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In Search of Peace Research

Author : Charles Boasson
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A collection of essays which explore the roots of human conflict and the search for possible solutions, the text expands on the foundations of peace research. Boasson's other titles include "In A Dutch Looking-Glass" and Van den Dungen has co-edited "Peace Movements and Political Cultures".

The Troubles Ireland s Ordeal and the Search for Peace

Author : Tim Pat Coogan
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The tortured history of Ireland from the beginning of the civil rights movement of the 1960s, through the long, horrible years of violence and up to the attempts to find peace.

The Search for Peace

Author : D. W. Bowett
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This 1972 book collects selections from historical records, writings, opinions, and other sources on war, peace, international law, politics and government, with an aim to showing students that the problem of achieving lasting peace is solvable.

The Search for Peace and Unity in the Sudan

Author : Francis Mading Deng
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SCOTT (Copy 1): From the John Holmes Library Collection.


Author : Alf McCreary
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Militarism Warfare and the Search for Peace in Angola

Author : Horace Campbell
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Israeli Diplomacy and the Quest for Peace

Author : Mordechai Gazit
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This account of key issues in Israel's foreign policy offers a new insight into Israeli thinking. It also covers issues where the focus is on American, British, Egyptian and Jordanian diplomacy. The author's research is based on an abundance of documentary evidence, and the analysis benefits from his unique background as a senior diplomat for over 30 years and from his academic experience of over two decades.

The Search for Peace

Author : Alpha & Omega Publishing
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The Search for Peace

Author : Douglas Hurd
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We live in a world of nation states, immortal and political entities that act as a focus for the loyalty of the citizen but cannot by themselves meet those citizens' needs. As the history of our own continent illustrates, a Europe of nation states has bred a Europe of endemic warfare. Such has been the problem facing international diplomacy for nearly two hundred years. Douglas Hurd traces the search for peace back to the Treaty of Vienna in 1815, focusing his attention on four key events - the Congress of Vienna, the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, the Yalta settlement of 1945 and the collapse of Communism. He demonstrates how the diplomatic realism that kept Europe at peace for a century was destroyed by both American idealism at the end of the First World War and the accompanying rise of Nazism, Fascism and Marxism. Only by appreciating the lessons of the past, can we meet the new challenges presented by the tumultuous events of 1989, when the threat of nuclear war was replaced by the open wound of Bosnia. Combining acute historical analysis with the unique insight of a former Foreign Secretary, THE SEARCH FOR PEACE is a major contribution to our understanding of international politics.


Author : Dorothy Jackson
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Author : United States. Bureau of Public Affairs
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New Opportunities in Search for Peace

Author :
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The Search for Peace in the Middle East

Author : Samuel Merlin
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The East Asian Peace

Author : Mikael Weissmann
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The East Asian peace is a mystery of the modern age. To many theorists and analysts alike, the post-Cold War calm has been seen as a temporary anomaly, potential military conflicts dominating predictions for the future. Despite this, two decades have passed in which a relative peace has been sustained and it is time to question existing forecasts. Comparing the Taiwan Strait, the South China Sea and the Korean Nuclear conflict, the author explores the informal processes that can help explain the persistence of peace, leading to hope for a future era of stability.

Negotiating Peace

Author : Renée Jeffery
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A study of how and why amnesties for human rights violations remain a prevalent feature of peace processes in Asia.


Author :
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The War in Darfur

Author : Anders Hastrup
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No other crisis in Africa has received as much attention in the West during the past 10 years as the war in Darfur, yet the underlying complexities of the war and the background to the crisis remains poorly understood by scholars, activists and aid workers. This anthropological study of the war in Darfur explores the personal experience of war from the perspective of those refugees who have fled from it and puts forward potential solutions to the conflict. Drawing on ethnographic research carried out in the refugee camps of neighbouring eastern Chad,The War in Darfur: Reclaiming Sudanese History gives a voice to people who to date have had little opportunity to articulate their experiences. Through facilitating the telling of the refugees’ tale, examining what happened and how, this book will be an interesting contribution to the areas of refugee studies, anthropology and history.


Author : Conor Foley
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Building the Future Order

Author : Kurt Waldheim
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Selections from the speeches and reports given by the Secretary General of the United Nations during his eight-year tenure reveal his activities and thinking and the nature of the United Nations' work around the world

The Search for Peace in a World in Crisis

Author : Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs
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