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A Journey in Mirror

Author : M.K. Ashok
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How to reclaim your life? This book explains how to effectively handle a life crisis. You will get a roadmap to reclaiming your life whenever you face adversities. You will know that the strategy for success in one field should not invite disaster in another field of life. Reading this book will help you in knowing your true self and identifying the tendencies to be strengthened as well as the tendencies to be curbed. You will discover the importance of self-vision and self-assessment. It will help you become a man of vision and wisdom. Multiple social situations, described in the book, present opportunities to the reader to understand life in different layers of society with multiple viewpoints. The main aim of the book is to help the reader in preparing strategies to meet life challenges.

Science of A Happy Brain

Author : Dr. Jay Kumar
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What is happiness? Is happiness even realistic for you to achieve in today’s world of rising anger, anxiety, and addiction? It’s the fundamental question Dr. Jay Kumar (your Happiness professor) yearned to discover in the wake of a life-transforming family tragedy as a young adult that led him to the halls of academia and holy ashrams to explore the science and spirituality of happiness. Science of a Happy Brain is adapted upon actual lessons from Dr. Jay’s popular university Happiness course that he has been coteaching for the past seven years. From millennials suffering from anxiety to folks in Middle America struggling with addiction, from veterans battling PTSD to parents coping to raise children hooked on technology, from the spike in suicides to the tribalism and hate in today’s world, Dr. Jay guides you on a personalized and proven strategy for building a Happy Brain—for you and society. More research in brain science points to one undeniable truth—to socialize is to survive, to tribe is to thrive. Science of a Happy Brain uncovers a long-forgotten aspect of humanity by exposing a shared element of human biology—your social brain. Only recently has science affirmed what religions knew all along—you are a social being with a social brain that is nourished and strengthened by community and connection. But the marvels of society’s Age of Digitalization can unwittingly bring you into the malaise of today’s Age of Disconnection, which presently sabotages your health, weakens our society, and hijacks your Happy Brain. Your happiness demands tribe. Creating tribe in your life creates balance, longevity, and resilience—the foundation required for generating your Happy Brain. Science of a Happy Brain is equally a self-help course and a social commentary whose time has come that brings hope to a world in crisis, a nation in a happiness deficit, and a generation discovering where enduring happiness resides. It is a powerful work that is vital for the crossroads at which society finds itself by presenting a platform for public discourse to explore today’s crucial social, cultural, and health issues. Dr. Jay reveals how you can achieve a Happy Brain by learning to experience happiness the way your brain evolved—biologically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually. A Happy Brain creates happy people. Happy people make a happy world. Now more than ever, the future needs you. Happy.

Happy Pigs Taste Better

Author : Alice Percy
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What does it take to raise a happy pig? Armed with experience from running the largest organic hog operation in Maine, author Alice Percy is well equipped to answer this question. Pigs are much closer to their cousin, the wild boar, than other domesticated animals. Ethically managing pigs requires an understanding of their natural mannerisms, including factors such as social grouping, mating, territory, housing, and, of course, their love of wallowing in the mud. In Happy Pigs Taste Better Percy offers a comprehensive look at raising organic, pasture-fed, gourmet meat. She advises readers on pasturing and feeding hogs organically, as well as managing the breeding herd and administering effective natural healthcare. In addition, she provides an overview of marketing and distribution for those looking to turn their hog farming operation into a lucrative business. This book is the first of its kind to offer an in-depth approach to organic, high-welfare commercial production, including information on: - Designing a hog business from the ground up - Housing pigs, including benefits and drawbacks of various housing systems - Evaluating the nutritional content of common organic feedstuffs - Butchering humanely and economically - Recordkeeping, with templates for financial tracking Whether you’re looking to convert a conventional operation to organic, grow your backyard hog operation into a viable business, or start from scratch, this comprehensive book has got you covered, nose to tail.

Happiness in life does not happen by coincidence

Author : Jana Küster
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"About the book" Happiness in life does not happen by coincidence: Just be happy! This book is aimed at people who no longer place their happiness in the hands of others, but want to achieve this goal out of their own motivation. Don't postpone your happy life until tomorrow, live today in the HERE and NOW! Enjoying the LIFE - instead of constantly renounce, optimizing, pondering ... That's how it works without a guilty conscience! # Fulfilled Partnership - What makes a relationship really happy # Overcome and free yourself from fears, panic attacks & phobias in your life # Stay fit, healthy & vital - Inspirations for a healthy lifestyle # The art of self-motivation - What really inspires us & how to train the drive for action # Mindfulness & Deceleration in everyday life - I am offline! # The positive aspects of self-love - Boosting self-confidence and self-esteem # Financial freedom & minimalism pure - How you declutter your life, home, mind & soul # Guide to happiness for more satisfaction & joy in life Start today by making the most of your life and building a positive mindset. Be happy and will be ... starts in the HEAD! A new easy life has a liberating effect: Less ballast, less pressure, more zest for life and light-heartedness. Get this book NOW and (finally) become a happy person again!

What Happy Women Know

Author : Dan Baker
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Provides a close-up look at five traps that can compromise happiness and hinder a woman's quest for a better life, drawing on the latest research to furnish a set of helpful tools, techniques, and strategies designed to help women accept the past and move toward a happier future of their own choice. Reprint. 75,000 first printing.

Freeing Your Child from Negative Thinking

Author : Tamar Chansky
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From a leading clinical expert in the fields of child cognitive and behavior disorders, a new edition that addresses social media, bullying, suicide, and other challenges children and parents face today If unaddressed at the early stages, negative thinking can become the gateway to depression and more serious mental health issues. Habitual negative thinking creates chronic or occasional emotional hurdles and impedes optimism, flexibility, and happiness. Being constantly being overloaded with information from friends, classmates, teachers, parents, and the internet, children need tools and strategies for redirecting negative thoughts when they come. In Freeing Your Child from Negative Thinking, Dr. Chansky provides parents, caregivers, and clinicians with clear, concise, and compassionate guidance in equipping children and teens to overcome negativity. She thoroughly covers the underlying causes of children's negative attitudes and provides multiple strategies for managing negative thoughts, building optimism, and establishing emotional resilience. Now, in this revised and updated edition, Dr. Chansky addresses the complex challenges that come with raising kids in a digital age--from navigating social media use to cyber bullying, as well as the grim reality of increased school shootings and suicides. This new edition also includes an expanded section on depression, the importance of healthy sleep, and the parent's role in their children's digital lives. With practical tools for parents to guide their children through these challenges, Freeing Your Child from Negative Thinking is the handbook all parents need to help their children cultivate emotional resilience.

Chandos Ring

Author : Mark Chandos
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BOOK DESCRIPTION: Mark Chandos is a modern American poet and philosopher, also known by name Mark Staber Kobo with his bestselling poetry book Greatest Living Poet, that has worn Best Critics choice prize in 2010. Chandos Ring : Death Star Earth is the first book of a trilogy titled Exodus from Sapiens. This is a sensational masterwork of modern American epic poetry and philosophy of a space. It tells a story of Aaron, the last living member of a ruthless political dynasty responsible for the extinction of many non-Western nations of a dying Earth. His intent is to create a race of men able to live without a carbon and oxygen base. The Aarons companion to Jupiter is Talon, the greatest scientific mind of his age The result would be creating a genetically new human magus creature called Homo faustus Ultimately, Aaron discovers the alien source of human life Recognized for its idiomatic perfection and elegance of style, the epic poem Chandos Ring is a strange new reconstruction of human life that crosses modern science fiction, religion, physics, and philosophy Previous to the poem, in his philosophical introduction Unfinished Consciousness, Mark Chandos revolutionizes previous Western philosophy and reveals the hidden truth of our civilization. I have crossed my meridian voyage, where human becomes visible idiom, and so their fears. I dig the tar cave of fossil rune, where ghosts of space, time, and men coil in somatic prescience. I will rise deep in winter with no alarm, not once to follow substance of moth-winged men glazed with light. I lay down structure embedded with my selection, joy and fear reduced to equal fonts. Since if by sentience I am cognizant, then by sentience equally I annul a slur of cognizance. We make nothing that we do not spend, exhaust, and pasteurize. So I will make this sprint. If I cry counter idiom, who will survive to prevent me? Those that accept death? I drain time and element of insolvent fear, reducing bleached bones of shrill alarm to light totem on my eye.

Brain Body Being

Author : Dr. Jay Kumar
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Happiness is a direction, not a destination! This is one of the many empowering messages advanced in Brain, Body & Being™. Based on the teachings and research by Dr. Jay Kumar, a leading expert and respected academic in the fields of brain science, happiness and personal transformation, this inspiring book and interactive e-book is a 21st century model to experience long-lasting, authentic health & happiness. So, how is this book on how to get healthy and happy any different? For starters, it’s based on the premise that your thoughts, feelings, actions, attitudes and behaviors can physically alter your brain structure, for better or for worse. When you consciously change your thoughts and shift the focus of your attention, you physically change your brain—and your life! The work provides a richer, more expansive approach that draws on the revelatory insights of timeless spiritual traditions as well as cutting-edge neuroscience. Here’s the best part. All the tools you will ever need on this journey of personal transformation arise from within. There’s no vitamin to buy, no gadget or equipment to purchase. More importantly, Brain, Body & Being™ translates these insights into easy-to-follow steps that make it possible for us to feel fit, present and alive.

Making Happy

Author : Les Parrott
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Discover the six counter-intuitive dials to turn right now in your relationship. these are proven happiness boosters. and let's face it, knowing how to make happiness -- the deep and abiding joy of feeling good together -- isn't always easy for time-starved and sleep-deprived couples. Making Happy will change all that by: Instantly making your relationship 25 percent happier. Countering the effects of taking each other for granted so you can notice even more things you appreciate about each other. Knowing the easy way to ensure your partner is happier today than yesterday. Relationship experts Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott bring all the relevant research together in Making Happy and show you how to elevate happiness in your relationship. It's easier than you think. Includes an immensely practical three-week Happiness Plan.

The Happy Pear Vegan Cooking for Everyone

Author : David Flynn
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The No. 1 Bestselling Happy Pear twins are back! Vegan Cooking for Everyone is the vegan cooking bible, distilling their twenty years of plant-based cooking experience into ten chapters. David and Stephen's recipe grids show you just how many different meals you can make using the same key ingredients and methods. This means you can start adapting your favourite dishes to your taste, to your budget or to whatever you have in the cupboard. Their introductory chapters walk you through the fundamentals of taste and texture, teaching you the role of every ingredient you use. Once you understand this, you will have the confidence to swap ingredients in and out and even come up with recipes of your own. You will find over 200 versions of plant-based recipes anyone can make, from fluffy coconut granola for breakfast, to home-made vegan pizza for lunch, to creamy broccoli pie for dinner to carrot cake with vegan cream cheese frosting for dessert. From the plant-based newbie to the experienced vegan, this approach will inspire you to become the best plant-based cook you can possibly be. 'These lovely boys always create incredibly tasty food' Jamie Oliver 'Proper good food ... hearty, decent and delicious' Russell Brand 'The poster boys for a healthy way of life!' Sunday Times 'Their energy is almost tangible' Dr Rangan Chatterjee 'A healthy-eating phenomenon' Mail on Sunday 'Great people, unbelievable food' Joe Wicks