Doubt: The Way Of Growth


Author: Martin Israel

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0264674359

Category: Religion

Page: 158

View: 8928

This book explores doubt - what is its meaning?; what does it bring?; and why does personal experience often run counter to the teachings of the Church about hope?

Reforming the Broken Heart of Leadership

The You Beyond What You Do


Author: Fred Meadows

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449796400

Category: Religion

Page: 186

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Dynamic leaders are created from the inside out. They are those individuals who have discovered that their identity as leaders are found in the integrity of being a child of the creator God, rather than being shaped by their abilities, performances, and successes. This book uncovers the underlying reality of why Christian leaders stray off the path of faithfully living out their calling. Centered in the formative spirituality of Fr. Adrian van Kaam, Dr. Fred Meadows links the many anomalies of leadership to what van Kaam labels as functionalism—a self-sufficient mode of operation, initiated by internal pride that pushes us to define ourselves in terms of our accomplishments … we are what we do! Functionalism blocks our ability to see from a higher perspective and to experience transcendence. By rediscovering the ancient practices of silence, solitude, meditation on the Word (lectio divina), journaling, prayer, and practicing community, pastors, ministry leaders, and laity alike can begin the process of reforming broken leadership. Acknowledging their souls as well as their abilities, leaders are able to renew and reconnect with their calling, and minister out of the overflow of God’s presence, while maintaining a healthy and dynamic inner life that fosters being conformed to the image and life of Jesus Christ.

Like the First Morning

The Morning Offering as a Daily Renewal


Author: Michael J. Ortiz

Publisher: Ave Maria Press

ISBN: 1594715920

Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 3962

In Like the First Morning, acclaimed author and teacher Michael J. Ortiz presents both a literary and a deeply personal approach to the Morning Offering, a popular form of daily prayer practiced by millions of Catholics worldwide. The book reveals the depth of this simple devotion, showing how a daily offering up of prayers, works, joys, and sufferings renews every aspect of life, and inspires the reader to live each day with greater intentionality and joy. Like the First Morning reflects upon the Morning Offering, a popular and beloved Catholic devotion prayed at the start of each day to consecrate the day to Christ. Michael Ortiz, a religion and English teacher and author of Swan Town, draws from theologians, popes, poets, novelists, philosophers, mystics, and saints to help readers to become more fully aware of the beauty of God’s creation and be more open to his grace. This unique book of Catholic spirituality consists of fourteen short, lyrical chapters, each centered on a key phrase of the prayer. The fresh approach to this ancient practice will appeal to those who seek inspiration to continue this form of daily prayer, as well as those who are unfamiliar with the devotion who want to deepen their prayer life.

The Mestizo/a Community of the Spirit

A Postmodern Latino/a Ecclesiology


Author: Oscar Garcia-Johnson

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1630878197

Category: Religion

Page: 174

View: 7642

This work models a creative exercise in ecclesiology based on a Latino/a practical theology of the Spirit, which designs theological discourse based on its encounter with the Spirit in human culture. Hence, it is a theology appreciative of and attentive to the multiple matrices and intersections of the Spirit with cultures. Garcia-Johnson offeres an appreciative and critical analysis of the uses of culture among Latino/a theologians, followed by the proposal for a postmodern Spirit-friendly cultural paradigm based on the narratives of the cross and the Pentecost. He develops a practical theology for a Latino/a postmodern ecclesiology based on three native Latino/a theological concepts: mestizaje, accompaniment, and mañana eschatology. The resulting ecclesial construct-The Mestizo/a Community of Mañana-reflects a transforming mañana vision and models the visible cruciform community in which the transforming praxis and historical transcendence of the Christ-Spirit works from within. The work sets forth practical guidelines for implementation of the ecclesial construct in the urban context of devastated communities and offers suggestions for further development in Latino/a theology.

Tending to the Holy

The Practice of the Presence of God in Ministry


Author: Bruce G. Epperly,Katherine Gould Epperly

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1566996473

Category: Religion

Page: 196

View: 1769

Tending to the Holy: The Practice of the Presence of God in Ministry invites pastors to embody their deepest beliefs in the routine and surprising tasks of ministry. Inspired by Brother Lawrence's classic text in spirituality, Tending to the Holy integrates the wisdom and practices of the Christian spiritual tradition with the commonplace practices of pastoral ministry. Bruce and Katherine Epperly utilize a variety of spiritual disciplines especially Benedictine, Celtic, Ignatian, Rhineland, and process spiritualities to provide a framework for helping clergy nurture the awareness of God, creative imagination, and personal well-being in every aspect of their ministerial lives. Practicing God's presence in the ordinary tasks of ministry inspires wholeness, spiritual transformation, vision, imagination, endurance, and healthy self-differentiation in ministry. Commitment to joining spiritual practices with the routine and repetitive tasks of ministry provides an important antidote to unhealthy stress, burnout, and loss of vision in ministry. By seeing their congregational leadership in terms of spiritual transformation, imaginative practice, and relational interdependence, ordinary ministerial practices can become ways pastors can deepen their relationship with God. Growing out of their work with pastors at every season of ministry, as well as combined ministerial experience of nearly sixty years, Bruce and Katherine Epperly invite pastoral leaders to complement and expand on their understanding of spiritual leadership, pastoral excellence, and self-care, integrating traditional and contemporary spiritual practices with the concrete arts of ministry.

The Living Journal

A Way Toward Freedom in the Service of Life


Author: Christian Koontz

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781556123702

Category: Religion

Page: 103

View: 8339

The process of living is a journey, and this book is a vehicle that evokes the inner life. Boldly step into the life of the Spirit through this journal workbook.


A Path to God


Author: Anthony J. Ciorra

Publisher: Paulist Press

ISBN: 1587682400

Category: RELIGION

Page: 67

View: 2374

An invitation to embrace a spirituality of beauty. Grounded in the foundational writings of Hans Urs von Balthasar, it explores the ability of beauty to introduce components of prayer, joy, and spirituality into our lives today.

The Metaphysics of Night

Recovering Soul, Renewing Humanism


Author: Matthew Del Nevo

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 1412854105

Category: Philosophy

Page: 182

View: 9423

The Metaphysics of Night acknowledges a post-secular philosophy, one that puts philosophy into serious dialogue with religion, rather than considering religion a thing of the past. Matthew Del Nevo deals with the cultural unconscious, inseparable from religious consciousness, and draws on psychoanalysis and literature as well as philosophy. The metaphysics of the night is Del Nevo’s metaphor for the deep and mysterious expanse of the soul. Philosophically, the book is critical of Enlightenment presumptions about knowledge and truth and overly spiritualizing tendencies in religion. Its critical edge cuts against materialist and historicist tendencies in the humanities and abstract intellectualism in philosophy. Arguing for strong aesthetic values, Del Nevo defends and explains soul and soulful experience, the creation of depth, the ineffable, real presence, beauty, and saving words, noting that the sources of all these are in us, but often are blocked. Each of the five parts of this book testify to what the author notes may be forgotten, but which ought not to be forgotten. It is necessary for life as socially, religiously, and educationally instituted within culture and as constitutive for culture. Del Nevo deals with sensibility as a form of wisdom and instinct that is not cognitive or knowledge/information based. He argues for a shift of emphasis in culture from intellect to intuition. This well-written work, filled with Catholic, philosophic, and artistic thought will be of interest to all philosophers, theologians, and students of culture.

Word Into Silence


Author: John Main

Publisher: Hymns Ancient and Modern Ltd

ISBN: 1853117544

Category: Religion

Page: 85

View: 5393

We now take it for granted that aspects of the monastic life can sustain our daily lives in the world, but we owe this understanding to John Main, whose vision of a 'monastery without walls' has grown into a worldwide network of people who today practice Christian meditation. This is his classic book on how to practice contemplative prayer, or Christian meditation. Stepping aside from the busyness of our daily lives and being still in the presence of God is the key to discovering our true selves and knowing God as 'the ground of our being'.

The Lessons of Saint Francis

How to Bring Simplicity and Spirituality into Your Daily Life


Author: John Michael Talbot,Steve Rabey

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101119105

Category: Religion

Page: 272

View: 8965

The life of St. Francis of Assisi was a paradigm of simplicity, humanity, and love. In today's busy world, his practices have enormous appeal, described in this inspiring work by John Michael Talbot, the founder of The Brothers and Sisters of Charity, a lay order based on the Franciscan principles of simplicity and self-sufficiency. In The Lessons Of St. Francis, Talbot and co-author Steve Rabey demonstrate the enduring significance of Franciscan wisdom. Organized by topic, such as Simplicity, Humility, Compassion, Solitude, Service, and Prayer, each chapter includes excerpts from the writings of St. Francis, as well as those of his followers and biographers. Combining deep spiritual insights with the offer of a saner, less chaotic way of living, The Lessons Of St. Francis offers wise advice on how to incorporate these virtues into our own lives today.