The Secret Language of Flowers


Author: Samantha Gray

Publisher: Cico Books

ISBN: 9781782492054

Category: Self-Help

Page: 128

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This beautifully-illustrated gift book reveals the hidden meanings of over 50 popular flowers. Did you know the type of flowers you give can speak volumes? 'The Secret Language of Flowers' is a fascinating insight into the Victorian tradition of using flowers to convey secret messages, in a society where feelings often had to be suppressed. Samantha Gray reveals how flowers came by their meanings in folklore and how flowers became the language of courtship, love, friendship, beauty, and more. Discover the meanings of over 50 flowers: how lily of the valley symbolizes the return of happiness, how bluebells stand for constancy and everlasting love, and how daffodils represent high regard and chivalry. With stunning illustrations by artist Sarah Perkins that capture all of the beauty of flowers, this is an exceptionally lovely and fascinating gift book.

The Language of Flowers

A Miscellany


Author: Mandy Kirkby,Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Publisher: MacMillan

ISBN: 9780230759633

Category: Flowers

Page: 187

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A beautiful gift book celebrating the forgotten language of flowers. "A flower is not a flower alone; A thousand thoughts invest it"All over the world, flowers are an integral part of human culture whether it is the perfect table centre for a wedding, a beautiful bouquet for a birthday, a message of thanks, or to pay one's respect at a funeral. But, while everyone knows that red roses signify love, few may realise that an entire language of flowers exists with every bloom, folliage and plant having a particular emotion attached, be it hazel for reconcilliation, wisteria for welcome or ivy for fidelity. This unique language was created by the romantic early Victorians who carefully planned every bouquet and posy so as to deliver a desired message. Bringing the language to a new generation, this beautifully illustrated miscellany contains fifty profiled flowers, a dictionary searchable by emotion, and ideas for creating bouquets and arrangements for specific occasions. This gift book is a novel present that any flower lover will want to own.

White Roses on the Floor of Heaven

Nature and Flower Imagery in Latter-Day Saints Women's Literature, 1880-1920


Author: Susanna Morrill

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135513643

Category: Religion

Page: 254

View: 5202

First published in 2006. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Culture of Flowers


Author: Jack Goody

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 9780521414418

Category: Nature

Page: 462

View: 1814

An analysis of the symbolic and transactional uses of flowers in secular life and religious ritual from ancient Egypt to modern times.

The Secret Language of Stones

A Novel


Author: M. J. Rose

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476778094

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 9234

Includes a gem identification guide on the endpapers with a key to the stones.

The Secret Language of Knitters


Author: Mary Beth Temple

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 9780740793271

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 160

View: 924

Moth noun: The devil incarnate, eater of both stash and finished objects. Should be treated with a zero-tolerance attitude." --The Secret Language of Knitters * More than 140 terms, from acrylic to yarn porn, are collected and defined for America"s 60 million knitting-obsessed. From the 25-year-old hipster to her 85-year-old grandmother, more than a third of the women in the United States knit. For the yarn-obsessed, Mary Beth Temple offers a glossary of knitting jargon and terminology in The Secret Language of Knitters with entries like: * Design Elements noun: Mistakes. As in "The fact that one sleeve is five inches longer than the other is not a mistake, it is a design element." * Stress Knitting noun: When the going gets tough, the tough get knitting. With a universal affinity for cashmere and an absolute abhorrence of moths, veteran and beginning knitters alike will be certain not to cast off this humorous lexicon compendium.

The Language of Flowers

With Illustrative Poetry; to which are Now Added the Calendar of Flowers and the Dial of Flowers


Author: Frederic Shoberl

Publisher: N.A


Category: Flowers in literature

Page: 374

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The Secret Language of Churches and Cathedrals

Decoding the Sacred Symbolism of Christianity's Holy Building


Author: Richard Stemp

Publisher: Watkins Media Limited

ISBN: 1780289618

Category: Cathedrals

Page: 224

View: 833

Who is depicted in that stained glass window? What is the significance of those geometric figures? Why are there fierce-looking beasts carved amidst all that beauty? Is there a deeper purpose behind the play of light and space in the nave? Why is there a pelican on the lectern and ornate foliage on the pillars? The largely illiterate medieval audience could read the symbols of churches and cathedrals and recognise the meanings and stories deliberately encoded into them. For worshippers these were places of religious education and an awe-inspiring feast that satisfied both the senses and the soul. Today, in an age less attuned to iconography, such places of worship are often seen merely as magnificent works of architecture. This book restores the lost spiritual meaning of these fine and fascinating buildings. The Secret Language of Churches & Cathedrals provides a three-part illustrated key by which modern visitors can understand the layout, fabric and decorative symbolism of Christian sacred structures - thereby bringing back to life their original atmosphere of awe and sanctity. Part One is an analysis of structural features, outside and in, from spires and domes to clerestories and brasses. Part Two is a theme-by-theme guide, which identifies significant figures, scenes, stories, animals, flowers, and the use of numbers, letters and patterns in paintings, carvings and sculpture. Part Three is a historical decoder, revealing the evolution of styles - from basilicas through Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic and beyond. For all those who seek to know more about Christian art and architecture, this richly illustrated book will instruct and delight in equal measure.

The Language of Flowers


Author: Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 023076181X

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 7371

The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh is a moving story of hope and forgiveness, and an international bestseller. The Victorians used flowers to express emotions: honeysuckle for devotion, azaleas for passion, and red roses for love. For Victoria Jones, flowers and their meanings are her only connection to the world – although for her, they are most useful in expressing feelings such as grief, mistrust and solitude. After a childhood in the foster care system, Victoria – now eighteen – has nowhere to go, and sleeps in a public park, where she plants a small garden of her own. When her talent is discovered by a local florist, she discovers her gift for helping others through the flowers she chooses for them. But it takes a meeting with a mysterious vendor at the flower market for her to realize what's been missing in her own life. As she starts to fall for him, though, she must confront a painful secret from her past – and decide whether it's worth risking everything for a second chance at happiness.

The Language of Flowers

Or, Floral Emblems of Thoughts, Feelings, and Sentiments ...


Author: Robert Tyas

Publisher: N.A


Category: Flower language

Page: 223

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