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The Roman Revolution

Author : Ronald Syme
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The Roman Revolution is a profound and unconventional treatment of a great theme - the fall of the Republic and the decline of freedom in Rome between 60 BC and AD 14, and the rise to power of the greatest of the Roman Emperors, Augustus. The transformation of state and society, the violent transference of power and property, and the establishment of Augustus' rule are presented in an unconventional narrative, which quotes from ancient evidence, refers seldomly to modern authorities, and states controversial opinions quite openly. The result is a book which is both fresh and compelling.

Approaching the Roman Revolution

Author : Ronald Syme
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This volume collects 26 previously unpublished studies on Republican history by the late Sir Ronald Syme (1903-1989), drawn from the archive of Syme's papers at the Bodleian Library. This set of papers sheds light on aspects of Republican history that were either overlooked or tangentially discussed in Syme's published work. They range across a wide spectrum of topics, including the political history of the second century BC, the age of Sulla, the conspiracy of Catiline, problems of constitutional law, and the Roman conquest of Umbria. Each of them makes a distinctive contribution to specific historical problems.Taken as a whole, they enable us to reach a more comprehensive assessment of Syme's intellectual and historiographical profile. The papers are preceded by an introduction that places them within the context of Syme's work and of the current historiography on the Roman Republic and are followed by a full set of bibliographical addenda.

The Army in the Roman Revolution

Author : Arthur Keaveney
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The Roman Revolution is one of the most momentous periods of change in history, in which an imperial but quasidemocratic power changed into an autocracy. This book studies the way the Roman army changed in the last eighty years of the Republic, so that an army of imperial conquest became transformed into a set of rival personal armies under the control of the triumvirs. It emphasizes the development of what has often been regarded as a static monolithic institution, and its centrality to political change.

Extracts from a Journal Kept During the Roman Revolution

Author : Ernest Augustus Edgcumbe Earl of Mount Edgcumbe
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Tiberius Gracchus and the Beginning of the Roman Revolution

Author : E. Badian
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The Roman Revolution Second Impression

Author : Ronald Syme
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The Roman Cultural Revolution

Author : Thomas Habinek
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Multi-disciplinary exploration of the Roman Revolution as a cultural phenomenon.

The Roman Revolution of Constantine

Author : Raymond Van Dam
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The reign of the emperor Constantine (306-337) was as revolutionary for the transformation of Rome's Mediterranean empire as that of Augustus, the first emperor three centuries earlier. The abandonment of Rome signaled the increasing importance of frontier zones in northern and central Europe and the Middle East. The foundation of Constantinople as a new imperial residence and the rise of Greek as the language of administration previewed the establishment of a separate eastern Roman empire.

Pope Paul I and the Roman Revolution of the Eighth Century

Author : David Harry Miller
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Introduzione a R Syme The Roman Revolution

Author : Arnaldo Momigliano
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The Roman Retail Revolution

Author : Steven J. R. Ellis
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Tabernae were ubiquitous in all Roman cities, lining the busiest streets and dominating their most crowded intersections in numbers far exceeding those of any other form of building. That they played a vital role in the operation of the city, and indeed in the very definition of urbanizationin ancient Rome, is a point too often under-appreciated in Roman studies, and one which bears fruitful further exploration. The Roman Retail Revolution offers a thorough investigation into the social and economic worlds of the Roman shop, focusing on food and drink outlets in particular. Combining critical analysis of both archaeological material and textual sources, it challenges many of the conventional ideas about theplace of retailing in the Roman city and unravels the historical development of tabernae to identify three major waves or revolutions in the shaping of retail landscapes. The volume is underpinned by two new and important bodies of evidence: the first generated from the University of Cincinnati'srecent archaeological excavations into a Pompeian neighborhood of close to twenty shop-fronts, and the second resulting from a field-survey of the retail landscapes of more than a hundred cities from across the Roman world. The richness of this information, combined with the volume'sinterdisciplinary approach to the lives of the Roman sub-elite, results in a refreshingly original look at the history of retailing and urbanism in the Roman world.

Rome s Revolution

Author : Richard Alston
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On March 15th, 44 BC a group of senators stabbed Julius Caesar, the dictator of Rome. By his death, they hoped to restore Rome's Republic. Instead, they unleashed a revolution. By December of that year, Rome was plunged into a violent civil war. Three men--Mark Antony, Lepidus, and Octavian--emerged as leaders of the revolutionary regime, which crushed all opposition over the next decade. In time, Lepidus was removed, Antony and Cleopatra were dispatched, and Octavian stood alone as sole ruler of Rome. He became Augustus, Rome's first emperor, and by the time of his death in AD 14 the 500-year-old republic was but a distant memory and one of history's greatest empires had been born. Rome's Revolution provides a riveting narrative history of this tumultuous period of change. In addition to chronicling the drama of aristocratic rivalries, author Richard Alston digs beneath the high politics of Cicero, Caesar, Antony, and Octavian to reveal the experience of the common Roman citizen and soldier. Portraying the revolution as the crisis of a violent society--both among the citizenry and among a ruling class whose legitimacy was dwindling--Rome's Revolution provides new insight into the motivations that drove men to march on their capital city and slaughter their compatriots. An enthralling story of violent politics, social upheaval, and personal betrayal, Rome's Revolution is a brilliant new history of an epoch which still haunts us today.

L Munatius Plancus

Author : Thomas H Watkins
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This volume examines the life and career of L. Munatius Plancus, and through him, explores the tumultuous final years of the Roman Republic. Plancus had very active and lengthy political career, from his initial appearance on the staff of Julius Caesar in Gaul in 54BC at least through the censorship of 22BC. During this time, he was in close contact for over 30 years with all the major figures during a period of tremendous political and social upheaval in Rome. He maneuvered carefully and cautiously, changing affiliation from boyhood ties to Cicero, to Caesar, to Antony and Cleopatra, and finally to Octavian - it was Plancus himself who proposed the motion whereby the Senate conferred the name "Augustus" on the new ruler of Rome. More than just a biography of this fascinating figure, this volume also offers insight into the politics of this complex period.

Rome s Cultural Revolution

Author : Andrew Wallace-Hadrill
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Original interpretation of the fundamental transformations of Rome's society, culture and identity during the period of its imperial expansion.

Roman Papers Volume VI

Author : Sir Ronald Syme
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Shortly before his death in September 1989, Sir Ronald Syme approved the selection and publication of these fifty-nine papers. Volume VI, composed of previously published articles and reviews, offers a splendid cross-section of Syme's interests: the Roman revolution; the Augustan aristocracy; Tacitus and Sallust; historical geography; the Roman army; a variety of classical authors (Horace, Ovid, Strabo, Seneca, Justin, the Historia Augusta); the Emperor Hadrian; colonial elites; historiography, ancient and modern; and Roman political thought and society. Volume VII consists of twelve unpublished papers (originally intended to form part of a separate book, `Pliny and Italia Transpadana'), in which the two Plinies and their age are put under searching scrutiny. It is rounded off by a Latin text purporting to derive from a lost book of Tacitus' Histories (duly equipped with commentary); and by an Index to both volumes.

The Provincial at Rome

Author : Ronald Syme
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This volume offers a new insight into the development of a great historian, as well as giving an exciting and immensely readable new approach to late Republican and early Imperial Roman history. Drafted in 1934-35, but laid aside in favour of The Roman Revolution (1939), The Provincial at Rome was to have been Ronald Syme's first book. It is a brilliantly written study of the enlargement of the Roman élite in the early empire, an analysis, in thirteen chapters, of the Emperor Claudius' enrolment of 'Gallic chieftains' into the Senate in AD 48. The edition also includes five unpublished papers dealing with Rome's conquest of the Balkans, a region Syme knew intimately.

Rome s Economic Revolution

Author : Philip Kay
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Kay examines the economic change in Rome between the Second Punic War and the middle of the first century BC. He focuses on how the increased inflow of bullion and expansion of the availability of credit resulted in real per capita economic growth in the Italian peninsula, radically changing the composition and scale of the Roman economy.

Ancient Rome

Author : Christopher S. Mackay
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Traces the political and military history of Roman Republic and Empire, from the Italian Iron Age to the last emperor in 476 A.D., examining the link between political institutions and military campaigns, the rise of Christianity, the eventual downfall of the western empire, and other key topics.

The Wizards Roman Revolution

Author : C J Piatti
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At first the artists are overwhelmed by the lavish gifts bestowed upon them by the wizards. That is until they find what the wizards are really up to.It is left to the playwright Prelore to lead a group of artists against the wizards. The artists find they will have to learn magic if they are to lead a successful revolution against the wizards. Some of the artists are seduced by the power of magic and are corrupted.

Rome the Greek World and the East

Author : Camden Professor of Ancient History and Fellow Fergus Millar
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One of the most influential contemporary historians of the ancient world, Fergus Millar has transformed the study of ancient history by shifting the focus of inquiry away from the narrow study of Athens and Rome onto the broader Mediterranean world. This book makes 16 of his most significant essays available in one edition for the first time.