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The Slimming Foodie

Author : Pip Payne
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THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER Based on the award-winning blog, The Slimming Foodie is all about delicious, hearty, home-cooked meals that can work for anyone who is on a slimming journey. The Slimming Foodie philosophy is simple. First and foremost, the recipes have to taste great! But also important is that they use fresh, healthy ingredients that are easily available and can be prepared by anyone. This is food that people want to eat day-to-day, that are nourishing, budget conscious and approachable without being too time consuming. Ingredients that make the dishes higher in calories have been cut out, reduced or swapped without forgoing flavour. When trying to slim down, you often feel the need to cook a separate meal for yourself than the rest of your household. However, making healthy choices shouldn't stop you from sharing a delicious meal with your loved ones. Each of these 100 family-friendly recipes can be enjoyed by anyone as part of a healthy diet, including children. With a few simple adjustments, you can make all of your favourite meals more balanced without losing any of that great taste, creating a plate of food that is truly tempting and yet allows all the good stuff to shine through! With The Slimming Foodie, dinnertime can now include: Easy midweek meals like Nutty chicken satay fried rice One-pot wonders like Chilli mac 'n' cheese Savoury traybakes like Garlicky meatball pasta bake Family favourites like Sausage and mash pie ... and Friday-night specials like the slow-cooked Tick-tock tikka masala

The Slimming Foodie in One

Author : Pip Payne
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THE FOLLOW-UP TO THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER 'Pip Payne is on a mission to help us eat well, without feeling we're on a diet.' - BEST The bestselling Slimming Foodie is back with a fantastic new collection of slimming recipes. These dishes are as tasty as ever but even simpler to prepare, as they can all be made in one pot, pan, tray or dish. The Slimming Foodie is known for her simple approach to food; she's a firm believer that you don't need to spend hours in the kitchen to deliver amazing results, nor do you have to completely change your eating habits to lose weight. With Pip's clever swaps and cooking techniques, you can slim down while still enjoying all your favourite foods - it's a modern weight-loss method that puts flavour first. In her first book, the Slimming Foodie showed us how easy and enjoyable slimming recipes can be. Now she has made dinnertime even simpler by creating delicious all-in-one meals with surprisingly few calories. From flash-in-the-pan dinners to slow-cooked comforts, you will find something for the whole family to enjoy without fuss and with minimal washing up! The Slimming Foodie in One is made up of seven chapters, each one reflecting a different method of one-pot cooking: Chapter 1: In a Pot Includes Pizza mac 'n' cheese, Chicken lemon pepperpot and Jumbled cottage pie Chapter 2: In a Pan Includes Black bean & mushroom dhal, Special chow mein and Kofta meatballs with harissa chickpea sauce Chapter 3: In a Tray Includes Bombay burritos, Rosti-topped fish pie and Cheeseburger balls with loaded chippies Chapter 4: Soup-er Includes Arrabbiata orzo soup, Salmon & miso broth and Chicken & prawn laksa Chapter 5: In a Slow-cooker Includes White chicken chilli, Coffee-rubbed barbecue pulled pork and Fakeaway doner kebab Chapter 6: All in the Prep Includes Tex-mex macaroni, Crunchy Japanese-style rice with yum yum sauce and Chickpea & tuna salad Chapter 7: Jazz it Up Includes Speedy preserved lemons, Ketchup with a kick and Veggie salsa verde


Author : PIP PAYNE
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Author : PIP PAYNE
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The Slimming Foodie Diet Planner with Self Reflection Guide

Author : Faye Robinson Cotton Q
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The Slimming Foodie Diet Planner © The Diet Planner is all about Gearing up for those delicious, super healthy meals you v read all about... So we v created this helpful meal planner for those on that slimming journey. Lucky you..★ Inside, we v added a 52 weeks shopping list, Motivational Quotes, calorie and water intake count. Also, to spice things up, you can look forward a weekly self reflection guide. Prompting you to answer questions of what you v learned about your eating and where you are struggling. Great addition to your cookbook! Check out our reviews below!

Food Optimising

Author : Slimming World
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Having plenty to eat and no forbidden food is every slimmer's dream. It sounds too good to be true, but it's the approach that has enabled thousands of Slimming World members to reach their target weight - the weight they have chosen to be. No foods are banned at Slimming World. There's no calorie counting and there are hundreds of 'Free Foods' which can be eaten in unlimited amounts. THE SLIMMING WORLD DIET designed to make slimming easier and more enjoyable. Now for the first time, THE SLIMMING WORLD DIET and RECIPE BOOk makes Slimming World's eating plan available to everyone. Packed with nutritional lifestyle and diet information, as well as over 150 wonderfully healthy recipes, simply follow the eating plan and see the weight fall off - and keep off - by adopting and devloping healthy eating habits for life.

Food and Drink

Author : Jim Harter
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This monumental collection contains over 350 royalty-free illustrations of every conceivable activity concerned with the preparation and consumption of food and drink. Jim Harter, well-known commercial designer and collagist, has selected the most versatile and eye-catching material, mainly from rare nineteenth-century sources. These fine line drawings, reproduced sharply and clearly, comprise the most extensive and economical source of design material available. From the dining car of the Orient Express to the kitchen of an average family breakfasting at home, exotic and ordinary dining is shown in countries all over the world. There are rajahs dining in their palaces, cavemen squatting and eating with their hands, Romans feasting, wealthy families dining in elegant restaurants, public kitchens, servants, children eating, court scenes, Christmas dinners, dinner parties, individuals dining, banquets and cooks preparing meals, camping, and shopping. Not only are there activity scenes but also dozens of individual illustrations depict food, servers, and cooking utensils. A sampling includes: Exotic cakes and desserts, fish, melons, oranges, berries, grapes, artichokes, rhubarb, leeks, pumpkins, pigs, and turkeysGlassware, tea sets, decanters, mugs, pitchers, baskets, bowls, urns, flatware, candlesticks, servers, ladles, and rolling pinsThe wide scope of the book includes large illustrations as well as headings and vignettes suitable for wine lists, menus, cartes du jour, invitations, and many other uses. These royalty-free illustrations form a unique sourcebook virtually impossible to duplicate that can complement practically any point of reference on the subject of food and drink. Clearly reproduced from rare periodicals on high-quality stock, these pictures offer a limitless array of ideas for artists and designers of greeting cards, packaging, periodicals, and cookbooks, as well as collagists and decoupeurs. Dover (1979) original publication."

Unix Workbook

Author : William Thomas
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There s No Carrot in Carrot Cake

Author : Ruth Wan
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Who needs carrot in carrot cake when there’s plenty of magic in the mix? Just trust your nose and listen to your taste buds. Still, if you have to know the intriguing ingredients in your bak chor mee, nasi lemak and roti prata, this book reveals all. With descriptions of 101 inimitable street food. Over 100 full-page colour pictures by well-known food blogger, Dr Leslie Tay of Easy-to-follow food tours. Must-visit food courts and hawker centres and how to get there. Ten things you need to know before embarking on your food adventure. And a penetrative foreword by Singapore’s most distinguished foodie: National Heritage Board Chairman, Professor Tommy Koh. So order a bowl of feisty laksa, align your chopsticks and delve into Singapore’s other success story.

The Swell Dressed Party

Author : Cynthia Rowley
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The bestselling authors of Swell: A Girl's Guide to the Good Life, Home Swell Home: Designing Your Dream Pad, and Swell Holiday: Turning Up the Twinkle have delighted readers with their groundbreaking manuals on style and decor. Now Cynthia Rowley and Ilene Rosenzweig bring you The Swell Dress Party, a bubbly bible for the modern hostess. With their fun-loving spirit and entertaining expertise, they serve up ideas for memorable affairs that are easy to execute, don't leave you exhausted, and allow you to achieve the ultimate hostess goal -- to be a guest at your own party. This day-to-night guide brings a much-needed dose of realism to fabulous entertaining. The confident hostess makes the most of what she's got, mixing homemade with store-bought, pairing her best crystal flutes with last minute Polaroid placecards, and knowing it's important to keep the conversation as sparkling as the champagne. "Part Dressing" is a new approach to great entertaining that relies on playfulness, not perfectionism. Over twenty parties in this book combine recipes that deliver wow factor without requiring a culinary PH.D., and anecdotes from Rowley and Rosenzweig's party career. They show how to bring friends and family together for high-style good times without spending an obscene amout of time or blowing a wad of dough. The Swell motto is: Minimize effort and maximize fun. Great hostessing is about setting a mood as much as making sure people get enough to eat and drink. A Swell party is like the perfect black dress glammed up with little accessories that make a big impact. • Double-duty favors that bring an activity to the party, like sketchbooks and charcoals at everyy place setting. • Iced gel-eye masks and Tylenol for a Hangover Brunch. • Filling the pool with blow-up ducks as an aquatic centerpiece. • The No-Time-for-Dinner Party, ordering in every course, from MacDonald's fries to steakhouse sirloins, and making an event of every delivery. • Turning Games Night or Must-See TV into a weekly ritual of three-martini playdates. • Keeping the cupboard stocked for chic-and-easy bar snack and canapes for the impromptu cocktails.

Mountain States Foraging

Author : Briana Wiles
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“A stunning look at the natural abundance of the mountain states—with clear guidance on identification, gathering techniques, and uses.” —Jennifer McGruther, author of The Nourished Kitchen The Mountain States offer a veritable feast for foragers, and with Briana Wiles as your trusted guide you will learn how to safely find and identify an abundance of delicious wild plants. The plant profiles in Mountain States Foraging include clear, color photographs, identification tips, guidance on how to ethically harvest, and suggestions for eating and preserving. A handy seasonal planner details which plants are available during every season. Thorough, comprehensive, and safe, this is a must-have for foragers in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and northern Nevada.

How to Write Travel Articles in One Weekend

Author : Diana Cambridge
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Table Talk

Author : A.A. Gill
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The first collection of food writing by Britain's funniest and most feared critic A.A. Gill knows food, and loves food. A meal is never just a meal. It has a past, a history, connotations. It is a metaphor for life. A.A. Gill delights in decoding what lies behind the food on our plates: famously, his reviews are as much ruminations on society at large as they are about the restaurants themselves. So alongside the concepts, customers and cuisines, ten years of writing about restaurants has yielded insights on everything from yaks to cowboys, picnics to politics. TABLE TALK is an idiosyncratic selection of A.A. Gill's writing about food, taken from his Sunday Times and Tatler columns. Sometimes inspired by the traditions of a whole country, sometimes by a single ingredient, it is a celebration of what great eating can be, an excoriation of those who get it wrong, and an education about our own appetites. Because it spans a decade, the book focuses on A.A. Gill's general dining experiences rather than individual restaurants - food fads, tipping, chefs, ingredients, eating in town and country and abroad, and the best and worst dining experiences. Fizzing with wit, it is a treat for gourmands, gourmets and anyone who relishes good writing.

Discriminating Taste

Author : S. Margot Finn
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For the past four decades, increasing numbers of Americans have started paying greater attention to the food they eat, buying organic vegetables, drinking fine wines, and seeking out exotic cuisines. Yet they are often equally passionate about the items they refuse to eat: processed foods, generic brands, high-carb meals. While they may care deeply about issues like nutrition and sustainable agriculture, these discriminating diners also seek to differentiate themselves from the unrefined eater, the common person who lives on junk food. Discriminating Taste argues that the rise of gourmet, ethnic, diet, and organic foods must be understood in tandem with the ever-widening income inequality gap. Offering an illuminating historical perspective on our current food trends, S. Margot Finn draws numerous parallels with the Gilded Age of the late nineteenth century, an era infamous for its class divisions, when gourmet dinners, international cuisines, slimming diets, and pure foods first became fads. Examining a diverse set of cultural touchstones ranging from Ratatouille to The Biggest Loser, Finn identifies the key ways that “good food” has become conflated with high status. She also considers how these taste hierarchies serve as a distraction, leading middle-class professionals to focus on small acts of glamorous and virtuous consumption while ignoring their class’s larger economic stagnation. A provocative look at the ideology of contemporary food culture, Discriminating Taste teaches us to question the maxim that you are what you eat.

His Laughing Girl

Author : Ellen Whyte
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Curvy chef Sophie Weston has given up on love. But when she is hired to cater for a very exclusive house party, she falls instantly for handsome tech tycoon Richard Cummings. However, she quickly discovers that Richard has a shady past. Should she trust him or should she walk away before her heart is broken again? A light, contemporary billionaire romance with a happy ending.

The Body Restoration Plan

Author : Paula Baillie-Hamilton
File Size : 57.7 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A physician and expert in human metabolism explains how to lose weight, detoxify, and reduce the effects of aging by eliminating toxic chemicals from one's diet, offering tips on how to identify these chemical calories, creating healthful meal plans, natural supplement programs, and more. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.

Slimming Secrets of the Rich and Famous

Author : Adele Parker
File Size : 86.4 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The media is filled with images of glamorous stars and celebrities, whose fantastic figures and radiant looks make them international icons. Now, in a wealth of recipes and exercise tips, this book reveals the slimming secrets behind Julia Roberts’ waistline, Angelina Jolie’s svelte curves, and Halle Berry’s glowing confidence. You’ll also discover how Catherine Zeta-Jones, Elizabeth Hurley, and Gwyneth Paltrow regained their figures after pregnancy, and how Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, and Cameron Diaz prepare for those red-carpet moments.

Body Embodiment

Author : Professor Dennis Waskul
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The body and experiences of embodiment have generated a rich and diverse sociological literature. This volume articulates and illustrates one major approach to the sociology of the body: symbolic interactionism, an increasingly prevalent theoretical base of contemporary sociology derived from the pragmatism of writers such as John Dewey, William James, Charles Peirce, Charles Cooley and George Herbert Mead. The authors argue that, from an interactionist perspective, the body is much more than a tangible, corporeal object – it is a vessel of great significance to the individual and society. From this perspective, body, self and social interaction are intimately interrelated and constantly reconfigured. The collection constitutes a unique anthology of empirical research on the body, from health and illness to sexuality, from beauty and imagery to bodily performance in sport and art, and from mediated communication to plastic surgery. The contributions are informed by innovative interactionist theory, offering fresh insights into one of the fastest growing sub-disciplines of sociology and cultural studies.

Real Meal Revolution

Author : Author 1
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Part myth-busting scientific thriller, part mouthwatering cookbook, the goal of The Real Meal Revolution is to change your life by teaching you how to take charge of your weight and your health through the way you eat. A scientist, a nutritionist, and two chef-athletes - the crack squad behind The Real Meal Revolution have walked or in some cases run the hard yards through the gauntlets of nutritional science and self-experimentation. The revelatory stance and the mouth-watering recipes in this book is the result of their experience combined with overwhelming scientific evidence.

Women s Health

Author :
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Womens Health magazine speaks to every aspect of a woman's life including health, fitness, nutrition, emotional well-being, sex and relationships, beauty and style.