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The Shortest Book in the World

Author : Frank Landfield
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This Is It

Go BeyondPossible

Author : David Davis
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If you would like to achieve anything in life, you need to take action - this book is an example of this action. The book sets out the author's 6 step process, intending to reduce the added fluff to fill in the spaces while allowing you, the reader, to achieve your own dreams. If you feel like you could achieve more and want a quick and simple process to make your own - this is the book for you. An example of achieving something is the book; the author took a challenge - a few years ago, at a free seminar, it was suggested you could write and publish a book in a short period. Challenge accepted. This book is the resu

The Car of Life

Author : Matt Wohlfarth
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What is life? How do you find balance in an unbalanced world?

The Smallest Book in the World

Author : Josua Reichert
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The Smallest Book in the World takes the art of printing and bookbinding to an entirely new dimension of precision. German typographer Josua Reichert especially created a colorful alphabet for this tiny leather-bound ABC-picture book, exclusively produced in the traditional book city Leipzig where the idea was originally born. Measuring 2.4 x 2.9 mm, this is the smallest book worldwide in a published edition. The Smallest Book in the World is a remarkable object of desire, not only as a collector's item or for book enthusiasts' libraries.

Jesus and Dshises

Author : Jesus Gartenlaub
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Shortest booklet about the ancient times of Jesus and Dshises.

The Shortest Book Ever on Saving for Retirement

Author : James O'Donnell
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Most books on this subject try to scare (or perhaps bore) you into submission. The Shortest Book Ever on Saving for Retirement is different. It’s short, comprehensive, and most importantly of all—it’s understandable. By sticking to the bare minimum on what you really need to know about investing in your future, no matter the economic climate, James O’Donnell has provided the tool we all need and don’t yet have. There are plenty of books out there to confuse readers, make things seem financially hopeless, or present a quick fix to real financial struggles. This is not one of those books. Saving for retirement is a long-haul activity. But with the proper tools, guidance, and encouragement, anyone and everyone can do this. This book uses simple, concise terms in a readable style to address the most crucial issues that affect your future financial health - whether you know it now or not! Finance Pro James O’Donnell has refreshed and updated the content of his 2008 book The Shortest Investment Book Ever to better reflect the brave, new economic world we find ourselves in. This new book, The Shortest Book Ever on Saving for Retirement, will replace the old book upon its January 2010 release. Look at these topics in a whole new light: Investing, Social Security, 401(k) and 403(b) accounts, Diversification, Mutual Funds, IRAs, and Annuities. Don’t stay lost. Read this book—it actually makes sense (and it will only take a couple of hours).

The Shortest History of Europe

Author : John Hirst
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Chinese civilisation was for a long period more advanced than European. From China, Europe acquired printing, paper-making, the compass, gunpowder and locks for canals. Yet it was in Europe that steady economic growth first occurred and then the Industrial Revolution. And it was in Europe that representative government and individual rights, those other hallmarks of modernity, first developed. What is it about Europe? Celebrated historian John Hirst offers a fascinating exploration of the qualities that made Europe a world-changing civilisation. The Shortest History of Europe begins with a rapid overview of European civilisation, describing its birth from an unlikely mixture of three elements: classical learning, Christianity and German warrior culture. Over the centuries, this unstable blend produced highly distinctive characters - pious knights and belligerent popes, romantics spouting folklore and revolutionaries imitating Rome - and its coming apart provided the dynamic of European history in modern times. Meanwhile the common people were tilling the soil, until they became the first to enjoy the prosperity of an industrialised urban society. The Shortest History of Europe is a clear, humorous and thought-provoking account of a remarkable civilisation.

The World s Shortest Books

Author : David Frost
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Guinness World Records Biggest and Smallest

Author : Christy Webster
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A brand-new Guinness World Records book for kids! Have you ever wondered how you size up to the tallest man in the world? How about the shortest woman? Biggest and Smallest! explores the biggest and smallest records on the planet, from huge hounds and dinky donkeys to supersized snacks and micromachines. For these Guinness World Records holders, size really does matter! Guinness World Records compilations are jam-packed with over 300 fun facts and full-color photos about all the record holders we can fit on one amazing theme! These books are perfect for Guinness World Records fans.

The Little Book of Being Brilliant

Author : Andy Cope
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The latest and greatest insights on happiness from around the world The Little Book of Being Brilliant is a ‘greatest hits’ compilation of the best and the latest information from the science of positive psychology. Top-selling author Andy Cope exercises his PhD in happiness, along with his decades of experience bringing ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ to rapt audiences around the world, to distill the tips, techniques, facts and ideas you need to know to achieve sustainable wellbeing and happiness in your own life. Andy’s keen for you to know that he wants you to enjoy the experience, hence his ‘laugh ‘n’ learn’ approach. Inside, you’ll find guidance for taking action in the form of activities and challenges that will help you implement the latest empirical evidence on happiness. You’ll learn why most people are miles away from feeling as great as they could, and what to do about it. Whether you’re motivated to improve your daily life or looking for the insights that will super-charge your career, or in search of inspiration for your students or your team, this little book will set you in motion toward living brilliantly. Develop resilience and embrace positivity by setting goals and taking charge of your life Learn, once and for all, what science says about the connection between money and happiness Overcome road rage and other forms of negativity that are dragging you down in the day-to-day Internalize the latest positivity wisdom for work, sport, parenting, relationships, and more There’s absolutely no filler in The Little Book of Being Brilliant, and no need to sift through half-baked ideas or wisdom that researchers have already overturned. For the latest proven techniques on getting happy and achieving success, along with the motivation required to put those techniques into practice, pick up this energetic and inspiring book today.

The Shortest Kid in the World

Author : Corinne Demas Bliss
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Emily is unhappy with her size until a new girl in class helps her see that being short can have its advantages.

The Art of Small Things

Author : John Mack
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This richly illustrated book celebrates the art of the miniature, but also looks beyond it at the many aspects of "small worlds"--in particular, their capacity to evoke responses that far exceed their physical dimensions. Mack explores the talismanic, religious, or magical properties with which miniatures are often imbued. Considering a wide range of objects, he examines the use of the miniature form in various cultural contexts.

The Bible the Only Infallible Book for the Perishing World

Author : Jonathan Hammond
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The Bible the only infallible book for the perishing world is a special book designed for every believer, especially Bible Students and Church Leaders. The aim of this book is to show the express purpose of God for bringing the Bible to man, how the Bible came into existence and what makes it to be a divine gift from God or an authentic book among every other book in this wide-world. And with a copy of this book, nobody can henceforth deceive you with heresies and myths concerning God's purpose upon your life. Remember, it is our design obligation to give arms to the poor "He said to me: "It is done." I am the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end to whom who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of water of life. (Rev. 21:6) (NIV). Buy a copy of this book to save a perish soul. You can also donate to Omega3 Save Life Foundation towards it's charity works through our website. Jonathan Hammond is the founder and the president of Omega3 Save Life Foundation. He is an administrator, conference speaker, Bible Teacher, a consultant and a writer of this dispensation. He has added values to many lives through his teachings and writings. His target is to equip the youths of this era to become divine vessels for God's use, by helping them to discover the hidden treasures in them. Jonathan Hammond, therefore, organizes camp meetings, seminars and counseling to impact what the Lord has given him on the frustrated and the restless souls. We know that a covered vessel is of no use to God and nobody will value what is inside you until you are broken.

The Shortest Kid in the World Dot Book

Author : Corinne Demas Bliss
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Format : PDF
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Emily is unhappy with her size until a new girl in class helps her see that being short can have its advantages.

Guinness Book of World Records

Author : Alan Russel
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Guinness Book of World Records 1991

Author : Donald McFarlan
File Size : 21.45 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The one and only Guinness.

The World Almanac

Author :
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The World Almanac Book of Facts

Author :
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The World Almanac and Book of Facts

Author :
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The Shortest History of Germany

Author : James Hawes
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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2,000 years of history in one riveting afternoon A country both admired and feared, Germany has been the epicenter of world events time and again: the Reformation, both World Wars, the fall of the Berlin Wall. It did not emerge as a modern nation until 1871—yet today, Germany is the world’s fourth-largest economy and a standard-bearer of liberal democracy. “There’s no point studying the past unless it sheds some light on the present,” writes James Hawes in this brilliantly concise history that has already captivated hundreds of thousands of readers. “It is time, now more than ever, for us all to understand the real history of Germany.”