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The Snowden Files

Author : Luke Harding
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Originally published: London: Guardian, 2014.

The Snowden Files Movie Tie In Edition

Author : Luke Harding
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The official movie tie-in edition to Oliver Stone’s major motion picture, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Edward Snowden is one of the most extraordinary whistleblowers in history. A precocious computer specialist who rapidly rose through the ranks of the U.S. intelligence community, Snowden was only twenty-nine years old when he exposed the National Security Agency's mass surveillance program of citizens, which collects and stores people’s phone calls, emails, and contacts. Forced to flee the country to escape federal prosecutors, he remains a controversial figure in exile, having been called, by turns, a traitor, a hero, a dissident, a patriot. Now, in these pages, award-winning Guardian correspondent Luke Harding takes us inside Snowden’s story, which has all the action and intrigue of a spy novel—yet is too astonishing not to be true. The Snowden Files is an essential investigation of the interplay between one man and the government, between national security and the right to privacy, and how the far-reaching capabilities of digital surveillance affect us all.

Snowden s Box

Author : Jessica Bruder
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Two behind-the-scenes players in the edward snowden story reflect on the meaning of snowden's revelations in our age of surveillance One day in the spring of 2013, a box appeared outside a fourth-floor apartment door in Brooklyn, New York. The recipient, who didn't know the sender, only knew she was supposed to bring this box to a friend, who would ferry it to another friend. This was Edward Snowden's box--materials proving that the U.S. government had built a massive surveillance apparatus and used it to spy on its own people--and the friend on the end of this chain was filmmaker Laura Poitras. Thus the biggest national security leak of the digital era was launched via a remarkably analog network, the US Postal Service. This is just one of the odd, ironic details that emerges from the story of how Jessica Bruder and Dale Maharidge, two experienced journalists but security novices (and the friends who received and ferried the box) got drawn into the Snowden story as behind-the-scenes players. Their initially stumbling, increasingly paranoid, and sometimes comic efforts to help bring Snowden's leaks to light, and ultimately, to understand their significance, unfold in an engrossing narrative that includes emails and diary entries from Poitras. This is an illuminating story on the status of transparency, privacy, and trust in the age of surveillance. With an appendix suggesting what citizens and activists can do to protect privacy and democracy.

The Snowden Files

Author : Luke Harding
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It began with an unsigned email: "I am a senior member of the intelligence community". What followed was the most spectacular intelligence breach ever, brought about by one extraordinary man, Edward Snowden. The consequences have shaken the leaders of nations worldwide, from Obama to Cameron, to the presidents of Brazil, France, and Indonesia, and the chancellor of Germany. Edward Snowden, a young computer genius working for America's National Security Agency, blew the whistle on the way this frighteningly powerful organisation uses new technology to spy on the entire planet. The spies call it "mastering the internet". Others call it the death of individual privacy. This is the inside story of Snowden's deeds and the journalists who faced down pressure from the US and UK governments to break a remarkable scoop. Snowden's story reads like a globe-trotting thriller, from the day he left his glamorous girlfriend in Hawaii, carrying a hard drive full of secrets, to the weeks of secret-spilling in Hong Kong and his battle for asylum. Now stuck in Moscow, a uniquely hunted man, he faces US espionage charges and an uncertain future in exile. What drove Snowden to sacrifice himself? Award-winning Guardian journalist Luke Harding asks the question which should trouble every citizen of the internet age. Luke Harding's other books include Wikileaks: Inside Julian Assange's War on Secrecy and Mafia State: How One Reporter Became an Enemy of the Brutal New Russia.

A Field Guide to the Snowden Files

Author : Magdalena Taube
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The Huawei and Snowden Questions

Author : Olav Lysne
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This open access book answers two central questions: firstly, is it at all possible to verify electronic equipment procured from untrusted vendors? Secondly, can I build trust into my products in such a way that I support verification by untrusting customers? In separate chapters the book takes readers through the state of the art in fields of computer science that can shed light on these questions. In a concluding chapter it discusses realistic ways forward. In discussions on cyber security, there is a tacit assumption that the manufacturer of equipment will collaborate with the user of the equipment to stop third-party wrongdoers. The Snowden files and recent deliberations on the use of Chinese equipment in the critical infrastructures of western countries have changed this. The discourse in both cases revolves around what malevolent manufacturers can do to harm their own customers, and the importance of the matter is on par with questions of national security. This book is of great interest to ICT and security professionals who need a clear understanding of the two questions posed in the subtitle, and to decision-makers in industry, national bodies and nation states.

Some Kind of Sublime

Author : Laura Preston
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No Place to Hide A 30 minute Summary of Glenn Greenwald s book

Author : Instaread Summaries
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PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary of the book and NOT the original book. No Place to Hide: A 30-minute Summary of Glenn Greenwald's book Inside this Instaread Summary:Overview of the entire bookIntroduction to the Important people in the bookSummary and analysis of all the chapters in the bookKey Takeaways of the bookA Reader's Perspective Preview of this summary: Chapter 1 Edward Snowden first contacted Glenn Greenwald on December 1, 2012, using the alias name Cincinnatus. Snowden is a former Senior Advisor to the NSA, a former Field Officer with the CIA, and a former lecturer for the United States Defense Intelligence Agency. He had confidential information he wanted to share with Greenwald, but would only do it if he knew their connection was secure. Greenwald is a journalist known for his reporting on the wrongdoings of the National Security Agency (NSA). Snowden wanted Greenwald to use PGP (pretty good privacy) encryption on his computer so that he could safely send him some information that he had gathered. Although Greenwald considered adding these extra security measures to his computer, he was very busy with other things and did not want to take the time to put the complicated software in place. Snowden sent him a guide on how to add the encryption, but Greenwald still took no action. Snowden offered to find someone who could help Greenwald install the system. Without positive proof that the information Snowden had was really newsworthy, Greenwald did not feel motivated to take the steps necessary to install the PGP encryption. However, without a secure form of communication in place, Snowden was unwilling to risk sharing the information he had with Greenwald. This communication between the two took place over several weeks and then came to a standstill. On April 18, Laura Poitras contacted Greenwald. Laura Poitras is a documentary filmmaker who is known for fearlessly taking risks in making her films. She made three films about the conduct of the United States during the war on terror, which made her a target of government officials whenever she entered or left the country. Poitras wanted to talk to Greenwald about something but would only do it in person and in private in a secure location...

Edward Snowden

Author : Adam Furgang
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In June 2013, the news organization The Guardian first published articles revealing the shocking revelations that the National Security Agency (NSA) was conducting mass surveillance on all American citizens in secretive bulk-data collection programs. Hundreds of thousands of top-secret documents were leaked from the NSA by a computer programmer named Edward Snowden. This enlightening biography examines the life of Edward Snowden, his reasons for leaking classified documents, his ongoing controversy as a whistleblower, and the revelations and changes in data collection laws that resulted from the massive disclosure.

The Post Snowden Era

Author : Kathleen Kuehn
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'Surveillance is confusing. Should we give up on expecting privacy because we're all being watched, or stop worrying because it's all exaggerated? Actually, neither of those is right. A much better idea is to find a book that is sane, well researched and easy to read, so you understand, don't fear needlessly, and can do something about the things that are wrong. A book like this one.' Nicky Hager Revelations about the nature and extent of global surveillance programs have shocked many. But what are their implications in the long term – and for New Zealand? Mapping New Zealand’s role in international intelligence-gathering from the Second World War to the present day, Kathleen Kuehn asks probing questions about the behaviour of both the state and corporations in our current ‘surveillance society’. Ultimately these questions force us to confront the way we value our individual privacy and civil liberties, for – as we often hear – why should any of this matter if we have nothing to hide?

Mass surveillance Who is watching the watchers

Author : Council of Europe
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"They know where you got on the bus, where you went to work, where you slept, and what other cell phones slept with you." Edward Snowden The disclosures by Edward Snowden since June 2013 revealing mass surveillance and large-scale intrusion practices have provided compelling evidence of the existence of far-reaching, technologically advanced surveillance systems. Put in place by United States intelligence services and their partners in certain Council of Europe member states, these systems are aimed at collecting, storing and analysing communication data, including content, location and other metadata, on a massive scale. In several countries, a massive “surveillance-industrial complex” has evolved, which risks escaping democratic control and accountability and threatens the free and open character of our societies. The surveillance practices disclosed endanger fundamental human rights, including the rights to privacy, freedom of information and expression, and the rights to a fair trial and freedom of religion. Given the threat such surveillance techniques pose, how can states uphold these fundamental rights and ensure the protection of privacy and Internet safety in the digital age? This book presents, in its first part, the report of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and, in its second part, the legal expertise of the European Commission for Democracy through Law (the Venice Commission).

No Place to Hide

Author : Glenn Greenwald
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THE INSIDE ACCOUNT OF THE EVENTS DOCUMENTED IN LAURA POITRAS'S CITIZENFOUR Glenn Greenwald's No Place to Hide is the story of one of the greatest national security leaks in US history. In June 2013, reporter and political commentator Glenn Greenwald published a series of reports in the Guardian which rocked the world. The reports revealed shocking truths about the extent to which the National Security Agency had been gathering information about US citizens and intercepting communication worldwide, and were based on documents leaked by former National Security Agency employee Edward Snowden to Greenwald. Including new revelations from documents entrusted to Greenwald by Snowden, this essential book tells the story of Snowden and the NSA and examines the far-reaching consequences of the government's surveillance program, both in the US and abroad. 'The first thing I do when I turn on the computer in the morning is go to Glenn Greenwald's blog. He is truly one of our greatest writers right now' Michael Moore 'The most important voice to have entered the political discourse in years' Bill Moyers Glenn Greenwald is the author of several US bestsellers, including How Would A Patriot Act?, and A Tragic Legacy. Acclaimed as one of the twenty-five most influential political commentators by The Atlantic, Greenwald is a former constitutional law and civil rights attorney. He has been a columnist for the Guardian since August 2012 and his work has appeared in numerous newspapers and political news magazines, including The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times.

A Very Expensive Poison

Author : Luke Harding
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1 November 2006. Alexander Litvinenko is brazenly poisoned in central London. Twenty two days later he dies, killed from the inside. The poison? Polonium; a rare, lethal and highly radioactive substance. His crime? He had made some powerful enemies in Russia. Based on the best part of a decade's reporting, as well as extensive interviews with those closest to the events (including the murder suspects), and access to trial evidence, Luke Harding's A Very Expensive Poison is the definitive inside story of the life and death of Alexander Litvinenko. Harding traces the journey of the nuclear poison across London, from hotel room to nightclub, assassin to victim; it is a deadly trail that seemingly leads back to the Russian state itself. This is a shocking real-life revenge tragedy with corruption and subterfuge at every turn, and walk-on parts from Russian mafia, the KGB, MI6 agents, dedicated British coppers, Russian dissidents. At the heart of this all is an individual and his family torn apart by a ruthless crime.

Dark Mirror

Author : Barton Gellman
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"Edward Snowden touched off a global debate in 2013 when he gave Barton Gellman, Laura Poitras, and Glenn Greenwald each a vast and explosive archive of highly classified files revealing the extent of the American government's access to our every communication. They shared the Pulitzer Prize that year for public service ... Gellman ... jumped off from what Snowden gave him to track the reach and methodology of the U.S. surveillance state and bring it to light ... Along the way, he interrogated Snowden's own history and found important ways in which myth and reality do not line up. Gellman treats Snowden with respect, but this is no hagiographic account"--Dust jacket flap.

Permanent Record

Author : Arthur King
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Edward Snowden, the man who risked everything to expose the US government's system of mass surveillance, reveals for the first time the story of his life, including how he helped to build that system and what motivated him to try to bring it down. In 2013, twenty-nine-year-old Edward Snowden shocked the world when he broke with the American intelligence establishment and revealed that the United States government was secretly pursuing the means to collect every single phone call, text message, and email. The result would be an unprecedented system of mass surveillance with the ability to pry into the private lives of every person on earth. Six years later, Snowden reveals for the very first time how he helped to build this system and why he was moved to expose it. Spanning the bucolic Beltway suburbs of his childhood and the clandestine CIA and NSA postings of his adulthood, Permanent Record is the extraordinary account of a bright young man who grew up online - a man who became a spy, a whistleblower, and, in exile, the Internet's conscience. Written with wit, grace, passion, and an unflinching candor, Permanent Record is a crucial memoir of our digital age and destined to be a classic.


Author : David Leigh
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Published to coincide with the forthcoming film, The Fifth Estate, starring Beneditct Cumberbatch, this tie-in edition contains two new chapters on Julian Assange and Bradley Manning, and a foreword by Alan Rusbridger. It was the biggest leak in history. WikiLeaks infuriated the world's greatest superpower, embarrassed the British royal family and helped cause a revolution in Africa. The man behind it was Julian Assange, one of the strangest figures ever to become a worldwide celebrity. Was he an internet messiah or a cyber-terrorist? Information freedom fighter or sex criminal? The debate echoed around the globe as US politicians called for his assassination. And Assange's actions continue to be felt, in the trial of Bradley Manning and the flight of Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower. Award-winning Guardian journalists David Leigh and Luke Harding were at the centre of a unique publishing drama that involved the release of some 250,000 secret diplomatic cables and classified files from the Afghan and Iraq wars. (At one point the platinum-haired hacker was hiding from the CIA in David Leigh's London house.) Now, together with the paper's investigative reporting team, Leigh and Harding reveal the startling inside story of the man and the leak, and bring the story dramatically up to date.

National Security Leaks and Freedom of the Press

Author : Geoffrey R. Stone
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"This chapter principally reviews the development of the law in the United States since the Pentagon Papers decision. It then more briefly addresses three related subjects: the difficulties in assessing the effectiveness of the Pentagon Papers regime in permitting disclosures that benefit public debate more than they harm national security while discouraging leaks that cause more harm than good; how the US legal framework for handling national security information compares to the United Kingdom's; and how technological and institutional changes over the five decades since the Pentagon Papers decision have called into question some of that decision's premises. I.Developments in US Law Since the Pentagon Papers case, the government only rarely has sought to enjoin publication of material-and only once succeeded in winning an injunction on the ground that publication threatened national security. When courts have examined questions of prior restraints, they have consistently looked to the Pentagon Papers decision's reaffirmance of the presumptive unconstitutionality of prior restraints. Since 1971, the government has never sought criminal penalties against the press for merely receiving or publishing classified information. It has, however, brought criminal prosecutions against government employees who leaked classified information to the press without authorization, and it has also sought to prosecute non-media third parties for their role in disseminating information leaked to them by government insiders. The influence of New York Times Co. has been much more limited in these prosecutions. Indeed, in criminal prosecutions brought against leakers, the Pentagon Papers case has often been sidelined as a "prior restraint case," or not mentioned at all. Recently, the government has broken new ground by bringing criminal charges against an organization that some consider to be part of the press-WikiLeaks-alleging that it actively participated in and abetted a leak of classified information. The relevance of New York Times Co. to that situation is uncertain"--

No Place to Hide Edward Snowden the NSA and the U S Surveillance State by Glenn Greenwald Summarized

Author : J.J. Holt
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This is a summary of No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State by Glenn Greenwald…. Summarized by J.J. Holt

Mexican War Index to Pension Files 1886 1926

Author :
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Mafia State Reissue

Author : HARDING L
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