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The Serial Killer Cookbook

Author : Ashley Lecker
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Bring your love of true crime into the kitchen with meals ranging from the bizarre (a single unpitted black olive) to the gluttonous (a dozen deep-fried shrimp, a bucket of fried chicken, French fries, and a pound of strawberries), inspired by Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and other notorious death row inmates. The perfect gift for murderinos and true crime fans, The Serial Killer Cookbook: Last Meals pairs serial killer trivia with the recipes of the meals these killers ate during their final hours. With full-color photos, chilling true crime facts, and easy-to-follow steps, you’ll be cooking up killer meals in no time. This collection of recipes is both delicious and surprising, and spans breakfast staples to indulgent desserts, including: Seared Steak, Hash Browns, Toast, and Fried Eggs (given to but not eaten by Ted Bundy, serial killer) Chicken Parmesan and Alfredo Pasta (eaten by Ruth Snyder, murderer) Justice, Equality, and World Peace (eaten by Odell Barnes, murderer) Mac and Cheese (eaten by Gustavo Julian Garcia, murderer) And much more!

The Last Supper A Serial Killer Cookbook

Author : C Boccaccio
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""Killer Recipes For Those With An Appetite For Murder!"" 51 SIN-Tillating Recipes Based On The Bios Of The World's Most Salacious Slayers! DARK STORIES... DELICIOUS RECIPES. The Perfect Coffee Table Book For True Crime Enthusiasts! ""We Serial Killers are your brothers, your husbands, your fathers... we are everywhere...You wouldn't believe how dark it is out there...""-- SON OF SAM. Thanks to the FBI Boston, Miami, Los Angeles and to the 3-star Michelin chef for help with these delicious recipes. Each of the killers in this book has touched my heart in some way. Although this author does not condone the actions of the hunters in this volume, these lost souls were the architects of my innocently creative imagination as I was growing up. In that way, I have sought out their knowledge, asking them to show me a world that I could not know, and in that way, perhaps to help me understand the nature of being so completely alone; so completely lost in the true chaos of the human mind... - CB

The Cereal Killer Cafe Cookbook

Author : Gary Keery
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The Cereal Killer Café Cookbook is the perfect gift for any cereal lover, bringing the brilliance of Londonâe(tm)s The Cereal Killer Café into your home with inventive cereal recipes, great cereal stories, nostalgia, party facts, games and humour. Learn the important rules of cereal eating âe" slurp all you want, make sure you choose a deep bowl to avoid spillage on the way to the sofa âe" and get creative with recipes using all your breakfast favourites, like Cocoa Pop Brownies, Corn Flake Chicken and Sausage-stuffed Shredded Wheat and No-bake Crunchy Nut Cluster Cake. Resplendent with 1980âe(tm)s and early 90âe(tm)s pop culture references, photos and comic-strip illustrations, The Cereal Killer Café will remind you of happy days when cereal boxes came with toys inside and free games came on the back of the box.

Cooking with a Serial Killer Recipes from Dorothea Puente

Author : Shane Bugbee
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"Grandmotherly Dorthea Puente is becoming as renowned for her cooking as for being a notorious mass murder, serial killer and all around psycho"... THE SUN DORTHEA PUENTE has been accused of a lot of things... being a bad cook isn't one of them. You see, Dorothea ran a boarding house in Sacramento, Ca. and the care she provided was above and beyond other care providers, but one thing everyone involved in this case keyed in on was how awesome ALL of her tenants thought the cooking was... one tenant went as far as saying " Every Dinner at Dorothea's was like Thanksgiving Dinner " NONE OF THEM WERE MURDERED... THEY DIED OF NATURAL CAUSES... I COULDN'T DO THAT ANYHOW, I'M NOT THAT TYPE OF PERSON... I'M TOO CARING AND I WORRY TOO MUCH ABOUT MY PEOPLE EATING... EVERYBODY CAN TELL YOU THAT, WHY WOULD I SPEND MONEY FATTENING THEN UP IF I WAS GOING TO KILL THEM." ... DOROTHEA PUENTE Convicted Killer/Gormet Cook

Empire Waste

Author : T/James Reagan
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In this haute couture-noir novel, T/James Reagan, author of Famous For Nothing, provides his post-Empire vision of the New York fashion scene. Reagan's novel explores all of the taboo subjects plaguing the fashion industry- racism, underage models, eating disorders, pervy photographers, human trafficking, unfair payment practices, and predatory castings. Empire Waste follows Andrew Lorrie, a disgraced fashion designer, who finds himself unemployable after a disastrous Spring/Summer fashion show. With no other option, Lorrie accepts a job designing a competitors ready-to-wear line. As the line progresses, Lorrie begins to notice that the models who are arriving for castings and go-sees are disappearing. No longer willing to idly stand by while the fashion industry destroys more girls, Andrew becomes devoted to saving these "replaceable" models. Lorrie confronts the industry as well as his own demons in a fast paced and introspective meditation on creation, pain, and exploitation. Empire Waste plays out as a fashion satire, as well as an exploration of New York City and the rules of the fashion industry. Reagan's Empire Waste proves to be a deeply personal exploration of a man living in a post-Empire world where nearly everything is disposable.

Serial Killers

Author : Mark Seltzer
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First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Murder Most Rare

Author : Michael D. Kelleher
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Describes seven categories of female serial killers--including the black widow, angel of death, and revenge killer--and explains why personality profiling for these cases is almost impossible making homicide investigations so difficult

The Killers Among Us

Author : Steven A. Egger
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This is an introduction to serial killers and killings. It includes seven case studies, a discussion of the myths surrounding serial murderers and the reasons why they continue to kill, the seven major problems of investigating a serial murder, and an analysis of the fourteen different law enforcement agencies who respond to a serial murder. Other topics covered include: -- how the media treats serial murder; an essay on victimology; -- a discussion on the concept of "the less dead" or how victims of serial killers are devalued".

Serial Killer Cinema

Author : Robert Cettl
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Outlines the development of the serial killer genre in motion pictures and lists more than five hundred films, providing the credits, a plot synopsis, and an analysis of the film's place within the genre for each film.

Arthur Shawcross

Author : Chloe Castleden
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Curiously for a serial killer and self-proclaimed cannibal, Arthur Shawcross's confessional accounts of his crimes were only partially believed. His stories changed frequently as he spoke with different people and almost everyone who interviewed him thought that he was exaggerating some of the time. So, although teeth marks were found on some of his victims, was the "Genesee River Killer" telling the truth when he confessed to eating parts of his victims? The Murder Files is a series of individual titles, giving condensed accounts of some of the most appalling and notorious killers of all time.