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The Royal Indian Navy 1939 45

Author : D. J. E. Collins
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British Motor Gun Boat 1939 45

Author : Angus Konstam
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Motor Gun Boats were the "Spitfires of the Seas†? of the Royal Navy. Bristling with small-calibre guns and machine guns, they served in a variety of roles during the War. In the early war period they battled against German E-boats in the English Channel, then went on the offensive, searching the enemy shore for targets of opportunity. At other times, they ran support for Motor Torpedo Boats and were used to deliver commandos on various raids. Naval Warfare expert, Angus Konstam, tells the story of these small, but destructive boats, beginning with their design and development and carrying through to their operational use in both the European and Mediterranean theatres of World War II.

The Royal Navy in World War II

Author : Derek G. Law
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Lists annotations related to the role of the Royal Navy in World War II, categorized by naval campaigns and significant battles, allied and axis forces, and writings such as correspondence and poetry.

Fuehrer Conferences on Matters Dealing with the German Navy 1939 1945

Author : Germany. Kriegsmarine. Oberkommando
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The Oxford Illustrated History of the Royal Navy

Author : Bryan Ranft
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Britain is an island nation and throughout history its navy has been of great importance for its defence. As a consequence it has always had a special significance and has over the centuries entrenched itself in the national psyche, making itself manifest not only through the hero-worship ofits principal characters such as Horatio Nelson and Sir Francis Drake but also finding expression through art, music, and literature.Like any great national institution, the navy is a complex web of interconnected histories - operational, strategic, political, economic, administrative, technological, and social. Now updated for its paperback edition, The Oxford Illustrated History of the Royal Navy, in a series of fourteenchapters, provides a thorough and engaging treatment of these histories, covering every aspect of naval history from the Anglo-Saxon period to the dawn of the new millennium.The book explores:Major action and campaigns - the defeat of the Spanish Armada, the Anglo-Dutch Wars, the Battle of Trafalgar, the Battle of Jutland, the Atlantic Campaign of 1939-45, the Falklands conflict, the Gulf War, and attacks on terrorist bases in Afghanistan in 2001.Developments in naval history and technology - navigational advances, surveying, constructional developments, disaster relief, the suppression of the slave trade, and the Strategic Defence Review of 1998.Key personalities - Drake and Nelson, Samuel Pepys, Francis Beaufort, Jackie Fisher, Lord Charles Beresford, Lord Jellicoe.Naval life - recruitment (press gangs, training, education, discipline), tactics, gunnery and armaments, amphibious operations, wages and conditions, victualling and supply.How and when did Britain's perception of the sea change from a thing of fear to a 'moat defence' (in the words of Shakespeare)?How did the navy's administrative systems develop during the Tudor period?During the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, its greatest period of expansion, how did the navy develop strategically and operationally?How successfully did the navy defend the British Empire during the nineteenth century?What role did the navy play in Victorian Britain's thirst for exploring of the world?What technical developments have been important to the navy?What effect did two world wars have on the role of the Royal Navy?What does the modern navy look like now and what about the future?With a full chronology, which has been brought up to date to the end of 2001, an extensive list of further reading, 16 pages of colour plates, 23 maps, 6 special Action Station diagram 'box' features, and around 200 black-and-white integrated illustrations, this is an authoritative and highlyreadable account of a unique fighting service and its people.

The Fleet Air Arm Handbook 1939 1945

Author : David W. Wragg
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The Fleet Air Arm Handbook 1939-45 is the most comprehensive review available of the Royal Navy's air power during the war years. Starting with a brief history, the book progresses with a full war diary of all of the major operations in a gripping narrative account. In-depth analysis reveals what it was like to work as part of the Fleet Air Arm during the war - the food, accommodation, training, activities and uniform; and gives a glimpse into the men's characters. At the outbreak of the Second World War, British naval aviation was in the midst of chaos and confusion. But as this book shows, the rapid expansion of the Fleet Air Arm was one of the major achievements of the war. The author provides a detailed look at the aircraft, squadrons, naval air stations and aircraft carriers, battleships and cruisers involved. The book ends with a review of what is available at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton.

Shore Establishments of the Royal Navy

Author :
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Winston S Churchill 1922 1939 Companion pt 1 The exchequer years 1922 1929 pt 2 The wilderness years 1929 1935

Author : Randolph Spencer Churchill
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The American Neptune

Author :
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A quarterly journal of maritime history.

The Royal Navy and the Battle of Britain

Author : Anthony J. Cumming
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In a book to be published for the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, the author challenges the effectiveness of the Royal Air Force in 1940 and gives the Royal Navy much greater prominence, noting that British warships marred German plans for Operation Sea Lion and repelled Luftwaffe attack. Original.

History of the British Railways During the War 1939 45

Author : Robert Bell
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Air Power and the Royal Navy 1914 1945

Author : Geoffrey Till
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The Royal Navy in World War Two

Author : Derek G. Law
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Images of Air War 1939 45

Author : Chaz Bowyer
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Rigt illustreret beskrivelse af RAF luftoperationer på flere fronter under 2. verdenskrig

The Publishers Trade List Annual

Author :
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The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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Home Affairs Survey

Author : Great Britain. Central Office of Information. Reference Division
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The War at Sea 1939 1945

Author : Stephen Wentworth Roskill
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Vol I: 664 s

Warship International

Author :
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Bitter Ocean

Author : David Fairbank White
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An authoritative chronicle of the lesser-known World War II Battle of the Atlantic documents the costly battles fought by U.S., Canadian, British, and German forces for control over the Atlantic sea lanes, in an account that draws on archival research and veteran interviews to tally the casualties suffered on both sides of the conflict. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.