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Education in Brazil An International Perspective

Author : OECD
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The Education in Brazil: An International Perspective report was developed drawing on internationally comparative data on education in Brazil, in particular the extensive range of data collected by the OECD through its surveys. The experiences of other countries and how they have tackled challenges similar to those now faced by Brazil, along with the insights from consultations with key national experts, also inform the analysis.

The State And The School

Author : Chief Research Scientist John Turner
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There was once agreement that education was too important to be left to politicians; now the view is that education is too important to be left to teachers. Whereas the curriculum and syllabus were previously the concern of the professionals, the government now distrusts these professionals. This has resulted in the Secretary for State assuming massive powers in a series of Education Acts, and there is now a national curriculum which intrudes into the fine details of the syllabus. Equally, the twin concepts of accountability and cost effectiveness are now as common in discussions about education as they are in discussions on industry and commerce.; These trends, however, are not restricted to any level of education or to any one country. They are as widespread in the great universities as they are in primary schools, and they are on the agenda not only in Britain and Europe, but in Australia, the US and virtually every country in the developed and developing world. With this in mind, this book examines the role of the state in education in many different countries and cultures.

Christianity and Educational Provision in International Perspective

Author : Witold Tulasiewicz
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Published in 1988. Christianity has been one of the most potent forces in the development of education. This book critically examines this influence and discusses its political implications.

International Perspectives on Teacher Knowledge Beliefs and Opportunities to Learn

Author : Sigrid Blömeke
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This book reviews the Teacher Education and Development Study: Learning to Teach Mathematics, which tested 23,000 primary and secondary level math teachers from 16 countries on content knowledge and asked their opinions on beliefs and opportunities to learn.

Public Finance

Author : Joshua E Greene
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This book expands on issues like fiscal sustainability, state enterprises and the variety of subsidies, with a multi-country focus. Drawing examples from numerous countries, it presents issues in contemporary finance and especially fiscal policy that can benefit researchers and civil servants from both developed, as well as developing worlds and emerging market economies. Written in a simple and accessible manner, this book will be of interest to civil servants and practitioners. It also serves as a reference source for students and academics, and can be used as a textbook for advanced courses on public finance.

International Perspectives on Natural Disasters Occurrence Mitigation and Consequences

Author : Joseph P. Stoltman
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Reports of natural disasters fill the media with regularity. Places in the world are affected by natural disaster events every day. Such events include earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis, wildfires – the list could go on for considerable length. In the 1990s there was a concentrated focus on natural disaster information and mitigation during the International Decade for Natural Disasters Reduction (IDNDR). The information was technical and provided the basis for major initiatives in building structures designed for seismic safety, slope stability, severe storm warning systems, and global monitoring and reporting. Mitigation, or planning in the event that natural hazards prevalent in a region would suddenly become natural disasters, was a major goal of the decade-long program. During the IDNDR, this book was conceptualized, and planning for its completion began. The editors saw the need for a book that would reach a broad range of readers who were not actively or directly engaged in natural disasters relief or mitigation planning, but who were in decision-making positions that provided an open window for addressing natural disaster issues. Those people were largely elected public officials, teachers, non-governmental organization staff, and staff of faith-based organizations. Those people, for the most part, come to know very well the human and physical characteristics of the place in which they are based. With that local outreach in mind, the editors intended the book to encourage readers to: 1.

An International Perspective on Contemporary Developments in Victimology

Author : Janice Joseph
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This festschrift in honor of the work and legacy of Dr. Marc Groenhuijsen provides an international and holistic overview of recent developments in victimology, taking a global scope but grounded in everyday experiences of victims. Its multidisciplinary perspective reflects a range of approaches and practices in victimology, including contributions from the fields of social work, criminology, sociology, psychology, and law. Firstly, the volume introduces new perspectives in victimology, and then analyzes different forms of victimization in countries worldwide. It gives special attention to victims’ rights and participation in the criminal justice system, detailing victim-centered approaches to justice through practices such as restorative justice and restitution. Highlighting the growth and development of victimology from a specialization in criminology to an academic discipline in its own right, this book reflects the range of approaches and depth of scholarship in the field. This will be an essential resource to students of victimology, researchers, policy makers, and victim’s advocates.

EBOOK International Perspectives on Early Childhood Education and Care

Author : Jan Georgeson
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There is a growing interest in understanding how early years care and education is organised and experienced internationally. This book examines key influential approaches to early years care as well as some less well-known systems from around the world. In particular the book aims to: Inform those studying early years about perspectives in other countries Encourage critical thinking about issues, influences and the complexities of early years provision around the world Promote critical reflection on students’ own provision and the current context of that provision Each chapter provides an overview of early years provision and explores historical and current influences in context, as well as offering insights into daily life through short vignettes, longer case studies and commentary from practitioners. Whilst many approaches - such as Reggio Emilia, Te Whariki and Head Start - are widely admired, it is important for reflective practitioners to understand the motivation which gave rise to these influential approaches in their original context. Additionally, broadening understanding through information on less widely known systems, the book provides students with a good grounding in the international context of early years, the provenance of different early years approaches and principles, and the influences on their own countries’ provision. Written in a straightforward and accessible style, the book is designed to meet the needs of students studying modules related to international perspectives on a range of foundation, bachelor and master’s degrees in early years. Contributors: Verity Campbell-Barr, Federica Caruso, Carmen Dalli, Rebecca Carter Dillon, Annie Davy, Chandrika Devarakonda, Alena Drzalová, Hasina Banu Ebrahim, Susan Edwards, Dora Ho, Valerie Huggins, Anne Hunt, Kerstin Kööp, Éva Kovácsné Bakoski, Caroline Leeson, Beth Marshall, Nancy McDermott, Julia Morgan, Joce Nutall, Elin Eriksen Ødegaard, Philip Selbie, Paolo Sorzio, Manabu Sumida, Keang-ieng (Peggy) Vong, Karen Wickett “The book rightly challenges common assumptions about the value of Western perspectives of ECEC and skilfully enables the reader to recognize the various social, political and economic drivers and processes that have shaped early years pedagogy on a global level.” Dr Janet Rose, Early Years Education Award Leader, Bath Spa University, UK “Given the ever increasing interest and importance of global early childhood education and care, this critically informed book offers valuable and challenging internationalised comparative arguments for students and academics at all levels.” Dr Guy Roberts-Holmes, Senior Lecturer, Early Years and Primary Education Department, University of London, UK

Critical Education in International Perspective

Author : Peter Mayo
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Critical Education in International Perspective presents new perspectives on critical education from Latin America, Southern Europe and Africa. While recognising the valuable work in critical education emerging from North America and the Northern hemisphere, testimony to Paulo Freire's influence there, this book sheds light on parts of the world that are not given prominence. The book highlights the complementary work of Lorenzo Milani, Amilcar Cabral, exponents of Italian feminism, Ada Gobetti, the Landless Workers Movement (MST) in Brazil, Antonio Gramsci, Gabriela Mistral and Julius Nyerere. It also focuses on a range of struggles such as education in the context of landlessness, independence, renewal and cognitive justice, social creation and against neoliberalism and decolonization.

International Perspectives on the Teaching of Literature in Schools

Author : Andrew Goodwyn
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Literature teaching remains central to the teaching of English around the world. This edited text brings together expert global figures under the banner of the International Federation for the Teaching of English (IFTE). The book captures a state-of-the-art snapshot of leading trends in current literature teaching, as well as detailing predicted trends for the future. The expert scholar and leading teacher contributors, coming from a wide range of countries with fascinatingly diverse approaches to literature teaching, cover a range of central and fundamental topics: literature and diversity; digital literatures; pedagogy and reader response; mother tongues; the business of reading; publishers, adolescent fiction and censorship; assessing responses to literature; the changing definitions of literature and multimodal texts. The collection reviews the consistently important place of literature in the education of young people and provides international evidence of its enduring value and contribution to education, resisting the functionalist and narrowly nationalist perspectives of misguided government authorities. International Perspectives on the Teaching of Literature in Schools will be of value to researchers, PhD students, literature scholars, practitioners, teacher educators, teachers and all those in the extensive academic community interested in English and literacy around the world.