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The School Librarian As Curriculum Leader

Author : Jody K. Howard
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As one of the only books to offer a behind-the-scenes look at the multifaceted role of school librarians in student success, this instructional guide offers everything you'll need to develop, align, and evaluate curriculum with your library collection in mind.

Reference Skills for the School Librarian Tools and Tips 4th Edition

Author : Ann Marlow Riedling Ph.D.
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Designed for courses that prepare LIS students for school librarianship, this title teaches basic reference processes, sources, services, and skills and provides authentic school library reference scenarios and exercises. • Includes updated content in every chapter • Expands on online reference skills and resources • Explains how to combine online reference skills with student questioning skills • Offers librarians the chance to practice their skills with scenarios and exercises

Library 101 A Handbook for the School Librarian 2nd Edition

Author : Claire Gatrell Stephens
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This professional primer provides the blueprint to help you create a school library program, covering all aspects of library management such as budgeting, eBook use, purchasing, and teacher collaboration. Advice and strategies from experts in the field will help you master collection development, library administration, recruitment, and staffing. • Covers all aspects of library administration, including operations, technology, and resource management • Helps new or experienced school librarians find ways to launch or elevate their programs • Provides valuable resources for implementing a quality library program • Features lesson plans using Common Core State Standards • Includes short sidebar articles from noted experts in the school library field and tips from experienced librarians

The School Librarian

Author :
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The School Library Manager

Author : Blanche Woolls
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This very readable text is updated to encompass the new role of school librarians in managing the digital world in libraries. * Presents up-to-date information and thorough revisions of a well-established and popular textbook * Highlights the teaching role of today's school librarian * Emphasizes the newest AASL standards, the Common Core standards, and the management of 21st-century digital and virtual libraries and collections * Supplies comprehensive coverage of current issues in school library media center administration

Adult Learners

Author : Carl A. Harvey
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This practical guide clarifies why school librarians need to be part of the professional development process in their schools—and shows just how to achieve that goal. * A model for implementation that school librarians can put to immediate use * Examples of 21st-century tools * Suggestions for using Web 2.0 tools with teachers and staff

Roles of the School Librarian

Author : Stephanie Cohen
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The integration of technology into curricula and emergence of new areas of practice for school librarians that promote equity and access, such as culturally responsive-sustaining education, are expanding the school librarian’s influence beyond the school walls as they connect the school to the global community of learners. In its 2018 National School Library Standards for Learners, School Librarians, and School Libraries, the American Association of School Libraries (AASL) recognizes and defines 5 roles of school librarians that are crucial to the development and significance of effective school library programs: Teacher, Leader, Instructional Partner, Information Specialist, and Program Administrator. At the request of the New York State Education Department, this brief will delve into these 5 roles of the school librarian by identifying key aspects of each role and discussing how school leaders can ensure they are making the best use of their librarians' expertise. Based on the findings and promising practices outlined in the research analyzed here, we will summarize some ways in which administrators can support professional learning and institutes of higher education can prepare school librarians to effectively take on these new roles.

Activism and the School Librarian

Author : Deborah D. Levitov
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This book provides practical strategies and step-by-step plans for developing advocacy initiatives for school libraries. * Practical advice from expert advocates * Step-by-step guidance for developing an advocacy program * A comprehensive glossary of terms * An examination of the proactive role of school librarians in successful advocacy initiatives

The School Librarian as Educator

Author : Lillian Biermann Wehmeyer
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Discusses the educational needs of students, library skills instruction, independent projects, educational games and puzzles, the media, and coordination with teachers.

The School Library Manager Surviving and Thriving 6th Edition

Author : Blanche Woolls
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Format : PDF, ePub
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This sixth edition of Library Unlimited's classic school library management text describes new approaches to management and addresses the realities that school librarians face in today's quickly evolving information-based world. • Provides information that progresses logically from preparing for the profession, to seeking a job, and to acting and managing in the role of the school librarian • Newly updated to offer additional insight into the challenges of leadership in changing school environments and specific information for school administration • Addresses and emphasizes the value of school librarians in education and student achievement—information to be shared with school administration in an advocacy appeal • Provides several appendixes of additional information

Building Influence for the School Librarian

Author : Gary N. Hartzell
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Offers advice on how school librarians can achieve greater success in developing their libraries by assessing their role, expanding their influence, and getting involved with school politics

New on the Job

Author : Hilda K. Weisburg
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As if transitioning from library school or a different type of library job into the role of a school librarian wasn't challenging enough, just factor in today’s straitened funding environment for the position itself. Librarians new on the job need expert advice on what to expect and how thrive, and since its publication in 2006 this guide has served as an invaluable resource for the new school librarian. From job search strategies and discovering work philosophy to the nitty-gritty details of creating acceptable use policies, this revised and updated edition, which includes a new foreword from Sarah Kelly Johns, shares the joys and perils of the profession along with a wealth of practical advice from decades of experience in school library programs. With this guide as a roadmap, new school librarians can Tackle the job search with confidence, with tips on everything from polishing a résumé and acing a job interview to ways of handling any potentially negative Google results and other digital footprintsLearn the secrets to successfully collaborate with teachersNavigate new roles and responsibilities through orientation and organizationCreate dynamic interactions with students to deepen their learning experiencesMaster the art of communicating with the principal, IT experts, and vendorsBecome familiar with school library technology, including e-book collections, online databases, and library management systemsReceive field-tested guidance on daily matters – from budgeting and purchasing to advocacy and programming The AASL Standards for the 21st-Century Learner, Partnership for 21st Century Skills, and Common Core State Standards are also thoroughly discussed. New school librarians as well as those already in the profession can set the tone for rewarding career with this one-stop, hands-on guide.

The Innovative School Librarian

Author : Sharon Markless
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This book takes a strategic look at some of the issues currently of concern to school librarians. It is not a "how to run a school library" guide. Instead it raises important questions about the functions of the school librarian and sets out to encourage the reader to think outside the box. It takes a strategic approach to the leadership of school libraries examining notions of professionalism, their effect on identity and models of library practice. This book aims to inspire and enable school librarians to think creatively about their work and the community in which they operate. Written by leaders in the field, it addresses the practical issues through the use of vignettes, and appendices offer examples of sample documents. The book is divided into three main areas: Who is the Librarian?; Your Community: from perceptions to practice; and Moving Forward. Key topics covered include: the librarian's vision and values how others see us bridging the gap between different visions for the school library identifying and understanding your community making a positive response keeping inspired and inspiring others integrating the library innovating. Readership: This is an essential, thought-provoking book for all school librarians, practitioners in schools library services, and students of librarianship. It has plenty to interest school leadership, headteachers, educational thinkers, public library managers and local government officers and also has an international audience.

The School Librarian s Technology Playbook

Author : Stacy Brown
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Using concrete examples, The School Librarian's Technology Playbook offers strategies for school librarians to initiate and support innovative practices throughout their school community. The role of school librarians has evolved: no longer do they primarily support teachers with reading and literacy resources. Many librarians now support teachers in integrating technology tools and innovative teaching practices in their classrooms. At her school, author and learning coordinator Stacy Brown has pioneered the transition to innovation and technology use in the classroom. In The School Librarian's Technology Playbook, she showcases different technology tools and innovative strategies that can be incorporated into the classroom, such as 3D printing, augmented reality, green screen applications, gamification, coding, makerEd, and more. She details the many ways in which school librarians can support teachers as they implement these new practices into their curriculum. School librarians will learn how to collaborate with teachers and how to empower them to step outside of their comfort zones to try new tools and teaching methods. Readers of this book will also learn how to support teachers as the technology continues to change in this dynamic educational landscape. * Readers will be inspired to reimagine the role of the school librarian as a primary influencer of innovation within the school community * Readers will discover specific strategies to achieve buy-in from administrators and managers to allow school librarians to lead the school in innovation and professional learning * Readers will learn about relevant resources in technology and innovation and practical approaches to using them in an elementary and middle school curriculum * Readers will acquire specific strategies for librarians to form partnerships with teachers to introduce resources and alternative teaching strategies into the classroom * Readers will learn practical approaches for shaping the school library as an innovation hub to pilot ideas and resources and launch them into the larger community

The School Librarian majalah School Librarian and School Library Review majalah

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The School Library Manager 5th Edition

Author : Blanche Woolls
File Size : 30.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This very readable text is updated to encompass the new role of school librarians in managing the digital world in libraries. • Presents up-to-date information and thorough revisions of a well-established and popular textbook • Highlights the teaching role of today's school librarian • Emphasizes the newest AASL standards, the Common Core standards, and the management of 21st-century digital and virtual libraries and collections • Supplies comprehensive coverage of current issues in school library media center administration

The School Librarian and School Library Review

Author :
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Sneaky Teaching

Author : Pearl Valentine
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Format : PDF
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School Library Management 7th Edition

Author : Gail K. Dickinson
File Size : 41.79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book compiles selected articles from Library Media Connection to help school librarians and pre-service librarians learn about how to implement best practices for school library management. • An outstanding LIS textbook that addresses the latest standards, guidelines, and technologeis for the field and offers a blueprint for developing a strong school library program • A comprehensive listing of resources that includes websites, blogs, videos, and books • Articles written by distinguished practitioners and industry icons • Suggestions for using new technologies to achieve learning outcomes • A compilation of the most useful articles from Library Media Connection

The Whole School Library Handbook

Author : Blanche Woolls
File Size : 52.65 MB
Format : PDF
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A one-stop resource for everything related to the school library media centre, this reference provides facts, articles, checklists, organization contact information, trivia, advice from the field's experts - everything the school librarian wants and needs to know to run a successful school library program.