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The Shadows of August

Author : Denis
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A great lady once remarked, “All the characters are at the race track”. She was right. Damon Runyon knew that, as did Ernest Hemingway, Dick Francis, Joe Hirsch, and many others. Search any shopping mall and you will be hard pressed to find the likes of Too Tall Teddy, Patricia the Planner, Diamond Earl, Shiner, or The Stranger. Even beglittered casinos fail to attract personalities one finds perched along the rail of a major racetrack like Saratoga. They’re all there, each adding a new paragraph to the spectacle that crystallizes in August on Union Avenue. Come on in, everyone is welcome.

One With the Shadows

Author : Susan Squires
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Kate Malone makes her living reading Tarot cards and fleecing society's elite. With no prospect of independence, her own fate looks bleak. But Kate's fortunes change when she steals a magnificent emerald—and is soon confronted by a mysterious stranger. Kate is sure that the striking gentleman's attention is a ruse to retrieve the gem. But his presence awakens her to passions she never dreamed of...and to powers she never knew she possessed. Gian Urbano is bound by honor to retrieve the mystical stone that can drain a vampire's power—and drive humans to madness. The willful, stunning Kate has no idea of the emerald's dark magic, or the lengths Gian's enemies will go to retrieve it. But soon Gian discovers in Kate a desire more compelling than duty—one that could save them both, or lead them to their downfall...

Sasquatch Legend in the Shadows

Author : James Stewart
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"In a chance to get away from the college scene for a few days, three young students have embarked on a camping trip in the northern part of Washington State. However, unknown to them, this is the territory where the legendary Shadow Beast lives. Having accidentally wounded one of these beasts, it has put all their lives in danger. The Shadow Beasts now come seeking revenge. Joseph, being a Native American, now must choose between his native ancestry, with its myths and beliefs, or the white man's way. His decision or indecision could very well cost him his life. Ethan's faith in himself, and his ability to control his greatest fear will be tested as he finds himself alone in a narrow tunnel that leads to a dead end. Chase, after being kidnapped by the Shadow Beast, is now trapped in an abandoned old mine. A mysterious elderly man confronts Chase and tells him that he must save the life of the wounded Shadow Beast, or face their wrath. Now the honor and courage of these three young men will be tested as never before in their lives. With their decisions deciding whether they live or die.

Valley of the Shadows Surrender

Author : Rochelle L. Holt
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Valley of the Shadows is a duet of two novels, concerning the fickleness of pursuing fame in a society that measures success by media adoration. In the title novel, Marya Brooks, an experienced poet in her seventies, decides to practice amateur obeah (voodoo) to cast negative spells on her favorite top five poets, the thriving competition. Only when each poet begins to die mysteriously does she develop guilt for her actions. Her former student, H.D., believes her research can dispute Marya's fallacious theories. Surrender, the second poem-novel, alternates between viewpoints of Rory Pole, an aspiring songwriter, and her idol, country music rising star, Maggie Moore. Also set in the southeast, primarily on both coasts of southern Florida, Rory is bitter when she receives no response from Maggie but notices that lines of her poems begin appearing in the singer's songs. In both novels, all characters eventually give up illusions and false patterns of behavior in these chilling stories, regarding the relevance of mass recognition and inordinate acclaim and adulation. They are novels-of-the-future, in accord with Anais Nin's tenets that commingle art with moral issues for compelling psychological literature.

In the Shadows of the Appalachians

Author : Cowboy Loop
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It was first in my thoughts for these writings to be viewed by my children and grand children. But I was compelled to set my memories, experiences, thoughts, hopes, and dreams for all youth of todays fast world. If you were raised in rural back woods, do not forget the beauty of the landscape and all living things that mother nature has blessed upon you. If you were raised in or near the city, make yourself a promise to visit rural America. Climb our mountains, explore our fields and streams, smell the vegetation, study our wildlife and you will become complete. When you think you are at the end of your rope, look to yourself for strength and guidance. You may be the wisest counselor you know.

Figures in the Shadows

Author : Bart Huelsenbeck
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The collection of the elder Seneca assembles quotations from scores of declaimers over a period spanning sixty years, from the Augustan Age through the early decades of the empire. A view is offered onto a literary scene, for this critical period of Roman letters, that is numerously populated, highly interactive, and less dominated by just a few canonical authors. Despite this potential, modern readings have often lumped declaimers together en masse and organizational principles basic to Seneca’s collection remain overlooked. This volume attempts to ‘hear’ the individual speech of declaimers by focusing on two speakers—Arellius Fuscus, rhetor to Ovid, and Papirius Fabianus, teacher of the younger Seneca. A key organizing principle, informing both the collection and the practice of declamation, was the ‘shared locus’—a short passage, defined by verbal and argumentative ingredients, that gained currency among declaimers. Study of the operation of the shared locus carries several advantages: (1) we appreciate distinctions between declaimers; (2) we recognize shared passages as a medium of communication; and (3) the shared locus emerges as a community resource, explaining deep-seated connections between declamation and literary works.

Secrets in the Shadows

Author : Anne E. Schraff
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The third novel in the Bluford Series.

When the Shadows Come to Life

Author : Lupus Sapphire
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For a man who grew up fighting to survive, there is nothing much that can really change his way of looking at the world. Dominick was an underground fighter. It wasn’t really his choice, but he was good at it. For an arena where the fights are always to death, corpses coming to life are not really welcome. But that’s what is happening in the whole world. When he escaped he realized that not only did he have nowhere to go to, there was nowhere to run from his old way of life. With dead coming to life, his way of life is what keeps him alive in the brutality of this apocalyptic world, where monsters roam freely, and when they die, they as well rise again. Living day after day with no real purpose, he keeps going forward, rejoicing in freedom that he possesses. But when a frightening foe strikes, he meets his shadowy companion. Never having anyone to care for, Dominick pours his heart and soul into protecting her. While searching for medicine for her fever, they meet a foe that Dominick never fought before. Discovering more about magic and his own abilities, Dominick unknowingly starts to change, for he now no longer fights just for his own survival. During their time spent together, they both grow closer, starting to care deeply for each other. On their way they fight for their life, while trying to learn more of the world and what it has become. After a fight with a goblin encampment, a mysterious person appears. He brings aid, and questions. He gives them time and place where to meet him next if they wish to learn more.

Immigrant Rights in the Shadows of Citizenship

Author : Rachel Buff
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Punctuated by marches across the United States in the spring of 2006, immigrant rights has reemerged as a significant and highly visible political issue. Immigrant Rights in the Shadows of U.S. Citizenship brings prominent activists and scholars together to examine the emergence and significance of the contemporary immigrant rights movement. Contributors place the contemporary immigrant rights movement in historical and comparative contexts by looking at the ways immigrants and their allies have staked claims to rights in the past, and by examining movements based in different communities around the United States. Scholars explain the evolution of immigration policy, and analyze current conflicts around issues of immigrant rights; activists engaged in the current movement document the ways in which coalitions have been built among immigrants from different nations, and between immigrant and native born peoples. The essays examine the ways in which questions of immigrant rights engage broader issues of identity, including gender, race, and sexuality.

Blood of Legends and the Shadows of the Past

Author : Ryan Stabile
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Half of the Earth has been enslaved by the re-animated clone of Lord Galton and his armies. The other half has been infected by a synthetic virus, turning everyone into vampires. Who will rise to unit and liberate humanity as we know it? In book three of the Blood of Legends series, the clones of Valerie Solanas, Hattori Hanzo, Lucky Luciano, and Bloodbeard the Pirate have all joined forces to find a way to stop the tyranny of eugenecist Sir Francis Galton - But will their collective power be enough to stop a global genocide from happening? Will the rag-tag gang of genetically engineered historical figures from the past be enough to save our future? It's time for a big showdown with Lord Galton in the thrilling conclusion to the Blood of Legends series!