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The Schoolhouse Door

Author : E. Culpepper Clark
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An account of the events surrounding court-ordered desegregation which focuses on the historic stand of Governor George Wallace in the school doorway, the death of Civil Rights leader Medgar Evers, and President Kennedy's policies which changed the Democratic Party for thirty years.

Through the Schoolhouse Door

Author : Ivor F. Goodson
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The authors make a case for tracing the history of classroom and curriculum, using a variety of ways to examine the history, the institutional structures, and everyday life in the school.

Dragons at the Schoolhouse Door

Author : Clyde Woolman
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Dealing with incompetent bureaucrats, a power-hungry parent, and a scheming superintendent aren’t the only hurdles facing second-year principal Steve Hepting. Fortunately, he has steadfast allies, including the academically-challenged school custodian, a feisty eco-activist teacher, and a counselor urging calm amidst the swirling brouhaha. A mysterious blueprint for a “Brave New World” of public education not only threatens Hepting’s school but the education system itself. The principal enlists the aid of a scandal-sniffing journalist as he and his colleagues grapple to uncover the truth. The comedic tale unfolds as the presence of an “Animal Hotel” on the deserted second floor unexpectedly complicates the implementation of the master plan and Hepting’s role in the entire affair.

A Foot in the Schoolhouse Door

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At the Schoolhouse Door

Author : Jane Knitzer
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Fees at the Schoolhouse Door

Author : Kieran Mathias Killeen
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The second study focuses on the implications of these fees for equity by examining inter-district variation in Texas, Ohio, and Missouri. Data from the Census Bureau's Survey of Local School Finances (F-33) and the Common Core of Data for these states support the claim that fees are a significant source of resource inequality among districts. Relationships between fee use, enrollment and rural characteristics are positive and statistically significant. However, the analysis reveals mixed relationships between district wealth characteristics and fee levels. This latter finding fails to support the hypothesis of a relationship between higher incomes and higher fee revenue.

Outside the Schoolhouse Door

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Unprintable Ozark Folksongs and Folklore Roll me in your arms

Author : Vance Randolph
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Roll Me in Your Arms, Volume I includes 180 unexpurgated songs collected by Randolph, with tunes transcribed from the original singers.

The Schoolhouse Gate

Author : Justin Driver
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A Washington Post Notable Book of the Year A New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice An award-winning constitutional law scholar at the University of Chicago (who clerked for Judge Merrick B. Garland, Justice Stephen Breyer, and Justice Sandra Day O’Connor) gives us an engaging and alarming book that aims to vindicate the rights of public school stu­dents, which have so often been undermined by the Supreme Court in recent decades. Judicial decisions assessing the constitutional rights of students in the nation’s public schools have consistently generated bitter controversy. From racial segregation to un­authorized immigration, from antiwar protests to compul­sory flag salutes, from economic inequality to teacher-led prayer—these are but a few of the cultural anxieties dividing American society that the Supreme Court has addressed in elementary and secondary schools. The Schoolhouse Gate gives a fresh, lucid, and provocative account of the historic legal battles waged over education and illuminates contemporary disputes that continue to fracture the nation. Justin Driver maintains that since the 1970s the Supreme Court has regularly abdicated its responsibility for protecting students’ constitutional rights and risked trans­forming public schools into Constitution-free zones. Students deriving lessons about citizenship from the Court’s decisions in recent decades would conclude that the following actions taken by educators pass constitutional muster: inflicting severe corporal punishment on students without any proce­dural protections, searching students and their possessions without probable cause in bids to uncover violations of school rules, random drug testing of students who are not suspected of wrongdoing, and suppressing student speech for the view­point it espouses. Taking their cue from such decisions, lower courts have upheld a wide array of dubious school actions, including degrading strip searches, repressive dress codes, draconian “zero tolerance” disciplinary policies, and severe restrictions on off-campus speech. Driver surveys this legal landscape with eloquence, highlights the gripping personal narratives behind landmark clashes, and warns that the repeated failure to honor students’ rights threatens our basic constitutional order. This magiste­rial book will make it impossible to view American schools—or America itself—in the same way again.

At the Schoolhouse Gate

Author : Nancy C. Patterson
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The objective of this edited volume is to shed light upon K-12 perspectives of various school stakeholders in the current unique context of increasing political polarization and heightened teacher and student activism. It is grounded in academic freedom case law and the majority of opinion of the Supreme Court in the Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District (1969) that held that certain forms of expression are protected by the First Amendment. Justice Fortas wrote in the majority opinion that “it can hardly be argued that either students or teachers shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate.” This volume is timely and instructive, as protections afforded by the First Amendment are a topic of enduring concern, with such freedoms requiring vigilant advocacy and protection from each generation. Paulo Freire stated, “Citizenship is not obtained by chance: It is a construction that, never finished, demands we fight for it” (1998, p. 90). There is confusion and much debate in and outside of schools about how and when these and other rights described in the First Amendment may or may not be limited, and the time is now to clarify the place of such rights in public education. At the Schoolhouse Gate is divided into three sections: Foundations, Case Studies of Rights in Schools, and Choices to Act. The “Foundations” section presents the case law pertaining to the rights of both teachers and students, setting the tone for what presently is permissible and chronicling the ongoing struggle with defining rights and responsibilities in schools. In “Case Studies of Rights in Schools,” various authors examine teacher and student interactions with rights and responsibilities in schools, including the interest of students in participating with their teachers in the democratic experiment of schooling, the promise of student-led conferences, a new teacher’s success with democratizing her classroom, and student views of news and technology. “Choices to Act” includes a portrait of teacher activism during the Oklahoma Walkout, a general counsel’s advice to teachers for availing themselves of their rights, a story of a civic education curriculum generating student agency, and vignettes of two public high school students who took action in their schools and communities.