The Soup Bible

All the Soups You Will Ever Need in One Inspirational Collection - Over 200 Recipes from Around the World


Author: Debra Mayhew

Publisher: Southwater

ISBN: 9781843098058

Category: Cooking

Page: 256

View: 2104

This comprehensive cookbook contains over 200 recipes from all around the world. Choose from refreshing summer soups or spicy winter warmers. Select an intensely flavoured soup for a delicious appetizer or a hearty broth for a healthy lunch. The introduction gives step-by-step recipes for a range of stocks, from vegetarian to beef and Japanese to seafood, to make nutritious and delicious bases for your soups. Garnishes are suggested for the perfect finishing touches. With nearly 800 colour photographs, informative text, easy-to-follow steps and a superb collection of recipes, this is an essential guide to the art of soup-making and a vital addition to any kitchen. Features include: more than 200 delectable soups in one full-colour collection - delicious inspiration at your fingertips; a world-wide selection of enticing soups from classic French Vichyssoise to Hungarian Sour Cherry - from Thai Hot and Sour Prawn to hearty Italian Minestrone and from spicy Indian Beef and Berry to American Creamy Oyster Soup; soups of all styles, including chilled, creamy, rich, exotic, spicy, fruity, hearty and lavish; a comprehensive introduction includes step-by-step recipes for creating the perfect stock and suggests garnishes for a professional finish; and, all photographed, including step-by-step instructions and mouthwatering images of each finished dish. About the Author Debra Mayhew, who compiled this volume with some of the best recipe developers and home economists working today, is a highly experienced writer, food consultant and culinary editor and expert. Debra's other published works include Flipcook: Soup; Great Soup; The Cook's Encyclopedia of Soup and Hearty Soups.

The Pasta Bible

How to Make and Cook Pasta, with 150 Inspirational Recipes Shown in 800 Step-by-step Photographs


Author: Jeni Wright

Publisher: Anness Pub Limited

ISBN: 9781780190648

Category: Cooking

Page: 256

View: 8377

This superb book is a truly comprehensive guide to choosing, making, cooking and enjoying Italian pasta. It contains a wealth of fascinating information about every aspect of Italy's favourite food, and features 150 classic and original recipes from simple yet robust soups to fresh and healthy salads, and from rich and warming bakes and casseroles to delicately stuffed pasta parcels. A VISUAL CATALOGUE: The comprehensive full-colour identification guide contains fabulous photographs of the huge range of dried and fresh pasta types, including long, short and flat varieties; shapes for soup and for stuffing; regional pastas, and designer shapes. Each is accompanied by fascinating information on its origins, the various forms and names, and traditional sauces. A PRACTICAL GUIDE: The techniques section guides you through the secrets of making, cooking and serving pasta and includes step-by-step information about successful home-made pastas, from noodles and shape-cutting to flavoured and coloured varieties. There are guidelines on preparation and presentation, matching shapes to sauces, how pasta should be eaten and what wines to choose. THE PASTA PANTRY: A colourful visual guide to all the key pasta sauce ingredients includes fresh herbs and leaves, seasonings, spices, oils and vinegars, flavourings, fish and shellfish, vegetables, and cheese and cream. The main items of pasta-making equipment are also pictured. THE RECIPE COLLECTION: Featuring over 150 inspirational recipes, the book presents a combination of classic favourites, regional specialities and original, contemporary ideas. There are recipes for every kind of pasta dish: simple broths and hearty soups, tomato and cream sauces, fish and shellfish, meat and poultry, vegetables and vegetarian dishes, baked and stuffed pasta dishes, fresh and healthy recipes, and salads. Illustrated throughout with over 800 glorious photographs, and with easy-to-read, informative text and enticing, authentic recipes, this is the definitive kitchen guide, sourcebook, reference manual and recipe collection - the one and only book any pasta-lover will ever need.