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The Solar Bridge

Author : Joseth Moore
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Fascists from the future take over Seattle! A group of White supremacists from 2287 time travel, or "chronoport," to the year 2005 and set out a gradual coup d''etat of American society so its future will fit into their plans. Dr. Patrick McClain, the inventor of the Solar Bridge, finds himself caught in the middle of a potential futuristic race war. For he learns that in addition to the White supremacists being in his time, non-White futurians have chronoported to 2005 Seattle and seek to do battle with the supremacists...all this made possible because his invention was inadvertantly used as a doorway from the future! Anyone that follows contemporary, global politics and those with scientific interests will likely enjoy this unique Sci-Fi epic.

Bridge Maintenance Safety Management Resilience and Sustainability

Author : Fabio Biondini
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Bridge Maintenance, Safety, Management, Resilience and Sustainability contains the lectures and papers presented at The Sixth International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management (IABMAS 2012), held in Stresa, Lake Maggiore, Italy, 8-12 July, 2012. This volume consists of a book of extended abstracts (800 pp) and a DVD (4057 pp) co

Bridge Design

Author : António J. Reis
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A comprehensive guide to bridge design Bridge Design - Concepts and Analysis provides a unique approach, combining the fundamentals of concept design and structural analysis of bridges in a single volume. The book discusses design solutions from the authors’ practical experience and provides insights into conceptual design with concrete, steel or composite bridge solutions as alternatives. Key features: Principal design concepts and analysis are dealt with in a unified approach. Execution methods and evolution of the static scheme during construction are dealt with for steel, concrete and composite bridges. Aesthetics and environmental integration of bridges are considered as an issue for concept design. Bridge analysis, including modelling and detail design aspects, is discussed for different bridge typologies and structural materials. Specific design verification aspects are discussed on the basis of present design rules in Eurocodes. The book is an invaluable guide for postgraduate students studying bridge design, bridge designers and structural engineers.

Power Electronics Enabled Autonomous Power Systems

Author : Qing-Chang Zhong
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Power systems worldwide are going through a paradigm shift from centralized generation to distributed generation. This book presents the SYNDEM (i.e., synchronized and democratized) grid architecture and its technical routes to harmonize the integration of renewable energy sources, electric vehicles, storage systems, and flexible loads, with the synchronization mechanism of synchronous machines, to enable autonomous operation of power systems, and to promote energy freedom. This is a game changer for the grid. It is the sort of breakthrough — like the touch screen in smart phones — that helps to push an industry from one era to the next, as reported by Keith Schneider, a New York Times correspondent since 1982. This book contains an introductory chapter and additional 24 chapters in five parts: Theoretical Framework, First-Generation VSM (virtual synchronous machines), Second-Generation VSM, Third-Generation VSM, and Case Studies. Most of the chapters include experimental results. As the first book of its kind for power electronics-enabled autonomous power systems, it • introduces a holistic architecture applicable to both large and small power systems, including aircraft power systems, ship power systems, microgrids, and supergrids • provides latest research to address the unprecedented challenges faced by power systems and to enhance grid stability, reliability, security, resiliency, and sustainability • demonstrates how future power systems achieve harmonious interaction, prevent local faults from cascading into wide-area blackouts, and operate autonomously with minimized cyber-attacks • highlights the significance of the SYNDEM concept for power systems and beyond Power Electronics-Enabled Autonomous Power Systems is an excellent book for researchers, engineers, and students involved in energy and power systems, electrical and control engineering, and power electronics. The SYNDEM theoretical framework chapter is also suitable for policy makers, legislators, entrepreneurs, commissioners of utility commissions, energy and environmental agency staff, utility personnel, investors, consultants, and attorneys.

Bridges Our Solar System The Moon

Author :
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Author : Adrian V. Gheorghe
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This book provides a rough entry into the interdisciplinary field of Infranomics. It enables better decision making in an increasing ambiguous, complex, emergent, interdependent, and uncertain world where we attempt to anticipate modern society trends and patterns in order to react appropriately. However, as with any emerging discipline, much research is needed at the applications and conceptual level. The applications level may require development and testing of methods, tools, and techniques to enable analysis and decision-making in ambiguous, complex, emergent, interdependent, and uncertain conditions while the conceptual level may require taping into driving philosophies, theories, and methodologies that form the basis for Infranomics. Striking the right balance between applications and conceptual foundation (theory) requires rigorous research. This book provides a springboard for robust discussions on applications, theory, and transformation of current thinking to better deal with modern society’s problematic issues using Infranomics.

Scour and Erosion IX

Author : Yeh Keh-Chia
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Scour and Erosion IX contains the peer-reviewed scientific contributions presented at 9th International Conference on Scour and Erosion (ICSE 2018, Taipei, Taiwan, 5–8 November 2018), and includes recent accomplishments about scour and erosion in field observation, experimental laboratory work, theoretical development, numerical modeling and disaster management. The book covers fourteen topics: A. Internal erosion B. River, coastal, estuarine and marine scour and erosion C. Rock scour and erosion D. Sediment transport: grain scale and continuum scale E. Scour and erosion around structures F. Soil erosion, restoration mechanisms and conservation G. Hillslope conservation and debris flow H. Geotechnical issues related to scour and erosion I. Field observation and analyses J. Scour and erosion testing and experiment K. Remote sensing, instrumentation and monitoring L. Advanced numerical modelling of scour and erosion M. Natural hazards due to scour and erosion N. Management of scour/erosion and sediment.

Maintenance Safety Risk Management and Life Cycle Performance of Bridges

Author : Nigel Powers
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Maintenance, Safety, Risk, Management and Life-Cycle Performance of Bridges contains lectures and papers presented at the Ninth International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management (IABMAS 2018), held in Melbourne, Australia, 9-13 July 2018. This volume consists of a book of extended abstracts and a USB card containing the full papers of 393 contributions presented at IABMAS 2018, including the T.Y. Lin Lecture, 10 Keynote Lectures, and 382 technical papers from 40 countries. The contributions presented at IABMAS 2018 deal with the state of the art as well as emerging concepts and innovative applications related to the main aspects of bridge maintenance, safety, risk, management and life-cycle performance. Major topics include: new design methods, bridge codes, heavy vehicle and load models, bridge management systems, prediction of future traffic models, service life prediction, residual service life, sustainability and life-cycle assessments, maintenance strategies, bridge diagnostics, health monitoring, non-destructive testing, field testing, safety and serviceability, assessment and evaluation, damage identification, deterioration modelling, repair and retrofitting strategies, bridge reliability, fatigue and corrosion, extreme loads, advanced experimental simulations, and advanced computer simulations, among others. This volume provides both an up-to-date overview of the field of bridge engineering and significant contributions to the process of more rational decision-making on bridge maintenance, safety, risk, management and life-cycle performance of bridges for the purpose of enhancing the welfare of society. The Editors hope that these Proceedings will serve as a valuable reference to all concerned with bridge structure and infrastructure systems, including students, researchers and engineers from all areas of bridge engineering.

US 12 Trail Creek Bridge Replacement Michigan City

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Highway Bridge Superstructure Engineering

Author : Narendra Taly
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A How-To Guide for Bridge Engineers and DesignersHighway Bridge Superstructure Engineering: LRFD Approaches to Design and Analysis provides a detailed discussion of traditional structural design perspectives, and serves as a state-of-the-art resource on the latest design and analysis of highway bridge superstructures. This book is applicable to hig