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The Semantics of Determiners

Author : Carrie Gillon
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This book investigates the properties of determiners in Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) Salish. Determiners in Skwxwú7mesh are shown to behave significantly differently from the definite determiner the in English, as Skwxwú7mesh lacks a definite/indefiniteness distinction. All Skwxwú7mesh DPs can be used in both familiar and novel contexts, and are not required to refer to a unique entity. Instead, Skwxwú7mesh determiners are split along deictic/non-deicticlines. Determiners can therefore vary in terms of their semantics. However, determiners are argued to universally encode contextual sensitivity (domain restriction). A strict correlation between the syntax and semantics of determiners is proposed: if an article occupies D, it is context sensitive. Conversely, articles that do not occupy D are not context sensitive. This book also explores determiner systems in other Salish languages. Deixis is a part of most of the Salish determiner systems, but the systems vary quite a bit from one another. Other languages discussed include Inuttut (Labrador Inuktitut), Lithuanian and Maori.

The Semantics of Determiners RLE Linguistics B Grammar

Author : Johan Van Der Auwera
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This book is a collection of linguistic and philosophical papers dealing with the semantic problems of determiners. The language under investigation is mostly English, although a few papers deal with French and German, and, to a lesser extent, with Dutch, Polish, Russian and Hebrew. The majority of the contributions focus on the semantics of the definite and indefinite articles, leading into discussions of anaphoricness, specificness, opacity and transparency, referentiality and attributiveness and genericness. The relation of the determiners to other parts of grammar, in particular relativisation and predication, is also investigated. Some attention is also given to quantifiers. In the spirit of pluralism, there is no single paradigm unifying all the papers, rather, the volume reflects elements of the Extended Standard Theory, Generative Semantics, Montague Grammar, (Gricean) Pragmatics and Speech Act Theory.

The Syntax and Semantics of a Determiner System

Author : Diana Guillemin
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Within the framework of Chomsky’s Minimalism and Formal Semantics, this work documents the development of the Mauritian Creole (MC) determiner system from the mid 18th century to the present. Guillemin proposes that the loss of the French quantificational determiners, which agglutinated to nouns, resulted in the occurrence of bare nouns in argument positions. This triggered a shift in noun denotation, from predicative in French to argumental in MC, and accounts for the very different determiner systems of the creole and its lexifier. MC nouns are lexically stored as Kind denoting terms, that share some of the distributional properties of English bare plurals. New MC determiners are analyzed as ‘type shifting operators’ that shift Kinds into predicates, and serve to establish the referential properties of noun phrases. The analysis provides evidence for the universality of semantic features like Definiteness and Specificity, and the mapping of their form and function.

Semantics Noun phrase classes

Author : Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach
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Ways of Scope Taking

Author : A. Szabolcsi
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Ways of Scope Taking is concerned with syntactic, semantic and computational aspects of scope. Its starting point is the well-known but often neglected fact that different types of quantifiers interact differently with each other and other operators. The theoretical examination of significant bodies of data, both old and novel, leads to two central claims. (1) Scope is a by-product of a set of distinct Logical Form processes; each quantifier participates in those that suit its particular features. (2) Scope interaction is further constrained by the semantics of the interacting operators. The arguments are developed using Minimalist syntax, Generalized Quantify theory, Discourse Representation Theory, and algebraic semantics. The contributors (Beghelli, Ben-Shalom, Doetjes, Farkas, Gutiérrez Rexach, Honcoop, Stabler, Stowell, Szabolcsi and Zwarts) make tightly related theoretical assumptions and focus on related empirical phenomena, which include the direct and inverse scope of quantifiers, distributivity, negation, modal and intensional contexts, weak islands, event-related readings, interrogatives, wh/quantifier interactions, and Hungarian syntax. An introduction to the formal semantics background is provided. Audience: Linguists, philosophers, computational and psycholinguists; advanced undergraduates, graduate students and researchers in these fields.

Non definiteness and Plurality

Author : Svetlana Vogeleer
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This collection of studies by leading scholars in the field focuses on the semantics of non-definite (bare and indefinite) plural NPs. The contributions in the first part concentrate on bare plurals and their cross-linguistic counterparts. They discuss applicability of the notion of 'semantic incorporation' to bare plurals by contrasting them to bare singulars, with the aim of accounting for the interaction between the semantics of number and the degree of (in)dependency of the NP with respect to the verb. The articles in the second part examine the relationship between the semantics of number and the semantics of aspect. The contributions in the third part concentrate on non-definite numerical noun phrases by addressing a range of fundamental questions such as: the semantics of indefinite time-phrases, numericals in classifier- and non-classifier languages, scope interactions, the at least- and exactly-readings, referential properties of numericals. The volume will be welcomed by linguists interested in the semantics of number in non-definite NPs.

The Role of Data at the Semantics Pragmatics Interface

Author : Eniko Németh T.
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To join the recent debate on data problem in linguistics, this collection of papers provides complex dual purpose analyses at the interface of semantics and pragmatics (including historical, lexical, formal and experimental pragmatics). Based on several current theories and various types of data taken from a number of languages, it discusses object theoretical issues of referentiality, scalar implicatures, implicit arguments, grammaticalization, co-construction and syntactic alternation in their mutual connections to metatheoretical questions concerning the relationship between data and theory.


Author : Jila Ghomeshi
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This volume brings together recent work on the formal and interpretational properties of determiners across a variety of typologically and geographically unrelated languages. It seeks to answer the core question of modern linguistic theory: Which properties of languages are universal and which are variable? In recent theorizing, much of language variation is argued to stem from differences in the properties of features associated with functional heads. As such, this volume can be viewed as a case study of one such category: the determiner (D). The contributions all investigate the status of D as a language universal by examining the language-specific syntactic and semantic properties associated with this category. This volume will appeal to researchers and students in syntax and semantics, as well as to those who have more a specific interest in determiners and noun phrases.

The Handbook of Hispanic Linguistics

Author : José Ignacio Hualde
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Reflecting the growth and increasing global importance of the Spanish language, The Handbook of Hispanic Linguistics brings together a team of renowned Spanish linguistics scholars to explore both applied and theoretical work in this field. Features 41 newly-written essays contributed by leading language scholars that shed new light on the growth and significance of the Spanish language Combines current applied and theoretical research results in the field of Spanish linguistics Explores all facets relating to the origins, evolution, and geographical variations of the Spanish language Examines topics including second language learning, Spanish in the classroom, immigration, heritage languages, and bilingualism

Comparative Studies in Word Order Variation

Author : Christopher Laenzlinger
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La discussion porte (I) sur la projection des structures syntagmatiques, (II) sur la composition structurale de la phase, (III) sur la légitimation des constituants dans la phrase.

Locality Domains in the Spanish Determiner Phrase

Author : M. Emma Ticio
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Examining its subject from a generative perspective, this highly detailed text deals with the syntax of nominal expressions. It focuses on empirical data taken from the Spanish language, though the author goes further to draw conclusions of wider theoretical interest from material culled from other languages too. The book considers crucial phenomena in the nominal domain, such as extraction out of nominal phrases and ellipsis in these phrases, as well as their modification. In doing so it provides the reader with a unified explanation of a number of phenomena that have not previously been analyzed under a single basic account. In particular, Ticio explores how economy notions interact with a number of functional categories, with the length and type of movements allowed, and with the existence of three internal domains within nominal expressions. She uses these observations to inform her analysis of the structure of arguments and adjuncts in nominal expressions, and of the potential these elements have for extraction. To test the empirical adequacy of her analysis, she employs phenomena such as the properties of attributive adjectives, partial cliticization and nominal elision in Spanish nominal phrases.

Syntax and Semantics of Prepositions

Author : Patrick Saint-Dizier
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Provides a view of preposition from morphology to reasoning, via syntax and semantics. This book aims to offer insights in applied and formal linguistics, and cognitive science. It underlines the importance of prepositions in a number of computational linguistics applications, such as information retrieval and machine translation.

The Semantic Structure of Spanish

Author : Larry D. King
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In recent years, linguistics has become increasingly more willing to allow some type of representation of 'meaning' in the study of language. However, most approaches deal with sentence or utterance meaning and thereby ignore the meaning of linguistic form. Yet no description of linguistic semantics can be complete without a comprehensive account between meaning and form. This study returns to the problem of form and meaning by presenting a detailed account of certain forms in Spanish which have traditionally been called grammatical forms, or grammatical categories, and associated with grammatical meaning. It is suggested that not all linguistic forms represent the same kind of 'meaning', and that a subset of grammatical forms constitute a highly organized system that parallels phonology and syntax in its capacity to explain variation at the level of discourse. The book opens with an introductory chapter, which is followed by five chapters on the analysis of the Spanish verbal system. In Chapter 7 problems of the noun phrase (the meaning of determiners and grammatical number) are discussed. Chapter 8 offers an explanation of the meaning of the direct object a, and in Chapter 9 a crosslinguistic study of the semantics of Spanish and English is presented. A summary of findings is given in Chapter 10, along with a further consideration of the goals and procedures of semantic analysis.

A General Semantic Model of Negation in Natural Language

Author : Lucja Maria Iwánska
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The UNO natural language processing system is shown to correctly handle a substantial subset of English: knowledge from sentences involving negation as well as conjunction and disjunction of complex determiners, adjectives, adverbs common nouns, proper nouns, noun phrases, verbs, verb phrases, prepositions, and prepositional phrases can be represented and reasoned with. Areas of future research involve extending the model to handle modal operators, sentential adverbs, pragmatics, temporal reasoning, intensionality and non-logical reasoning."

Semantics Generalized quantifiers and scope

Author : Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach
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Layers in the Determiner Phrase

Author : Rob Zamparelli
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The main topic of this work is the interaction between syntactic structure and meanin within the noun phrase, with data drwn primarily from English and Italian.

Parts and Wholes in Semantics

Author : Friederike Moltmann
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This book develops a unified account of expressions involving the notions of "part" and "whole " in which principles of the individuation of part structures play a central role. Moltmann presents a range of new empirical generalizations with data from English and a variety of other languages involving plurals, mass nouns, adnominal and adverbial modifiers such as as a whole, together, and alone, nominal and adverbial quanitfiers ranging over parts, and expressions of completion such as completely and partly. She develops a new theory of part structures which differs from traditional mereological theories in that the notion of an integrated whole plays a central role and in that the part structure of an entity is allowed to vary across different situations, perspectives, and dimensions.

The Semantics of Noun Phrase Anaphora

Author : David A. H. Elworthy
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The Syntax and Semantics of Predication

Author : Texas Linguistics Society. Conference
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What Determines Content The Internalism Externalism Dispute

Author : Tomas Marvan
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A distinguished team of fourteen European philosophers addresses the current debates on internalism versus externalism in the philosophy of language and mind. The main objective of the volume is to demonstrate the philosophical significance and fruitfulness of the internalism/externalism debate on a wide range of issues, and to do so in a manner which is sophisticated yet accessible to non-specialists. The issues authors deal with include linguistic deference, interpreting classical externalist thought-experiments by Putnam and Burge, the nature of Wittgenstein’s externalism, apriority, intersubjective externalism, and object-dependence of thought and temporal externalism. Some of the contributors try to strike a balance between internalist and externalist position.