The Simple Guide to Marine Aquariums


Author: Jeffrey Kurtz,David E. Boruchowitz

Publisher: TFH Publications

ISBN: 9780793806720

Category: Pets

Page: 255

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Simple Guide to Marine Aquariums is a TFH Publication.

How to Frag Corals

A simple guide to coral propagation and coral fragging for the marine reef aquarium hobbyist


Author: Albert B. Ulrich III

Publisher: Albert B Ulrich III


Category: Pets

Page: N.A

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Step-by-step instructions Be confident and successful fragging corals. What does your ideal coral aquarium look like? Do you want a mixed coral reef tank, buzzing with color and energy as fish and invertebrates fill every level with the colors and textures of a coral reef? It is a devastating feeling to buy a new coral and watch it shrivel away and die in your tank. Wild-collected corals travel long distances in some challenging living conditions before they make it to your home aquarium, and many of those specimens are damaged and dying before you get them home. In this book, I will show you how some successful reef aquarium hobbyists are able to fill their tanks with corals that are already proven to grow well in their tanks. These aquarists are also able to trade with other hobbyists to acquire some of the corals that are grow best for them, and many are even able to use these secrets to make a little money on the side. Ok, they aren’t really secrets, but what I am talking about is fragging corals. Hi, I’m Albert Ulrich, the author of The New Saltwater Aquarium Guide and 107 Tips for the Marine Reef Aquarium. I have been published in Aquarium Fish International and Aquariums USA magazines and I have been blogging online about the hobby for years at This book will show you how to frag corals for your marine aquarium with step-by-step instructions. Get your copy today!

Marine Aquarium Keeping


Author: Stephen Spotte

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471594895

Category: Pets

Page: 192

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The science and common sense behind creating an inexpensive,flourishing marine aquarium Marine Aquarium Keeping is the firstcomplete, step-by-step handbook to bring scientific perspective andinsight to the practical basics of assembling and successfullymaintaining a conventional marine aquarium. While minimizinggadgetry and underscoring a simple, commonsense regimen of looking,seeing, and understanding, author and marine biologist StephenSpotte offers logical, chapter-by-chapter guidance to every facetof the hobby--from choosing equipment and setting up an aquarium,to selecting healthy animals and maintaining a flourishingunderwater environment. Inside, readers will discover: * How to make a new aquarium suitable for sustaining life * How to select healthy animals from species demonstrating goodcaptive survival * The step-by-step basics of routine maintenance * How to easily meet the nutritional requirements of marineanimals * The key to disease prevention * The use of seawater and artificial seawaters * The living subgravel filter * Aquarium decorations as shelter spaces and as aestheticfeatures * The marine aquarium as a living community An extensive health and disease section offers detailed,easy-to-follow treatment regimens, several unique to this volume,for a variety of common diseases. Current controversies and popularmyths surrounding aquarium keeping, such as the benefits ofsupplemental light and the superiority of plastic filtrants, arealso examined. A wealth of black-and-white and color photographsthat strikingly depict marine animals in their natural habitatbring key facets of the text to life. Indispensable to the amateuraquarist who appreciates both the beauty and science of thisfascinating pastime, this newest edition of the popular classic isthe complete guide to successful, inexpensive marine aquariumkeeping.

Your First Marine Aquarium

Everything about Setting Up a Marine Aquarium, Aquarium Conditions and Maintanence, and Selecting Fish and Invertebrates


Author: John H. Tullock

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 9780764104473

Category: Pets

Page: 79

View: 8783

Directions for setting up an aquarium and facts about various kinds of fish that can be put into it.

Saltwater Aquariums For Dummies


Author: Gregory Skomal

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118051025

Category: Pets

Page: 368

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Demystifies aquarium setup and maintenance Combine and care for a wide variety of marine fish and invertebrates Dive into the colorful world of saltwater fish! This fun, friendly guide gives you easy step-by-step instructions for choosing and caring for these amazing animals. You get the latest on feeding, tank upkeep, filtering systems, maintaining live rock, and preventing algae build-up, as well as what not to include in your aquarium. Discover how to Choose the best fish and equipment Get your tank up and running Maintain proper water conditions Keep your fish happy and healthy Avoid tank pitfalls Keep a brackish aquarium

Guide to Marine Life

Caribbean, Bahamas, Florida


Author: Marty Snyderman,Clay Wiseman

Publisher: Aqua Quest Publications, Inc.

ISBN: 9781881652069

Category: Nature

Page: 284

View: 1601

A layman's guide to identifying and understanding the marine life while scuba diving.


The Complete Guide to Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums


Author: Thierry Maître-Allain,Christian Piednoir

Publisher: Richmond Hill, Ont. : Firefly Books

ISBN: 9781554070855

Category: Pets

Page: 281

View: 9096

Presents tips for tropical freshwater fish owners, including information on aquariums, water management, aquarium plants, aquascaping, feeding, compatibility, maintenance, healthcare, and heating and lighting.

The Super Simple Guide to Corals


Author: James Fatherree,Jim Fatherree

Publisher: Tfh Publications Incorporated

ISBN: 9780793834563

Category: Pets

Page: 136

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Offers professional advice and step-by-step instuctions in selecting, maintaining and propagating corals in home aquariums.

Howell Beginner's Guide to Aquariums


Author: John Coborn,Dennis Kelsey-Wood

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780876059005

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 44

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Discusses the basic aspects of establishing an aquarium in the home and developing it into a successful miniature ecosystem, including equipment, maintenance, and the requirements of coldwater, tropical, and marine aquariums.

Setting Up A Saltwater Aquarium

An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet


Author: Gregory Skomal, PhD

Publisher: Howell Book House

ISBN: 9780876055298

Category: Pets

Page: 128

View: 8019

This is our sixth set of Happy, Healthy Pet titles. These are books pet owners can turn to for the essential information they need to raise a healthy pet. All books contain information on feeding housing grooming health care what to expect from the pet and basic training As our series expands and focuses on different kinds of pets, the emphasis remains on making the pet a companion. In addition, owners of more unusual pets will particularly appreciate the expert advice in these books because professional care for their animals may be difficult to come by. As always, the instruction is from experts: people who know their pet intimately but also remember what it was like to have one for the first time. Happy, Healthy Pet guides are rich with professional quality color photos and are designed to be enjoyable and easy to learn from.