human behavior. Trekking from the jungles of southeast Asia through the Middle East and beyond, Lawler discovers the secrets behind the fowl’s transformation from a shy, wild bird into an animal of astonishing versatility, capable of serving our species’ changing needs more than the horse, cow, or dog. The natural history of the chicken, and its role in entertainment, food history, and food politics, as well as the debate raging over animal welfare, comes to light in this “witty, conversational” (Booklist) volume.

Explorer Travellers and Adventure Tourism

Author : Dr. Jennifer Laing
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This book examines the nexus between exploring and tourism and argues that exploration travel – based heavily on explorer narratives and the promises of personal challenges and change – is a major trend in future tourism. In particular, it analyses how romanticised myths of explorers form a foundation for how modern day tourists view travel and themselves. Its scope ranges from the 'Golden Age' of imperial explorers in the 19th and early 20th centuries, through the growth of adventure and extreme tourism, to possible future trends including space travel. The volume should appeal to researchers and students across a variety of disciplines, including tourism studies, sociology, geography and history.

The Year s Best Science Fiction Twenty First Annual Collection

Author : Gardner Dozois
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The stories in this collection imaginatively take readers far across the universe, into the very core of their beings, to the realm of the Gods, and to the moment just after now. Included are the works of masters of the form and the bright new talents of tomorrow. This book is a valuable resource in addition to serving as the single best place in the universe to find stories that stir the imagination and the heart.

Where Is Easter Island

Author : Megan Stine
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Unearth the secrets of the mysterious giant stone statues on this tiny remote Pacific island. Easter Island, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean thousands of miles from anywhere, has intrigued visitors since Europeans first arrived in the 1700s. How did people first come to live there? How did they build the enormous statues and why? How were they placed around the island without carts or even wheels? Scientists have learned many of the answers, although some things still remain a mystery. Megan Stine reveals it all in a gripping narrative. This book, part of the New York Times best-selling series, is enhanced by eighty illustrations.

Nightmare in the Limbo of Halloween

Author : Behzad Almasi
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After more than eight years of writing, the authors first book (Nightmare in the Limbo of Halloween) was finished. He believes that this book is the essence of eight years of thinking of a teacher who desires the best for all the people in the world. Every sentence and every scene in the story has a special purpose, and the major theme of the story is the worth of life, truth, belief in God, and trust in God.

In the Valley of the Statues And Other Stories

Author : Robert Holdstock
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From the landscapes of prehistory to 40th millennium AD, from post-war England to the full canvas of the inhabited galaxy, Robert Holdstock's haunting mythic imagination weaves eight stories of arresting power and ingenuity. Includes the original story from which the World Fantasy Award-winning novel, Mythago Wood, was expanded.

A Buddhist Pilgrim at the Shrines of Tibet

Author : Gombozhab T Tsybikov
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Tsybikov’s book has both the vividness of a traveller’s eyewitness account and the informed detachment of a scholar. It is a unique and invaluable snapshot of religious practices and the everyday life in Tibet before Chinese inroads during the twentieth century effaced that way of life.

The Day the Stones Walked

Author : T. A. Barron
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Pico does not believe the old stories that say the moai, the stone statues of his village, come alive and protect the people in time of trouble, until a great wave comes and he is in grave danger. Includes facts about tsunamis, Easter Island, and the effects of deforestation.

The Oxford Handbook of Prehistoric Oceania

Author : Ethan E. Cochrane
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"The Oxford Handbook of Prehistoric Oceania presents the archaeology, linguistics, environment and human biology of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. First colonized 50,000 years ago, Oceania witnessed the independent invention of agriculture, the construction of Easter Island's statues, and the development of the word's last archaic states."--Provided by publisher.

When the Moai Walked

Author : Ángel Villalobos
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When the Moai Walked is an imagined explanation of how the massive statues of Rapa Nui, or Easter Island, were constructed and transported across the island. The book also reveals how this knowledge was lost and why many of these sculptures crumbled.

Bittersweet Nightshade

Author : Yew Baneberry
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Cheshire lived in a world of childhood fantasy. Books had fed her comfort through the rough years of adolescence. They had become her friends and companions. They comforted her in the darkest hour of the blackest night when no lullaby could hush the fear that crept up from the shadows. It was her upcoming graduation that made her realize that the world her books had created was crumbling. She would soon have to abandon the lyrical realm of fantasy, that fi lled her with hope, for the melancholy reality which dictated her future. Graduation was a funeral march. The only thing that Cheshire had to look forward to was the after party that her friend Seanna had coerced her into attending. Cheshire would rather have stayed home in the comfort of one of her paperback companions, but she would follow Seanna to the end of the world. That was the power Seanna held over her. It was at the party that Cheshires world took a turn into a realm of confusion, deception, and the painful struggle for survival. There she met Mario. Mario made her feel alive. He made her feel whole. She felt that she could handle the darkness of reality with him beside her. Mario would be the death of her. Cheshire had never suspected the journey that destiny had planned out for her. Thrown into a world of beauty, overshadowed by a dark sorceress, Cheshire must uncover the power that was given to her at birth. She must overcome her fears and self-doubt to free the world that she spent her entire life dreaming of. Cheshire never would have thought that, in death, she would have to fi ght to keep her dreams alive more than she ever fought to live.

Zipharus Chronicles the Crystal of Axiom

Author : Caleb Scott Prentiss
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What would you do if everyone you love and everything you knew is destroyed? And the reason for it all is leaning towards YOU! Zipharus Chronicles: The Crystal of Axiom recounts Zipharus, a teenage boy with amnesia, who loses his family and people (the Condorians) in a horrific massacre. He is rescued and taken to safety in a cave by Opyius, a Wanderer who is a key in opening a door of answers for Zipharus. An accident in the cave triggers Zipharuss memory, in which, Opyius explains the journey Zipharus must embark on to discover the truth that will reveal past sins resulting in Zipharuss present sorrows. Zipharus sets out in a quest to explore worlds beyond his imagination, trials that will test his strengths, and relationships that could hinder his venture or his life.

The Blue Plane

Author : T. Austin Campbell
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The chase continues. Doug and Chris Scott fought their way through what they thought was a rogue virtual reality program, but which turned out to be something much more frightening and unfathomablea true alternative reality. On the way back to Hong Kong where it all began, they died in a plane crash and awakened in an empty universe. Their only company is the mysterious Grasshopper Man, who serves as occasional messenger and guide. Another young couple falls into the alternative bittersweet nightmare, computer programmer Stan Brent and his mathematician wife Audrey, in this second book of The Grasshopper Man series. Trapped in what they come to call The System with them are colleagues Mary Wells, Luke Simmons, and Jacob Ellery. The mercenary computer guru Ann Crenshaw and her two assistants, Todd Richards and Brett Thompson, follow them into the trap. They are pursued through time and place by Indonesian pirates, battle their way across wartorn France, relive harrowing episodes from their own pasts, and endure other adventures in Nepal, Irian Jaya, New Zealand, the U.S., and other times and places. Their only help comes from the enigmatic Jane, who was sent in to rescue Doug and Chris and became trapped herself. But how long will she be there to help? On the outside, four homeless Chinese children from mainland China are trapped in their own adventures, intersecting occasionally with the others in The System. The storylines continue to explore the nature of Reality as they continually prove that Love is the most important Reality.

We Are Australian

Author : Gail Hennessy
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You know us. We are your cousin Alice, who tells the story of Nanna's funeral; of how all the cars followed Uncle George in the wrong direction, while a priest stood by the grave, waiting to conduct the burial. We are your dad, who you visit on warm summer nights, and he talks about the old days; when he met mum; when he worked in the cane fields. We are the migrant family next door, who laugh till they cry, telling of how, when they arrived in the fifties, they went to the milk bar for a gelati. The owner just kept saying “Gilleti” and offering them razor blades. We are the Vietnamese mother who tells you one day how she came to Australia. She quietly talks of three weeks at sea in a small boat, crammed in with twenty others, knees to chest, cold, wet and hungry. We are anyone who has lived in Australia. Often, our stories will be your stories; but some will be strange, different; some will be funny and others will bring tears. We are the story tellers who started with memories that turned into stories. We wrote them down, and learned the frustration when the words wouldn't come; and experienced that magical moment when the words took over, and the story wrote itself. We became authors. Now here we are. These are our stories; our country's living history.

The Saturday Evening Post

Author :
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The Legacy

Author : Yvette M. Scholl
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Leading the things which go bump in the night is Sam Bauers job. She unwittingly inherited this task from her Uncle Lawrence almost a year ago. As her powers and knowledge grow, Sam must find a way to keep the clans unified against a terrible ancient enemy which has returned from the past. The decisions Sam has to make become even more dangerous than the fangs and claws she sees on a daily basis. The balance between her personal and public life is also blurring. Sam must choose what she will allow herself to become, without losing her humanity.