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The Serbian Folk Epic

Author : Krstivoj Kotur
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This scholarly study explores the moral and religious philosophy of Serbian folk poetry and makes its literary treasures available to English speakers. This thorough and well-documented study examines the theology and anthropology of the Serbian folk epic. The book opens a new field in Slavic folklore and offers scholars material previously unavailable in English. The work also sheds light on the soul of Serbian national culture. A scholar of Eastern European culture and history, Krstivoj Kotur investigates a number of fascinating topics, including conceptions of God; man’s relationship to culture and civilization; the transcendentalism of Serbian folk poets; the deep ontological, cosmic, and theurgic character of the heroes of the Serbian folk epic; and many others.

Epic formula

Author : Mirjana Detelić
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Voices of Identities

Author : Daniel Ender
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European history has rarely met changes as rapid, dense and radical as those that have taken place in the regions of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire over the past hundred years. This cultural area has experienced political conflicts, the setting and dissolution of borders, and the construction of similarities, differences, and ever-new identities. Being tied to text, vocal music genres reflect such changes especially strongly. Operas and operettas, oratorios and cantatas, choir music, folksongs, and pop and rock hits have all helped to establish identities in many ways, connecting people on national, ethnical, local or social levels. The contributions to this volume represent the proceedings of the Annual Congress of the Austrian Society for Musicology (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Musikwissenschaft – ÖGMw) in 2014. They open multiple perspectives on the identity-relevant implications of every kind of vocal music from the last days of the Habsburg Empire to the present day. As such, the book places the extensively discussed concept of Nationalism in music in the wider context of identity building.

Serbian Folk Poetry

Author : Zora Devrnja Zimmerman
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The Walled Up Wife A Casebook

Author : Alan Dundes
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The Balkans in Transition

Author : Charles Jelavich
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Folklore Matters

Author : Alan Dundes
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The Cambridge Guide to Homer

Author : Corinne Ondine Pache
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From its ancient incarnation as a song to recent translations in modern languages, Homeric epic remains an abiding source of inspiration for both scholars and artists that transcends temporal and linguistic boundaries. The Cambridge Guide to Homer examines the influence and meaning of Homeric poetry from its earliest form as ancient Greek song to its current status in world literature, presenting the information in a synthetic manner that allows the reader to gain an understanding of the different strands of Homeric studies. The volume is structured around three main themes: Homeric Song and Text; the Homeric World, and Homer in the World. Each section starts with a series of 'macropedia' essays arranged thematically that are accompanied by shorter complementary 'micropedia' articles. The Cambridge Guide to Homer thus traces the many routes taken by Homeric epic in the ancient world and its continuing relevance in different periods and cultures.

Moral Concepts in Traditional Serbian Epic Poetry

Author : Jovan Brkic
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Folklore and Folklife

Author : Richard M. Dorson
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Describes the characteristics of folk cultures and discusses the procedures used by social scientists to study folklife.