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The Seagull

Author : Anatoly Efros
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This book is an insiders’ account of the groundbreaking Moscow production of Chekhov's The Seagull directed by Anatoly Efros in 1966, which heralded a paradigm shift in the interpretation and staging of Chekhov’s plays. It is a unique glimpse behind the curtain of the laboratory of new Russian theatre in the twentieth century. Efros' articles about Chekhov and The Seagull, his diaries, interviews and conversations, and most importantly the original rehearsal records combine to form an in-depth account of of the director and his working process. This is an essential book for anyone with an interest in Chekhov and the history of modern Russian theatre.

The Seagull

Author : Simon Stephens
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Chekhov's celebrated masterpiece is given vibrant new life in this dynamic new version by Olivier Award-winning playwright Simon Stephens. Switching effortlessly between the ridiculous and the profound, The Seagull forensically examines the transcendence and destructiveness of love. The burning need to create art and how harshly that need can be crushed permeates the play. Simon Stephens' new adaption of The Seagull received its premiere at the Lyric Hammersmith, London on 3 October 2017.

The Seagull

Author : Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
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The Seagull is the first of Anton Checkov's four full-length plays. It explores the romantic and artistic tension in the relationships between a young woman, a fading older lady, her playwright son and a popular story writer. The play references Shakespeare's Hamlet both in text and content. It has a cast of eclectic characters whose principle dramas play themselves out off stage and in unvoiced subtext. As this opposed the melodramatic theatre of the day, the play's first reception in 1895 was hostile. It later became a huge success.

The Seagull

Author : Anton Chekhov
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“We need the theatre, couldn’t, couldn’t do without it. Could we?” A successful actress visits her brother’s isolated estate far from the city, throwing the frustrated residents unfulfilled ambitions into sharp relief. As her son attempts to impress with a self-penned play, putting much more than his pride at stake, others dream of fame, love and the ability to change their past. Chekhov’s darkly comic masterpiece is reignited for the 21st century by one of the most exciting new voices in British Theatre, Anya Reiss, Winner of the Most Promising Playwright at both the Evening Standard and Critics’ Circle awards.

The Seagull Drovers

Author : Steve Cockayne
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Nothing is right in the Land. King Matthew is indisposed, the city dominated by the malevolent Fang. Crops are dying and even the seagulls have lost direction. Leonardo Pegasus, retired magician, probes the murky depths of the Signal Network, where unseen forces vie for supremacy ... Ashleigh Brown, urban teenager, yearns for the open road, for the gaudy wagon of Wanderer Liam Blackwood ... Charles Bannister, wealthy businessman, plunders the Outer Isles, hunting for secret riches ... While across the Land, roaming bands of Seagull Drovers seek to guide lost gulls back to the coast - who may hold the key to all ills.

The Seagull s Cry

Author : Denise Robins
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Tansy Trehearn was born and bred in the beautiful and little Cornish port of the village St. Ruthyn, where Martin Wyde was opening a small hotel, The Seagull's Cry. Tansy was falling in love with her employer Martin. She had never been so bewildered, she had met the one man she could ever love, and found that she had to fight her own sister in order to get him. And that was when she learned that the cry of the seagull was no more sad and tortured than the cry of her own heart. Because while Martin and Tansy's love softly flowered, several people were plotting to ruin their newfound happiness.

Cry of the Seagull

Author : Margaret Brownley
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For years, Janette Taylor dreamed she'd heard her newborn baby cry. But the doctors had told her that the infant was stillborn. Then she met Amy, the ten-year-old who looked exactly like the child in a portrait Janette's father had painted. A portrait of Janette at that age... It's love at first sight the day Janette meets Amy's widower father-tall, handsome, Adam Blake--and the two begin a whirlwind romance. Everything is perfect until Janette starts asking question about his daughter-questions he doesn't want to hear or have answered. As for Janette, the more she knows about Amy, the more she needs to know.

Seamore the Seagull

Author : Frank Jarnot
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A red color sun rose lazily out from the Eastern horizon, casting its early dim light upon the calm waters of the ocean Bay marking the beginning of a new summer morning. The warm sun rays slowly mixed with the cool air abandoned from the night before, inspiring a gentle breeze to start blowing towards the land. Seamore, a young seagull, had his head tucked under his warm wing when he first felt the gentle sea-breeze ruffling his feathers. He sleepily peeked out from under his wing at the bright new morning sun and thought to himself, "How good it feels to be awakened by a gentle warm breeze," comparing his thought and memory to some of the cold winter mornings he had experienced in the past. Seamore was perched on the top of an old wooded dock piling where seagulls normally stand or 'roost' when sleeping, he had one of his legs tucked up and pressed against his warm body to protect it from the chilly night air. He then slowly stood up from his perch, shook himself vigorously, ruffling his feathers, stretched his wings out widely, and then gave a loud screeching "SQUACK!" sound from deep within his throat which broke the morning silence, and startled some seagulls across the bay. Seamore was like all the other seagulls you may have seen at the beach. He flew around the Bay most of the day searching for things to eat. But, there was one thing that made Seamore very different from all the other seagulls. Seamore WAS AFRAID OF THE WATER!!!

The Seagull Wore Glasses

Author : Gord Elliston
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It all started with an adventure, hunting for a perfect piece of wood to make a cane or walking stick, one with a bit of style. It took ten hours to paint, varnish and polish. It took that thieving seagull just seconds to steal my glasses.

The Seagull Who Was Afraid to Fly

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