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The Royal Adamic Books of King Adam and Eve

Author : Enoch Metatron
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You will clearly see in this book that the devil was playing himself off to his human creations as both a God as well as the Devil. Adam and Eve were created to entertain the so called Gods. To know the present day one must know the ancient past as this is where today comes from and the forces at work way back then are the same forces that are cranking the wheels in the present time. The corporation called Earth Co., Ltd. Is still run by the same two bosses as when this diabolical resort was first established aeon's of time ago.As was then is today. There is nothing new under the sun.The Aggressive Evil Serpent Seed Is Always On The Move Conjuring Up New And Never Ending Ways To Pull The Rug Out From Under The Goodly Men. Who Is Good And Who Is Bad. Who Is Bad And Who Is Bad. We See The Starting Of The Division, Immediately After The Flood, And In The Ark Before The Flood Even Receded. Does This Ring A Bell. Remember The Goodly Adam Being Attacked By The Devil Right After The Creation By His First Wife Lilith, The Night Demon, That She Became. And Then Again Ruthlessly And Brutally Attacked Again In The Garden, Just After King Adam's Second Wife, The More Subservient, Eve Was Created. Eve Was Allowed To Be Raped By The Devil And The Devil Thus Fathering The Evil Demon Seed, Cain The Murderer, Who Wasted No Time In Slaughtering Adam's Goodly Son Prince Abel The Great. Cain Was Enraged Because God Didn't Accept His Offering Of Vegetables Etc. God Said The Meat Offerings Of Prince Abel Were Superior To Cain's Non Meat Offerings. This Seems To Me Like Someone Is Trying To Foment Strife Between The Brothers. Why Didn't God Accept Both Offerings, As It Is The Thought That Counts. And Why Is The Blood That Was Spilled From A Docile And Lovely Animal More Desirable To The Beautiful Fruits And Vegetables That Cain Offered. These Shenanigans Plunged Adam Into A Serious State Of Depression And A Withdrawal For Many Years From His Second Wife, Eve. About 30 Years Of Separation Of Sorts. He Must Have Been Angry With Her For Sleeping With Lucifer The Right Hand Man Of Mister God. Now We See Without A Moments Rest Hahm "HAM" The Youngest Son Of Noah, And A Demon At That, The Continuing From The Cain Lineage Of Demon Seed Offspring. Then We Have God And The Devil Promising Avraham And Yisrael "ISRAEL" All Kinds Of Empty Promises If They Follow His Way And Destroy The Demons. Giving King Solomon The Magical Ring With The Magic Seal Given To King Solomon By The High Ranking Angel Michael "MEEKAI-AIL" That Allowed King Solomon To Bind And Control All The Demons. For Example, Enoch's Son, And Noah The Greats Grandfather, Adamic King And Royal High Priest, King Methuselah, Slew Thousands Of Demons With The Sword That God Gave Him With God's Holy Name Engraved Upon The Sword. And Then Abandoning The Adamic Lines Descendants And The Holy Tribes Of Yisrael "ISRAEL" To The Wild Demons That Surrounded The Holy Tribes In The Area, Where They Lived. And Then To Really Spit In The Face Of The, Goodly Lineage Of Adamic Descendants, We See The Evil Dirty Canaanite Edomites And Babylonian Spawn Divinely Allowed To Assume the identity Of The Holy Tribes Of Yisrael "ISRAEL".The Books of Adam and Eve details the life and times of Adam and Eve after they were ruthlessly expelled from the garden up till the time of the Royal Adamic King Enoch the grandfather of the Royal Adamic King Noah. It tells of Adam and Eve's home location after the most cruel expulsion from the sacred, and safe garden to the Cave, or Cave of Treasures, as it was known as then. The book covers their trials and temptations, Satan's many apparitions to them, and how Satan or lucifer was hounding them constantly and we all know that Lucifer is the same as God and visa versa.

Chanting Down Babylon

Author : Nathaniel Samuel Murrell
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This anthology explores Rastafari religion, culture, and politics in Jamaica and other parts of the African diaspora. An Afro-Caribbean religious and cultural movement that sprang from the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, in the 1930s, today Rastafari has close to one million adherents. The basic message of Rastafari—the dismantling of all oppressive institutions and the liberation of humankind—even has strong appeal to non-believers who are captivated by reggae music, the lyrics, and the "immortal spirit" of its enormously popular practitioner, Bob Marley. Probing into Rastafari's still evolving belief system, political goals, and cultural expression, the contributors to this volume emphasize the importance of Africana history and the Caribbean context. Author note:Nathaniel Samuel Murrellis Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, and Visiting Professor at the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology in Kingston, Jamaica.William David Spencerserves as Pastor of Encouragement at Pilgrim Church in Beverly, MA, and was an Adjunct Professor of Theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary's Center for Urban Ministerial Education in Boston. He has authored, co-authored, or editedThe Prayer of Life of Jesus, Mysterium and Mystery: The Clerical Crime Novel, God through the Looking Glass, Joy through the Night, 2 Corinthians: Bible Study CommentaryandThe Global God.Adrian Anthony McFarlaneis Associate Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY. He is author ofA Grammar of FearandEvil–A Husserlian-Wittgensteinian Hermeneutic.

The Glory of Kings

Author : Peter J. Leithart
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Over the past several decades, Reformed theologian and biblical scholar James B. Jordan has produced a unique body of work. His electrifying commentaries and essays on Scripture, along with his penetrating writings on Trinitarian theology, liturgics, music, and culture have inspired a growing number of pastors and theologians. In this Festschrift, Jordan's friends and associates celebrate his contributions by applying his methods and insights to a range of biblical, theological, liturgical, and cultural questions. The Glory of Kings aims to bring Jordan's work to the attention of a wider audience and to introduce the work of a scholar that R. R. Reno has called one of the most important Christian intellectuals of our day.

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible Book of Genesis

Author : Scott Hahn
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Based on the Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition, this volume leads readers through a penetrating study of Genesis, using the biblical text itself and the Church's own guidelines for understanding the Bible. Ample notes accompany each page, providing fresh insights and commentary by renowned Bible teachers Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch, as well as time-tested interpretations from the Fathers of the Church. These helpful study notes make explicit what Genesis often assumes. They also provide rich historical, cultural, geographical, and theological information pertinent to Genesis. The Ignatius Study Bible also includes Topical Essays, Word Studies and Charts. Each page includes an easy-to-use Cross-Reference Section. Study Questions are provided for Genesis. These can deepen your personal study of God's Holy Word. There is also an introductory essay covering questions of authorship, date, destination, structure, and themes. An outline of Genesis is also included. "Once a generation a truly unique Bible tool is given to the Church. The Ignatius Study Bible is a gift for our generation. This is the most important book since the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Every parish study group and every student of Sacred Scripture should own and use this Bible".---David Currie Author, Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic "This Bible study Bible is a triumph of both piety and scholarship, in the best Catholic tradition: simply the most useful succinct commentary that any Christian or other interested person could hope for."---Erasmo Leiva-Merikakis Author, Fire of Mercy, Heart of the Word "With copious historical and theological notes, incisive commentary and tools for study, Genesis come alive in their historical setting and contemporary application. The wisdom of the Fathers and the teaching of the Church illuminate its every page. Hahn and Mitch have done much of the work for us. Unabashedly Catholic, this series will assist the scholar as well as the beginner to Bible study."---Stephen Ray Author, Upon This Rock

The Promise Key

Author : G. G. Maragh
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In All the Scriptures

Author : Nicholas G. Piotrowski
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Biblical interpretation is both a science and an art, and it has powerful implications for what we believe and how we apply God's Word. In this accessible introduction to biblical hermeneutics, Nicholas G. Piotrowski presents a contextualized approach that equips students, pastors, and thoughtful readers to build a strong foundation for interpreting the Scriptures.

Geschichte Tradition Reflexion Judentum

Author : Hubert Cancik
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The Hermeneutics of the Biblical Writers

Author : Abner Chou
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A method of interpretation--a hermeneutic--is indispensable for understanding Scripture, constructing theology, and living the Christian life, but most contemporary hermeneutical systems fail to acknowledge the principles and practices of the biblical writers themselves. Christians today cannot employ a truly biblical view of the Bible unless they understand why the prophets and apostles interpreted Scripture the way they did. To this end, Abner Chou proposes a "hermeneutic of obedience," in which believers learn to interpret Scripture the way the biblical authors did--including understanding the New Testament's use of the Old Testament. Chou first unfolds the "prophetic hermeneutic" of the Old Testament authors, and demonstrates the continuity of this approach with the "apostolic hermeneutic" of the New Testament authors.

Arthur s Illustrated Home Magazine

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The Trial of Innocence

Author : André LaCocque
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The Adam and Eve narrative in Genesis 2-3 has gripped not only biblical scholars, but also theologians, artists, philosophers, and almost everyone else. In this engaging study, a master of biblical interpretation provides a close reading of the Yahwist story. As in his other works, LaCocque makes wise use of the Pseudepigrapha and rabbinic interpretations, as well as the full range of modern interpretations. Every reader will be engaged by his insights.

The Riverside Dictionary of Biography

Author : Editors of the American Heritage Dictionaries
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An authoritative resource offering concise profiles of more than ten thousand of the world's most important people features information on individuals from ancient times to the present day and representing a wide range of fields of endeavor, furnishing details on birth and death dates, full name, nationality, occupation, and accomplishments, as well as thousands of cross references and brief quotations.

The Kingdom of God as Liturgical Empire

Author : Scott Hahn
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Bestselling author and theologian Scott Hahn offers a commentary on 1 and 2 Chronicles as a liturgical and theological interpretation of Israel's history.

A New Testament Biblical Theology

Author : G. K. Beale
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G. K. Beale examines how the New Testament storyline relates to and develops the Old Testament storyline. Beale argues that every major concept of the New Testament is a development of a concept from the Old and is to be understood as a facet of the inauguration of the latter-day new creation and kingdom. --from publisher description

Books and Notes

Author : Los Angeles County Public Library
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The Publishers Weekly

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DNA of the Gods

Author : Chris H. Hardy
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An in-depth study of humanity’s Anunnaki origins and the Anunnaki battle for an intelligent versus enslaved humanity • Explains the genetic engineering of humanity by an Anunnaki scientist Ninmah • Shows how the concepts of sin and the inferiority of women arose from Enlil’s will to keep humanity underdeveloped, clashing with Enki’s and Ninmah’s plan to make us equal in intelligence • Reveals how humanity’s long history of conflict was shaped by the battle between Enki and his brother Enlil Further developing the revolutionary work of Zecharia Sitchin, Chris Hardy shows that the “gods” of ancient myth, visitors from the planet Nibiru, created us using their own “divine” DNA--first through DNA extraction from their own ribs’ marrow and later by direct relations with early human females. Drawing upon multiple sacred texts, Hardy details the genetic engineering of humanity by Anunnaki scientist Ninmah, with the help of Enki and Hermes. She reveals how Ninmah’s first female human creation, Tiamat/Eve, contained more alien DNA than the earlier male one, Adamu, and how the biblical Noah represents the perfection of her work. Examining the war between Anunnaki brothers Enki and Enlil, Hardy reveals how the concepts of sin and the inferiority of women were born out of Enlil’s attempts to enslave and then wipe out humanity, repeatedly thwarted by Enki and Ninmah. The author further explains how the sacred sexuality taught to humans--still seen in Tantric practice--became suppressed millennia later by the patriarchal concept of original sin and how innocent Eve took the blame for the expulsion from Eden and fall from Grace. Showing that the god who created us was not the same god who expelled us from Eden, Hardy explains that there will be no apocalypse because the Good/Evil duality has never truly existed--it has been only enemy gods fighting and implicating humanity in the wake of their own competition for power. With a full psychological understanding of how the ancient “gods” have shaped humanity’s ongoing history of conflict, we can move beyond the framework of “(my) Good versus (your) Evil” imposed by Enlil and begin to steer our own planetary destiny.

New York Times Saturday Review of Books and Art

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Objectivity in the Making

Author : Julie Robin Solomon
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In Objectivity in the Making Julie Robin Solomon describes how disinterestedness became a dominant principle of intellectual modernity by examining Bacon's notion of scientific self-distancing against the background of early modern political ideology, socioeconomic behavior, and traditions of learning. Solomon places Bacon between two cultures - Jacobean monarchical mercantilism and the self-distancing strategies of early-seventeenth-century traders and travelers. She shows that - by virtue of his prominent political position within the Jacobean court, familiarity with prevailing commercial practices, and humanistic learning - he made signal contributions to natural philosophy. While arguing how much the rise of scientific objectivity owed to sociohistorical circumstances, Solomon nonetheless challenges the single-minded reliance upon the explanatory power of social-construction theory within the context of literary and cultural studies of science.


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