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The School of Wellbeing

Author : Jenny Hulme
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As rates of depression, anxiety, self-harm and eating disorders are on the up among young people, how can schools provide appropriate information and support for the young people in their classrooms? How can they bridge the gap between what they know matters - the impact of these issues on learning and life-long health - and the mounting day-to-day priorities and pressures of school life? This book provides unique insight into 12 projects that are helping to answer these questions and supporting teachers to make mental health and emotional wellbeing a key player in the school day. With a mix of longer-term initiatives and simple strategies that schools can put in place immediately, it explores mentoring and mindfulness, social action and sport, Lego play and poetry, the power of parents and the role of PSHE. It describes how these projects work practically and shares the impact they are having, increasing resilience and raising the aspirations and emotional wellbeing of the whole school community. As well as showcasing ideas that are making a difference, the book meets with the education leaders and charities behind the initiatives (including Place2Be, Step up to Serve, Kidscape, Mosaic, Diversity Role Models, Beat, Achievement for All and others) who offer advice and signpost useful information to support readers in getting these ideas off the ground in their schools. This book is a source of inspiration for headteachers, senior leadership teams, pastoral care teams, school counsellors and psychologists.

Promoting Health and Wellbeing through Schools

Author : Peter Aggleton
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The contribution schools can make to improving students’ health and wellbeing is increasingly recognised. Schools that have embraced this role and adapted policies and practices to create an environment in which young people feel safe and happy have reported broad and significant gains. Through expert contributions from active researchers and experienced practitioners, Promoting Health and Wellbeing through Schools combines recent research with knowledge of the current climate in which schools are operating. Offering authoritative advice on effective intervention, this book provides an overview of the key issues that need to be addressed, including: alcohol use sexual health drug use obesity mental health. This accessible text is innovative in its focus on how schools can build partnerships with young people, parents, and health professionals to promote their commitment to health and wellbeing. It highlights successful approaches for promoting health and educational goals, and provides useful advice on planning and evaluation. Promoting Health and Wellbeing through Schools is invaluable reading for professionals working in and with schools to implement healthy schools programmes and to bring about improvement in health and wellbeing, including teachers, nurses, and health and education managers. It is also of interest to students, researchers and policy-makers.

School Spaces for Student Wellbeing and Learning

Author : Hilary Hughes
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This book introduces a new wellbeing dimension to the theory and practice of learning space design for early childhood and school contexts. It highlights vital, yet generally overlooked relationships between the learning environment and student learning and wellbeing, and reveals the potential of participatory, values-based design approaches to create learning spaces that respond to contemporary learners’ needs. Focusing on three main themes it explores conceptual understandings of learning spaces and wellbeing; students’ lived experience and needs of learning spaces; and the development of a new theory and its practical application to the design of learning spaces that enhance student wellbeing. It examines these complex and interwoven topics through various theoretical lenses and provides an extensive, current literature review that connects learning environment design and learner wellbeing in a wide range of educational settings from early years to secondary school. Offering transferable approaches and a new theoretical model of wellbeing as flourishing to support the design of innovative learning environments, this book is of interest to researchers, tertiary educators and students in the education and design fields, as well as school administrators and facility managers, teachers, architects and designers.

The Educators Guide to Whole school Wellbeing

Author : Denise M. Quinlan
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The Educators’ Guide to Whole-school Wellbeing addresses challenges faced by schools wanting to improve wellbeing. While many schools globally now understand the need to promote and protect student wellbeing, they often find themselves stuck – not knowing where to start, what to prioritise, or how to implement whole-school change. This book fills that gap. This book provides companionship through rich stories from schools around the world that have created wellbeing practices that work for their schools. It guides educators through processes that help create individualised, contextualised school wellbeing plans. With chapters addressing ‘why wellbeing?’, ‘what is "whole school?"’, change dynamics, measurement, staff wellbeing, coaching, cultural responsiveness, and how to build buy-in, it is the first of its kind. Balancing research and practice for each topic with expert practitioner and researcher insights, this book gives schools access to best-practice guidance from around the world in a user-friendly format, designed for busy educators. What sets the authors apart from the many school wellbeing practitioners globally is their substantial experience working alongside diverse school groups. While many have experience in one school, few work across a multitude of very different schools and clusters, giving these practising academics a unique appreciation for effective, cross-context processes.

The Supportive School

Author : John Gray
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The Supportive School tackles some important contemporary issues of interest to teachers, parents and policy-makers alike. There is a widespread perception across the developed world that the social and emotional wellbeing of young people has been in decline in recent years and that various problem behaviours are on the rise. Because children spend so much of their time in educational institutions, schools are assumed to be part of the problem. But how precisely do schools affect young adolescents’ wellbeing? This book aims to answer that question. The book brings together for the first time the results of over 300 research studies, both from the UK and further afield. It identifies the key factors related to schooling which impact upon young people’s development and affect their wellbeing. These include: the extent to which they feel ‘connected’ with school, their relationships with teachers and with their peers, their sense of the school as a learning community, and the ways in which they respond to the pressures of academic work. What matters is how schools bring these elements together to create a strong ‘culture of support’. The Supportive School documents how schools handle young people, particularly at the key transition point from primary to secondary school, as well as the ways in which they respond to their pastoral and other concerns. It also places the UK’s much-criticised ‘performance’ on wellbeing issues in an international context and asks challenging questions about how far the UK is lagging behind. Schools are currently under considerable pressure to give greater attention to issues of wellbeing. The overriding message from The Supportive School is that how schools approach these issues can make a difference to young people’s lives and emotional wellbeing.

Mental Health and Wellbeing through Schools

Author : Rosalyn H. Shute
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Mental Health and Wellbeing through Schools brings together international experts from various disciplines to identify and address a range of current challenges in this rapidly-developing field of endeavour. The opening chapter details lessons learned from research and practice, outlining some emerging challenges for the effective implementation of mental health initiatives in schools. Subsequent chapters take up the various issues, exploring problems and proposing solutions. Topics fall within four broad areas: Organisational and leadership issues such as dealing with 'wicked' or ‘hard-to-tame’ (complex and resistant) problems and taking a broad public health approach; Teacher-related issues, such as how to integrate programs successfully into schools, and teacher skills and professional learning; The challenges and opportunities of new technologies, including cyberbullying and the use of online, multimedia and mobile resources for both student and teacher learning and support; The need for a greater focus on targeted interventions for at-risk students, such as those with disabilities; also addressing ‘hard-to-tame’ problems such as bullying, youth suicide and depression. Mental Health and Wellbeing through Schools will be of interest to those involved in researching, developing, evaluating and implementing mental health initiatives in schools, including academics, practitioners, educators and educational and Mental Health policy makers. It will also be of use to professionals, such as nurses and social workers, concerned with the wellbeing of children and adolescents. The book will have international appeal, with contributors from around the world, experienced in a range of contexts. Rosalyn H. Shute is Adjunct Professor of Psychology at both Flinders and Federation Universities (Australia). Her research expertise lies broadly in clinical child psychology and paediatric psychology/child health and wellbeing. She is an experienced teacher of Developmental Psychology, educational and clinical child/paediatric psychology. Phillip T. Slee is a Professor in Human Development in the School of Education at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia. He is a trained teacher and registered psychologist. His main areas of interest include childhood bullying/aggression, mental health and wellbeing, stress and teacher education. He has a particular interest in the practical and policy implications of his research. He and Shute recently co-authored Child Development: Theories and Critical Perspectives.

Teacher Well being

Author : Elizabeth Holmes
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Almost all teachers experience stress in their working lives. In this book, Elizabeth Holmes highlights the potential causes for stress, from day-to-day problems such as having a difficult class or the perpetual need to take work home, to underlying, long-term concerns about caree

Contextual Wellbeing

Author : Helen Street
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Our schools and colleges have never done so much to

Exploring Well being in Schools

Author : John White
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"Despite a dramatic rise in average income in the last 40 years, people are no happier. Since the millennium personal well-being has recently shot up the political and educational agendas, with schools in the UK even including "Personal Well-being" as a curriculum topic in its own right.This book takes teachers, student teachers and parents step by step through the many facets of well-being, pausing at each step to look at the educational implications for teachers and parents trying to make our children's lives more meaningful. With his renowned talent for distilling the most complex of philosophical arguments into accessible laymen's terms, John White addresses the moral maze of well-being through three distinct parts:Part 1 describes the remarkable growth of interest in children's well-being in the UK since 2000, and suggests that a philosophical look at the concept of well-being is essential, so that teachers and parents can avoid confusion and misunderstanding.Part 2 takes the reader step by step through the intricacies of the concept in a deliberately accessible way with each chapter containing a substantial section showing how the new ideas just introduced can be taken up in education, especially in schools.Part 3 is about the future of education for well-being, pulling together, expanding on home as well as school, discussing the main aims and emphases of an education focussed on personal well-being. The author also looks at how school's traditional practices will have to change, given the new focus on well-beingAs well as looking at educational implications of all these questions step by step, the book concludes with an extensive practical guide for families and schools wanting to realise the new well-being agenda.This short, engaging book takes the reader with little or no background in philosophy into these issues. It is of special interest to teachers and parents, since they are now at the sharp end of the culture change we are now experiencing"-- Provided by publisher.

The Ultimate Guide to Implementing Wellbeing Programmes for School

Author : Jolanta Burke
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This is an essential guide for all teaching professionals to help them make an informed decision about what wellbeing programmes and initiatives they should select in their schools and why. It provides teachers and school leaders with all necessary knowledge to help identify what they should be looking for in wellbeing programmes, how they should be evaluating its effectiveness and who should be delivering it for them. It presents a suite of components and evidence-based interventions that teachers can pick-and-choose for their school community. For the first time, practitioners are not being sold a specific programme but instead presented with what is known about wellbeing in order to empower them to make their own decisions that best suit their community. It goes behind the scenes and reveals the secrets used by researchers and experts, including practical advice, recommendations and the author's own ground-breaking research study involving 3,000 students. Its unique pick-and-mix process demystifies programme creation, simplifies it and makes its building blocks available to the masses. This accessible, evidence-based guide suggests a whole-school approach with specific interventions that can be used to successfully improve the wellbeing of teachers and students, making it an invaluable resource and must-read for all teaching professionals.

Well Being at School

Author :
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The PROSPER School Pathways for Student Wellbeing

Author : Toni Noble
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This brief defines student wellbeing and outlines seven evidence-informed pathways that schools can take to promote student wellbeing and develop their school as an enabling institution. The acronym PROSPER is applied as an organizer for both the psychological elements of wellbeing and for these Positive Education pathways. These pathways focus on encouraging Positivity, building Relationships, facilitating Outcomes and a sense of competence, focusing on Strengths, fostering a sense of Purpose, enhancing Engagement and teaching Resilience. Each pathway draws on both the principles of positive psychology and the educational research that identifies the impact of each pathway for student learning. The benefits of a school-wide focus on student wellbeing for student engagement in learning and their success in school and in life are outlined. Practical guidelines for the development and implementation of educational policy that has student wellbeing as its central focus are also provided.

An Educator s Guide to Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools

Author : James Hollinsley
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A collection of essays by educators, psychologists and counsellors, highlighting the critical importance of mental health and wellbeing of students.

Leveraging Technology to Improve School Safety and Student Wellbeing

Author : Huffman, Stephanie P.
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From implementation in the classroom to building security, technology has permeated all aspects of education throughout the United States. Though hardware has been developed to identify and prevent weaponry from entering a school, including video cameras, entry control devices, and weapon detectors, school safety remains a fundamental concern with the recent increase of school violence and emergence of cyberbullying. Professionals need answers on how to use this technology to protect the physical, emotional, and social wellbeing of all children. Leveraging Technology to Improve School Safety and Student Wellbeing is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on the application of technology in P-12 school safety and its use to foster an environment where students can feel safe and be academically successful. The book will comprise empirical, conceptual, and practical applications that craft an overall understanding of the issues in creating a “safe” learning environment and the role technology can and should play; where a student’s wellbeing is valued and protected from external and internal entities, equitable access is treasured as a means for facilitating the growth of the whole student, and policy, practices, and procedures are implemented to build a foundation to transform the culture and climate of the school into an inclusive nurturing environment. While highlighting topics such as professional development, digital citizenship, and community infrastructure, this publication is ideally designed for educators, scholars, leadership practitioners, coordinators, policymakers, government officials, law enforcement, security professionals, IT consultants, parents, academicians, researchers, and students.

Wellbeing A Complete Reference Guide Wellbeing and the Environment

Author : Rachel Cooper
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Part of the six-volume Wellbeing: A Complete Reference Guide, this volume examines the ways in which the built environment can affect and enhance the wellbeing of society. Explores the effects of environment on wellbeing and provides insight and guidance for designing, creating, or providing environments that improve wellbeing Looks at the social and health issues surrounding sustainable energy and sustainable communities, and how those connect to concepts of wellbeing Brings the evidence base for environmental wellbeing into one volume from across disciplines including urban planning, psychology, sociology, healthcare, architecture, and more Part of the six-volume set Wellbeing: A Complete Reference Guide, which brings together leading research on wellbeing from across the social sciences

A Practical Guide to Teacher Wellbeing

Author : Elizabeth Holmes
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Teacher wellbeing, or a lack of it, is a major concern for the teaching profession. Research shows that there is a recruitment and retention crisis with over a third of the school, FE and HE profession expecting to leave by 2020. This new text supports teachers to be aware of themselves and the pressures they face at work.

Trends in the Well being of America s Children and Youth

Author :
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Well Being of School Teachers in Their Work Environment

Author : Caterina Fiorilli
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The Mental Health and Wellbeing Handbook for Schools

Author : Clare Erasmus
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This practical handbook details how schools on a shoestring budget can work within school systems to embed mental wellbeing at the heart of a school's philosophy. It includes practical advice for setting up robust mental health support at school and lesson plans for addressing concerns such as stress, self-harm and body image.

Stories of Self

Author : Jo Warin
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They tell us about who they believe themselves to be, how they have changed and how they have remained the same, and about how school experiences have contributed to their narratives of self. Their stories are moving, sometimes gripping, and provide a vivid and grounded illustration of the nature and function of identity. --