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The Soul of the Marionette

Author : John Gray
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TLS BOOKS OF THE YEAR 2016 'Gray must be one of the best read of contemporary philosophers, trawling insouciantly through high-, middle- and low-brow literature with the sharp-eyed eclecticism of a magpie of genius' John Banville, Guardian 'Like Isaiah Berlin with a thing for sci-fi' Tibor Fischer, Spectator Everyone thinks they want to be free - or do they? John Gray's thought-stirring new book on freedom draws together insights from Gnosticism, science fiction, ancient sacrifice and the occult to show that freedom is an illusion and that, like fairground puppets, humans dream of escaping the burden of choice altogether.

The Soul of a People

Author : Harold Fielding
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A study of the life and belief of the Burmese.

Green Tea

Author : J. Sheridan Le Fanu
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"Sheridan Le Fanu is one of the indispensable figures in the history of Gothic and horror fiction. While a number of his sensation and mystery novels were popular with mid-Victorian readers, it was in shorter forms that he truly excelled and most showed himself an innovator in the field of uncanny fiction. Tales such as Carmilla and Green Tea prompted M. R. James to remark, 'he succeeds in inspiring a mysterious terror better than any other writer'. This landmark critical edition includes the original versions of the stories later collected in the superb In a Glass Darkly, along with equally chilling tales spanning the length of Le Fanu's career, from 'Schalken the Painter', a pioneering story of the walking dead, to 'Laura Silver Bell', a haunting exploration of the dark side of fairy lore. Aaron Worth's introduction discusses the paranoid, claustrophobic world of Le Fanu's fiction, placing the stories both the context of the author's long career and in the pantheon of writers of the uncanny"--

Freedom and Responsibility in Neoplatonist Thought

Author : Ursula Coope
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The Neoplatonists have a perfectionist view of freedom: an entity is free to the extent that it succeeds in making itself good. Free entities are wholly in control of themselves--they are self-determining, self-constituting, and self-knowing. Neoplatonist philosophers argue that such freedom is only possible for non-bodily things. The human soul is free insofar as it rises above bodily things and engages in intellection, but when it turns its desires to bodily things, it is drawn under the sway of fate and becomes enslaved. Ursula Coope discusses this notion of freedom and its relation to questions about responsibility. She explains the important role of notions of self-reflexivity in Neoplatonist accounts of both freedom and responsibility. In Part I, Coope sets out the puzzles Neoplatonist philosophers face about freedom and responsibility and explains how these puzzles arise from earlier discussions. Part II explores the metaphysical underpinnings of the Neoplatonist notion of freedom (concentrating especially on the views of Plotinus and Proclus). In what sense, if any, is the ultimate first principle of everything (the One) free? If everything else is under this ultimate first principle, how can anything other than the One be free? What is the connection between freedom and nonbodiliness? Finally, Coope considers in Part III questions about responsibility, arising from this perfectionist view of freedom. Why are human beings responsible for their behaviour, in a way that other animals are not? If we are enslaved when we act viciously, how can we be to blame for our vicious actions and choices?

China s Puppets

Author : Roberta Helmer Stalberg
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Twentieth century Literary Criticism

Author : Gale Research Company
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Excerpts from criticism of the works of novelists, poets, playwrights, and other creative writers, 1900-1960.


Author :
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The Soul of Lilith

Author : Marie Corelli
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"A novel in which a mystic named El Rami, a practioner of the arts of healing drawn from the occult science of the ancient Egyptians, attempts to control and dominate the soul of a dead girl. El Rami travels from London to Syria where he meets a caravan in the desert with two ailing women in need of care and attention. He agrees to help, and he restores one, an old women, to health. The other, a young orphan girl called Lilith, succumbs to her illness and dies. El Rami practices his mysterious arts on Lilith in an attempt to demonstrate the existence of life after death. He administers an elixir that brings her body back to life, and returns to London with the breathing corpse of Lilith. He hides her in a room in his mansion for six years, and summoning all his powers succeeds in being able to summon her soul back to her body at will. The head of the Brotherhood of the Holy Cross of which El Rami was a member, Heliobas, arrives. Readers know him from The Romance of Two Worlds and Ardath. Heliobas is alarmed by El Rami's experiments, and tells him that he must release the girl and allow her to die. But El Rami is obsessed with the beautiful Lilith, and intends on making her his soulmate. Despite Lilith's pleas and warnings, as El Rami kisses her she crumbles to ashes in from of him. When El Rami recovers himself, he is taken to the Brotherhood's monastery in Cyprus, a mental wreck."--Synopsis from

Isak Dinesen

Author : Olga Anastasia Pelensky
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This historical overview of criticism of the famous Danish writer is the first such collection available in English. Composed of selections from major critics and scholars both here and abroad (including Aage Henriksen, Eudora Welty, Curtis Cate, Abdul JanMohamed, and Lionel Trilling, among others) Isak Dinesen would have suited the self-absorbed artist, who so delighted in being continually appropriated and invented within different forms of critical discourse that it became a source of amusement and distraction for her. For us, it is a reminder that literary works and their authors must yield gracefully to critical shaping for a literary reputation to take on a life of its own. To watch the unfolding of reputation under such continual reinvention becomes high literary spectacle. Readers of this collection will witness a major twentieth-century writer emerge from the judgments imposed by various critical schools in vogue from the early 1950s.

The Soul of the Far East

Author : Percival Lowell
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History of the Film

Author : Maurice Bardèche
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The Human Form Divine the Marionette and the Actor

Author : Margaret Meyer Sherry
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The Marionette Actor

Author : Ralph Chesse
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In this book, Chesse pioneers an approach to classic drama, documents the working of the government-sponsored years with the Federal Theatre Marionette Units in California, and concludes with his fourteen-year adventure in television, producing the award-winning program, Brother Buzz.

Feline Philosophy

Author : John Gray
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'When I play with my cat, how do I know she is not passing time with me rather than I with her?' Montaigne There is no real evidence that humans ever 'domesticated' cats. Rather, it seems that at some point cats saw the potential value to themselves of humans. John Gray's wonderful new book is an attempt to get to grips with the philosophical and moral issues around the uniquely strange relationship between ourselves and these remarkable animals. Feline Philosophy draws on centuries of philosophy, from Montaigne to Schopenhauer, to explore the complex and intimate links that have defined how we react to and behave with this most unlikely 'pet'. At the heart of the book is a sense of gratitude towards cats as perhaps the species that more than any other - in the essential loneliness of our position in the world - gives us a sense of our own animal nature.

Gordon Craig and the Actor

Author : Harvey Grossman
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Marionette Theatre in Quanzhou

Author : Robin Ruizendaal
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Based on extensive fieldwork the author provides unique insights into the functioning of a traditional form of theatre in the economically advanced region of southern Fujian, thus giving a fascinating window on contemporary China.

Mediums Puppets and the Human Actor in the Theatres of the East

Author : Poh Sim Plowright
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An examination of mediums, puppets and the human actor in the theatres of the east. It brings together a powerful universal myth - that of the Birdwoman, which has been the inspiration of several Asian theatres and the subject of many Asian plays - and the connection between string-puppet and human actor movements within the Asian theatrical tradition. It is a study of theatre as ritual and power-struggle, and the author presents an analysis of Lady Joruri, herself a semi-mythical figure, who gave her name to the world's most sophisticated puppet theatre.

The Soul of a People

Author : Harold Fielding
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Body Dialectics in the Age of Goethe

Author : Marianne Henn
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In opposition to an essentialist conceptualization, the social construct of the human body in literature can be analyzed and described by means of effective methodologies that are based on Discourse Theory, Theory of Cultural Transmission and Ecology, System Theory, and Media Theory. In this perspective, the body is perceived as a complex arrangement of substantiation, substitution, and omission depending on demands, expectations, and prohibitions of the dominant discourse network. The term Body-Dialectics stands for the attempt to decipher – and for a moment freeze – the web of such discursive arrangements that constitute the fictitious notion of the body in the framework of a specific historic environment, here in the Age of Goethe.

Symbols of the Soul

Author : Birgitte Brun
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Within the last decade there has been an increasing interest in the use of fairy tales in the psychotherapeutic process. In this book the authors show how fairy tales can be used in therapy and guidance in a number of ways and on many different levels. They discuss methods of using fairy tales in therapy with both children and adults, the significance of particular symbols in relation to the patient and different interpretations of typical fairy tale symbols. They take examples from both daily life and psychotherapeutic work to show the tremendous healing powers of fairy tales. Two case studies are included of work using Peter Pan and Pinocchio.