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Wolves at the Door

Author : Peter Arnds
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In view of the current rhetoric surrounding the global migrant crisis – with politicians comparing refugees with animals and media reports warning of migrants swarming like insects or trespassing like wolves – this timely study explores the cultural origins of the language and imagery of dehumanization. Situated at the junction of literature, politics, and ecocriticism, Wolves at the Door traces the history of the wolf metaphor in discussions of race, gender, colonialism, fascism, and ecology. How have 'Gypsies', Jews, Native Americans but also 'wayward' women been 'wolfed' in literature and politics? How has the wolf myth been exploited by Hitler, Mussolini and Turkish ultra-nationalism? How do right-wing politicians today exploit the reappearance of wolves in Central Europe in the context of the migration discourse? And while their reintroduction in places like Yellowstone has fuelled heated debates, what is the wolf's role in ecological rewilding and for the restoration of biodiversity? In today's fraught political climate, Wolves at the Door alerts readers to the links between stereotypical images, their cultural history, and their political consequences. It raises awareness about xenophobia and the dangers of nationalist idolatry, but also highlights how literature and the visual arts employ the wolf myth for alternative messages of tolerance and cultural diversity.

Stranger at the Door

Author : Kristjana Gunnars
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At the beginning of a new writing project—whether it’s the first page of a new novel or a less ambitious project, writers often experience exhilaration, fear, or dread. For Kristjana Gunnars, the call of a new project is “like someone you don’t know knocking on your door—you either choose to let the person in or not. It’s both exciting and dangerous to start a new manuscript.” This book is an engagement with that “stranger” called writing. Creative or imaginative writing is a complex process that involves more than intellect alone. Writers make use of everything: their sensibilities, history, culture, knowledge, experience, education, and even their biology. These essays seek out, and gather into a discussion, what writers have said about their own experiences in writing. Although the writers are from around the world and of very different backgrounds, the commonality of their remarks brings home the realization that writers everywhere are grappling with similar problems—with the seemingly simple problems of when, where, why, and what to write, but also larger questions such as the relationship between writer and society, or issues of privacy, appropriation, or homelessness. While none of these questions can be definitively answered, they can be fruitfully discussed. Originating as questions posed in creative-writing seminars, these essays have grown into companion texts for both writers and readers who want to participate in a conversation about what writers do.

Wolves at the Door The Infinity Trials Book 2

Author : Robert J. Duperre
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Right at the Door

Author : Larry L. Ungar
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WAR. FAMINE. NATURAL DISASTERS. LAWLESSNESS. ECONOMIC COLLAPSE. At no time in history has it become more apparent we are in the final days before Jesus Christ's return. Weary from fear of terrorism, violence, and an unknown future, we battle against despair. But we have a loving Heavenly Father who does not leave us in the dark and alone. Through the revelations of God's Word, the author reveals God's plan for these final days and a timeframe for Jesus' long-awaited return. In a world besieged by hopelessness, this is a great hope. Jesus is near. He is right at the door. Larry L. Ungar is retired from the United States Air Force after serving his country for 30 years. He is a gifted teacher and enjoys sharing the Word of God with others. After accepting Jesus Christ as his Savior in his late forties, Larry began a great adventure with the Lord resulting in this book. He is a father of two adult sons and a grandfather of two. He resides in Jacksonville, Florida with his family.

The Diamond at the Door

Author : Carter Smith
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The Diamond at the Door tells the story of Carter, Josh, and Josh's older brother, Mike, who find a mysterious clue that places their lives in danger. Will the boys discover the true story behind the clues? Will they reach the treasure safely or will their pursuer reach it first? Read The Diamond at the Door to find out!

A Drake at the Door

Author : Derek Tangye
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The third title in the Minack Chronicles, which tell the story of how Derek and his wife Jeannie left behind their London home to establish a flower farm on the coast of Cornwall. This book takes a closer look at some of the animals who shared the Tangye's home and surroundings, especially Boris, the Muscovy duck.

Wolf At The Door

Author : Krystal Shannan
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Join the Tribe in Mystery, Alaska again as survivors of the wolf pack start appearing and chaos ensues. Blood will be shed. Betrayals will break hearts. Find out who will be left standing after all the fur starts flying. A prince without a pack. A woman who will fight tooth and claw for those she loves. The day Katherine Manitok finds out werewolves are real is the day she finds out she's in love with one. When she comes home from a long day of work at the Mystery, Alaska community center, she finds a bloody and battered wolf stretched across her front porch. Except when she gets up the nerve to touch the wolf, his fur turns to skin beneath her fingertips. Then those glowing golden eyes look up at her and she knows she's a goner. Knox Li'Vas is alpha to a pack that no longer exists. He barely survived getting down off the mountain. And now he's risking everything to see Katherine again, but she's his shuarra--his soulmate. She glows for him and he can't leave town. His wolf won't let him. Not without her. But how's a mostly-dead werewolf barbarian supposed to convince a woman who single-handedly runs the town's social calendar to up and run away with him so the neighborhood dragon doesn't finish him off? Oh, and she doesn't even know he's not human. Oh, and did we mention that something is trying to kill her? All that and more in Wolf At The Door! The exciting fifth book in the Soulmate Shifters in Mystery, Alaska series. Where you will find protective alpha heroes with fangs and fur and strong sassy heroines who are perfectly capable of saving the day without any help at all.

Wolf at the Door

Author : James R. Powell
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Wolf captures the story of the U.S. Fifth Naval District's defeat of German U-boats in the struggle for Hampton Roads, Virginia during World War II. The authors include personal interviews with American and German veterans, including German U-boat captains who led the initial attacks in 1942-1943--interviews never before published.. The authors contrast newspaper accounts of the period against historical fact and the personal experience of American and German veterans who were there.

A Ghost at the Door

Author : Michael Dobbs
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'Tell me about your father.' Five short, razor-edged words that rip the world of Harry Jones to pieces. He barely knew his father Johnnie and hated what little he did know, yet no man is able to escape the shadows of the past. Harry has already lost almost everything - his seat in parliament, his reputation, his fortune. There is little left apart from his love for the headstrong Jemma, and now he must risk losing her and even his own life to uncover the truth about his dead father. What starts as a gentle enquiry uncovers a trail of murder and guilt-ridden love that dates back to Johnnie's student days. Harry's search leads from a burning house in Bermuda to a graveyard in Greece, from the croquet lawns of his father's Oxford college to the altar of one of Wren's finest London churches. At every turn Harry discovers that the childhood world he thought he knew, was false, along with almost everyone in it. Only when he confronts his own death does he realize that all along he's been used as a pawn in a far larger game.

She Knocked at the Door

Author : Jie Zhang
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She Knocked at the Door is the story of a Chinese girl, told in her own words, from childhood to adulthood. Her story is set during the period of China's great difficulties and the girl endures terrible blows that split her family. She faces not only the usual, everyday adversities, but also surprising and tragic events that no child should experience. Recommened for ages 12 and up

I Stand at the Door and Knock

Author : Corrie ten Boom
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Contains Forty New, Never-Before-Published DevotionsAt the height of Nazi power, amid the horrors of a concentration camp, the seeds of faith and forgiveness grew to fruition in the heart of a young Dutch woman named Corrie ten Boom. Outlasting Ravensbrück and Hitler’s regime, Corrie went on to accomplish what brute power never could: conquering hearts across the world with healing words of hope, forgiveness, and trust in God.This is Corrie ten Boom at her best and most inspiring. These forty timeless devotionals remind you of the treasures of faith in Christ, the mysteries of God’s kingdom, and joy of a surrender that leads you out of fear into the freedom of love and forgiveness.I Stand at the Door and Knock offers timeless messages of faith, hope, and forgiveness from a veteran saint.

At the Gate of Samaria

Author : William John Locke
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"At the Gate of Samaria" by William John Locke. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

The Devil at Your Door

Author : Eric Beetner
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Lars and Shaine have returned to a quiet life on the islands, but for Lars there is unfinished business. When he gets information that will lead him to exact revenge on behalf of his young protégé, the young woman he’s grown to think of as a daughter, he decides to take action in secret. When he lands in a hospital Shaine is called in from a thousand miles away and she must take the lead in the last job of Lars’ storied career of death for hire. Facing his own aging body, Lars struggles to take a back seat to the youngster he has trained in his image. They’ll face a local drug boss along with an old enemy as they work to fire the last bullet they’ll ever need to—before one finds them first. Praise for the Lars and Shaine crime novels: “The Devil Doesn’t Want Me is a runaway train of violence and mayhem, packed full with a collection of one-of-a-kind characters all speeding toward an explosive and inevitable end. Beetner is a maestro with his action scenes, filling the novel with cinematic set pieces, but the real heart of his story is Lars, an aging hit man forced to confront his own morality as the world goes to hell around him. A great read.” —Owen Laukkanen, author of The Professionals and Criminal Element “Eric Beetner is quickly becoming one of my favorite new crime writers, and The Devil Doesn’t Want Me is a perfect example of why. If you’re a fan of fast paced, well-written hardboiled crime fiction, you’re going to love this book. Beetner is the real deal, and I can only hope this is just the start of what we can expect from him in the future.” —John Rector, author of The Cold Kiss and Already Gone “Told with heart, humor, and sizzling cinematic prose, Eric Beetner’s The Devil Doesn’t Want Me is crime fiction at its most entertaining and marks the arrival of a bold new talent.” —Peter Farris, author of Last Call for the Living “This book is like if you took Lawrence Block’s famous hitman, Keller, and made him the lovechild of Elmore Leonard and Quentin Tarantino.” —Criminal Element

Jesus at the Door

Author : Scott McNamara
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As many as 96% of Christians are not leading anyone to Jesus. Which means that the vast majority of the wider church is, at best, simply sowing. The kingdom of God, however, requires both sowing and reaping. If we neglect reaping, we will not have a healthy harvest. Jesus at the Door offers a unique tool--an Equipping Card to use with anyone you know, anywhere--and practical, step-by-step instructions, helping readers witness to friends, family, even strangers on the street. This tried-and-tested method is framed around nine points and a picture, and takes about two minutes from introduction to salvation. A Leader's Guide to Jesus at the Door explains in greater detail how to use the Equipping Card and is the perfect resource for pastors and ministry leaders who want to help their congregations or group members share the gospel effectively, partnering with the Holy Spirit and inviting users to learn to grow in Spirit-led evangelism. This book shows how you--yes, even you--can move from being a seasoned sower into a relentless reaper, living out a naturally supernatural lifestyle.

Alcibiades at the Door

Author : Lawrence R. Schehr
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Focusing on works by Rene Crevel, Jean-Paul Sartre, Roland Barthes, and Herve Guibert, this book studies how the figures of homosexuality function at the limits of narrative, as part of the deep structure of narrative, and at the border between public and private discourse. The first three chapters follow the difference between inside and outside, between public and private, between what is known and what can only be surmised. The homosexual Rene Crevel, who is both inside Surrealism and outside it, forces us to reread the marginalized figure of homosexuality in Surrealism. Crevel is discussed in light of his most important work, Mon corps et moi, a sustained effort to negotiate the problems of public and private personae. Long before concentrating on Jean Genet, Jean-Paul Sartre often turned to the subject of homosexuality in his writings of the 1930s and 1940s. The figures and forms of homosexuality in Sartre's work are shown to relate to a phenomenology of perception, to a persistence of the relation between vision and knowledge, and to a set of narrative ploys that put Sartre's own relation to homosexuality in a new light. The last of these three chapters focuses on Roland Barthes, with a retrospective glance at Andre Gide, through an examination of their travel and confessional writings. Discourses of homosexuality are related to discourse about social power, dominant structures, and a model of colonialism. The final chapter examines the AIDS-related works of Herve Guibert, which are both a meditation on and an exploration of AIDS, that most public of private phenomena. It also examines the changing relation between public and private, between the outside world and Guibert's inner world, and between the singularity of literary writing and the nomothetic nature of the public document, all of which change in a world and in an individual affected by AIDS.

The Shadow on the Blind and Other Ghost Stories

Author : Louisa Baldwin
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Underneath the Shadow Discovering the Secret Place In God s Heart Reserved Just for You

Author : Angela M. Hawkins
File Size : 80.52 MB
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If the secret cry of your heart is, “There must be more to this Christian life!" know that God hears you, and He's not bothered by your questions. He‘s not angry, and He‘s not forgotten you. In fact, He is moved at the hunger in your heart and longs to fill it with more of Himself. The answer to all of your questions are found Underneath the Shadow of God Almighty. He's reserved a place there just for you! This coveted resting place is open to all born-again believers, but it is a road less traveled. The pathway is narrow and there are obstacles along the way, but if we press in, we will discover the MORE our hearts have been longing for. In Underneath the Shadow, we will: •Learn how to avoid the 3 Deadly Ds that attempt to kill our faith. •Find healing for our image of God, Self, and Others. •Discover the reality and joy of dwelling in God's Shadow. •Learn how to become the friend of God. •Acquire 22 keys to cultivating intimacy with God. •Learn to live within the realm of His Glory.

Wolves at Our Door

Author : Jim Dutcher
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Emmy Award-winning filmmakers Jim and Jamie Dutcher produced the Discovery Channel's most successful wildlife documentary based on this book. The authors spent six years in the Idaho wilderness living with a pack of wolves and documenting their activities.

The Man with a Shadow

Author : George Manville Fenn
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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"The Man with a Shadow" by George Manville Fenn. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

The Shadow Self in Film

Author : Gershon Reiter
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This book examines 13 movies that deal with the protagonist and his projected “other.” The cinematic Other is interpreted as an unconscious personality, a denied part of the protagonist that appears in his life as a shadowy menace who won’t go away. Devoting a chapter to each movie, the book starts with Mamoulian’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and three cinematic pairs: two Hitchcock films, Shadow of a Doubt and Strangers on a Train; two versions of Cape Fear, J. Lee Thompson’s 1962 original and Martin Scorsese’s 1991 remake; and a pair of Clint Eastwood films, In the Line of Fire and Blood Work. The book then examines Something Wild, Sea of Love, Fight Club, Desperately Seeking Susan, Apocalypse Now and The Lives of Others. Overall the book aims to show how movies envision the unconscious Other we all too often project on other people.